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4.7 out of 5 stars78
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 24 December 2012
I received my copy of the Killing Zone as a Gift, I saved it until I went on Holiday and what a read, Knowing Richard Dorney and a multitude of other soldiers mentioned in the book made the read all the more remarkable. He leaves nothing to the imagination with an honest and forthright account of what our troops have to endure on there tours to Helmand. Even though he was probably hindered by the MOD and whoever else has to sanction what can and cannot be written about such things, this a master piece of writing that kept me gripped from front cover to the last page. An absolute must read for any Grenadier who has served in the last twenty years because there are many names that you will recognise.

It is also a must read for anyone who wants to get a feel for what it is like serving in such places, the perils that our boys have to face, and the way that they just dust themselves off and get on with it, the military humour shines through and the Author with his vast wealth of experiences, takes you on an amazing journey.

Best non fiction book I have read bar none FACT.
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on 11 September 2012
A no nonsense, concise and well delivered format. This book reads well to all who have served or not. Factual; and to some disturbing it throws light on the situations that are as a whole go unreported or covered in the mainstream channels. I for one picked up the publication and did not put it down for six hours.
The contents are arranged and time ordered to give a event log in real time which made sense of what were dramatic, dangerous, and often,with the ANA involved, chaotic incidents. Casualties and losses are not glossed over and give their stories of when there is a Man Down told by the men, the effect of their loss and how this impacted to moral within the operational ranks.
This is a book which shows The Grenadier Guards as one of the best regiments in the world with a true showing of adaption, flexibility and a solid combined focus to complete Missions even if fragmented as a Battalion, Company, and at Platoon level within the most adverse conflicts of modern time.
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on 28 September 2012
An excellent, readable, book about our brave Grenadiers, seeking to survive in an unwinnable war in which our politicians should never have committed the fine young men, and women,of our magnificent Army in the first place. Truly, they are Lions led (allegedly) by political donkeys who lack the courage and the will to put right the terrible wrong they are inflicting, and have inflicted for too long, on on our subservient, dutiful, military, by withdrwaing them ASAP. Afghanistan, clearly, is a war that will never be won by anyone. There will only be losers - except of course for our politicians who should not sleep easily in their beds at night - but will of course, for that is the way of our world is in not? Afganistan is not a ditch worth dying in! Never was and never will be. Bring our fine young men and women home. They are our seed corn for our future.
A fine book, well worth the heartbreak and the tears of frustration and pride it invokes in its reader!
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on 29 August 2012
Dorney has managed to capture the action and the thoughts of the Guardsmen as they are tasked to carryout a multitude of different operations in non convential groups in the harshness of Afghanistan. The book moves fast from contact to contact, highlighting diffuculties and frustrations as the Guardsmen try to acheive all that their masters ask of them.
He acknowledges the input of other British Army Units and those of the ANA who continue the fight long after the Guards returned home.
Whlst he doesnt dwell on the deficiencies in eqpt and manpower the book does show that had they been given more resources they could have acheived much more.
What they did acheive was remarkable and the bravery and robustness of those young men and women can only be admired.
This book is essential reading for anybody who wants to know what it was like at the sharp end, from those that had to be there.The Killing Zone
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on 3 July 2013
This is an exhaustively researched and outstandingly well written account of the Grenadier Guards involvement in the Afghanistan conflict and I couldn't put it down. Skid Dorney is a superb story teller with an eye for detail and a thoroughly engaging style. He employs an understated, empathetic but objective approach that works very well and which I associate with the most capable military historians. His opinion of the capabilities of the Afghan National Army manages to be amusing, concerning and reassuring at various stages. He has the benefit of writing from first-hand experience of the conflict and is very modest about his own contribution to the achievements of the Grenadiers. I have no doubt that he could translate his writing skills, knowledge and experiences into excellent fiction but I believe that we would benefit from him continuing to write from a factual perspective.
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on 16 October 2012
Really enjoyed reading this book. Written in a comprehensive, flowing style that mirrors the action. Will suit anyone interested in military 'reality', understanding what our troops do 'on our behalf' and getting under the bonnet of life on the ground in Afghanistan. The fact that this focuses on The Grenadier Guards also adds a particular draw for me as I know a few of the lads mentioned in the text. Certain chapters had me sitting up, wide eyed paying full attention as the detail really draws you in. It had me reading some sections over and over to really let the content sink in.
I doff my cap to Richard and the work he has done to make this an essential read, if you've read this review to this point, I urge you to get his book, you will learn something new I am sure and in doing so will be 'Remembering Them'.

Blue, red, blue.

Andy Rudall
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on 29 August 2012
Being non-military and, quite frankly being hardly able to imagine the experiences and hardships that our services personnel suffer on a tour in Afghanistan, I found this book captivating!The author manages to capture admirably not only the drama and horror of the terrible situations which war creates, but also the camaraderie, humour,strength of character and unparalleled commitment of our services personnel in general and in particular the Grenadier Guards.

It is a compelling, fluent, factual and at times surprisingly moving read that I would strongly recommend not only to services personnel and even more so to those with no military experience, who understanding of exactly what our soldiers continue to face will be greatly enhanced.

All in all one of the best books I've read in a long time!
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on 15 September 2012
The Killing Zone is a true account of the 1st Battalion Grenadier Guards tour of Helmand province Afghanistan 2007.The title speaks for itself from one action to another fighting a ruthless determined and fanatical enemy who seem to multiply like rabbits.The young men of The Regiment along side their Afghan allies show they are more than upto the job by showing just as much determination, courage and fighting spirit.The threat of the I.E.D is ever present but despite the dangers these brave and courageous young men go about the task of making Afghanistan a better place not just in terms of security but helping to rebuild the country.A fascinating and action packed read that has opened my eyes to what these men go through written by a man who was in the thick it.BUY IT NOW!!!
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on 27 August 2012
The Killing Zone is a great read and a highly accurate account of the Grenadiers tour of Helmand in 2007. This is a must read for any potential, serving or retired soldiers who want to understand what life was like for the Grenadiers on this tour. For any non-military reader this will undoubtedly shock, as reading about and gaining insight into not only the fighting, but the day to day living conditions and the added psychological stress faced by young soldiers working with the Afghans is difficult. The high level political decisions hinted at in a book (that will have been censored by the MOD) added to the frustration and difficulty on the ground.

Memories fade and become distorted, so this book serves as an important bit of history. A must read.
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on 5 October 2012
Having served with this regiment for 27years and knowing the author personally. The knowing about this book in its planning stages, really excited me. So as soon as it was released a copy had my name on it. Colonel Dorney (Skid) to the many that know him, has written this book with the utmost clarity,respect, but most of all, the attention to detail. Something that Skid is an expert at. The accounts within the book are captivating to the extreme, especially when you know the people involved. The book was read within a day, as i couldn't put it down. A fantastic personal account of a regiment steeped in history, fighting again in the dusty Kush,for freedom. Bring on the next one Skid, theres plenty more in there. Fantastic!!
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