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4.4 out of 5 stars17
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 5 August 2012
I have been listening to Manowar since "Fighting The World" (1987) and generally have enjoyed most of their music.

However, I have been simultaneously dissapointed by the fact that they seem to release 4 or 5 FANTASTIC songs per album interspersed by miscellaneous nonesense such as bass solo's, narrations and completely non-sensical classical interludes.
Having said that I highly recommend the Manowar back catalogue because 4 or 5 good Manowar songs is better than many albums I have bought by other artists.

What a pleasure it is to report that this is just 9 very good, solid metal songs (plus the slightly dodgy "Manowarriors") without the b****cks of previous albums.

In my honest opinion, Manowar would be outselling Metallica if they had only retained a grasp of reality over the last 25 years..... They really are musically superb!...

This is a fantastic album and I urge you to buy it. I may sound critical but it is only because I know how good Manowar are and that they may have wasted some oportunities over the course of their career.

Very heavy, very catchy metal. Joey Demaio is definately one of the greatest Bass guitarists ever and this album sees him taking as much af a lead in the music as the guitarist Karl Logan.

Overall, I'm very impressed by this album the only thing letting it down slightly is the lyrically cringeworthy "Manowarriors" (I'm sure it's a great sing-a-long at a concert but it just sounds silly on this otherwise great album.)

I hope you will enjoy this album as much as I have.
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on 1 November 2012
Heard some very bad things about this album so took a deep breath before plunging in.

I am a huge fan of the Gods Of War type Manowar album , in fact it's still amongst my all time Fav album from start to finish so when I found they were going back to there roots so to speak, approached with caution.

I needn't have worried , this album is simply stunning , Joey's Bass really is to the fore here and has to be listened reasonably loud it's just one of those type of albums , admittedly it took a few repeated listens but I got there in the end , The Lord Of Steel which opens the album is a terrific opener and sure to be a concert Fav , the much maligned ManoWarriors isn't that bad musically , ok the lyrics are pure cheese but it's Manowar for Christ sakes we accept the odd Manowarrior type song.

The meat of the album comes with the next four tracks - Born In A Grave is simply superb , the slower Righteous Glory is a classic and then the most toe tapping song Manowar have ever done - Touch The Sky , it's huge and the only disappointment is the length at under 4 mins , Blacklist follows which could have come directly off Judas Priests Painkiller album it's that good , Expendables come next which is good but does feel slightly Manowar by numbers which is to say it's still 99% better than most of the dross out there , El Gringo is next up and WOW it really is that good , very very catchy and you can tell it's a soundtrack song , would look good on most bands CV and another concert fav.

Annilation is next up , Eric's voice is the same on this as it is on the other tracks , he doesn't hit many high notes , has a very old fashioned rough edge to it , Annilation is a great track , excellent guitar work , nice chorus as well, the album finishes with Hail Kill and Die which is as much classic Manowar that you will ever find on this album , it has all the elements we really love about this band , the chants , the pulsating drums, bass and guitar , great vocals from Eric , you can already see the crowd shouting HAIL! KILL! DIE!

To sum up this album I would ignore all the negative reviews that are going around the web on various sites about this album , they simply put can not be into the Manowar sound , perhaps they prefer the Nu Metal or maybe think it's just not 'Cool' to like Manowar , this album has ALL the things we love about Manowar , and track for track compare with the best that the band has to offer , I will say again , listen to it loud and put it on repeat playing so you listen to it three or four times straight after another , it will quickly become your Fav Metal album of all time.

Hail Manowar!
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on 10 July 2012
Much has been said about this new Manowar album and a lot of comparisons have been made. I am constantly surprised how people always expect something to be 'same as'. I admire and congratulate every artist who does not give in to the temptation to replicate their biggest success over and over again, just because it is the save bet.
There is 'fast food art' that you may like instantly but get bored after the first one or two times, and there is art that grows on you, that makes you think, re-watch, re-listen, re-read, and discover something new and great every time.

Equally surprising how intolerant people can be, even fans of a music genre that has always defined itself as the genre for the 'outcasts', for those that don't fit in. One would expect a bit more tolerance from those people.
Not everybody will like this album. Fine. No reason to bash it though, or to insult the band, or the fans who love the band and the album.

My recommendation would be: Be open minded, listen to the album a couple of times, and then decide whether you like it or not. I love it, and I know many others who love it too.

I like the fact that once again Manowar surprise. Each song has something else, and like I said, the more you listen to it the more facets you discover.
My favorites: Born in a grave, Touch the sky, Lord Of Steel, Black List.

