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on 3 September 2012
Having owned the one year old Samsung 900X3A I upgraded to this model. There are some significant improvements mainly in the display and graphics card. The colours look a lot brighter and more accurate. The resolution has been increased to 1600 x 900, meaning you need good eyes or reading glasses. The processor is faster. The matt non-reflective screen is superb. The X3C is also slightly smaller (but with the same screen size) and even lighter than the X3A.

Appearance wise the interior and exterior are now entirely a matt powdered-grey finish, far more elegant than the X3A.

However I am having trouble with the wi-fi card (Intel centrino 6235) which is a new card compared to the Broadcom card on the 900X3A. I find it does not hold the wi-fi connection when connected to some 'n' routers when configured on the 'dual channel' setting (i.e. 20/40 MHz) at 300 mbs. The connection drops after just a few minutes.
But, curiously, it does work on dual channel with some routers.
It does work consistently when it (or the dual channel router) is configured to single channel (i.e. 20 MHz) at 144mbs.

Samsung tech support are currently not able to address this issue. So, for now I am using it set on 'single' channel until a solution is forthcoming.

I'd like to know if other owners of this product have experienced this issue, although if you have either the notebook's wifi card or the router configured to single channel you wouldn't know there was an issue.

Were it not for this I would give it 5 stars, and may yet if the wi-fi card issue is resolved.
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on 30 November 2012
I upgraded to this from a ThinkPad Edge which had been struggling to keep up with my demands, and I honestly think it's one of the best decisions I've ever made. I'm a big ThinkPad fan and really wanted an Utrabook, but the X1 Carbon simply didn't seem to be delivering, especially for the prices they're asking.

The NP900X3C on the other hand is near perfect.

The screen is easily the best I've ever seen on a laptop. Great viewing angles, no glare, fantastic deep blacks and bright whites. I think 1600x900 is perfect for this size screen. It's high enough for me to code in Eclipse without difficulty, something which I really can't do on a lower resolution screen.

The keyboard is good, it's not fantastic, but I have absolutely no issue typing for long periods of time; coding isn't an issue either. There's a little bit of response in the keys, just enough to make it comfortable, however it's not the best typing experience on a laptop ever. One issue I do have with the keybaord is the tab key. It feels just a bit too "clicky". There's something not quite right about it - maybe it's the noise it makes, but it feels slightly different from all the other keys.

The keyboard backlight is really nice. It's not bright, and you'll actually question if it's on or not, however it's just bright enough so that you can see what's written on the keys when it's dark and no more. It's not bright enough to distract, and it does the job well. I think it's a really nice touch.

The touchoad is a bit of an odd one. It's not bad by any stretch, and actually using it to move the cursor and scroll is really nice, however clicking is a tiny bit stiff. I find myself making a lot of mistakes. I'm not sure if it's simply taking some time for me to get used to it, or if the drivers need work, but I sometimes find myself making clicks that I didn't want to make, so much so that I've actually disabled tap to click.

Performance wise it's really nice and fast. The i5 does the job, it's not the fastest CPU on the planet, but the machine is very fast and very responsive. Fans are near silent. I've managed to make them kick in a few times, but only when doing some fairly intensive processing, and even then they're not loud.

Software wise, I removed Windows and installed Ubuntu 12.10, which needed just a few tweaks (keyboard fn buttons need remapped). It runs perfectly, no issues and I easily get 5 or 6 hours out of the battery with Wifi and a reasonable screen brightness (honestly, if you have the screen at full brightness you'll probably blind yourself - it's that bright). If you're thinking about installing Linux, update the BOIS using Windows first, it fixes a lot of issues.

Speakers are surprisingly good on such a small machine. They're not amazing, but they're better than average and I don't have an issue listening to music through them (which says a lot for them).

Design wise, the laptop is beautiful, I really like the colour and the design. I wish they hadn't included the word "New" before the little Series 9 branding though, every time I see it I cringe a little.

