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4.0 out of 5 stars Another very good addition to the TW series
Another very good addition to the TW series. Be aware that there has been a lot of updates released for this over the past few months. Many bug fixes. So if you load steam after installing the game then expect some big updates.
Game play is similar to the previous TW games, however this game introduces new features and compaign map management so worth looking at the...
Published 24 days ago by Modo

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2.0 out of 5 stars This should've been the best game in the series...
OK, it's not truly awful. It's not a bad game - there's a classic in there somewhere, but it's completely buried beneath awful optimisations (CA, wake up and optimise these games properly for multi core CPUs!) and terrible design decisions.

By far the worst of these is the decision to put 'capture the flag' style victory locations in open battlefields. They...
Published 12 months ago by SteveSlayer

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2.0 out of 5 stars Rome II: Total Disaster, 19 Oct 2013
C. Y. Huang - See all my reviews
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: Total War Rome II (PC DVD) (DVD-ROM)
Before I begin, the game was delivered late to me and I received the pre-order DLC even later. However, these two problems will not affect my review regarding the QUALITY of this product. Amazon did a fair job compensating for their late delivery so all is forgiven.

On to the review. It is quite apparent that this game was released earlier than was intended. The game was riddled with bugs and glitches. 4 patches later the game is relatively 'fixed' but it is a long way from being a completed game. This is a disgusting way for a company to behave and has destroyed the trust of their fanbase and customers. Needless to say, this is the first and last time I'll pre-order a Total War game (I'll just wait for a 75% discount on Steam during the summer when they fix their buggy mess).

The political system is poorly done. The prequel possessed a more complex political system and that was 13 years ago. There really is no need to pay any heed to the politics at home since civil war is pretty much a scripted event and will happen eventually no matter what you do.

You'll be thoroughly bored and even annoyed with the battles. The AI will mass produce a horde of slingers and javelinmen; every single AI faction, making battles incredibly repetitive as there is simply no unit diversity.

As for unit formation; there is no unit formation practically speaking. The units will break formation while charging or attacking and turn into a ridiculous moshpit.

There are now 3 victory conditions. However, it does not seem to be very well-thought out as the best way to achieve them is to go around conquering everyone anyway, so it does make the victory condition a useless new feature.

The good points are that the new province system is a good addition and the world map is huge. One problem of the province system is that smaller settlements within the province have no walls (example: Syracuse, a settlement of the province Magna Graecia has no walls). Perhaps it would be better if some of the smaller settlements have walls, for the sake of some diversity and historical accuracy.

I would not recommend this game. Shogun 2 and Medieval 2 are much better games and I implore you to try those out instead. You can get them quite cheaply here at Amazon itself or even on Steam.
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1.0 out of 5 stars Do yourself a favour - Avoid, 12 Nov 2013
= Fun:2.0 out of 5 stars 
This review is from: Total War Rome II (PC DVD) (DVD-ROM)
If you are a fan of the Total War series then I would heartily recommend you forget you ever heard about Rome II. Of course, you probably already own it and for that I am sorry.

If you are new to the Total War series or PC Strategy games in general, then I would recommend you avoid it. Creative Assembly's previous work is much better, more polished and incredibly enjoyable.

It is difficult to be concise about how much of a step back this is in nearly every area. Let's not even mention the performance issues, which seem to be rather a lottery no matter what hardware you are using. I personally avoided most of the massive issues over the last months, but the plethora of complaints about this should leave you under no illusions that you run the risk of not even being able to play this game.

Of course, playing this game exposes you to poor design choice galore. Whether that be the minimalist UI which is just annoying to use and not at all pretty, the awful, extremely buggy combat mechanics or the dire campaign design. The AI has always been an issue in Total War games, but usually I don't mind. It's no easy thing to create, so a little leeway is fair. It is worth mentioning that it is the worst it has ever been, in anything outside of a normal field battle. Which thanks to the campaign map design are very rare.

