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4.0 out of 5 stars18
4.0 out of 5 stars
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VINE VOICEon 25 November 2012
Shepherd, Mike: Kris Longknife - Furious (2012)

Mike Shepherd has really shown his gift for writing this time. Furious is one of those read-through novels that just grips you and does not let you go. The whole Kris Longknife serious is fun to read. It leaves you with a sense of having enjoyed a tale of adventure bringing Kris (the main character) into some incredibly unlikely scenarios. But if you take away all of the science fiction and just focus on the story, it is about the age-old question of peace and war. How do you keep the peace between nations when there are so many conflicting points of view and goals?

Well, history has shown us time and again that we don't. Not unless we find a common enemy, someone we can join together in fighting. So the circle of war and peace becomes a neverending process that gives us a breather every once in a while.

Kris is now being punished the events and her decisions in Daring. I just discovered I haven't written anything about Mike Shepherd yet. I'll just have to remedy that.

Anyways. Kris and her crew have been shipped off to undesireable places in the Union in an attempt to castrate their ability to create trouble. But trouble isn't something that avoids Kris. Rather it tends to send its tentacles off in search of the princess in an attempt to place her in life-threatening situations. There are a couple of those in this novel. Saving her own life and the lives of others seems to be a fate that Kris simply is not able to avoid.

Furious was a fun read. There was tension, humour, romance and a sense of enjoyment from the author's side.

Mike was super-adorable when he wrote about "that" arriving in this novel. The way he avoided the word "period" was sweet. I don't know if that is a US trait, but it is kind of cute when people avoid words dealing with bodily functions.
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on 5 January 2013
There is little action in this book, however I still found it enjoyable and moving at times.

This is a series best read in order as it develops from book one. Although the ending of this book
was not a surprise - some not so subtle hints had been dropped in previous books.

I am thoroughly looking forward to the next book in the series; Defender

Below is a list of books in the series and best read in order;
Mutineer (Kris Longknife Novels)
Deserter (Kris Longknife Novels)
Defiant (Kris Longknife Novels)
Resolute (Kris Longknife Novels)
Audacious (Kris Longknife Novels)
Intrepid (Kris Longknife Novels)
Undaunted (Kris Longknife Novels)
Redoubtable (Kris Longknife Novels)
Daring (Kris Longknife Novels)
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 7 September 2015
Kris Longknife Furious is in fact book ten of a long running sci-fi series. If you haven't read the others I would highly recommend you do so as they aren't individual books but follow on from one another in a continuous story.

1 - Kris Longknife: Mutineer
2 - Kris Longknife: Deserter
3 - Kris Longknife: Defiant
4 - Kris Longknife: Resolute
5 - Kris Longknife: Audacious
6 - Kris Longknife: Intrepid
7 - Kris Longknife: Undaunted
8 - Kris Longknife: Redoubtable
9 - Kris Longknife: Daring

Having returned from surviving a battle against impossible odds and saving an entire alien race in the process Princess Kris Longknife is not given a heroes welcome, the opposite in fact as hummanity tries to sweep what happened under a rug and ship her off to a remote planet where she won't cause trouble. Seperated from her troops, shipmates and friends has Kris at an all time low, but when you're at the bottom the only way is up and Kris is determined that the news of her actions gets broadcast to prepare humanity for what is coming.

I really liked this book, (as I have most the series thinking about it) there is a lot less action in Furious despite the book name than previous novels and instead focuses more on Kris as a person, her personal life, how she feels not only about the situation but also the people she knows. Of course the book is also filled with the political climate, assassination attempts and some good old fashioned espianage and police man hunts to keep things interesting and things especially start picking up towards the end, even if it is more of a teaser for the next book in the series.


+ Develops Kris a little more as a character.
+ The plot pieces mixing poitics, and a police man hunt were interesting.
+ Ending sequence leads onto the next novel nicely....

