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4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 8 November 2012
I have read nearly all of Karen's books and rarely read one that I don't love. When her newest book landed on my doorstep a few days ahead of publication (thanks to the Publishers) I was excited as I ripped open the package. However, my excitement was replaced with shock as even by Karen Rose standards this book was a humdinger at 544 pages. With the synopsis read in seconds I poured myself a brew and immediately got stuck in.

For this that maybe haven't read any Karen Rose books this book, along with any other can be picked up and read in any order as a stand alone book. For those that have previously read Karen's books, you will see familiar faces from previous books. IN Karen's last book PI Paige Holden is the main character along with State Attorney Grayson Smith. Both Paige and Grayson return in this book but as the background characters to both State Attorney Daphne Montgomery and FBI Agent Joseph Carter.

What I loved about starting this book was not only being introduced to Daphne and Joseph, but seeing what other characters were up to in their lives. Daphne's son Ford Elkhart is actually the main focus of this book and he is kidnapped and only recalls what happened when he wakes up on a cold dark floor and realises he is tied up and being held. The book takes an immediate dive into the kidnapping and we see many chapters start to form threads. I was totally and utterly engrossed and found myself being drawn back to the book every time I attempted to put it down.

There are numerous threads and people to keep track of and at the halfway mark I had to take a breather as I realised I needed to get it all straight in my head?!? I had block read at least 250 pages and felt like I had overdosed on crime! Luckily a good nights' sleep sorted that out and the next day I resumed reading the rollercoaster ride of a book! The characters Daphne and Joseph each have their own demons and skeletons and as the story progresses we see the layers of their pasts slowly peeled back. I liked the suspense you are kept in, even though I am the most impatient person. As usual the actual crime scenes are written vividly leaving a somewhat sour taste in my mouth at times, but by no means put me off!

Joseph and Daphne are both characters I really liked but the two that really pulled at me were Clay and Stevie. They were only in the book for small periods of time but I SO want to find out what happens there (I just know I'm going to have to wait on that front!). The plot itself had plenty of twists and turns and kept me guessing until the very end of the book. The one thing that stood out this time round was the sex! Yep, that's right people I did say sex! Karen Rose is a great crime writer, but her genre (if people care to check) is romantic suspense. It irritates me when people grumble about this in her books because it's what she does, and believe me when I say it's what she does best. Karen Rose surprised me this time round and at times I wondered if I had inadvertently picked up a Jackie Collins (not a bad thing in my book!).

All in all, this book, although long even by her standards, was an absolute cracker. Karen Rose is first class at these sorts of books and this one didn't disappoint. As usual, you are in for a bumpy ride which will have you reading from morning until night. Highly recommended.
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TOP 100 REVIEWERon 14 November 2012
Karen Rose is prolific in her lengthy thrillers. This is another superb example that occupies time with rewarding results. Following on from 'No One To Tell', this embraces some of the characters from that novel but the emphasis has changed. Ford Elkhart is a 20 year old who last remembers walking his girlfriend Kimberley MacGregor back to her car. Next thing he wakes with a headache, bound and gagged with bones surrounding him. His mother is Daphne Morgan, Assistant State Attorney who took over from Grayson Smith. She is recovering from her own medical problems. FBI agent Joseph Carter is not so sure the kidnapping of Ford is related to Daphne's prosecution of a white supremist for murder as Kimberley seems to have also gone missing. The Millhouse family and Mitch Roberts are suspects.

This is the beginning of an intriguing investigation by Karen Rose's characters, of which there are many. The reader needs a sharp memory or be a read-in-one stayer. Grayson Smith returns as do Paige Holden and Clay Maynard with forensic scientist Bodie. The main flux, however, follows Daphne and her tribulations and frustratons, wrapped in danger, searching for the missing persons and the criminals, aided by the excellently portrayed Joseph and Stevie. The character interaction is a prominent feature both professionally and also often intimately, but tastefully done in context.

The pace of the narrative with the character development, suspense, unexpected and absorbing escapades captivates the attentiveness of the book's progression to the very end. This is typical Karen Rose. Stirring, side-stepping, adventurous prose. Expertly written and thoroughly enjoyable. Keep guessing the outcome as it goes along.
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on 5 July 2015
I enjoyed this book very much and found the Police Procedures using modern technology fun. A good convoluted storyline to make my brain work. Again Karen Rose has an unfortunate habit of flagging her baddy in the way she writes but that is my only complaint.
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on 28 November 2012
I have read every one of Karen's books and have enjoyed them all but I think they are all becoming too alike, I'm sad to say. I think Karen knows she's on a winning formula and doesn't want to change that, which I can almost understand, but this is now becoming boring.

All the characters are always so nice, with big loving, caring families. There is never a 'bad apple' in their circle of friends or family. The sex is now getting a little tedious and I really don't know how they manage such marathon sessions after such a long, hard day at work and no sleep! Beats me.

I figured out who the perpetrator was right from the start, but that isn't Karen's fault. I would say I'm just getting used to her throwing in the perp from early in the story. There are a lot of red herrings as usual and the plot is enough to want you to keep reading to find out who, what and why.