I fear a proper review of Rome II might take much too long for a humble Amazon review, so I'll finish by once again warning you off ever buying this monumental failure, and advising that you visit one of the social media outlets for discussing it (Official Total War Forums, Total War Centre, Facebook, Reddit, etc) so that you can gauge the general reception and realize I am not being overly harsh.
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2.0 out of 5 stars Complete let down, 3 Jan 2014
C. Tucker (UK) - See all my reviews
= Fun:2.0 out of 5 stars 
This review is from: Total War Rome II (PC DVD) (DVD-ROM)
As an independent game i'd have marked this a 3 (it's ok), maybe a 4 if i was in a good mood. But as a total war game it's shockingly bad. Real shame. Glitchy. Shocking AI, given their boasting about their improvements to it especially. Multiplayer campaign is a non starter, the capture the flag type battle's infuriating, in fact the whole battle set up is like entering a moshpit or street fight, the DLCs a kick on the groin when the main game's still not working properly, the whole game feels rushed in fact it feels like a step back from Shogun, even Empire. Even with recent patches, i'd not recommend it. I just hope the Mods carry on their excellent work and save what should have been an amazing game from the complete disappointment it is
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1.0 out of 5 stars "Empire" strikes back! Total Fail: Rome 2, 8 Sep 2013
= Fun:1.0 out of 5 stars 
This review is from: Total War Rome II (PC DVD) (DVD-ROM)
Ok, I will write this review as of playing up to mid game. I will be as fair as possible in my review. If you don't like negativity, look away now!

This game was mine, and many thousands if not millions of other gamers most anticipated game of the year. Creative Assembly, responsible for making the game, throughout the last several months particularly, have shown us repeated screen shots and videos of this game in action. What they showed us was immersive gameplay, excellent performance on a mid range computer as well as out of this world graphics.

What CA did not tell us is that, once again, all of the above was a bucket of lies! Game play is not immersive, but extremely one sided, dumbed down and extremely hard mid game. The performance is the worst I have seen in any game, and I have a fairly recent Alienware computer (3820 intel i7 3.6GHZ QUAD CORE, 16 GB RAM, DUAL GTX 680 2 GB GPU's and 1 TB HDD)! As for the graphics, well, lets just say that if you are a fan of the original total war, you will probably see better graphics.

One of the lies CA have told or rather shown us was the prologue campaign. What we, or I in the case received was a buggy prologue campaign that I was unable to continue after 3 turns, as the end of turn kept on crashing. I had to then start the main campaign without knowing any of the game changes or where to start. I started my first campaign as Parthia and was obliterated not long afterwards.

This game, is as many others have pointed out on the forums and on Amazon, is a beta version. It is in no way a sequel or equal to that of Shogun 2 or fall of the Samurai, and not even as good as Napoleon TW if I am being honest.

I will now write down a list of problems I have encountered, as well as a review for each area of the game I have encountered to give potential buyers an idea of what is to come.

Graphics: 2/5
The Creative Assembly told us prior to release that there are several different graphics settings, and no matter how good or bad your computer is, the game will LOOK great. The reality is that Shogun 2 and Napoleon TW graphics are 200% better than they are in Rome 2. This is also the very first game I have ever know where turning the anti-aliasing option OFF actually improves the graphics/look of the game! In my opinion, if they had kept the graphics of either Shogun 2 or Napoleon TW, they would have been acceptable... but, to add insult to injury, not only are the graphics worse, the game performs VERY poorly on my high spec machine no matter what graphics settings I put the game on. Also, for the record, the graphics look nothing like the CA preview videos and screen shots. The only good part about the graphics is the unit detail once zoomed in, I will admit here that the graphics are very nice. Zoomed out however, looks awful.

Performance: 0/5
I can only say that for this particular game, the performance is totally unacceptable. It would appear that the Creative Assembly did not employ proper game testers and that the machines they tested the game on must have been very... unique! They told us that the recently released patch would address some performance issues... alas... nothing changed.

