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Injustice: Gods Among Us (PS3)
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on 5 May 2013
This game is A LOT of fun the first few hours, but some horrible flaws and a strange underlying tone of prepaired DLC for you to empty your pockets, ruins the experience in something that otherwise seems very confident in what it does best.
A fair heads-up, this is a long review and is mostly based on opinions from an avid DC fan, so if you're a DC fan you might find answers outside of regular gaming questions here. Inevitably there's gonna be a lot of focus on the choices they went with on characters and story.

I actively pay attention to anything DC.
Currently, I'm subscribed to several of "The New 52" and I have been reading DC comics since I was a kid.
and I can honestly say that the fan-service in this game is not as great as I thought it would be.
There's a few easter eggs here and there, but it seems as if NetherRealms went with a very popular sales agenda (don't worry I will elaborate).
Unless you're willing to go through hours of Star Lab bonus missions which is an almost identical concept to Mortal Kombat 9's Bonus missions.
Problem is you can't skip to whatever character you want, so if you want to play Flash's Star Lab missions, you'll have to progress in a ladder fashion much like the MK9 mini missions.

As for the bonus missions them selfs they don't really add a lot to the gaming experience, many of them seemed more of a hindrance to keep your mind occupied away from the lack of actual content.

What do I mean by "Actual content" you ask?
Well the story mode, like MK9 only lets you play with a select few from the Roster, and there's several "fight your alternate dimension equivalent" kind of battles, which to some extend, makes sense, but really is just plain lazy.

The character roster let me down with its very questionable roster that's obviously tweaked in a fashion that's suppose to encourage future DLC bonus characters.
Lobo and Batgirl has already been announced, and this is just plain cheap. I cannot stand this DLC fad, that's evidently going to stay around for much longer than I thought.

They advertise with varied levels right? Well there's 3 Gotham levels I believe and in reality there's really only 6 levels or so in total.
And speaking of - There is SEVEN CHARACTERS (8 with the soon to be released, Batgirl DLC) from the Batman Universe. This is just outrageous, not acceptable.
The DC universe is very vast and has PLENTY of awesome and interesting characters that could've made it to this list in exchange of some of the characters already on the list.
My point being, if we were to forcefully accept the list that's given at retail purchase (which we are for now) they could at least have prioritized a more varied Character Roster.
Again this reaks of greedy DLC sale agenda. I had faith in the developers because a big deal of the of the hype behind this game was the fact that the developers claimed to be avid DC fans. Well as a DC fan I can tell that they went with sales appeal over quality here.
Like a good trailer that reveals the few good parts of an otherwise bad movie.

Such characters as Catwoman, Harley Quinn, Deathstroke, Nightwing, Grundy (I know Grundy techincally isn't a batman official), Bane and The Joker are all great characters, but I would have preferred to see other DC characters before they added these. It's obvious that NetherRealm catered to Batman fans over any other DC fan.
And personally I can't see how Joker belongs on this list, he's not exactly much of a brawler and the way they excuse his place in the story mode? well let me just say that it was a pathetic stretch.
Kryptonian pill? really???

And Regime Nightwing (alternate universe "Evil Nightwing") is revealed to be Batman's son, Damian Wayne, REALLY!?
I had to facepalm when I heard this.
Even worse, he doesn't even have any different moves from Nightwing.
Hell, he doesn't even have different introductions/super moves.
I won't be surprised if they decide to give Barbara Gordon's Batgirl a Cassandra Cain or Batwoman alternate costume...

All in all this is probably not that bad for people who doesn't care much about the DC universe, but even non-fans will notice the flaws in the plot of the story mode, then again it kind of is to be expected of a fighter title.

The transitions you make to other parts of the level gets VERY repetitive to watch after the first 20 times.
And honestly it's cheap extra damage much like the super moves, and speaking of!

Every character has a super move, some less fancy than others, but the biggest letdown is definitely the fact that there's only One super move per character, which once again makes for a very reptitive fashion that seems to be an on-going theme in this fighter. I would've liked to see more emphasis on character moves and diversity, cosidering characters like Hal Jordan (Green Lantern) and Sinestro who's supposed to be able to fabricate pretty much anything they can think of, have about 5-6 constructs to play around with and they are very similar.
Hal Jordan with Missiles, Rail guns and some grab moves, that's all you could think of ???
I think he's got more melee moves than construct moves. Same goes for Sinestro.

