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4.8 out of 5 stars261
4.8 out of 5 stars
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on 7 December 2012
In many ways 'Father Ted' is THE quintessential sitcom, which has rightfully earned its place alongside such classics as 'Fawlty Towers', 'Only Fools and Horses', 'Blackadder' and 'The Office'.

Such is the genius of 'Father Ted' that nowadays one barely even needs to acknowledge how good it is, let alone justify it, but for those who have never watched it ... you really don't know what you're missing!!

As riotous as 'Fawlty Towers' and as witty as 'Friends' and 'Frasier', as quirky as 'Phoenix Nights' and as brilliantly insightful as both 'The Office' and 'Peep Show', this gem of a comedy quite literally has it all: a cast of wonderfully colourful characters, an abundance of quotable lines and catchphrases, and, underpinning it all, a perfectly crafted script. Mere comparisons do not, however, do it justice, and with its unique, eccentric and almost cartoon-like humour, this timeless and endearing classic really is in a league of its own - a true one-off.

'Father Ted' is also broad in its appeal without compromising on quality and content - rude but not crude, cheekily satirical but not political - and as such it will be loved by young and old alike, and by people of all backgrounds and persuasions. I also wouldn't be at all surprised if the Catholic Church in Ireland secretly love it!

And as one would hope from the producers of such a towering comedic achievement, this fantastic box set is quite a fitting tribute. Not only does it boast a whole host of special features, including the wonderful documentary 'Small, Far Away ..', but the artwork, on both the box/case itself and the DVD on-screen menus, captures quite nicely the show's unique quirkiness.

Oh, and for those who may be wondering, yes it does include the Christmas special 'A Christmassy Ted'.

**Please note: my copy of this box set was faulty and had to be returned, as did its replacement, which I think was bought some months later. Perhaps it was down to a bad batch, but because of these problems I've kind of almost given up on this particular product now and am hoping that an alternative box set will be released at some point in the future.**
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VINE VOICEon 3 February 2005
This definitely has to be one of the best sit coms of all time. Featuring the long-suffering Father Ted, the hapless Father Dougal Maguire, Father Jack Hacket, who likes the odd drink and good old housekeeper Mrs Doyle, who seems to do everything from tea making to roof repairs.
Together they all live in the parochial house on the godforsaken island of Craggy Island, a place populated by many eccentrics where the only place of interest is 'The Holy Stone of Clonrichert' basically a stone on a pedestal.
The box set contains 4 disks
Disk 1: The 6 episode from series 1
Disk 2: 5 episodes from series 2 and 'A Christmassy Ted'
Disk 3: Contains the remaining 5 episodes of series 2
Disk 4: All 8 episodes from series 3.
Each episode is a mixture of side splitting comedy and slapstick humour following the clergy through various improbable and farcical situations. They are kept in check by the hard line Bishop Len Brennan, and occasionally come into competition with the residence of the Rugged Island parochial house Father Dick Burn et al.
The humour is light hearted, timeless, original, classic and just pure brilliance, poking fun at irish rural life, priests, the Catholic church and Catholicism in general.
This was a hugely successful series and I think the 3rd series is the best of the lot. This is definitely a box set worth owning, brilliant!!!
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This boxed set comprise 4 DVDs covering series 1 (6 episodes), 2-prt 1 (5 episodes + A Christmassy Ted special), 2-prt 2 (5 episodes) and 3 (8 episodes), including specials and bonus material; over 10 hours total playing time and a garranteed future comedy classic.

The series revolves around the adventures of three eccentric Catholic priests and a housekeeper on a remote, God-forsaken, rocky island located off the western coast Ireland called Craggy Island.

Father Ted Crilly, Father Dougal McGuire and Father Jack Hackett are looked after by Mrs Doyle, the hardworking lynchpin and housekeeper of the Parochial House where the quartet live.

Father Ted dreams of a parish in Las Vegas; Father Dougal has trouble distinguishing dreams from reality; Father Jack is a perpetual drunk and leacher, and Mrs Doyle has a fixation for tea-making and DIY.