Campaign Diplomacy, Difficulty & AI: 1/5
Now, personally, I only play on medium with regards to total war games. On medium I find the difficulty to be fairly balanced and challenging in the right places. However, what we are presented with here is a mix of pointless diplomacy, battles that are over on less than 5 minutes in most cases and being completely and totally overwhelmed by the AI factions mid game. It is VERY VERY difficult to secure and alliance or trade rights with other factions. A cease fire... simply put... does not happen. As stated, I am about mid game at the moment and I have 1 ally (because I made them a vassal after conquering them) and every single other faction in the game has declared war on me! One of the victory conditions is an economic victory, whereby you must secure many alliances and trade agreements as well as having a very large amount of income per turn. An economic victory is therefore, unattainable. Again... Unacceptable.

Battle Difficulty & AI: 1/5
Yet another problem. Often, the opponent, when attacking you, just stays in one place, this is particular when defending in a siege battle. Basically, if you want to win a defensive siege, just sit half an hour to an hour an wait for the battle to end. The battle length lasts for no more than 10 minutes, and that's with two full stack v's two full stack armies present. I am not alone in finding this unacceptable also.

Options: Well, there are plenty of options in the game, whether it is graphics, games options, diplomacy options or faction choices and victory conditions. Unfortunately most of them are ineffective and are therefore rendered useless.

Unit diversity: 5/5
Yeah, there is a very good unit diversity throughout all the different factions, especially with the roman factions, I will give CA credit for this at least.

Overall verdict (in the games present unfinished and broken state): 1/5
This game does not deserve any rating at present as I can only describe it as broken, unfinished, unpolished, unrefined and untested. Both the Creative Assembly and SEGA should be ashamed of themselves, though personally I would place more blame in SEGA for giving CA unreasonable release dates and for not properly quality checking the product before release. Incidentally, SEGA does this quite frequently, for example, Aliens, colonial Marines... yet another mess! Thanks SEGA! Maybe the first step in improving CA's product is to find a different publisher, but that's just my opinion.

Word to the wise:
If you have not yet purchased this game, don't! At least not yet. There are simply too many problems and inadequacies and it will leave you feeling bitterly disappointed in your purchase. If this game is not patched up to the max then this may well be the end of the Total War series. The master piece that was shogun 2 & Fall of the Samurai has been tainted by this release.

I hope this helps other fans to console themselves by knowing they are not alone. But then again, according to the creative assembly, there is only a 2% dissatisfaction with the game. However, Amazon and other review sites tell a different story.
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1.0 out of 5 stars Looks good, has the brains of a turnip, 11 Jan 2014
AV "AV" - See all my reviews
= Fun:2.0 out of 5 stars 
This review is from: Total War Rome II (PC DVD) (DVD-ROM)
If you want a quick review then it's pretty simple, don't buy it. It doesn't deserve the title of a Total War game. I bought it on pre-order on Steam and put about 60 hours time into it before giving up a couple of months ago.

For a strategy game, this has surprisingly little strategy in it. Previous total war titles won out with the way battles between factions were fought. I had battles in the original Medieval Total War take hours and I can still remember them many years later. Now, they take 5 minutes and require little tactical skill to win. In fact they look like giant mosh pits. And as for siege battles, when they do happen, honestly it's very disappointing with troops often unable to climb ladders to get in. Testing the game has seemingly gone out of the window for the publisher.

The campaign map looks good but yet again, the AI is rubbish and just lets you roll it over. There are arbitrary limits to the number of armies you can have, some of the detail of previous titles in your buildings has gone, politics has been made incomprehensible and you really don't give too much of a fuss about the generals you have as they die so frequently. I tore through the campaign game and became unstoppable very quickly. Again, in previous titles, you would encounter other factions that were pretty powerful and a challenge to come up against. Not here.

What has happened is that features have been taken out of the game over previous titles and it's been streamlined to the limit. I want the game to test and challenge me. Instead I have a very pretty attempt at a battle simulator and it is merely an attempt, nothing more.

