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4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars
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on 20 July 2012
I'm sorry but this book just wasn't right for me, If you are looking for a book of multiple sexual partners and online chats and online submission then this is for you. I first bought this book because of its mentions of spanking, however it did not live up to my expectations. It was very cliché and some of what she says is very cringey. Also it is very unrealistic with how she seems to just fall into situations; not that there is anything wrong with that if it is done in the right way, but yes poorely developed characters and mainly about the kinks, not her emotions and feelings behind it.

I will admit I have not given this book the proper chandce I should, having only read half of it (and the last page) But I will not finish it.. don't let what I say put you of buying it I do not like it is because it just doesn't appeal to the right kinks for me.
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on 1 July 2016
I rarely write reviews, and even less so negative ones. But in this instance I felt compelled to do so. Perhaps because I feel sure this book could have been better.
I know that Ms Elyot is an established erotic writer, and I was curious to read some of her work. For me this did not work at all. It seemed to be a series of very over-used scenarios found in BDSM porn, which could have been OK, had there been some element of plot, or at least believeable and one multi-dimensional character. I read to the end, because I felt I had to. But, because I didn't care a jot for any of the characters, nor did I believe in them, I found it boring and very far from erotic. However, judging from the number of positive 4 & 5 star reviews, it clearly works for many. I do think that the writer could have given us something far superior which had some emotional content and depth. This would have elevated it to a level that would make it memorable and ultimately she would sell more.(No doubt someone will tell me it is a bestseller!) There was something terrifically old-fashioned, old-style 'Black Lace' feel about this book with some extra kink on the side.

I'm sure Justine Elyot is capable of writing a much better - and sexier book than this.
I know there are many, much worse offerings by others than this book, so perhaps I'm being unjust. This is at least literate - unlike much that is being published in the erotica genre. But I felt cheated. She had the setup for something interesting, but wasted it.
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on 19 January 2013
I loved this, loved Cherry's story trying to find her match while keeping her day job as a school teacher and identity secret. Cherry meets up with a couple from Southampton who she met on who have lots of 'fun' with her before introducing her onto the BDSM scene - whirl wind and so hot, nothing like jumping in with both feet lol. She's bought at a slave auction by a high rolling Dom and taken to his mansion for intense sub training. So refreshing to read British kinky romance, recognising the places/areas and more so the British dialog. Loved it!!!!
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on 29 March 2012
I have mentioned before that I normally read US erotic romances but Ms Eylot is such a good writer that I will certainly remain partially on this side of the Atlantic with her novels.

I have found erotic novels amusing before and even laughed out loud but Justine had me laughing so much at one part (I won't give it away but it occurs in a posh restaurant) that I had tears streaming down my face.

I was glad Cherry gave up on the "traditional" BDSM route as it didn't suit her and it all seems so contrived and humourless to me. I can't understand it myself although I do like to read it if I am in the right mood.

The ending was perfect even though I had already worked out the mystery. I love a HEA. Thank you Justine for a brilliantly edited and extremely well put together story. I will be reading even more of your books
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on 10 February 2014
Cherry wants to try BDSM but doesn't know how to go about it so she signs herself up for a BDSM website to try and meet a Dom. She's very new to the scene with her only experience being one night with a sexy sailor she met at a speed dating night and she wants to find more. Her screen name is "AtYourService" and after a few failed attempts, she finally meets someone online
who she clicks with called "SecretSadist" After a while of messaging back and forth and doing kinky things she asks if they can meet up but weeks go by and she doesn't hear back from him.
The website organises a local get together so she decides to go along to meet people to talk with and she meets a lovely couple who want to do scenes with her, Cherry gets involved with them and one night they take her to a big BDSM party where she decided's to let a Dom take her home and he will train her along with other girls to be Submissive's, Unfortunately this does not go well but meanwhile what's happened to "SecretSadist" and will she ever hear from him again?
I liked this book, i thought the story line was good and was refreshingly different but halfway through the book it started to go a little bit downhill with the house of submissive's but it does pick back up again before the end. The characters are great and there's a nice twist at the end (although i did see it coming) It's got lots of sex scene's that get your pulse racing and in places the book does make you laugh. Overall it's defiantly worth a read.
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on 26 January 2016
Story ok, but I had this on Audible. It's a British story, but was the narrator British? Sounded more Australian. She constantly mis-pronounced words (such as promenade) the worst being "munch" - always pronounced with the hard "ch" like the Norwegian artist Munch, not munch (as in eat) which is what it should be. It really grated.
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on 11 February 2014
I found it unbelievable and quite ridiculous in places, saying that I did finish it just to see how it ended so it couldn't of been that bad but it didn't do anything for me!!
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on 26 February 2012
"Meeting her Match" Justine Elyot Xcite Press

"It is a truth universally to be acknowledged that a single dom in possession of a whip must be in search of a sub"
Classy opening, which Justine Elyot develops into a very well written book. First and foremost, it's extremely hot, funny when it needs to be, as in the all too accurate description of how dull vanilla life feels when you're on the verge of taking the plunge into the fetish scene. Cherry's a smart cookie, a teacher, no Bridget Jones ditziness, but lightly amusing all the same. He's a medical professional, tough but tender, never overbearing, massively experienced. As she's a kink virgin she needs exactly such a man, and not the sadistic creeps she might have met first time around.
Too much information alert! Fifteen pages into this excellent book I drew the curtains and got my dear wife to turn the racing off. We plighted our troth, after a lot of sub female CP play similar to this novel's opening. One of those "Where did THAT come from?" couplings. Well, it came courtesy of Justine Elyot and Xcite Press. I flew solo with this book on the second day and achieved another happy landing. Enough of my hobbies. Speaking of openings, and butt plugs, the play gets more extreme as she makes her journey through the sexual undergrowth.
While missing her first Dom she is bought from a slave auction to become part of a mansion full of trainee subs. More hardcore action here.
Anyone who knows scene etiquette will be satisfied with the realism, and as for the phwoar factor, the needle's right over in the red, flickering up to Spinal Tap's eleven. The first person narration throughout is a very smooth ride nailing the ups and downs of modern life and typical scene types. There's narrative tension in addition to the masses of high quality erotica. As kink rearranges lives there's the agony of disintegrating familes and will I lose my job? Has she gone too far with strangers at the slave Mansion. Will she meet her first Dom again?
Good covers are a given with Xcite, this one features a darkly romantic besuited guy, classy blonde with blindfold. An excellent package all round. Mark Ramsden
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on 5 April 2012
Ah, this book is so fun. I'm a little torn - I suspect a lot of the scenarios in the book verge on cliché - but clichés are born for a reason, and Justine Elyot knows exactly how to manipulate them for her readers' delighted pleasure.

Her heroine, Cherry, works so well as Everywoman, she's the author, she's the reader, she's an archetype. She's funny and brave and lusty and irreverant and anxious, and altogether very real - it's completely easy to identify with her - I've suspected Justine of writing books just for me in the past, despite her protests, so either we're kindred spirits, or she speaks to all her readers in such a way. No doubt it's the latter. For anyone teetering on the brink of embracing their desires, or perhaps just reading smut longingly, this story is total wish fulfillment.

The book is definitely a sexy read, but it's also human and gripping as well, and I would have read it to find out what happened even if the sex scenes hadn't been there. It's fun and hard to put down. There might be a few too many contenders for king of the heroine's heart, but then, the title does suggest a trial and error process, after all.

Great book!
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on 20 August 2014
Enjoyed this alot, but I found it hard going at times. I loved the locations, Isle of Wight and Portsmouth 2 places I know well. Nice to have a good ending.
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