At the time of this post (July 2012) the one thing that should be pointed out is that Manowar announced that the CD will be released into retail in September, and that until then the only way to get the physical CD of The Lord Of Steel will be as part of the Metal Hammer Steel Edition.
There are some sources that offer the CD (or the MH Edition maybe?) at outrageous prices. It can only be hoped that nobody falls victim to that. The official price at Metal Hammer is GBP 14.99 and they offer shipment to anywhere in the world.
Offering the exact same product for 37GBP and more? Outrageous!

My rating for the album: 4 out of 5 (gotta leave some room to my for my absolute favorite)
My rating for the pricing by some dealers: 0 out of 5 (the MH price of 15 GBP for a CD plus a magazine plus another EP is more than fair!)
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Well one thing you have to say about Manowar they have managed to stick to their guns over the years and resisted the temptation to water down their OTT chest beating. In some ways this is a pity because they are better than their profile suggests.

Firstly Erica Adams has possibly one of the best voices of any genre. He can sing metal to opera with equal ability and many singers are far better known and lauded with not half his voice.

The guitars, bass and drums have always been pure solid proper heavy metal. The thing is they are not actually that extreme. Manowar is proper old school heavy rock not really that fast, thrashy or thudding. They actually hold a tune well and have some great storming riffs to compete with the best.

However you can't take Manowar from the cheesy stuff and as ever they rotate around battles, Norse mythology and being true to metal. All great fun and as long as you understand that there must be a degree of tongue in cheek about their music you can suspend your cynic switch long enough to really enjoy it.

Like many I've dipped my toes into the Manowar thing since they first ran up the beach from one of their imaginative long boats. Generally the albums have been solid hard rocking affairs with the usual range of success. I'm happy to report that The Lord of Steel is one of Manowar's better records. In fact it deserves to be considered one of their best and a real return to form after a slightly weak couple that preceded it.

First off get the less than good song out of the way which is Manowarriors. Now it's not awful and there is the usual heavy riffolla, but it's just too cheesy and no matter how you suspend your sense of self, it's no good. You could never play this song in any form of company apart from maybe a bunch of faux elves at a roll play convention. And as a middle aged bloke that's a step too far.

All of the other songs are solid and head bangingly good. You can't help but tap your feet and bounce your head when a song like Hail, Kill and Die play. This can be a tad embarrassing on a crowded commuter train...

If I can say anything is that someone who likes proper heavy metal with a singer who can actually sing - despite lyrics that can make you cringe a bit - should try this out. It's really very good.
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on 2 March 2013
Anybody who knows Manowar knows what they are about.
This keeps to the same simple formula.
I would walk through brick walls to see Manowar so I will endorse this product 100%.
Great riffs , super bass , same cheesy lyrics.
All in all everything you would expect from the American metal masters.
Lord of Steel sets the pace and it just gets better.
If anybody disagrees well thats fine as everybody as an opinion - you "Manowarriors" out there will know the true power of metal and steel.
Go on treat yourself - indulge in some good old fashioned escapism.
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on 19 April 2014
I was expecting something different from the epic (and awesome!) Gods Of War and the equally amazing EP Thunder In The Sky while I eagerly anticipated the release of The Lord Of Steel. It was a wise decision to not try and top Gods Of War at this moment, but instead make a non-conceptual album with absolute killers on it. I'm sure there will be more like Gods Of War and Thunder In The Sky yet to come, and in the meantime it's feels really good to get something more basic like this album.

I must first apologize to those who will take offence of the following comparison, but it makes it easier to explain my point of view to music-lovers: To avoid making the same mistake Pink Floyd did after the giant 'The Wall' album, and release a kind-of-similar-conceptual album that (most likely) will fail to live up to its predecessor, it is -in my point of view- a courageous masterstroke to resist that very temptation.
Space between such albums is important. One must admire Manowar for having the balls to do something completely different (though yet familiar), in spite of their previous success.
And I must address that a similar concept-album like Gods Of War in fact WAS intended, but the ever-honest Manowar cancelled the project because they didn't think that the material at that time was strong enough for a follow-up of the same calibre. When they say such, it is surely true. They essentially spat in Satan's face and avoided (possible) failure. And successfully, too, because one simply can not compare this album to the previous full-length album, 'cause they are conceptually different. That IS the way of Manowar, and I've always loved them for that.