And the most seering indictment of the game is that if you've got a sequel, it should make you not want to play the original again because the step up in technology is so great that it would be laughable to go back. Well I would rather go back to the likes of Medieval 2 or the original Rome than go back to this. This is a step back in the series and Creative Assembly need to do some serious work to sort the game out.
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1.0 out of 5 stars total rubbish, 5 Nov 2013
= Fun:1.0 out of 5 stars 
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: Total War Rome II (PC DVD) (DVD-ROM)
TOTAL WAR ROME 2, I got this game for my birthday and i was really looking forward to playing it,as i enjoy the battle type games ,its rubbish its takes ages for the units to get into position and when you try to zoom in on the action its impossible to keep track of whats going on and alter any of your own units actions ,i tried it several times after buying it but now its been put in a cupboard because its so annoying and haven-t even bothered to use the extra codes that amazon sent , if your a fan as i was of the other total war games avoid this at all costs as its a waste of money.Total War Rome II (PC DVD)
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1.0 out of 5 stars Disappointing, 1 Nov 2013
= Fun:1.0 out of 5 stars 
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: Total War Rome II (PC DVD) (DVD-ROM)
I had been waiting for this game for a long time and even preordered it but it was a huge mistake. The game is full of bugs, the AI is terrible and it suffers from a lot of bad design decisions. After trying to enjoy it for a week, I stopped playing and I simply haven't even thought about playing it again.

There are a lot of mistakes I can forgive in a game, and I have played and enjoyed lots of games with bad reviews, but this one has a really big problem, unlike any other Total War game it is simply not fun nor interesting to play. I suggest you buy Shogun II instead, or if you don't care that much about 3d battles go for Paradox grand strategy games like Crusader Kings II or Europa Universalis IV, games made to please the players and not the professional reviewers.
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1.0 out of 5 stars Big dissapointment, 18 Sep 2013
= Fun:2.0 out of 5 stars 
This review is from: Total War Rome II (PC DVD) (DVD-ROM)
As a big fan of the TW games, going right back to the original Shogun, I can't say how disappointed I am by this game. I loved Rome 1, and was hoping this would be the game Rome 1 could have been with the advances in PC hardware since it's release, and the advances in the TW games made in Empire, Napoleon and Shogun 2.

For me, Rome 1 got the atmosphere of the game spot on, everything looked right and felt right. Rome 2 just feels...souless. Empty. Nothing feels right.

I haven't had proplems with graphics, but they're not very good. They looked better in Empire and Shogun, where they just seemed better designed, battlefields looked better. Can't think of a better word for it, but they just looked sharper, nicer, Rome looks like you're playing on an older machine and have had to turn everything down to get it to run.

I've only had one crash, during the video at the end of the prologue, so no problem there, although others obviously have had problems judging by other reviews.

But, like others, I feel the battles have been ruined. I'd always thought the forward/backward/rotate formation controls in Empire would work really well in Rome, but unfortunately they're not there. But units just don't keep formation anyway, batttles just become a horrible melee. Really disappointing. As many others have said, the loss of the guard setting for troops is a disappointment, as is the inability to control the use of pilae by your legionaries. For me the battles are really the highlight of any TW game, and this just feels a big step backwards.

The campaign map looks great, but personally I don't like the mulitple cities in a province idea, especially as only the main city can have a defensive wall. The city upgrades feel very limited, with the icons taking some getting use to. Having the pop-up info for the icons in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen is annoying, constantly having to glance left to read the info, glance back to move the cursor, glance left again. Could be just me, but why not have the pop-up next to the cursor as in Empire? Atleast when it appears it's already in your field of vision.

I don't really like the 'armies becoming navies' when moving into the sea. It just doesn't feel right. This is TW, not Civ5, it's supposed to be about realistic strategy gaming, on and off the campaign map, and this just isn't that. Building transport ships would only have taken a turn, having them magically appear when needed is too simplistic.

Many others have mentioned problems with the family tree, character development, random political events that just don't make you feel involved in the game. I agree with most of them, although I find the diplomacy - which others have complained of - to work ok.