-...which some people may hate as a cliffhanger XD
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VINE VOICEon 4 November 2012
Volume 10 (12 when you add on e-books) of the irrepressible Kris' saga finds her exiled to a backwater system in nominal command of a local patrol flotilla, and to begin with not so irrepressible. She's taken to drink with a smary XO to make sure she stays that way, and of her entourage; there are only surrogate niece Cara, the redoubtable Abby and of course computer Nelly who is by now scarily self-aware and taken AI to a whole new level. Kris is down on her luck, and pinning for Jack.
Up pops Penny the intel officer with news that the more shadowy of her relatives Grandpa Al is up to some sort of commercial skulduggery that does not bode well, also Kris is now wanted on 160, rising to 173 worlds to stand trial as the one person responsible for the loss of the fleet during the encounter with the monstrous and unnamed foes from `Daring'. With some straight talking help, the appearance of Jack and from way-back Col. Hancock Kris is back on her feet, sneaking out of exile, covertly going to home world Wardhaven outrageously over-riding and evading security to try and speak to Al. Then follows a typical Kris ploy, by means of escape from her family and Wardhaven authorities she places herself in the custody of the planet Musashi (populated by Japanese descended settlers) to stand trial for aforementioned crimes; this planet still has a death penalty by the way. Yes for those of us versed in Kris Longknife ways, a typical episode of her life. No more detail in case of major spoilers.
As you will gather, this chapter varies from earlier volumes, Kris and her folks are fugitives and very much reliant on their wits and the good-will of others, she is also quite, quite broke and cannot buy herself out of some scrapes. Romance with Jack is now a feature and yep, in a very discreet way `fulfilled'.
Mike Shepherd keeps the pace, the humour and the serious in good balance, and of course when you least expect it the very dark undertone; a short segment confirms those Peterwalds are not a nice bunch at all. There are some very wry parts such as the pursuit by a very competent and dedicated Wardhaven security team always one step behind Kris and her crew; the use of Kris' arrival by the political rival establishments on Musashi to suit their own ends to name but two. Very funny episodes such as trying to fit six-foot (or two metre) tall Kris into a kimono, comments by the security team after their CSI people confirm what Kris and Jack have been up to. Nelly's replies to any human interruption and Penny's seemingly limitless patience at being hauled through one scrape after another.
The events of the previous novel form the basis for the trial on Musashi, and I have to tip my hat to Mike Shepherd for the way he engages the reader, for there was I getting quite the wrong impression on Kris' judgement at the time, and when I read this volume in the trial setting I realised I had made the same mistake as Kris' fictional detractors! Oh my any book that draws you in to one side or the other has to have very much going for it! And I found myself saying `Sorry Kris I doubted you'- I love it when you become that engaged.
Quite a few surviving characters from earlier works turn up, and you now have the impression that Mike Shepherd is truly comfortable and very familiar with the universe he created, for I have seen no evidence of breaks in continuity.
If you wish to find out how Kris Longknife started you are advised to go to the first book `Mutineer' otherwise you will be lost, if you've not read all the volumes it would be best to have read the previous one `Daring' to get the full impact of this book. If such as me you've been reading them since the onset then you will not be disappointed.
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Tenth volume in the Kris Longknife series of military science fiction novels.

This one contains very little exposition that new readers might latch onto, so they should start with Mutineer (Kris Longknife Novels) instead.

Regular readers of the series, please read on.

This volume runs for three hundred and sixty pages and is divided into short chapters.

It picks up a short while after the end of the previous volume, which saw several changes in the status quo of the series. And Kris being moved sideways by her superiors.

As this one starts, she is alone on a new world in a dull role and seeking solace in drinking.

But the alien threat from the past few books is still out there. But who else can save the world? again. Old friends need her help. Others want her to answer for past actions.

As ever, she can't stay out of trouble. And her life is about to change. Again.

There's precious little action in this volume, as the first half concerns itself with more of an espionage style. While Kris and friends have to deal with a certain something others would like to find her. Some for good reasons. Others not so much. This does really take about eighty pages to get going but it does suddenly become as throughly readable as ever after that.

There is a very involving set piece in the middle of it all. And some chapters told from the viewpoint of an investigator who turns out to be quite an appealing character.

A strength of this volume is the way it shows the effect that Kris has had on people whom she has come into contact with. Both directly and indirectly. Producing some surprising results.

After this first part of the story is dealt with she is forced into a difficult choice which leads to her having to answer for some past actions. The world on which this half of the book takes place is an interesting creation, drawing on a certain part of Earth culture [and for once the cover of the book does bear a slight relation to events in it] this all leads to some very involving legal drama, which offers some good moral food for thought.

The status quo of the series is then changed again right at the end. Leading to an excellent and very surprising cliffhanger.

This isn't quite a five star entry in this range because it's a bridging novel that exists to move the series along and to resolve some things whilst setting up others. But to the credit of the writer it doesn't shy away from making any changes permanent. And there are moments that will make anyone who has followed the characters of this series all this way smile.

An effective and good read in a very good series. Which will continue in Defender (Kris Longknife Novels). If you like these books you'll be looking forward to it. And the cliffhanger will make you desperate to read it.
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on 13 March 2013
I thought it was interesting the ways that things are getting more complicated for Kris Longknife as she grows older and more experienced plus it was good to see development in her own life. The ending of the book was a surprise, and does make me look forward to the next book in the series. More complications! Recommended to Kris Longknife fans and Science Fiction readers
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on 8 March 2013
Great change in pace.

Interesting change in direction, compared to her previous adventures, as Kris finds out she that she isn't some "Damn Longknife", but rather she has gathered alot of friends along the way.
Also she finally gets her 'Day in Court', where she can explain her actions.
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on 13 January 2013
Furious continues the story and style from the Kris Longknife series. The familiar characters and the political plot builds further but I felt this episode lacked pace compared to someof its precursors.
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on 18 November 2013
I've enjoyed this series so far, but this is weakest of the bunch. The protagonist now never faces with significant adversity, plus everyone who meets her automatically thinks she is the most wonderful person and gives her what she wants. By the end, without effort, she has exactly what she needs for the next book and everything is wonderful.

This felt like a shorter book than previous ones and a filler. I suspect the author has lost any fire for his creation and should maybe move on to something completely fresh.
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on 20 March 2016
..Book 10 of the Kris Longknife saga, takes a little chill time, with our favorite princess, merely dodging the law, the WBI (the FBI of Wardhaven), several members of her own family.
So a relaxing and peaceful break, to wind down.
Well it would be if someone were not planning something of an epic scale level of stupidity, and they are not picking up the phone. Dodging home visits.
The old saw comes home to roost you can pick your friends not you relatives.
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