Overall, very happy.
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on 7 November 2012
Got it just today, and it looks awesome!
Delivery and packaging: There was a bit of an issue with Home Delivery Network (HDNL)/Yodel, as their tracking said that the package was delivered yesterday. And I hadn't received it, nor was any card left for me, so I had no idea who had the package! But a phone call to Amazon customer service quickly solved it, so good job, Amazon! The product is really securely packed.

Features: Other than the features mentioned on the product page, you get a small connector for the ethernet cable. I bought a neoprene case for this from Amazon separately (iGadgitz Red/Black Reversible Neoprene Sleeve Case Cover for Apple MacBook Air & Pro 13.3" 13" (Models from 2006 +)), which fits this ultrabook nicely. Sound is not bad, for a laptop. Hard disk space is only ~90 GB (the rest probably is taken by a recovery partition), and of this, there is a usable space of only about 60 GB. The laptop comes pre-installed with MS Office Starter (with MS Word starter and Excel starter) which is not all that bad, IMO. Pre-installed Samsung software includes the Software Launcher which seems nifty, at first glance. Start-up times are fast, and recovery from sleep is 1-2 sec. Keyboard is backlit, which is really handy. The touchpad is really responsive and gesture-enabled. Mini HDMI port, but no VGA port.
It's a bit odd though, that the recovery software is on a CD, when this ultrabook has no CD drive!
Looks: really thin! Haven't seen it next to a Macbook Air, but looks comparable in dimensions. Looks sturdy and strong. Really light-weight, weighing at about 1.1 Kg.

Overall, I am really happy with the product.
Other accessories you may need:
1. A portable hard disk, because you will quickly run out of space on the SSD
2. Case (mentioned above)
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on 12 October 2012
Lets get straight into it:

The Build
-Beautiful aluminum build (best looking ultrabook in my opinion), slimmer and lighter than Macbook air, great keyboard (surprising good feedback despite being shallow), great trackpad (gestures work well and is nice and sensitive) but most of all it has a stunning PLS screen (Super sharp and great colours)...

The Screen
-This is the party-piece of the ultrabook, it is pretty darn amazing, it uses a PLS screen compared with standard TN laptop panels which is simply gorgeous, except for the Asus UX31VD I can't think of a better ultrabook screen. It has vivid colour and exceptional viewing angles which far surpass the macbook air.

-Seems good so far (only had a few days) at the moment it is averaging about 5 hours use with average to high usage. In reviews I have read it is about half hour under the macbook air's but considering that screen the slight sacrifice is well worth it.

-Running a pretty standard CPU an i5-3317U clocked at its lower end at 1.70ghz, this is the Ivy Bridge chipset with the new intel 4000 graphics. It meant I could play skyrim at 720p :D, but I wouldn't recommend this ultrabook for gaming, ignoring the lack of a dedicated graphics card, it runs extremely hot when used intensely.It also gets slightly warm just using it on your lap just web browsing, not uncomfortable but is noticable.

Overall it is an amazing machine and because the screen is far better than most of the ultrabooks on the market I would definately reccomend it, especially over the similarly priced Macbook Air, there is no real competition around this price point...
review image
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on 10 December 2012
For many years I've used Acers and moved accross an SSD drive (then installed drivers)to get going quickly without ghosting across and I have loads of power supplies and accessories that made me hesitate buying the Series 9, but it had such good reviews and looked so cool I couldnt resist, so here's the lowdown...
Looks 10/10
Its a beauty and everyone who sees it loves it.
Size 10/10
At 1.1kg and waffer thin it's as small as it gets, and tucks into any case.
Power 8/10
Core i5 power and moderate graphics, perfect for everything except intense full graphics gaming and video editing
Startup 8/10
Very fast but fiddly with Samsungs own software to get the startup/sleep/hibernate all working properly (see below), although their software is good.
Screen 10/10
Matt screen, very bright, perfect outdoors, no reflections, huge viewing angles, autobrightness a bit of a law unto itself and very high resolution (small writing), so if you're over 40 try before you buy, or set the text size in windows to 125%/150%. Found loads of useful settings in outlook to boost the text size in the 2010 version.
Battery 6/10
Not as long lasting as my last Acer, hmmm... but the charger is tiny so what the heck, take the charger.
Keyboard and pad - 8/10 sensitive and the no button approach takes some getting used to but good overall and backlit of course
Upgrades - 9/10 good due to normal screws for the underside (vs Apple's special ones) - the battery can be replaced to. Sata drive which screwed up my plan to move the SSD from the Acer but my fault for not checking.
Sound 9/10 very good for such a small lappie.
Ports 6/10 obviuosly limited and micro versions of hdmi, vga and ethernet so if you present a lot then order the vga adapter from samsung (tried the cheap no name versions but mainly useless.