In conclusion, the game feels rushed, lacks atmosphere, just doesn't draw you in like Rome 1 or Empire. And the simplification of the battles and compaign map make it all feel like a step backwards. I'd hoped this game would take all of the good stuff from Rome 1, add the technical and gamepley improvements made in Empire/Shogun 2 that the newer PC tech allowed, add some new improvements of it's own, and be a great TW title. Unfortunately this just feels like a step backwards.
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2.0 out of 5 stars I was warned..., 7 Sep 2013
= Fun:3.0 out of 5 stars 
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: Total War Rome II (PC DVD) (DVD-ROM)
I have been warned several times by all manner of people that preordering a game is no longer a good option. Once a developer has your money you no longer have control of the game right... And after SimCity was released I vowed never to preorder a game again...
Well Rome 2 was just too appealing, and as an avid TW player I need the next in the series! The trailers looked awesome and with a pc over the recommended settings I thought the game would run great.
The game came and as soon as it was installed I thought welcome to the real world...
As it didnt start.
However bear with me I am not posting a bad review because of this, I managed to get it going by playing around with the script files and CA have released a patch which should fix my problem.
The game though is a massive disappointment. I will run through its flaws and then its good points if you are somewhat optimistic.

-1 year per turn. Since when was 1 year per turn even close to realistic? No different seasons, and stupid amounts of time to move armies, recruit, build and grow your characters. It takes a ship a whole year to move across the British channel. How stupid is this, it completely restricts your ability to do anything at any fast pace, and the campaign map although not huge, feels bigger than all of earth because of the masses of time it takes to simply move around. Units also dont suffer attrition when they should because of the change of season, and as soon as you have a general starting to look like an alright commander or politician he dies because you only had say 15 turns with him. The cities although they look cool are so big that in one instance it took my army half its movement points to move around it, that's half a year. Honestly CA you could have at least given us an option.
-Battle speed. The battles play at 200 miles an hour, it feels as if I should be playing on slow motion. It now feels so arcadey that I think I have almost given up and will autoresolve from now on! This also removes any form of tactical gameplay you can have as the computer is addicted to speed.
-Battle AI. This is similar to speed and linked but I think sufficiently different to become another problem. The reason the battles play out so fast is the AI just charges all its men forward in a suicide attack. All you need to do is wait or charge back and you will win. Another thing is that when the men get to you they are already exhausted so break easily and thus the battle is shortened. I think so far my longest battle is 6 minutes! The navy AI is even worse, the AI for your own troops as well. When your ship starts to sink and your men are boarding another ship they dont all try to board the other ship to survive, everyone jumps into the water! (I must however say that I have never liked the naval combat because it was too slow but now it is miles to fast and so bugged that there is no realisticity or fun to be had.
-Campaign AI. The campaign AI is positively and utterly stupid. It never comes out of its town if you have an army in its province raiding etc. and the only open battles I have fought are from it sallying out from a siege as a necessity. It also never accepts anything, even trade agreements, and also due to the mass of time it takes to move across the map you cannot travel far and wide for diplomatic purposes you can just trade with neighbors. The campaign AI is also suicidal as it sends single units to attack whole armies,WHY?
-Characters. Since when could a character have only 3 traits? Shogun 2. WHY? Rome 1 had an awesome traits system where your character built a character and had loads of different traits due to the moves you made them do. However Rome 2 your character has 3 traits. WHAT! It just makes the game feel extremely cold and impersonal, not to mention the fact that the characters die before they can fight their second battle! All the characters now feel dispensable and you feel no connection to anyone whether they are a great general, politician or leader.
-Streamlining. The streamlining of the UI has made the game confusing and frustrating. You simply cant find information in a tab you need to mouse over this and that and hold it there. WHY CA, why cant I have a tab which tells me everything that effects public order. Not to mention the TW encyclopedia, this lazy piece of crap makes the game even colder. You look at your unit to see that every celtic tribe has access to it, its just a repeat of fall of the samurai! They have given unique units to around 6 of the factions. The encyclopedia also has minimal info, its like they couldnt be bothered telling you something about the unit or building.
The new building system also feels crappy as you dont learn anything about them due to the TW encyclopedia and there is no clear place which shows you all the building progression.
-Graphics. I can run NTW on medium and it looks better than R2TW on high. What else do I need to say other than the units look awful. Honestly I have never seen a woad tattoo on a Briton which is smudged, or a chain mail look like its a whole piece of armor. And also why are their no red haired people in the celtic tribes, mostly brown haired, is this accurate? And why do the Eastern factions have soldier with white skin? Soldiers also go through each other and bunch up to a ridiculous degree.