The story it self is almost immediatly ruined when you learn that it's all going down in an alternate universe.
Not earth-1 or something like that, no... Just an alternate dimension.
I payed close attention to the development and announcements of this game as we came closer to release date and I didn't know of this before I actually played through story mode.
This makes you lose almost any interest you could possibly have in the story, right away!
Because it's all going down in an alternate universe, so even the ones who dies, are ok in the dimension we know of.
Why should we care then?

And Superman as a villain? This is really getting old.
I would have preferred to see Batman as the ultimate villain for once, after all he's much closer borderline psychopath than Sups could possibly be.
He's got the whole foundation layed down already to become the ultimate vengeful villain.

And the conclusion of all of this? well I won't spoil that for you, but I'm gonna tell you right now, that it wouldn't matter if I did.

But enough ranting.

The gameplay is absolutely brilliantly smooth and looks great (cutscenes are very rough lookin', but in-game is very good)
I'm terrible at fighters, but I absolutely had to own this game since it's rare that game developers stray from the FPS path when talking big budget, and it's DC!

There's an alternate game mode called "Battle" which is a line-up of heroes and villains you fight your way through.
When you complete this mode you will unlock a small cutscene (only images, no video) with an alternate ending to whatever character you completed the battle mode with.

Some were interesting while others were a bit of stretch, a bit too much in fact, but it's fun to watch nontheless.

I don't wanna comment any further on the issue of the lack of playables and alternate costumes, since it's obviously designed in a manner that's suppose to promote future DLC purchases.

Overall this game is a lot of fun, but I feel that it's not for everyone, not even DC fans unfortunately.
If you aren't very patient and have little tolerance for memorizing combos, you'll find yourself rushing through the content that matters on easy or at the very best, Normal. I shamefully had to return the difficulty setting to Easy because I simply wasn't patient enough to learn how to play each character and in general, the game...

I sort of knew what I was walking into, a commercialized DC game intent at cashing in as much as possible on future DLC, and personally I should probably just have watched the cutscenes on Youtube instead of paying 35.99 quid for this.

I strongly encourage you to consider whether fighting games are your cup of tea or not before you purchase this game, because ultimately the content isn't worth the cash.
Don't be a gullible DC fanboy like me, think twice.
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on 9 March 2014
Its a great fighting game when playing with others however the story is pretty much a series of battles with computer controlled opponents so not much of a single player game. Only buy you want to play on psn or have a couple of siblings at home to play with.
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on 20 November 2014
Wouldn’t it be cool if Gods walked among us? They could heal our ills and hand out alms willy-nilly. However, after playing ‘Injustice: Gods Among Us’, I think these supernatural beings are more likely to pick a fight amongst one another and start tearing up the neighbourhood. You see, ‘Injustice’ is a fighting game akin to ‘Street Fighter 2’ that builds upon the earlier ‘Mortal Kombat versus DC Universe’, but this time keeps it within the DC family. Anyone who knows comics will be aware of the big DC heroes; Batman, Superman, Wonderwoman etc. But these people are also very aware that the slate soon starts to dry out; Shazam etc. To boost the ranks, ‘Injustice’ has many of the DC universe’s villains too e.g. The Joker, Lex Luther, but once again the line-up is pretty shallow.

Despite some of the characters being a little ‘who’, ‘what’, ‘why’, there are enough characters you will know to get on with the game. At the core it is a standard one-versus-one fighter that can be played in a single player campaign or versus (on or offline). The story mode is surprisingly fun and pure hokum, but does pit various characters against one another in a cinematic fashion. It is certainly worth playing through once to see what happens when world’s collided.

The main bread and butter of any fighting game is the mechanics in versus and here ‘Injustice’ is solid, but not spectacular. The game looks lovely and plays smoothly locally. It is the slight lack of moves and poor character weighting that is an issue. Play online against any of the veteran players and you will likely come across the same one or two character types using the same one or two moves. This is because the game is quite easy to break by forcing repetitive moves. This is a no-no in any fighter game. If you play against a pro they will abuse the game and you.

Therefore, to get the most out of ‘Injustice’ it is best played with friends. Here the game is good fun, without ever reaching the heights of the really great fighters. The world of DC is interesting enough and the game looks really pretty in places – especially when you manage to fire a friend into a different layer of the level. It is one of the most solid fighters of recent years, but as there have been so few, this is not a boon. In the grand scheme, it is a solid fighter, but not a classic.
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on 11 August 2013
The game is okay, the combat is fluid and fun to play with your friends. I think the different characters should be a little more balanced and you get tired of the special moves pretty quickly, overall a fun game.
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on 6 February 2015
What if our greatest heroes became our greatest threat? From the indomitable DC Comics and the makers of the definitive fighting game franchise Mortal Kombat comes Injustice: Gods Among Us, a bold fighting game featuring a large cast of favorite DC Comics icons. Set in a world where the lines between good and evil are blurred, players will experience heroes and villains engaging in epic battles on a massive scale.

