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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 7 March 2013
I manage all my home paperwork by scanning and binning. I've used a flatbed scanner for years. I found this product by accident, I had no idea at that point that this type of scanner existed at a price that was acceptable (to me, anyway) for my home use.

I did a lot of research, and I dithered. Would it really do what I wanted? Should I buy another multi function printer that had an auto document feeder instead? I couldn't find an all-inone machine that met all my needs without needing a huge amount of space. In the end, I decided that I'd take the plunge with the 1300i - and if it didn't work out, I'd ebay it and get most of my money back.

It arrived the next day. I read that one had to do the software installation before plugging it in (and the USB port on the back is taped up with this message as well). I loaded the software. I plugged it in. I did a test scan.

Oh. My. God.

Both sides at once, and so fast! I was hooked from my first scan. It's so easy and fast that I no longer stick papers in a "to scan" pile, I just get on and scan them immediately. It turns itself on when I open it up, and it turns itself off when I close it.

What a fab piece of kit. It's very compact, and it sits on top of my all-in-one printer. I don't need to lift the lid anymore, as I won't have much call for using the flatbed again.

I initially tought I'd be able to scan a pile of papers and then sort the scan into separate documents. I can't do that directly (although I guess that might have been possible if I'd gone for the deluxe version which included the filing software) but it's no hardship.

This machine has saved hours - days maybe - of my future life. I wish I'd known about it earlier, and I wish I hadn't dithered so much.
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on 24 October 2012
This is a fantastic piece of kit and one I wish had been on the market years ago. Due to my lifestyle I have a small office at home which became bogged down with folders of minutes, etc of organisastions that I belong to. In a matter of two weeks I have scanned every sheet of paper and filed them onto my PC, then disposed of the paper via the recycling box!
Then I began scanning the hundreds of business cards which I have. So simple and effective, the scanned card appears on my PC screen with the relevant details filed into a form ready for searching when required.
When not in use the paper scanner sits on the desk, out of the way and hardly taking up any valuable space. The instructions say that it will scan up to ten double sided sheets of paper. I regularly scan reports of at least twenty sheet with no problems, as long as I remember to remove the staples! One double sided sheet of A4 takes just a few seconds to scan and that is the the paper scanner set at "best" setting.
I have yet to use the other facilities on the paper scanner, but I have no doubt that are as good as those I am currently using to get rid of all those files in my office. What a joy to see loads of space on the shelves that I can make better use of than loads of ring binders cluttering them up.
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on 3 March 2013
This compact scanner has performed well for me as a duplex domestic scanner. It's small enough to hide away when not in use and comes out whilst I'm going through my mail. I've set it up to scan to searchable PDF using the included OCR software, working even with the small print often put on the back of official documents when set to 600 dpi. I use the external power supply rather than the included additional USB power. This keeps the scanning speed up and the time to process the scans is acceptable on my Mac Mini but is dependent upon the speed of the attached computer. The included software is closely coupled to the scanner which won't work until the software is running. Non-standard lengths of paper (e.g. pamphlets) can be scanned by holding the scan button down until it starts to flash and then releasing starts the scan. The software intelligently spots portrait and landscape as well as upside down, so it will manage putting the paper in at different orientations.

It copes well with different paper thickness, from thin receipts to thick statement paper, but with the latter I find I have to sometimes prevent more than one sheet being pulled through together, but that's more because the pages are folded tightly together and grip each other. Separating them before restacking them and placing them in the feeder, together with some gentle persuasion usually solves the problem.

Excellent device.
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on 5 February 2013
I use it for scanning loads of documents into folders, email and Evernote. It is fast and accurate and the bundled software works great on my Apple Macs. I can easily scan large multi-page documents (100 pages +) and as I've set the software to automatically OCR (convert into searchable PDF) it is invaluable as part of my document management strategy to convert all my paperwork to digital files, which then allows me to search for documents by content as well as document title.
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on 22 January 2013
I bought this for business, to scan in invoices and correspondence, aiming towards a paperless office. I have the model S1300 for home use, but the 1300i scans faster and holds more sheets of paper at one time, so is a definite improvement. It is a first class product, which does the job of scanning quickly and efficiently. I have only used flat bed scanners in the past, which by comparison are so much slower and only scan one side of one sheet at a time.
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on 4 March 2014
I bought this for document archiving at home. The scanner installed on Mac and PC very easily. The Mac software is however, far more limited than PC which is disappointing; for instance the scan organiser is Windows only and the is no Mac equivalent; the other thing is that this is not a TWAIN scanner, so it will not work with other third party organisers. Also due to no TWAIN driver being available OSX does not recognise this device as a scanner in the Print/Scan manager (although comments on this site suggest it does - I am yet to discover how!).

