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4.3 out of 5 stars11
4.3 out of 5 stars
Format: DVD|Change
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on 17 November 2012
This is the complete story of Le Mans 2012 race. Set contains one blu-ray disc & one DVD both feature 4 hours of footage from the official Le Mans/ACO trackside/ariel & their own CCTV footage (so every incident is captured)& in-car cameras. The Radio Le Mans commentary is added rather than a post-race review which adds to the urgency & excitement when the race unfolds. The Blu-ray shows wonderful detail such as the weather-beaten stains on the cars and the tyre debris offline on the track (you notice how dirty the track gets). I enjoyed the extended night coverage of the race which brings home the feeling of a full 24 hours. If you love Le Mans or sportscar racing this is excellent but if only a casual viewer 4 hours may seem overlong for you. Makes me want to book up to go in 2013.
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on 2 December 2012
Great DVD this year. Nice to see Duke listening to their customers. They have packed a fantastic amount into this DVD with all the really exciting bits captured.

Even better - it has Radio Le Mans commentary.

If you love motor racing you should love Le Mans. I won't bore you with the detail - go and buy it.
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on 14 January 2013
The usual excellent 'Duke' review of this classic race, 4 hours long complete with the 'Radio Le Mans' commentary, which gives you the feeling of being there. The only thing that stopped it getting 5 stars, is that it seems to be a lot more expensive this year,and for some reason the standard d.v.d. is dearer than the 'Blue Ray Version. By shopping around and comparing the disc and postage prices I managed to get a copy for about £21, which is 20% on last years price!.
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on 7 April 2013
For fans of Le Mans this is a must watch DVD, well produced and covers practice, driver intervies and, of course coverage of the race itself.
Well recommended, a joy to watch and enjoy.
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on 19 January 2013
As usual this year's review of the 24 hours is about the right length and has all the right bits of info. I do like these reviews of the race, they're just long enough to feel part of the action but aren't tedious in any way. If I had one criticism it would be the commentary for the race is lifted straight from radio Le Mans (I think) and due to staff rotation during the race you lose your favorite commentator occasionally. Apart from that it's a really good film...
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on 7 December 2012
I first went to the Race in 1972 and it's an annual event for me.
Getting the DVD has been too, because you never see everything when you're at Le Mans. This is the second Blu-Ray year and the picture quality is really worth it for me. I wish the car sounds were clearer; the commentary, though interesting, does slightly dominate. Still, the cars are clear enough to the ear when I'm actually there!
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on 22 October 2014
Brought the race and whole event for that matter back to life - a great watch
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on 21 November 2012
In short, the producers of this Blu-ray have done a good job squeezing 24 hours of racing into just four which is a good length. It sounds long but there's a lot of action throughout which means it never seems to really drag although unfortunately there's no timer so it's difficult to tell when they've skipped and by how far. There's also absolutely nothing else bar the highlights, no intro or back story nor any explanation of the Le Man series which I think will make it tougher for people to get into. Also it's not a fault with this Blu-ray but if getting started with endurance racing I'd recommend Le Mans 2011 simply because of the epic battle between Audi and Peugeot which remarkably lasted all the way through the 24 hours making for a gripping finish.

So in a bit more detail, the Le Mans race as most people know is a 24 hour endurance race - the cars are given the green light and then race until the 24 hour timer ticks to 0 and it's all over. Yet there's so much more to the sport which makes it well worth watching for any motorsports fan. To begin with the cars race as part of four main classes, LMP1 and LMP2 (Le Mans Prototype) and GT:Pro and GT:Am (Professional and Amateur). The LMP cars are the purebred racing cars with no road equivalent and extremely fast, lightweight machines not entirely distant from F1 cars although some of the LMP cars race with sealed cockpits and the general design is wider and more enclosed than F1. The LMP1's are faster than the LMP2 cars and they're also split further this year with the introduction of hybrid cars functioning like a much more powerful version of the F1 KERS. Audi brought along four cars, two conventional diesel cars as they've raced previously and two new diesel hybrids which use the harvested energy to drive the front wheels and temporarily become four wheel drive. Toyota step in to replace Peugeot's shock withdrawal and take the challenge to Audi with a petrol hybrid putting the extra power to the back wheels. The rest of the LMP1's and LMP2's are petrol cars. The GTE's are based on exotic road cars but considerably slower than the LMP cars as you'd expect since they lack a dedicated race chassis. 2012 also saw the revolutionary Deltawing take part, a car which has a long nose and both front wheels together then flaring out to a wing with the rear wheels more conventionally mounted. Each car's number is marked with a colour to show which class it is running in and it also has a set of three lights on the side which light up to show which position the car is running in its class.

