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4.4 out of 5 stars215
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 2 January 2015
A really nice film with a good moral to it. Surprisingly quite touching and deals with important themes such as bullying and dysfunctional families.
However I do believe this is more suitable for young adults/teens as some of the scenes would probably fly over childrens' heads and they might not understand some scenarios that are included.
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on 21 November 2012
Exceeding Coraline in terms of dramatic story telling, ParaNorman works beautifully in both 2D & 3D thanks to the script and dramatic story arc.
And as already stated its fine for small children, as a parent myself, my two 6yr olds loved it, being equally scared and fascinated. Come bedtime they relished in reliving what they had seen, and suffered no nightmares. If you are in doubt as to its suitability for pre-teenagers, sit in with your child and be there to support them, should they be a nervous type...

As for adults who suggest this isn't suitable for young children, remember when you were spooked as a child? and perhaps try not to wrap yours in cotton wool.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 23 September 2012
I just watched Paranorman - a film about a boy (called Norman by the way) who can talk to ghosts - and wondered who it was aimed at? The cinema was filled with children (ranging from three years old to early teens) and I came out of the auditorium wondering whether I was the only person in there who truly enjoyed it!

Don't think that just because this is a story about a boy who `sees dead people' that it's anything like the Sixth Sense. It more slightly cashes in on today's obsession with zombies. We've seen zombie movies for adults, zombie movies with `infected' people instead of walking corpses, romantic zombie movies, comedy zombie movies, zombie movies from the point of view of the undead themselves and now we have a kids' one. It had to happen (and, after watching Paranorman, I say no bad thing).

First of all, this is NOT Toy Story or Shrek. For a start it's made from `claymation' (think Wallace and Gromit) rather than all on computers. Plus, it might pass itself off as a childrens' movie, but it seemed more like a homage to cheesy B-movie horror films of days gone by. There are tonnes of in-joke references to horror films that, unless you show your five-year-old Halloween and Return of the Living Dead instead of In the Night Garden, they will have no hope of ever picking up on.

In these days of `target audiences' where `Film A' is meant for women and `Film B' is meant for children and so on, watching Paranorman made me wonder whether the filmmakers just sat down, made a movie that they liked and never really gave much through to who it was meant for, hoping it would find an audience out there somewhere. A brave, if not that economical, decision.

Bottom line: Paranorman was awesome, but then I'm a man who has grown on up on horror and zombie films. It has loads more heart and character development than other recent `kids' movies, such as Brave, it looks visually stunning and it's packed full of gags - I just wonder how many children will actually get?

Afterthought: I was so caught up in enjoying this movie, I obviously didn't get some concerns from parents. I've read some internet message boards where parents are annoyed at a kids' movie bringing in issues of child death and (takes a deep breath) sexuality. Maybe if you don't want Little Johnny asking you, "Daddy, why does HE have a `boyfriend?'" you really shouldn't take your child to see this.

Paranorman = possible future cult movie.

5/5 stars.
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on 11 May 2015
Stop motion animation is starting to make a successful comeback and Laika are proving to just as masterful as the likes of Aardman! Paranorman is their second feature length film after the dark and gothic Coraline.

This is a much lighter fare with more of a generic feel to it but no less entertaining for it. Nothing beats the sheer charm of a stop animated character and yet again Laika populates its film with some wonderfully eccentric ones.

Norman's town becomes over run by Zombies. It's up to Norman to save the day and show everyone what a hero he really is. Funny and witty in equal measure with a small smattering of darkness this really is a delightful treat. Beautifully animated and a story well told it is another treasure from Laika.
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on 26 July 2013
From time to time I grab some new films for my children to watch they watch dvds over and over again, I didnt know anything about this film and just thought interesting .. my youngest was to scared to watch to begin with.. and I started to worry what have I done I bet its rubbish..

But you know what it def isnt, its bit like Coraline drawings etc. bit odd different dark creepy and I must say the ghost girl made me feel bit creepy could imagine that in adult horror movie, but my boys didnt find the film scary at all but very funny it was actually funny made me chuckle (that kind of hard : ) ) and my eldest was in hysterics also.. brillant film.. looking forward to watching it again pleased I grabbed it on the whim.. def recommend you buy
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on 8 December 2013
I first saw this on a flight and loved it. The stop motion animation is some of the finest I've ever seen and the storyline is fantastic.

On Blu Ray the film looks stunning, with the colours really popping and the characters coming to life.

Among the extras there are 40 minutes of behind the scenes featurettes on the Blu Ray which feature the Director, cast and crew as well as the people behind the making and animating of the puppets. They can be watched together with a play all function and go into great detail about the different processes that go into making a film like this. It really is eye opening. Honestly, it's worth the price of the blu ray on its own.
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VINE VOICEon 2 March 2013
Paranorman is made by the people who made Coraline and as such it is excellent.....However, unlike Coraline, it is not too scary!!! It is,I think,quite child friendly....probably from about 8 years up.....
It is the story of Norman,misfit, but actually really brave,young boy who must save his town from the undead ....
It's a great tale.....of bravery,friendship,love and also has an underlying theme of how to cope with,and defeat,bullying.....
So,excellent story....and the ultraviolet means it can be watched by downloading or streaming over a number of devices from iPhone to kindle fire a good purchase too.....
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 15 August 2013
I rented this for my partner's kids to watch on their last visit. They are aged 7 and 8 at time of writing, however I think this film is suitable for all ages. My partner and I both enjoyed it, probably as much as the kids did!
Paranorman does not have a typical kiddie film plot, it actually has something in common with the Sixth Sense as the main character, Norman, can "see dead people". This makes him a bit of an outcast with his family, and he is seen as a weirdo in school. I was impressed by how well the film handled the subject of death and the afterlife, sensitive subjects for any age but especially for children. As the story progresses, it becomes apparent that the town in which Norman and his family lives, is under a "witches curse" and Norman has the ability to save everyone. Oh, and there are zombies, but don't worry, they are not at all scary, honest.
A very young child might possibly be afraid of the zombies and the witch but I can't really see anyone having nightmares over this film, and of course all ends well which should be enough to put most kids minds at rest even if they were a little unsure prior to the ending.
Overall I think this film tells an interesting story well, it looks fantastic, the character of Norman is very likeable and the story ends well. The kids really liked it and I did too so we will most likely get our own copy in the near future. Recommended.
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on 6 March 2013
I loved the sly jokes and visual imagery on display here. At heart it's a fairly standard romp, but it's the amusingly gothic characters, set pieces and visual gags make it.

My 7 year old boy watched it with me, and although he had the cushion pressed to his chest for a while (it was more anticipation than anything else), he was very soon into the swing of it and laughing along. His first words as the credits rolled were "can we watch it again? Now?"

In short, quirky and mainstream both - and very good.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 31 January 2013
My daughter loved this movie and she's not big on anything horror or scary, the animation is brilliant, the story is fun and there are some funny characters and good humour, some younger children may not like it as its very forward with some of the horror elements of the story but all done in good taste, there is a splash of innuendo for adults too. It's rather original which is good; if your child loved Coraline then they are sure to get on fine with this, lots of cool extra stuff too in features.
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