The software aside, the scans are good quality and can be saved directly to PDF, Searchable PDF and JPG. As the scanner scans both sides of the document at one time, it is quick and the scan straightening functionality works very well.

The drawbacks are that there is no paper collection tray so you need to have sufficient desk area to catch the scanned sheets. The upside is that this folds down to a very compact size when not in use and can be powered from a USB port (you need two - one for power one for data) if you wanted to take it to another location. In the blurb is says that you can scan to tablets and phones; this is true, but this is not a WiFi connectable scanner and you have to go via USB to a MAC/PC to do this. You can scan directly to Evernote (as a note or a doc) and to Google Docs via the MAC/PC desktop manager app.

I have given 4 stars as, on a Mac, the software is bit clunky and could do with improvement, but all in all this is a great value product.
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on 12 July 2014
The scanner did everything I wanted - got it installed on my windows machines and arch linux laptop. I liked the way it scanned duplex straight in to Evernote and in the space of a weekend, I had recycled or shredded a lot of old paper work that used a lot of space in our spare bedroom. The software that it comes with can be configured to scan it straight in to evernote, once you press the large button on the side.

However, after about two weeks it failed to power up. Amazon were very good and received the broken one but couldn't replace it and so I got a refund. Had to go to another website for the replacement.
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This is a serious piece of kit, substantial in itself and weighty - it should not be confused with the several toy-like hand-held devices sometimes available. It can scan in colour or mono and at various resolutions and has an adjustable paper guide that will allow A4 and smaller (also a little wider).

This is a one-button device; it does not even have a power switch but powers ip when the lid and feed support is opened. There are two power options, via USB or mains adapter and both ultimately plug into the same socket. The scanner is USB 2.0 and does not have a Wi-Fi option. It is auto-feed only and there is no ability to scan a book or magazine page in situ. Its scan path is slightly bent at about 120 degrees and is safe for most documents if not on very thick paper and photographs. The scan head and feed assembly can be released and raised to clear any misfeeds and for cleaning - a kit for which can be purchased.

The machine is simple to operate and will allow up to 10 sheets to be stacked. The paper support needs to be extended one section at a time and the final one lifts and folds out. The single button, blue when ready, is used to start and to stop scanning and most of its functioons are controlled by its software suite which must be installed first (with Windows). Its software is DVD-based and both Mac and PC although the applications may differ from one OS to the other. One of the programs installed is an Updater package and you will probably find that there are updates to be installed.

The software suite is extensive and includes versions of DropBox and Evernote, both of which came as part of my PC's software suite so did not need additional installation. The ScanSnap Manager is its main interface and manager and it allows scanning to various software and locations, including support for several MS Office applications. I was surprised to find thet 'Scan to Email' was not included although it was included in the description a major reason for purchase and in preference to several less expensive alternatives. It is an addable option, as indeed are many others, although few need be used.

Curiously, although the DVD includes a facility to read the various hardware and software manuals, the PDF files appear to be well hidden. However, they were individually saved to my hard drive for ready access whenever needed and more conveniently than having to find and reload the disk. A printed safety guide is included but not the product manual (one of the PDFs) which would have ben more useful.

Although the scanner and its leads could be carried within some laptop cases together with a laptop, some may prefer a separate case. It is a little wider than A4 at about 29cm in width, 8cm high and 10cm deep without its leads so any case would need to be sizeable.

A very usable machine that needs minimal desktop space.
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on 21 June 2013
I wanted to be able to scan handwritten notes that are double sided with ease. I have an HP MF printer, and thought this might be even better.

It's ok, but it's quite frustrating how often it takes more than one sheet in at a time, gets jammed, and then you end up having to start again.

Would I buy it again? not sure?

Would I have bought it from Amazon, who find novel ways of avoiding tax? Not if I could have found another source.
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on 6 August 2015
Love it. Scans directly to different sources, just a question of creating/using the right profile. Be it Photoshop/Word; disk folders, Onenote; Onedrive; dropbox, Evernote... I mostly take great advantage to quickly scan things into Evernote and deal with them later. Fast enough for my needs and I use it Best on all profiles. Then considering its double sided its surprisingly fast for such a small device.
Portability, indeed its best when plugged to the wall, but then it sits out of the way until needed, so its fine. And it still has the capability to go mobile (using 2 USB ports) although I've not tested that yet.
Online reviews pit this head to head with a Canon 215 and I've been tentativeon either for a year . And its anyone's pick. Canon is a bit faster and only requires 1 USB port for total mobility without impacting performance, but the Fujitsu software is better! And I am so plesantly surprised how easy and flexible the ScanSnap manager and being able to create all sort of profiles is.
When I think that the day to day isn't even the reason I bought it for. Cherry on top!
When I saw this at £130 on the Amazon prime sale day, I jumped at the opportunity! Its was nothing short of brilliant.
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