The nearest comparison (in time, new material-wise and line-up) must be the 'Warriors Of The World' album, and between 'Warriors Of The World' and 'The Lord Of Steel' I actually like this one better.
Mainly because of three reasons;
1st: This one has no malplaced cover-songs of non-metal artists, which makes this one a more even-balanced album, and continuity-wise that's better.
2nd: this one is without orchestra-fuelled instrumentals that has nothing to do with a concept or a story present elsewhere on the album ('Valhalla' was an intro to 'Swords In The Wind, I know that, but besides the dedications to Scandinavians on the inner sleeve, there were no need for it to have its own half-a-minute track).
3rd: Without the cover-songs and orchestral instrumentals, there were a total of seven actual Manowar-songs on 'Warriors Of The World', and of those seven songs I have four favourites.
I have seven favourite songs on 'The Lord Of Steel'-album alone, and the four other songs on this album are a little better than the three left from 'Warriors Of The World' (That was 'The Fight For Freedom', 'Swords In The Wind' and 'Warriors Of the World United').

That said, this is indeed a strong album in its own right, and I was so impressed I just had to get the vinyl edition as well. The vinyl was of course the best edition.
I have noticed many being dissatisfied with the bass on this album. Know that this can be easily adjusted by turning down the bass on the stereo-system, as-you-do to make the music from whatever album one choose to listen to suit according to one's own needs and ears.
The quality in the songs and arrangements are impeccable, and Eric sounds as good as ever though he doesn't scream his ass off as much here as he usually does, but hey, there has been plenty of that in the past and there will be plenty more to come in the future, so there's no need to fear that he has 'lost' his scream or anything like that. He sings, and man, can he still sing!!

To my ears, there are nothing but killer-songs on this album (and literally, too!), and my favourites are 'The Lord Of Steel', 'Born In A Grave', 'Righteous Glory', 'Kingdom Of Steel', 'Expendable', 'Touch The Sky' and 'Black List'.
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on 7 October 2013
In terms of songwriting, the best album since Kings of Metal. Wide range of climates, from typical Manowars' Heavy Metal (Lord of Steel, Born in a Grave, Hai Kill and Die) to more comercials sounds (Touch the Sky), great songs.
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on 31 December 2012
I find myself again deferring to Dom Lawson's sentiments but a few sprinkles of considered, Metallic fellowship are due.

The production is certainly interesting: monumentally heavy, sonically dense and perhaps reprising some of the feel from the Hail To England masterpiece, back in 1984, although unmistakably 'digitally clean' by contrast.

It is predominantly a mid paced plodder, after the first couple of tracks (the heads down, musical bludgeon aka the title track, followed by anthemic brawl on a burning longboat, 'Manowarriors' and although hugely enjoyable (not to mention, undoubtedly getting better with repeated plays,) I can't in good faith proclaim it to exist in *quite* the same hallowed league as the first four outpourings but by any standards, it arises as a scabbard scraping work of deceiver dispatching wonder for which the Kingdom Of Metal is suitably enriched.

Criticizing the lyrical content, at all, is akin to attending a rodeo then moaning about the lack of iambic pentameter exhibited by the Texan steer tamers.

If you 'get' Manowar then it does what their records invariably achieve - the delivery of supreme catharsis against a world and epoch dominated by entirely feeble music and contemptible motives.

The chaps have become supreme - supreme - technicians and whilst some may bemoan them for twiddling with the formula ('that' bass effect, say,) there is enough foaming, contemptuous, black hearted grunt within the beast, still, that original subscribers can still suckle the Metallic marrow and feel suitably sated.

{Reprise: having replayed this piece many times, now and with amplitude aplenty, it is worth emphasizing the role of Joey DeMaio at the mixing desk. With a fair audio system, I feel that in practice, thanks to the man who by his own decree, believes in Metal more than anyone you'll ever meet, the acoustic properties of this production set a new standard for Heavy Metal connoisseurs: in terms of sheer balls, as it were, The Lord Of Steel is the new totem against which all comers can be judged. Stunning, STUNNING sound quality. [I might add, the more I listen to this, the greater its melodic power reveals: indeed, I'm beginning to wonder whether in some ways (more Norse in later years than the visions of die Unterwelt of yore,) it may not be comparable with their early triumphs? This is one Helluvan opus and I'm falling for it in a huge way.] I would dearly love the guys to re-record 'Into Glory Ride' with this calibre of production genius, in the mode of the recent Battle Hymns MMXI.}
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on 21 April 2016
I appreciate that this album has been universally slated, but I would ask those negative reviewers, honestly, it's Manowar; what were you expecting to hear? It covers their usual bases and has a couple of very strong songs on there, El Gringo being my personal favourite.
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on 26 November 2012
There are many things to like about this new Manowar record - the songs are powerful, direct and hard hitting. It's all so well written and performed and the production is clear and beefy. It's not so overblown as the last record (Gods of War) and it's far better than the one before (Warriors of the World). Certainly their strongest album for years. I won't pick out the best songs as it's best to listen to the album as a whole - you won't get bored as each song is fantastic.

Buy it and listen to metal the way it should be played - all hail Manowar!
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