Brand new machine setup no probelm, but be careful ghosting accross as getting the function keys working and the drivers up and running was a headache, but got there in the end. For 850 quid plus a free Galaxy tab 2, it must be a bargain.
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on 30 December 2012
I have been setting up this ultrabook for my wife over the last couple of days and I am very pleased with it. At £950 including a free 7 inch Samsung Tablet (until 31st December) and 3 years of warranty (when registered online with Samsung) it is £275 cheaper than the equivalent Macbook Air BEFORE taking in to account the value of the free Samsung Tablet (worth at least £125 on ebay after fees).

I did consider getting another Macbook Air but compared to my late 2010 MBA, this ultrabook has a much better screen and is about 5mm smaller when opened in all dimensions as the bezel is half the size of the bezel around the MBA.

The only negative is that the SSD only provides 60GB useable space once Windows 7 has been installed but it is enough space for my wife and I can always change the SSD to a larger Samsung if we start running out of space.
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on 29 December 2012
I am very happy that i got this ultra book as it is light weight and powerful. I am able to do so much on this laptop as it is responsive and fast to start up, plus it is light weight (thus making it to carry around). The screen size is big enough, without being too big to take with you when you are out and about.
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on 23 December 2012
This thing looks simply stunning, which I have never said about any electrical item unless it's been made by Apple. This laptop is a much nicer colour - like a carbon black, not matt or glossy, kind of inbetween and just right. It's a fair bit lighter than my Air and thinner too. I also like the fact that it has backlit keys which make quite a difference when you just sat in the lounge or a room that isn't particularly bright.

The screen is the best I have seen on any laptop (excluding the retinar resolution) it's very bright, deep solid blacks and no reflection whatsover - which is great for watching films.

Only 1 - the battery does not last as long as my Air - probably 5-6 hours, whereas the air was more like 7.
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on 16 December 2012
I sold my iMac that I've been using for years and decided to go for a laptop. it was between this and the MacBook air. I went for this product as it was £850 at the time with a free reclaimable galaxy tab. the screen has a higher res than the air. its non reflective. its no where near as pretentious. I like the look of where windows 8 is headed and their phones. I took advantage of the £15 upgrade to windows 8 and have no regrets.

the laptop looks stunning. its incredibly thin. the screen is stunning. I've still to hear the fans which is a little annoying sometimes. I've closed the lid to put it to sleep but occasionally it stays on and drains the battery, but you cant tell because its silent. its incredibly fast when awakening from sleep instantly and booting. the trackpad is really good, not quite apple standard but still very good. I've no problems with the keyboard and its travel. build quality is very good, the laptop is solid despite being so thin. the keyboard backlight is a nice faint green glow. the battery lasts a long time

when upgrading to windows 8, use the Samsung software. this takes care of all drivers and is incredibly simple

a few complaints: the SSD isn't very big but i'm away to buy an external USB 3 drive. theres only one usb 3 port.
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on 16 June 2013
A beautiful laptop, very fast, and people will stop and ask you about it.

BUT I have had two problems with this laptop that a Google search suggests are common (wifi dropouts, rubber foot dropping off). Contacted customer service and on both issues had very unhelpful replies. Not impressed at all and will make me think twice about buying Samsung, shame considering the equipment is pretty darn good.
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