Pit stops are a bit different as they are not allowed to fuel the cars and change the tyres at the same time and they are only allowed two people at a time to change the tyres which means pit stops are generally very slow. This makes strategy all the more crucial as fuel efficiency is key, losing a bit of speed to increase fuel efficiency to then avoid a pit stop or two can save a lot of time in the long run but it's a careful balance as faster cars may be able to keep ahead even with additional pits. As the race is so long there is much more time to repair the cars so even fairly serious damage can usually be repaired, the car rolls up to the pits and is quickly moved back into the garage while they rebuild it.

As they race into the night the cars plunge into pitch black as only some sections of the track are lit making for a proper night race as the cars can only go by their own headlights. During the day it seems insane watching the cars hammering up the back straights at over 200mph and belting past the slower cars but at night it just seems crazy as at those speeds all that can be seen of most of the other cars is a brief glance at their rear red lights.

All this makes for some incredible racing as the LMP cars are pretty much always lapping the GTE cars and then at a slower rate the LMP1's are lapping the LMP2's as well. When there's a group of racing LMP1's cutting through the LMP2's while a set of GTE cars are busy trying to grab positions of each other it makes for some near heart stopping moments and there are unfortunately times when the cars come together. This year unfortunately Peugeot pulled out after several years and some impressive battles with Audi however Toyota thankfully were able to step in with their petrol hybrid and did an amazing job. I wasn't expecting much this year but particularly in the early stages of the race the Toyota is very much able to take on the Audis.

As I mentioned above the highlights work extremely well as one downside to Le Mans is that the safety car periods can be extremely long, at times longer than entire races for other disciplines would be so all that can be easily cut out. The only downside is there's no on screen display to show the remaining time as there was with Le Mans 2011, it showed the 24 hour clock ticking down so you could tell when the highlights were skipping on as the timer would change as well. It's confusing on this version as two cars will be a minute apart then one will appear to go round the corner and suddenly they're both together as there's been a skip in time, there's nothing to show that's happened and it can be difficult trying to work out if a car has pitted or one of them has been off the track.

The commentary team are superb as their knowledge of the sport is very impressive bearing in mind not just the huge number of cars but each of those cars has three drivers. They seem to know all the cars, the teams, a bit of their background and the drivers which makes the race much more engaging. They're also very enthusiastic about it all and seem to be really enjoying it which is infectious.

There is nothing at all on the Blu-ray apart from the race itself, there is nothing of the build up to the race aside from a brief mention of the qualifying and also nothing to introduce the endurance racing. As you can see from above there's quite a lot to take in to understand the race and while the commentators do a great job explaining as they go along that takes a fair bit of time. Admittedly I wouldn't want to take time from the highlights as some of the previous years spent a while on the buildup to the race then a rather ridiculously short 90 minutes for the highlights but I did miss having that build up and would have liked to have a second disc with more content which I'd have been happy to pay more for. Le Mans is such a massive event with a huge history I think it's the least it deserves and this year with the introduction of the hybrid LMP1's and the Peugeot pulling out while Toyota coming in there were quite a few changes.

Still I highly recommend giving this a go as endurance racing is really quite different an amazing challenge in all areas, the cars must not only be fast but able to last for 24 hours solid being pushed to their limits and similarly the drivers must be able to cope with a wide range of driving conditions trying to be fast, fuel efficient, keep their speed up amongst all the different classes of cars and be able to do that in day, night and whatever the weather brings.

As a slight side note, Le Mans is now part of a new racing series called FIA WEC (World Endurance Championship) which sees many of the cars going to various racetracks round the world including Silverstone for a six hour event. So for those who enjoy Le Mans and want to see the cars in person hopefully they will be coming to Silverstone again next year.
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on 17 March 2013
Bought this for my hubby for christmas as he is a big petrol head and he loves it :-) .
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on 30 September 2013
I did not received the product, then I cannot give feedback about the product. Please I am waiting to your news
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