If you haven't read any of her books before, perhaps you would like this but I would honestly now say that the time has come for some plot changes, with perhaps a not so happy ending or something, Just saying.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERVINE VOICEon 9 November 2012
If you have read previous books by this author then you will know exactly what to expect - and the author delivers a book in similar vein to her recent bestsellers which does not disappoint. The reader new to Karen Rose's writing needs to understand that this is a romantic suspense novel. It could not really be described as "gritty"; although there are some reasonably explicit descriptions of violence they are not the main focus of the book and there are not very many of them. It is not a "cosy" read though, firstly because of those violent scenes, but also because it deals with some difficult themes. There are a few intimate sex scenes but they flow naturally from the narrative and are not too explicit.

At heart, this book is a romance between Daphne and Joseph. Joseph is an FBI agent investigating the kidnapping of Daphne's son and Daphne is an attorney who has just successfully prosecuted a case against a violent family who have promised revenge. As the story progresses, so does the relationship between the couple but some of the revelations which emerge threaten their lives, Daphne's career, and their future together. It is not a complex novel emotionally, the author is clear that most difficulties in a person's life can be resolved by the love of a partner, a friend or family.

The story is written in a series of short chapters switching between the viewpoint of various characters. They are all dated and timed. This method of presenting the story makes the book fast paced and the author uses considerable skill to weave all the story strands together to a pretty thrilling climax. The story is clever and the events unfold to help us understand what is happening just before the characters so the reader is always anticipating what will happen next. It is one of those books which is difficult to put down as you are drawn into wanting to know what happens next.

As is usual in this author's novels, each of the main and most of the minor characters has a tortured past and some secrets which impede the development of a relationship or which are the cause of events in the story. I have to say that I did feel that maybe there were too many of these, they included : a relative with HIV, cancer, sensory impairment, a dead spouse, a difficult divorce, a bullying relative, abuse as a child, abduction and threats by a stranger, abandonment by a parent, suicide of a close relative, and other childhood trauma. No one in a Karen Rose novel has had a happy and uneventful life !

I did find that there were a few too many characters too. Most of these are reappearances from previous novels by the author but it doesn't matter if you haven't read them as this book stands on its own. I have read all the other novels at least once and I still had difficulty in keeping all the people and their relationships straight. Most novels use only a few investigators in their storylines and that is unrealistic but better to follow for the reader, whereas here are there are a few too many to keep track of easily but they all seem to be friends and/or related to one another, which is probably equally as unrealistic. Another possibly unrealistic element is the amount of information which police officers and FBI agents appear to disclose to Private Investigators and family members.

What this book delivers, however, is engaging storytelling. If you like romantic suspense novels then you will really enjoy this one and if you are already a fan of Karen Rose then you will not be disappointed. If you have not tried this genre then this is a good place to start as this author is one of the best in the field and she delivers consistently entertaining novels.
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on 27 November 2012
I have read all of Karen Roses books in my opinion this is her best one yet, at 534 pages you would think did you miss me? would drag, but this is not the case, the book moves at a fast pace with plenty of twists and turns. It was great to meet up with characters from previous books, and learn more about them, and although at times there seem to be far too many characters to get your head around, they all play an important part in Did you miss me? Karen Rose manages to make her characters multi dimensional, by building each character up over the book. I will not give a description of the book as there are already plenty on here, but if you enjoy a story which is full of suspense,unpredictable, is hard to put down and makes you feel you are on a roller coaster, with all the twists and turns, then I am sure you will enjoy Did you miss me? Would highly recommend.
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on 29 December 2012
I love Karen Rose and have read all her books so far. However if you have read a few of Karen's books then you will know what happens in this one.

I was looking forward to this, but actually found myself wanting to finish the book, not because I was gripped, but because I wanted to get on to my next book. Sadly too predictable now, I knew what was going to happen all the way through and especially the end. Disappointed that the author hasn't mixed it up a bit. Still a fab writer though!!
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on 10 November 2012
Ever since Karen Rose introduced the character of Daphne in You Belong To Me I have looked forward to the time when she would become a main character and this is the book in which it has happened. It was certainly worth the wait!

It's a tense, exciting book that never seems to let up and effortlessly flows between the various story threads. Don't be put off if you have not read one of her books before because they can be read as stand alone novels but if you have read her previous books there are some nice moments where you get to see what previous characters are up too.

Make sure that you give yourself at least a few hours free time before starting this book, it kept me up to 4.30am! For anyone who liked the moment where Daphne and Joseph met in No one Left To Tell will adore Did You Miss Me? In my opinion it is simply the best book so far by Karen Rose.
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on 23 November 2012
Like another has written before me, I do like Karen rose's books but to be honest last few have been very similar. Her basic formula is aLways the same but now her plots and characters are becoming very alike too. Overall the book is not a bad read but a tad predictable. Too much is going on with far too many characters and it does get a bit confusing. But what I really had problem with was the amount of times female lead says "thank you" to male got a bit annoying after few times.But I have noticed the same annoying trait in almost every KR book. I guess her heroines are just very polite. Over all same old same old.
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on 13 February 2014
An interesting read. The usual plot of hero and heroine falling in love along the way. Will they wont they drama. As always with these books, lots of twists, lot's of details, kept me on my toes. Very dark plot. Don't want to give too much away. Always enjoy Karen Rose books, not any disappointing parts. The only thing that is predictable about her books is the love angle. It seems to be law that hero and heroine have a major love connection, and they both always have major emotional baggage. Having said that, it's still nice to read it. All in all another great read. Bravo
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