Injustice: Gods Among Us is an exciting, unique-feeling fighter at the beginner level, and a deeper, more interesting one at the advanced level. Story mode is a pleasant surprise, but the real reason to play is the thrill of harnessing the god-like powers of some of the most overwhelming figures in the comic realm. Ultimate Edition on PS4 and PC is the best-looking, most complete version you can buy right now, but if you already own Injustice on Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3, there isn’t much reason to upgrade, especially if you already bought the DLC.
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on 24 May 2013
As a big fan of the dc universe, i had to have this. The game is made by netherrealms who might be better known for mortal Kombat 9 or simply MK reboot.

As for injustice, this game can be played by newcomers to the fighting genre as well as advanced players. Button mashing is not a option in this game, if u do, youll most likely Get youre ass beat. The buttons are no longer signed to a specific limb but now divided into high,middel,low and special. And most attacks can be juggled into combos with good timing.

As for the story, yeah the story! Most fighting games dont Even bother with stories in fighting games, at lest not a good one. So how is this one? Its good. Not like wooow! But as a fighting game story, this has to be one of the best, the story could easily have been a episode of justice league unlimited. Story takes maybe 4-6 hours depending on youre skills.

I recomend dc fans and fighiting games fans to pick this up.
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on 6 August 2014
Love this game loads of fun and the whole family loved it. Has an easy mode for the moves which the kids found much better and allowed the whole family to play and enjoy. Great game.
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on 29 May 2014
Arrived promptly and in condition as described.
Will definitely use again.
Game is full of awesome special moves. Mortal kombat with comic book characters
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on 12 September 2013
The game is good, I have managed to work my way through the story mode, It doesn't seem as long as Mortal Kombats.

The downside to this game is if you want the 6 unlock-able characters you have to pay for them, unlike in Mortal Kombat when you work your way through you get some and the extras you pay for.

I have been a beat em up style game fan for years and this is definitely one I wouldn't get bored of.
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on 19 April 2013
This game in a nut shell i would describee as the mechancis of MK9, a few added tweaks, no death moves and more interactive environments.

The story mode you will finish easily in 3 hours and to be honest it's not the greatest story considering some of the characters which are in the DC catalog, but it's good enough to keep you playing and interested in how it plays out.

There are a few additional modes to prolonge it's lifespan and all in all it is actually a very good beat em up. It is nothing like MK vs DC from a few years back, that was a step in the right direction for NetherRealm studios and this is far evolved from that just as MK9 was.

Now I'm not a massive DC comic guy or anything but I know the basic characters, I'm not keen on how Superman is looking or portrayed in this game, Batman is as Batman always is and so are Joker and Harley. There's a lot of characters here that most people won't know here, that's just because DC hasn't been as much in the Hollywood spotlight as let's say the Marvel cast and that's somewhat of a downfall. Some characters seem to be here just to make up the numbers as they're not really that active in the story mode which does focus around Superman, Batman and Joker as you may expect. For me they should have included some other characters, let's say from the Superman and Batman universe as that's who most people will be familiar with, Mr Freeze would be good and fit in someone else's place quite well (you'll see where). But there's 20 heroes and vilians here to play with, I would like more just because that's me and I'm not keen on half of the included onec, the 20 here may suit you though.

As a beat em up though it plays really well (if you like how MK9 plays), the character design, stage design and details in both are amazing. The levels are very interactive, different characters react to the environments differently for example Doomsday can throw items that smaller characters like the Flash can just jump or swing off and such as he isn't strong enough, which is really a nice touch. You can knock players through walls and into the next environment very nicely with pain filled cut scenes as they are thrown through and knocked about.

I was actually hoping for a little more though, the main let down is only a slightly weak story and lack of familiar characters that you would want to play as which is hardly a horrible bad point. Personally MK9 is better, the story was better and there were more interesting familiar characters. This does have a few nice touches added which almost make up for it's shortfalls over MK9 but it's definitely worth a blast on, you'll enjoy it I'm pretty sure!

Sorry for the MK9 comparison but it's the same game engine by the same development team so it's just easy to explain that it plays the same. Simples!
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