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3.2 out of 5 stars103
3.2 out of 5 stars
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 21 August 2012
I wanted to wait until the new toy feeling had worn off before reviewing to give an honest review.

So first impressions:
Pro - Price I paid £59 for mine (yes I know it is cheaper now damn it!) and to be honest for the price you would struggle to get a halfway decent MP3 player let alone a wifi enabled multimedia device.

Pro - The unit is made out of matt black plastic which I actually like because the glossy tablets show up every finger print and smudge.

Pro - It is solidly built, I was concerned at the price it would be on the fragile cheap side, but the design feels sturdy enough for me to not be too concerned with my accident prone children touching this.

Pro - Capacitive screen very responsive and works with the lightest of touches.

Pro - Very light, reading books and watching films is fine on this device.

Pro - Big pro the seller Tabtronics has set it up for UK users already. So no Chinese apps which you have no idea what they do.

Pro - Micro SD slot for expanding the memory tested with a 16gb card worked first time no reformating etc Note a certain fruit based unit roughly 8x the price can not do this.

Pro - Copes with pretty much all the apps I wanted.

Pro - Sound! for a cheap unit the inbuilt speaker is good and when using with head phones I rarely have the volume above 5.

Pro - Flash compatibility this unit can cope with BBC iplayer Youtube etc. (note not all cheap tablets can do this always check before you buy) Note a fruit based product 8x the price can not do this.

Pro - standby the screen defaults to off when not in use so the battery takes a while to discharge. just remember to have Wifi off unless you need it.

Pro - The battery doesn't have a huge capacity however it fully charges just under an hour so good for last minute prep etc.

Con - The processor it has is very capable but just can not cope with full 3d gaming eg GTA IV & 6 guns.

Con - No HDMI out - The processor was never designed do this if you want this feature a A10 chip will do this.

Con - The battery lasts about 3hrs on low demand. Fire up the wifi and start surfing the web or play high demand games and this rapidly depletes. For example on full screen brightness and headphones I pretty much wiped out the battery with one 1hr 30min film. But if you reduce the screen brightness you can double this time watching films (I have watched 3hrs of video on one charge with low brightness mx player has good control for this)

Con - Heat, when playing high demand games (3d etc) this unit will heat up. Not catch fire hot but hot enough to be concerned about what is happening inside.

Con - standard browser for the internet is not very responsive (I have fibre optic so not my net connection) Switch to dolphin which works really well with this device.

To be fair for the price, the cons are minor for the pro's. I brought this device for a mix of work and play. I needed to review so video tutorials on an android device for work and this unit more than coped with the task, no stuttering and a clear picture.

Do I regret my purchase? Absolutely not! it is an excellent bit of equipment and does so much more than I had originally planned to use it for. Also Tabtronics is an excellent seller every question I asked he/she responded very promptly, please bear in mind i am an electronic engineer so there were many many questions.

The apps I use regularly with this unit are (note all are free on the market):

Skype - Front facing camera so tested video chat worked fine.
Pulse - a stream based magazine thing works like a charm. No more doom and gloom papers!!
MXPlayer - Plays all video formats. Tested with MKV, MP4 & AVI.
UBReader - Ebook reader nice page turn interface etc
Adobe reader - work PDF's work fine (600 pages plus)
OliveOffice Pro & Kingsoft Office
Dolphin Browser Lite
Angry Birds (all of them)
Fruit ninja (installed when received)
Wheres my water (installed when received)
Cartoon wars 1-3
Siege Hero
Radiant Defense - neon defense game looks great on the screen.
World of Goo - Paid app but very addictive.
Recipes app - this is like the ultimate cook book but need wifi on the view.
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on 16 August 2012
Very quick delivery, so well done for that, no grumbles there.

+ points
Cheap as chips
Apps work well
Relatively fast browser
Clear sharp screen

- points

Battery lasts only 1-2 hours max, although a lot of this has been downloading apps.
Tablet nigh on impossible to use while charging, pressing a key generally brings in multiple keys being selected. also screen flashes reguarly, again this is while charging, same when trying to navigate the screen or keys. this is likely down to build quality vs cost. Case is plastic and makes creaking noises at times.

Overall if it was not for the minus points, at this price point i would recommend without hesitation, as it stands if you only want to use it for short periods of time its fine, any prolonged use and you may get fed up of 2 hours charge for at best a similar useage time.

Edit 19th October.