Their unbelievable and hilarious exploits bring them into contact with the other crazy inhabitants of the island and often into frequent conflict with their Bishop who would prefer to see them all go to Hell, if only he could arrange it.

Father Ted takes an irreverent but very funny look at religion in the much the same way as 'All Gas and Gaitors' and 'Oh Brother' did several decades before.

A must-have DVD set for any serious collector of comedy.
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on 8 July 2006
I cant think of a Comedy Series that is as consistently good as Father Ted apart from Fawlty Towers. Father Ted really is that good. The main character is Ted Crilly. He is a priest that has been 'exiled' to craggy island for fiddling of money from a charity ("It was just resting in my account!!") He lives with slow witted Father Dougal McGuire (god knows how he became a priest) Father Jack Hackett (also exiled- for his additction to drink, women and swearing) and their ever annoying housekeeper Mrs Doyle (you never hear her first name only if you want a cup of tea) The stories revolve around Ted and Dougal and their existence on the island. Ted is sexually frustrated and intellectually frustrated and he will do anything to get off the island. As time goes by the relationship between Ted and Dougal becomes more like a brother and older brother relationship and there are lots of fantastic episodes where you can just feel Teds pain as he tries to come to terms with the madness surrounding him. Great Stuff
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on 22 July 2004
Well, it almost hurts to watch it. Dermot Morgan will be immortal in my books. I remember the shock when I heard that he had died. But he left a seamless legacy. He is the one and only Father Ted!
What can I say that the reviewers haven't already said? Every single episode ever made is spread over 4 DVDs so you don't have to worry about what eposides it contains and misses out. A Christmassy Ted is also included. The image and sound are perfect throughout. Not many special features but given the quality of the problem it doen's knock a star off my review. One thing that was a bit annoying was having to guess which buttons worked the features and secne selection of the menu screen. but let's face's Father Ted! Who needs to skip to scenes when we can watch the whole wonderful show!
Each character is just brilliant with the introduction of some classics in series 3 (Pat Mustard being my fave) For those who are a bit vauge on the best moments, here are a few:
Graham Norton/Father Noel Furlong doing river dance in the tiny caravan. Ted meeting Richard Wilson "I don't believe it!". Kicking Bishop Brennan up the a*se. "Do you still have the big ole hairy a*se?!" Priests getting lost in Ireland's biggest lingerie section. Lent. Thse toy cows are small but the ones out there are far away.... and last but by no means least the 'Annual-All-Priests-5-Aside-Over-75-Indoor-Football-Challenge-Match (Againt Rugged Island)'
Not much else to say, but to be honest if you've checked the DVD on Amazon chances are you're already going to buy it and no matter what I say doesn't need said.
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on 19 February 2003
There is absolutely no doubt at all that this is by far the best and the most funny comedy ever shown on TV. This subtle Irish comedy features four spectacular characters who are Father Ted, the only sane member of the group, Father Dougal (Ardal O'Hanlon) makes this shows, his so hilarious and foolish, there's cup of tea obsessed house keeper Mrs Doyle who will stop at nothing to satify the priests and finally there's Father Jack Hackett, a wisoned old priest who sits in his chair all day, drinking, smoking and swearing. In this bril video Ted and Dougal take a holiday to realise their caravan is a small shed, they have forgotten to pack and they get done by the police. In Think Fast, Father Ted, the priests are given a car to raffle but Ted accidently smashes it, in Tentacles of Doom three bishops come to stay on the island, one each for the priests to destroy, in Old Grey Whistle Thief Dougal finds a new friend, in A Song for Europe Ted and Dougal enter a Song for Ireland with an entry called My Lovely Horse and in an extended one hour episode called A Christmassy Ted, Ted is nominated to win an award and gets stuck in a ladies underwear store. Buy it now!
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on 13 February 2004
Haha, this will crack you up, if you understand and/or read English. This show was aired on Danish TVDK many years ago, you might remember it from there, if you're Danish, of course.
You get all episodes in one complete set! Fantastic! Everything from Father Jack ending up at an AA meeting because his glasses are nicked by a thieving magpie, to Father Ted being accused of being a racist because of some unfortunate misunderstandings with the Chinese community. And of course when Ireland has to pick a song for the Eurovision Song Contest after their 90's winning streak, which has torn up the country's economy, so they decide to pick the worst song which is Father Ted and Father Dougal's "My Lovely Horse". Or the senior-citizen soccer match. Yes, it's all here, and it's hysterical!
You want a cup of tea, Father? [You better say YES!!]
Basicly, if you like to laugh this should be found in your household.
Commentaries are among the extras.
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on 12 December 2006
Love or hate'll love this....a true classic. This show about 3 priest and their tea-maniac housekeeper living on a tiny island is histerically funny and could have gone on for years had Dermot Morgan(Father Ted) not tragically passed away. Now nearly ten years later, i'm still as mad as ever about this show and still burst out laughing when i see Ardal O'Hanlon as Fr Dougal. Th catchphrases are the most memorable aspect of the show.....who'll ever forget all-time favourite has to be "I LOVE MY BRICK" which was uttered by fr jack in "The New Milkman" episode. I just got round to getting this recently and i've been watching it non-stop since. It should be part of everyones collection so buy it! Its irish humour at its best(though it was produced by an english channel but we won't get into that). Also a few famous faces are in this, namely Graham Norton(Legend) and Pauline McGlynn as Mrs ***** Doyle!
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on 22 August 2008
Father Ted was a series that I was introduced to by my family - not having caught it when shown on Channel 4. It was shown on UK TV (Foxtel) in 2003 and I taped the entire series as I had to let my husband in on the genius of Dermot Morgan.