So that's it really, the only good new bit is the line of site (which cant be used due to stupid AI charging forward and ending the battle in 2 mins).

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1.0 out of 5 stars this is a BETA game, 7 Sep 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: Total War Rome II (PC DVD) (DVD-ROM)
game looks great.
In its trailers. Be assured this is A BETA game. with a huge proportion of players suffering from vomit inducing graphical errors to heartbreaking comparability problems.
CA are now starting to make amends but their updates have cause some problems whilst fixing others.

Now onto the gameplay.
If you like previous Total War games then this is not for you. The devs in their urine soaked underwear were obviously held hostage by SEGA to release the game prematurely and to change so many tried and tested great points about the series and turn it into an arcadic casual gamer version of an RTS. With all battles now having CTF in it throwing away the reason to use ambushes and terrain to your advantage. They removed a beautiful and intuitive UI with a hideous number crunching interfave that to be honest make me fell like i am playing Europa Universals (which uis a good game but should not be in a TW series game)

Units route within 5 minutes of combat. That is however if you are ever lucky in the campaign to enter combat the AI is passive and runs away or is just plain broken at times and that is on the hardest difficulty Legendary. On normal it will ZERG rush you and that is because on the higher difficulty it analyses dangerous situation and never wants to enter a fight because it may loose. The siege battle are worst instead ogf having great epic battles with ladders and towers the AI will only try to burn your gates or naval assault which was cool the first few times but is just annoying as the AI demands to land as far away from you as possible.
Testudo is usless against arrows hoplites and phalanxes no longer hold back enemies they just broke all unit capabilities but instead gave you magical powers to give them small buffs here and there at certain points wich is just lazy.

The sound
It is simply brilliant the soundtrack gives pacing and the voices of troops banter when you zoom close is very amusing at times with 300 references everywhere. Example of such i i had 1 unit of spartans attacked by a full stack of Parthians when in the battle i heard a spartan say "There are so many sir"
then another say in response "THIS IS MADNESS"

i was lucky enough to have a very powerful rig which meant that i was stricken with all the biggest graphical glitches ever. Yep that's right this game worked better for worse computers. I eventually managed to fix my game thanks to some trickery in script files and task manager and just simple fiddling with options in the game.
For instance to help me i had to run in windowed mode. disabled alpha vegetation, disabled SSAIO and distortion effects. turn shadows down to low. and tick unlimited virtual memory. Then disable in task manager set Rome 2 to high prioity. There are a few more steps but they get pretty lengthy so to summarize this section after these steps i got the game running on extreme settings at 35-53fps which is decent but i should be pulling at least 70fps with crossfire on my eyefinity setup.
(Oh btw install the latest beta drivers AMD is 13.10 that lets me use crossfire on rome 2 if you dont get it your crossfire will cause massive drops in fps due to bad optimization.)

To summaries in all now. As a veteran of the series (Shogun 1 for those of you wanting to know) i am truly disappointed in this game m it was the same case for empire but empire was a new field of warfare and a new engine. This game just feels like it is broken and i can only give it those 3 marks due to it having spartans and for CA being ther with 24 hour support with theit devs working day and night on massive future patches which give me hope for this game as shogun 2 did not work properly for mw at first until a patch came in ( i was first gen FX cpu back then and TW games hate multi threading in AMD's architecture but thankfully patches and beta Bios later all was fixed. so i still hold out hope and may re-review this game in a month or so after patching and extensive multiplayer testing (multiplayer completely broke as in not even working for me right now) but some people are loving it)

This is just a simple case of a big company pulling strings and rushing it out before the more mainstream games come out. They needed more time and should have released an actual open beta so they could get tens of thousands of rigs tested for comparability issues. and could have responded to fans and our constructive criticism like in shogun 2.
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