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4.5 out of 5 stars100
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 12 November 2012
This is a faithful entry in the LittleBigPlanet (lbp) series. Its more multi player focused compared to the previous LBP games simply because platforming is more single player friendly. Yet the single player mode is lots of fun given that its a kart racer. There is also a variety of story mode game types alongside karting to keep you interested. RC races (think micro machines) to battle modes and F1 pit stop style races are included. The focus is playing with others and the game has a feature to keep your party connected and flowing through a vote system when you finish a race. This does the job well and the host can always manually change tracks if necessary. Voice chat works great and text messaging is also possible in the traditional lbp pop up way.

Lots of options and a very powerful create mode that is fully 3D from the ground up. It is possible to create certain game types not possible in LBP 2. A good example being you can make a natural starfox 64 style game in 3D or a Jungle Strike with 2d view. There are water/boat racing tracks made by the community. Tower defense and other game types can be made. Weapons can be customised and creators can share weapons through levels. There is a mario kart weapon packs making the rounds. The shells are larger and the question mark power ups are not transparent but its surprisingly close.

Karts are fully customisable. You can change suspension to a floating/flying kart to a tank kart. The game shines here. Costumes are the same as previous LBP games. You will be able to use the same costumes unlocked in the other games soon after a patch.

The karting is closest to Mario Kart and comparisons were already inevitable. The power ups are very similar(and customisable) as are the kart handling aspects unlike Modnation Racers. You have a slide(like Mario Kart) to boost feature and can spin in the air to boost(think stunt to boost in MK). In fact there are lots of Mario Kart homage tracks and power up packs already thanks to the strong customisable nature of the game. The game seems to do very well at functioning as a mario kart hd of sorts! A good exmaple being Moo Moo farm on youtube.In LBP 1&2 platforming was very different from Mario Bros. due to the very different controls and feel. LBP karting on the other hand does not have this issue. So its worth pointing out that the makers are on to something different here. At the same time this game is hardly just a homage to other racers there is a huge amount of original content being made and its up to the individual how they enjoy this game.

The quality of tracks are great. The ones in the story mode are fun but there are fantastic tracks already released by the community. Thankfully there are more themes in create than what is shown in the story mode and can be mixed up to create more original looking tracks. The community is already proving to be inventive on day 1. This will help keep the game fresh for a long time. integration seems to be working and everything is running smoothly. Finding good tracks seems to be easy so far given that most will never step into create but want to enjoy what is out there.

As for the negatives:
Costume compatibility with other LBP games should have been included Day 1. Its a great feature and includes dlc costumes.
Glass materials need to be more glass like(create mode). As it is I prefer other materials to try and recreate the same effect.
More complex(but also more powerful) than Modnation Racers in create. Maybe more ready to use objects would help beginners?
Karting games are not long term single player focused. Buy this if you can play with others or online.

Overall this game exceeded my expectations. I thought it would be good but not quite as fun as the best kart games. Glad I was wrong. Its now one of my favourite multiplayer games on the PS3 but also a good offline family game. If you enjoy karting games then this game is a safe bet.
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on 19 December 2012
First off, I'm a big fan of LittleBigPlanet. This game does justice to LittleBigPlanet fully. It is extremely customizable, very good content creation tools and highly polished artwork and animation. Almost anything the original developers did in this game, you can potentially do as well. The tools are included.

Where it falls short is the actual racing. The game physics is bizarre, if you get knocked from behind you just come to an abrupt stop. The AI will always screw you over with multiple hits and always finds you when you don't have an item to defend yourself. So instead of a party karting game where you want to knock about and race freely, the odd physics and poorly balanced weapons and items makes this one of the worst karting experiences on the PS3. Even when you win, you do not feel you won because you raced well. You feel you won because you were lucky.... And this is my biggest problem with this game in that it's just no fun (especially against AI).

The multiplayer can tend to be better when there are other humans playing and without any bots. Even then there are issues with weapon balances.

It is sad, I really tried to love this game but the actual karting is a huge let down. Absolutely no complaints on any other part of this game, but I think they went too much for customization and trying to sell the game on the name of LittleBigPlanet than make the actual karting fun.

If you are looking for a fun game with countless hours of replay value and customizations, creating levels and the whole LBP experience get it by all means.