The premise of the show could be seen as somewhat difficult - three Irish priests and their housekeeper but with skilful scriptwriters and wonderful acting from all characters; this series was extremely funny, entertaining and due to the sad and untimely death of Dermot Morgan almost directly after filming Series 3, a show which has achieved cult status to rank alongside "Fawlty Towers".

Whether or not a fourth "Father Ted" was ever considered - we shall never know but each of the characters was beautifully played. Ardal O'Hanlon who went on to make "My Hero" was so facially brilliant with the way he expressed his surprise or his shock. I still believe that Ardal played Thermoman in "My Hero" as Dougal out of the priesthood. Frank Kelly was the big surprise as Father Jack. I am sure those who saw the pictures from Dermot's funeral and saw Frank Kelly in the real would have been stunned at the smartly turned out man and struggled to make the leap between the person and the character.

Mrs Doyle - I'm sure there are people who all know someone like her. "Ah go on, just a drop in your hand", getting all girly over the Pat the Milkman or Eoin McLove the singer. Priceless comedy!

What can one say about Dermot Morgan that has not already been said about this incredibly talented actor. He made a truly believable priest with the cozy satire. Who could forget "Song for Europe" - the spoof on the Eurovision Song Contest. For those who know their Eurovision - I still believe that "Rock n Roll Kids" was NOT meant to win that year - but did. The song "My Lovely Horse" was pure Eurovision as it used to be.

Bishop Brennan was wonderfully evil as was the Priest from Rugged Island - Dick Byrne.

Father Ted is truly a comedy great and may be matched but never surpassed. The series must have been the most incredible fun to make and as long as the cast had their fun - that was all that mattered.
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on 23 September 2005
What can I say about this?
Superbly done and amazing writing. Written by Arthur Matthews and Graham Linehan who also did 'Big Train' and 'Ted & Ralph' from 'The Fast Show'
This comedy is pure genius, the characters and surrealism of the show is very well done. The childish behaviour between Father Ted and Father Dick Burn, every time then mention Father Larry Duff and say how ''tremendous fun he is' Ted rings him on his mobile causing him to, drive off a cliff, cause and avalanche when on holiday, loose a £1000 compition , having to kick Bishop Len Brennan up the arse for the for fit of losing the 'over 75's five-a-side annual indoor football challenge match'.
I love every single episode through out this entire DVD, but my favourite episode has to be, 'The Holy Stone of Clonrichert' .
Contains all 24 episodes from the 3 series on 4 discs in this great box set, no decent comedy collection should be without this.
After the 1st few episodes you'll be hooked and want to watch the entire box set.
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