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4.6 out of 5 stars53
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 4 November 2012
Everyone who's played sports champions will know that when it comes to realistic sports games for the move - Zindagi Games have got it right! They succeeded where so many others had failed to create a highly original, incredibly realistic collection of sports games that actually hone your skills, inspire and miraculously make you even better at the actual sport in real life. So with the move lacking somewhat with the availability of high quality games making the most of the moves technical accuracy, sports champions 2 delivers another breath of fresh air after a long stagnant period of not much happening for the move. Even with games like tiger woods, virtua tennis 4, NBA12 etc - it can often feel like the move compatibility was thrown in as an afterthought, provoking the player to discard the move controller for a simpler but more effective anologue controller.
So sports champions 2 brings us a new bundle of fun to get us off our backsides and bemuse our pets with seemingly uncoordinated bursts of movement across the living room floor. In contrast to the first sports champions, Zindagi have decided to include a much less original collection of sport games that essentially most of which can be found on the original Wii Sports disc. While skeptical that this move could lose potential buyers who have been there done that and got the T-shirt, sports champions simply resorts to a winning formula thats worked in the past and made it better. It is essentially - Wii sports of the future, and on the playstation. So what does each sport have to offer:

Bowling - Nothing massively original about this game - just good old plain fun, much better with friends. It can be quite difficult to understand at first as there are no instructions as what you're supposed to be bowling towards. Unlike the first one with the calibration malarky, you have to guess where you're supposed to be standing to get the best results, and with bowling, you need to be stood head on with the eye camera. After a few plays this version has a great feel to it, and unlike wii bowling there isn't a nack that guarantees you a strike every time!

Boxing - This is where the real fun begins. This feels a lot like the gladiator duel and I often have to stop myself from smashing down my fists from above (although this seems to work quite well!). The boxing has everything, you can bob and weave, block with your arms and fists, move around in any direction and bring back your fist behind you for a super powered shot. It's incredibly fun to play, and takes move fitness and the fight head on.

Archery - Pretty much the same as the first one except you hardly have to pull back in order to shoot. This makes it much easier - possibly too easy. There are some new games which are great fun, but overall much of the same.

Skiing - This is incredibly fun and boasts some of the best graphics in the game. This game isn't difficult to master, but present lots of challenges by giving the player different routes to take and the ability to do tricks in the air to gain extra points.

Golf - Golf seems to manage a fine balance between being sufficiently technical without overdoing it. There are relatively few options to perfect your swing, but at the end of the day it is easy and fun to play. If you want accuracy and realism get John Daly pro stroke.

Tennis - you feel much more in the game that all of the other tennis games on the market with move compatibility. Like the table tennis in the first one, you have a lot of control over how you hit the ball (top spinning, slice etc). However unlike the table tennis, because your character is on the screen in front of you it can sometimes be difficult to judge exactly when to hit the ball, and the results can often be very random. Overall the tennis is easy to master and only goes out of the court if you really try to put it there. Like with sports champions, the speed and accuracy increases as you work your way through the cup.

So in comparison to the first, there are a few differences. Firstly the game doesn't actually put you into the game as does most of the sports on the first one. With the exception of the boxing and archery - sports champions 2 places the character on the screen which in my option affects the feel of accuracy and realism.
The graphics also look a little bit downgraded from the first. Although very good, they don't seem to be up to the standard of the first. There is a big difference in the scenery in the Frisbee golf in the first one compared to the golf on the second one. The game also has a very different abience from the 1st, replacing the serene feeling created by the solitary sounds of the birds and the wind to background rock music and crowds of cheering people.
In the grand scheme of things these things don't really matter. However the game is essentially easier than the first. They've only made 5 challenges per cup, half of which are just simple challenges, depending on the sport. I worked my way through bronze, silver and gold on bowling within the first 45 minutes of playing the game. I'm still working my way through the first sports champions now, 7 months after purchasing it and playing it regularly. However due to the nature of the game being great for local multiplayer, the shelf life may not be so limited. But where is the online play?