Charger packed in and refused to charge, seller has reacted 1st class and replacement sent out with no quibbles.
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on 7 March 2015
I'm surprising myself by writing this but for the right purposes I would really highly recommend this. I'm even considering buying a second one just for myself.
Let me explain. I wanted to buy my parents a tablet to help get their minds out of 2005 and into 2013 (at the time) because they are all about the desktops and laptops, which was actually restricting them. Mum started off with it and was very wary and didn't really like it, so she passed it off to Dad who realised that he could develop apps for it. Dad is an IT consultant in his 50's and has been writing computer software for about 8 or 9 years for specialist businesses. Suddenly he had this whole world of apps and the ease and speed with which they could be developed compared to desktop software (especially in terms of converting the core software to run on Android) Mum hasn't had an opportunity to use the tablet since she gave it to him. Her problems were that it was too slow and too small a screen, fair enough: so I gave her an old iPad after I upgraded mine and spent an hour teaching her how to use it. She loves it, it's an essential part of her day to day life now and I feel like whatever money I could have claimed back as trade in/second hand sale on it was far better invested in giving it as a gift and spending that time to help her get to grips with it.
I urge those of you in your 20's with uninitiated/technophobic parents in their late 40's/50's or even 60's to buy a tablet for them, something brilliantly cheap and basic like this, give it to them and spend an hour teaching them. At the end of the day it's 30 quid to you, but it's a whole new world to them and it's there to be embraced
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on 2 November 2012
This is fantastic, I really mean it. For £50 or whatever it was, is brilliant, as this was our second venture in the cheap tablet purchase we are so happy, our first buy, some epad reader was terrible, really bad, cheap plastic awful plastic screen etc, this allwinner tablet is brilliant, I have an iPad and I have to admit the quality of the screen is amazing, responsive and feels like a tablet should, we have even considered buying another one. The delivery was quick, I think 4 days, and not sure but it was international shipping too. Buy this if after a budget tablet as this is just as good or I will say it better than the blackberry play book I had owned but got rid of as I thought that sucked. Not as good as an iPad but I'm an apple fan but GET THIS ONE.
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on 29 September 2012
Bought on impulse to take on holiday and to try android against the stay at home iPad. For the price best bit of kit I ever bought. Better wifi detection than iPhone and light and super responsive. It was just under £40 and is simply great. Google Play 25p apps abound to make this irresistible. Dont hesitate - buy one and be content - it's not an iPad or Galaxy but it is a tenth of the price and ace.
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on 25 March 2013
This item worked well for 2 weeks and was very pleased for item and would it did for what I paid for it. Then it started coming apart at the top and bottom, which make the charger loose and then could not charge eventually. Contacted supplier, who gave v excellent service, advising that you just had to press the top and bottom into place as it snap clips back easily. I did that, but it still would not charge, so contacted supplier again - who advised me to package and send it back keeping a receipt for return. Instantly they gave me a full refund and then a refund after for the cost of my return postage once I returned this item.

I gave this rating because the time did work well to start with and when it become loose, which stopped the charger working, I was given excellent customer service.
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on 25 June 2013
The delivery from China was acceptable at first. The tablet arrived and I charged it for 6 hours as the setup guide insisted. Afterwards I unplugged the charger and powered it on. Everything worked great, for about 5 minutes..

The tablet battery almost instantly depleted itself and told me to plug in the charger, so I did. It began charging but the tablet was draining more power than power coming into the tablet, so I decided to turn off the device then continue charging it. When I did this, I saw the usual charging bar on the screen, so I left it and came back the next morning after also contacting the seller about this. I had received no reply and the tablet now would't even turn on. I sent several E-Mails to the seller and all they suggested was trying a different charger (their message looked like a four year old had typed it also), which I did.

Eventually they told me to send the tablet back to them on UN-RECORDED delivery, yeah, I'm not that stupid. So I sent it back on recorded. 10 days later, I received an E-Mail from the Royal Mail saying that the tablet had been delivered to the address. I contacted the seller about my refund which they had promised me and had no reply. 20+ E-Mails later, still no reply. So I filed a complaint through Amazon and I've now received my refund. I have never experienced such bad customer service in my life. If you are considering buying this tablet, I don't care what other positive reviews say, DON'T BUY IT. If you have any problems, you're going to loose out as I did with the cost of £17 P&P fees. Avoid this seller and this "Allwinner" tablet at all costs.

Also, this is where it is made:
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on 28 September 2012
I bought this for my bf and he absoloutely loves it. He is an IT manager so he knows more about this kind of stuff then i do and he says its got a lot of features for the price. Battery is very good, i think he has managed about 5 hours of continuous play. If you are looking for a cheap tablet but want good value for money then this is the one for you.
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on 31 July 2013
I bought this Tablet in Oct 2012 as a Christmas present, it took a couple of weeks to arrive. It works great and done everything i needed it to do, it downloaded apps fast and was really fast when you touched it, i was really pleased with this item. However it is now July and for some reason it won't charge, i have sent an email to the company twice and still haven't heard anything from them, i'm not a happy person.
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on 2 September 2012
I recap what I did with mine in case you are looking to do the same.

Connected to the wifi just as easily as when when I connect with my Andriod phone.

Facebook, Google Play and Skype came preinstalled.

Skype VIDEO calling worked for a chat to Australia

Managed to get mp4 files I had recorded of Freeview TV into the inbuilt memory and watch it. Needed to change aspect ratio in the options though.

Managed to put in a 32G micro SD card and copy more videos and mp3 music files. All play fine.

Logged into Google to buy an app without hiccup (I have an account from my Android phone). Downloaded a few free ones for use when travelling.

Downloaded BBC iplayer and have watched several programs. Nice cheap 'TV' for the bedroom!

Tethered my android phone so I could use Facebook without access to a HotSPot. It was slow but that's probably not the device's fault.

Battery life - i can get a day's use on-and-off so perhaps a few hours in total. Its acceptable unless you are on a long haul flight.

Overall this ticks my requirements for a device to take on holiday for some browsing in a hotel, or just for grabbing to check email when at home.

A friend commented on lack of a back-facing camera but I only need Skype so the front-facing is sufficient.
Screen resolution is low and tires my eyes after a while. It has whetted my appetite for an up market tablet (you know the one I mean!).
Uses a mini USB connection and separate DC connector for charger so Yet More Cables To Take On Holiday.

Overall very happy.

Caveat : mine was 8GB not 4GB as advertised, Wifi was N. Would be interesting to know if others received the same.

UPDATE April 2013
I took this on a holiday and compared to my partner's ipad2. Of course this is no test as one would exepct, but I can say the cheap tablet "does the job" in facebooking, tripadvising, skyping etc. But quite frankly its not fun to use in comparison to a responsive ipad. The Ipad responds instantly to every wiggle on the screen whereas the cheap tablet has pauses and stutters. But it gets the job done.
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