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4.3 out of 5 stars337
4.3 out of 5 stars
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It looks and feels well made. Chunky with a good weight to it. Not flimsy, flexible and light.
It has a proper power cable rather than a mains adaptor, so no need to worry about leaving the power-supply behind in a hotel room when on a business trip.
The buttons are clearly labelled, and work without the need to press so hard the unit creaks under the pressure.
The display is large, clear, uncluttered and easily legible on 2 of the 3 brightness setting.
Sound quality is perfect (for me), as all I intend to use it for is a clock radio.
I was almost able to set it all up, set the alarms, and get it working without having to actually read the instructions at all, the buttons and menus are that clear & well laid out. I only had to read the instructions to find out how to set an alarm to "RADIO/BUZZER/OFF" and how to turn the alarm off once is was sounding. Of those two I would probably found the solution to the first myself had it not been that the location I put the alarm in had those switches against the wall an not in plain sight.
Having 2 alarms is perfect for me. I work weekdays, and alternate Saturdays. So I simply set alarm 1 to "WEEKDAYS" and set alarm 2 to "WEEKENDS."
I can turn alarm 2 on or off as required.
Unlike a 1 alarm radio I do not have to worry about forgetting to turn the only available alarm back on Sundays and then being late Monday as alarm 1 (WEEKDAYS) can be left on all the time.

Q: So why only 4 stars?
A: Because I can not give 4.5 stars.

So why the loss of half a Star?

1. The aerial is a bit of wire hanging out the back. Unlike a rigid aerial you can not position it to get a good signal and let go. I hope (but do not know) that if the alarm goes off and it has no radio signal it will do something other than say "OFF AIR" and remain silent. Unable to get a good signal with the wire hanging down behind the radio & stool it sits on I taped it to the wall at the angle that gave a good signal. Ugly, but it works.

2. The display has 3 brightness setting. "Searchlight," "Bright" and "Barely visibly." The first would make a good night light for kids, the second is good enough to see ones way around the room in the dark, and the third is a smudge in the dark from 6 feet, and hard to make out in full sunlight from 1 and might as well be "off" for all the good it is. It needs a setting part way between the lowest two.

3. There is no way to set the maximum volume for the alarm. It comes on and gradually increases in volume over a short period of time, perhaps 15 seconds. That is OK, and I like it. I just would like to be able to set the maximum volume it goes up to.
Do not misunderstand me, it does not "Turn it up to 10." It stops at a quite reasonable level, but that level is pre-set. For some it will stop too-quiet, and for me it is louder that I need or want. I like to lay there for a few mins listening to the radio quietly burbling away to itself without it being so loud that it is saying "GET OUT OF BED NOW!!"

Another review/reviewer suggests that the alarm volume can be changed. While this is true, it only effect the volume at the time the alarm is going off. The radio does not "remember" that you turned it up or down the next time the alarm goes off. I stand by my statement "There is no way to set the maximum volume for the alarm." You can turn the alarm up or down ONCE it is going off, but can not set the volume beforehand.

P.P.S. (after 2 years of ownership)
It never, ever, notices that the clocks have gone forward or back. It keeps perfect time during the year so must update/synchronise its time using radio time signals, but when the clocks change it never notices. Irritating given the price.
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on 26 April 2013
I really searched long and hard. Some people find things too bright, some find radio poor. Then I caught a new thread, 'hard to change once set' or even set alarm initially'. This little beauty does have 3 dimness settings for display. It has two alwarms, a doddle to set, or change before you wake up, with very easily, with sliders on the side to turn on or off. DAB is good, and it comes on gently at first. SOund quality is a revelation for something so small.