But on the plus side, the game unlocks various accessories and clothing that you can apply to your character as you work your way through the cups. You can also create your own character which you can modify as you progress through the game. This saves a lot of umming and arring over which character to chose - although the face design is quite limited, most of the options looking more alien than human.
The new party play mode makes it more fun and organised when friends come over with a few drinks. The general game play is superb, again making the most of the move potential and creating a realistic sporting experience and the camera angles (especially with the golf) are excellent.

Overall I would rate this game very highly, and with sports champions being such a tough act to follow, Zindegi and San Diago studies have done an awesome job to continue the legend. A good solid game that's great fun to play, but probably won't last as long as the first SC. And at such a bargain start price, a very worthy buy indeed.
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on 29 April 2013
This is a very enjoyable game. I would recommend this to any age group as I myself am 37 and do enjoy this game. It's good fun and it beats sitting in front of the tv. The fact that you are up and about and involved in the game itselt definitely makes it more enjoyable. My kids really love it too.
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on 11 August 2013
as noted by others i did not see that this was shipped from the usa. i havent yet received it but its only been about 9-10 days so i will give it another week or 2 before contacting the seller as it will normally take awhile to ship from the usa to the uk.

It is my own fault for not reading it ships from usa, though it should of been a little more clear.

I'm sure the game itself is great and it did dispatch very fast too, nothing wrong so far just a mistake made by myself.

A good price and fast dispatch, i can't say much more at this time but i may update it when i get more info.

EDIT: The game has now arrived! took about 2 weeks to arrive (13days) which is pretty good considering its from the usa. game works fine and is great fun! i've only testing the bowling but its really smooth and has great calibration so it does what its supose to!

the game has different characters than number 1 version and are more custom! you can change size shape face etc clothes and colours and the items they're holding for the type of sport. bowling ball etc.

5 stars to both game and seller would shop here again though i prefer uk sellers for speed but if i can wait the extra week or so then i wouldnt mind shopping here again.
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on 30 December 2012
I liked Sports Champions fairly well but this new game far outshines the old one: it's more responsive; the games are better balanced; the party mode is fantastic for the family; and the new games really lend themselves to the Move controllers.

Skiing: fantastic fun - easy to learn, hard to master
Bowling: easier than the wii but great nevertheless
Boxing: ow! my arms are still sore from a couple of sessions - the kids love it too!
Archery: much better than the first version - far easier to control
Golf: probably the best golf implementation yet on any platform. For me this was the real highlight. I have tried golf on the Wii and other Move-controlled versions on PS3 (Tiger Woods and John Daly) and this is by far the best
Tennis: this is probably the weakest of the games - it takes a while to get the timing right and doesn't feel as intuitive as the other games.

Overall I'd recommend this to anybody looking for a well-balanced set of games for the PS3 - the best family game we've had for the PS3 yet!
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on 11 June 2014
Very good choice of group game. Everybody likes! Even the childreen. Excelent to keep them occupied for a long period of time.
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on 26 February 2014
Really nice game. I like archery and bowling. For these two games is worth it to buy. Perfect for parties.
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on 26 January 2013
Bought this game for the family over Christmas and was very pleased with my purchase. Initially I was a bit worried as the sports games seemed a bit dull with archery listed again and the typical bowling tennis etc. I loved French boules from the first game and was disappointed that a more alternative game like lawn darts wasn't included. However we really enjoyed the game as the controls are so responsive, the best games are bowling, golf, archery, being quite accurate representations. The skying although fun for a couple of goes soon gets tiresome, again the tennis doesn't feel quite right being s bit slow with no feeling of power behind the ball. Overall a fun game and recommend to all.
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on 23 March 2013
If you want to use the 3D function you might need to rethink where you have your tv. I have a 42" LG 3D TV and if you have to stand up to play the game, you lose the 3D option because it is all out of focus, I have my tv roughly a meter from the floor and the eyetoy is on top of the tv, but I am 6'4" and would have to squat to be able to see it effectively.

Good game though, liked the bowling and the boxing. Have tried the tennis which takes a bit of practice, but who wants a game to be tooooo easy at first eh?

Bought for about £12, so for the money I am happy enough.
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on 27 May 2014
Great game for whole family. The variety of sports is good however it could be better. It works perfectly with Sports champions 1
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on 27 April 2014
A great choice If you're looking for a multiplayer game to play with friends or family. Boxing, archery, tennis are great fun.
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