If you are looking for a solid karting game with fast racing, fun drifting and proper kart physics... skip this by all means.
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VINE VOICEon 5 August 2013
I love the LittleBigPlant games and a karting game is welcome edition along with the talented voice of Stephen Fry who I now can't see a sack person without his narration. It also gives Playstation owners a karting game that's as close to Mario Kart for those who don't own a Nintendo console.

Problem with games like this is you have to have a lot of luck which causes frustration in my opinion. Mario Kart, Wipeout etc all weapon based shooters you can be stitched up on however I have to say you need more luck with this than any other weapon based shooter. It's one of those cases where you can race the perfect race and stay in first the whole race but then hit with 5 items on the last corner going from 1st to 8th, it's not a great feeling and half the time it isn't avoidable. The game does let you protect yourself with some items but this doesn't always seem to work and even when it does you normally get hit by someone else straight after.
Some other item issues I have had come from my own items that are meant to be a help become a hindrance instead. One instance of this was when I got the boxing glove, which turns your kart into a massive boxing glove that smash karts out the way and speeds up your journey however mine decided to veer into a corner of the track while everyone else passed me. Another problem was a fast forward item, which speeds your position forwards in an instant, mine did just that yet when I was back in control I was at the edge of the track so I drove right off it rendering my fast forward useless. This is just a couple of issues I had while playing to give you some example of some of the games flaws.

I like the way the game is split between races, single timed races, boss battles and battle modes, it provides something different than standard story mode racing and reminds me a little of Diddy Kong Racing (remember that? That game was awesome). LBPK has lots of collectables to obtain throughout every level which gives you items to use when creating your own tracks, it also gives you something else to do while racing. The battle mode is fun however I found it flawed when I realized I could drive in circles where the items are and just continually fire out weapons taking out karts quickly.

There are good things about this game, the customization is huge, from your sack to the kart and the tracks themselves, and it's a shame you cannot bring some of your purchased sack costumes from the LBP games though. As previous LBP there are a shed load of items to be bought from the PSN most of which I feel are overpriced and not worth the money, especially the Sack Costumes as you won't really benefit from them sat in a kart. The soundtrack is one of the best things about this game, some really good tunes as you drive around, some of which I haven't heard for a long time, it really brought a smile to my face. The graphics are as good as the LBP platform games and the loading is pretty slow.

Mario Kart still is the king of karting games, the online mode on LBP Karting wasn't great and I found myself racing just 1 other person out of a potential 8. As other LBP games online tracks developed by people at home are brilliant, it blows my mind how good a track your everyday gamer can produce, there are even some Mario Kart tracks which are spot on.
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on 12 June 2013
My daughter love's this game as she does with all the others in the series she puts it on after her home work for a hour and really enjoys her time on it
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 26 December 2012
This game comes from Sony, and yes, being the latest offering in LBP games, you would expect it to support if not all, the main game technologies built around PS3.

I didn't have a slight doubt that this game would support SIXAXIS, and I even went ahead getting a passive - Racing Wheel - that converts the DualShock 3 PS3 controller into a game steering for LBP Karting. All these packaged into a Christmas gift, and yes - this game doesn't support SIXAXIS!

What is the point of inventing a technology if you cannot put it to use? Answer please, Sony. It's your technology and it's your own game.

Do you think Sony you can fix this with an update? It's better than never!
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on 14 September 2015
Slightly worse version on Mario Kart Wii, mainly because of the steering being toggle sticks rather than Wii's motion steering. Love the franchise but they really embarrassed themselves with this one.
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on 11 January 2013
Absolute god send, my eldest had friends over and we didn't see any of them for ages, they only came down for food and drink, this meant that I could stay ahead of my work
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on 4 October 2013
They've done it again! Brilliant game, and such fun to play with friends/family. Very creative and colourful clone of classic mario!
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on 22 May 2013
The story part of this game is over quite quickly. There are not really any significant variations between the tracks, certainly none that stand out for me. The track editor is good fun though and I expect it is here many people will spend time creating their own tracks, to share with the LittleBigPlanet community through the Playstation Network. As with all LittleBigPlanet games, the real fun starts when you connect with other players and go online.
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on 5 January 2013
If you have bought the previous LBG games you will love this,lots of courses to try ,great fun for all
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