Need a clock radio, look no further, and just buy it. You wont look back.
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on 20 December 2012
Large green display, shame no auto dimmer just 3 level manual but middle option seems best compromise. The display does go bright every time you push a button making settings easier & then times out and reverts to 'dimmer' setting.
Sound quality reasonable, better than my Pure Siesta (that failed altogether after 2-3 years), rear facing speaker takes out any tinny sounds. Buttons spread out OK, not like cheaper Roberts, can easily find positions in dark.
Tuning seemed good, DAB stations fine, no issues with quality or reception (we have generally poor reception normally).
Sleep feature fine, can select 90 mins down to 5 mins but need to push at least 3 buttons (2 if you let 90mins just timeout & revert to normal display).
Volume control very good, low level volume for night-time very controllable (again my Pure was either too loud or too quiet).
Separate alarm buttons on side which mean you can set the alarm for daily operation and easily switch off without re-programming when next used. Setting the 'once only' alarm a bit fiddly as it then asks for the date and defaults to 'today' (rather than tomorrow).
10 station presets (10 DAB, 10 FM) easy to set-up and although no individual buttons, can be accessed from either end of the scan up/down sequence(ie one push on 'up' gives Preset 1 and one push on 'down' gives Preset 10 hence 2 buttons are virtually individual buttons).
I use the alarm buzzer rather than the alarm radio hence fine, others say the escalating volume on the radio setting didn't wake them. It does come on quite loud eventually.
Overall very pleased, would strongly recommend compared to my previous Pure Siesta.
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on 1 December 2012
Excellent radio in virtually every respect. It has a very clear large display and plenty of volume. I use it as a bedside radio making full use of the two alarms and sleep function. Easy to use the preset button in calling up stations. Only downside is the volume of the radio on wake up (alarm set to radio) seems much lower than the normal audio volume and doesn't wake me. However this is no problem since radio has a buzzer alarm option and this is an effective wake up sound.
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on 9 November 2012
Wanted to replace our 20 year old clock/radio. Decided to go for a DAB. One problem we have is reception of DAB is very limited in our house so a risk as to whether it would be ok in the location we wanted. Reviewed all the ones they had in the bigger retail chains and this Roberts had the best reception in the shop, but didnt have it in stock. Found it on Amazon so decided to get it through them, £5 cheaper as well. Works brilliantly, would definately recommend.
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on 16 January 2014
OK, as a DAB radio, looks and functionality its brilliant. BUT:

THE most annoying thing is the UN MENTIONED / UNDISCLOSED fact that when the alarm radio comes on at the time you've set it, the radio doesn't come on at the last level you set it to, it just gets louder and louder.

So far anything from setting 10 through to 16! At which point it wakes the neighbours! I've just called Roberts and its a feature called Human Wake Feature! go figure...

So the alarm goes off, the radio comes on and you have to either hit snooze again / off button / or any of the volume buttons to leave it on at your normal audio level.

What a load of Ru**ish. Come on Roberts, release a firmware upgrade and set it to the level it was switched off at!

If you don't mind that idea, then carry on and buy it.. At your peril lol Mines going back for a refund.

Roberts CHRONODAB DAB/FM Digital Alarm Clock Radio with Instant Time Set
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on 19 September 2012
This might not be the most attractive clock fact I nearly didn't buy it! However the others that I tried were too complicated to use as alarm clocks...
This has a nice clear (large) time display. You can alter the brightness easily to suit yourself. The medium setting seems perfect - not too dim and doesn't light up the whole room in the dark. The alarm is easy to set and you can turn off before it is due to sound with just one button press, which is a real bonus. The controls are on the top and the side and easily accessed. The sound is good and clear.
If you just want a DAB clock radio, this is ideal. I only gave it 4 stars as it's not very attractive, but it is very functional!
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on 7 April 2013
Had the radio for a week so here are my thoughts.

On the plus side, it is simple to set up, has very good reception, the clock is easy to read and can be set to three levels of brightness, isn't too bulky for a bedside cabinet and looks ok.

On the negative side, the tone is too bassy and sometimes makes it difficult to hear a male voice, the sleep timer requires a minimum of three operations to set it which is annoying, the aerial is a wire, the buttons are difficult to navigate in the dark, one with a nipple and the others arranged either side would have been helpful.

It's a big improvement from my trusted old analogue bedside companion but the tone and controls need some working on by Roberts.
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on 28 July 2014
Nice looking and full of hope, set the new radio up on the bedside. We always wake up to the news at 7am. Unfortunately, the radio was too quiet to wake anyone (started nearly inaudible and advanced in stages over 30 seconds to whisper quiet then stopped getting louder). After endless reading of the manual and phoning their help line, discovered it is a "feature", ie the radio alarm volume cannot be adjusted - accept the Roberts pre-setting and that's it. What an incredible blunder for a "Clock Radio"!
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on 17 November 2013
This is so much better than my old Pure 'Siesta': clearer sound, easier to program and buttons easier to hit. In truth, I don't use features such as favourites so this review only concerns it as an awakener of slumber.
It does have one annoying feature: if you awake early and switch the radio on it turns itself off just before the alarm set time and then slowly pumps the volume up - this always seems to happen when something interesting is being aired so you feel a vital point has been missed.
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