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4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 26 October 2015
Fantastic dehumidifier. We have rising damp in our home and was shocked to see that the humidity levels were up to 75% so bought this in hope of getting it down. Within just over an hour on the higher setting it managed to drop down 5% and didn't take long to get to 60%. I would reccommend getting a humidity meter to be able to see its effects. The auto/eco setting is great to enable it to flick between the settings in accordance to the room humidity.
We use this to dry the washing too (no more waiting a week for clothes to dry!)
On the lowest setting it is quiet, but on the higher settings it can get quite noisy especially the washing turbo setting so best to do this when out of the house. The timer feature is fantastic so you don't have to worry about leaving it on all day/night.
It does give off a little heat as it blows the air out, which also helps when directed at the washing and slightly raises the room temp.
In terms of size I love the flat rectangle shape and it is easy to fit into any size room without being in the way. Photo shows size compared to other dehumidifier.
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on 23 May 2013
Wow, this thing really can pull water out of the air.

I bought this to dry washing overnight and by the morning the container is always full and the washing 95% dry.
On full power mode, it is a bit noisy but as it lives in our utility room, that's not a problem; I wouldn't want it in the bedroom though.
On the higher power modes, it does give off quite a bit of heat. Though it warms the room up lovely and dries things quickly I do wonder just how much electric it is using. The timer is really easy to set though, you can set it to shut off in 2,4, or 8 hours time.

If I had to be negative, the pouring ability on the tray is lacking. You have to take a lid off the tray to empty it, it would have been nice just to remove the draw and pour away. Given how much water is extracts, I'm not bothered by that.

I bought an electricity monitor to see how much power this thing used.

I'm paying roughly 13p a unit.

To run all year on full power - £771
To run all year on low power - £408

Full power per hour - 9p
Low power per hour - 5p

To run 10 hours a week for one year on full power about £47
To run 10 hours a week for one year on low power about £26

**Second Update** 2014
After 18 months my dehumidifier simply stopped working.
I read that this model came with a 2 year manufacturer warranty so contacted eco air. They said that at the time of purchase, ecoair were only offering a 1 year warranty so I would have to pay for the repairs. However, as a gesture of good will they then offered to service my unit for free so long as I paid for the postage both ways. (If I did have to pay for a service it would have only cost £36 which wouldn't have been the end of the world.)

I used a courier service to send and collect the unit which cost about £7 each way and the repairs took a week. I got it back and have been using regularly again and it seems fine. All in all, I remain a happy customer.
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on 18 November 2012
Ask yourself,how many people go around thinking "I must look into buying a dehumidifier"? How many people will suffer condensation and blame all sorts rather than look for the solution?
Before I review this item allow me to give you an idea what this unit is covering. We live in a three bedroom semi-detached house with double glazing. No children/pets.Eco-air reckon this size unit is ideal for a three bedroom house and on that basis I bought one.
The main problem we had was high humidity upstairs in the main bedroom while we slept and of course,the bathroom. During the Winter when the windows are closed,the condensation was bad and when sleeping you could feel the damp and as a result didn't sleep well at all.There would be the occasional mould patch near the windows as well.
We also noticed that by simply cooking in the kitchen downstairs and even with a cracked-open window,the upstairs windows would attract the humidity and needed continual wiping to stop water collecting on the sills.
The Eco-air unit has been a revelation and to the point where I am taken aback by its performance. It has many settings available though I feel the clothes drying function will be an option we'll hardly ever use.
During the day I run the unit on Economy mode that will trigger automatically to High if the humidity raises too much.It never has. At night I run the machine on High and in terms of noise levels,let me tell you, I'm a light sleeper but I have become used to it very quickly.
I also bought the TFA Humidity Meter to monitor the units performance and in a typical week,it has brought the relative humidity down from what was on average 75-77% to 59-62% in the main bedroom when checked first thing in the morning.Elsewhere,the levels are in the low 50's.
Not a huge difference you may reckon in the bedroom but let me tell you the actual difference is incredible.
None of the upstairs windows show any condensation what-so-ever,the bedding feels as crisp as it was when fitted and as a result,I'm sleeping much better than ever. When I'm about to go to work I empty the tank and this is where you notice exactly why you bought this thing in the first place.
The machine running on Economy during the day has hardly drawn a drip of condensation...which of course is good, but when run through the night on High for approximately 8 hours,the tank has taken between 500 and as much as 900ml of water out of the air. Go put that in your measuring jug and see if this is going to be the answer to your prayers. Just now it's averaging 680ml per night.
Cost to run? Well as it's going to run on High for 8 hours,this is always going to be the most 'expensive'. It used 4.3kWh and this calculated to 7p per hour to run.
This is where the other benefit of the dehumidifier comes into play. So it costs 56p per night to run but it exchanges the damp air and sends out warm air through it's fan therefore heating the rooms too so I've been able to reduce the gas used through the central heating.
The De-Ioniser is interesting because to my mind the air feels crisp and healthier though I don't know how much of this is 'In the mind'.
Summing up then,I feel that for general household use and especially during the Winter if you're experiencing damp,condensation,unhealthy conditions this unit is the answer to your prayers and a no-brainer.
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on 15 November 2014
The challenge:

1. A new (to me) 3 bed property, with double glazing, cavity wall insulation and loft insulation all designed to reduce draughts (also known as healthy air circulation!)
2. Two bedrooms facing north which have clearly had a damp problem in the past
3. No external wall space for a bathroom extractor fan
4. No tumble dryer - I would rather line dry, but in winter inevitably some clothes end up drying on an airer in front of a radiator
5. Heavy initial use of a carpet washer and steam cleaner to clean away the grime of ages, and to strip wallpaper
All resulting in condensation, a foisty smell and a worry about further damp problems

How the EcoAir is doing:

It's November and the relative humidity outdoors here (according to the Met Office) is in the range from 85%-100%.
I've started out by running this for ten hours a day, morning and evening, mostly on the Eco setting and using the timer. It's extracting 2L a day on average. I know that if I ran it for longer, it would extract more.
There is no window condensation now other than in the bathroom after showers, that window and the cotton bathmat dry nicely within an hour.
Bedding and pillows in use, and towels left out to air feel lovely and dry.
A load of laundry takes two hours to dry on the "high laundry" setting and produces at least a litre of water in excess of the normal rate, sometimes two - actually I'm a bit horrified how much water drying laundry releases.
The unit hasn't actually dropped to the lower setting yet on its own, although it is designed to do this on Eco, suggesting that the humidity indoors isn't yet below 60%. I'm sure the fabric of the house is still drying out.


I could leave this on 24 hours (although switching to low overnight) but I'm happy to dry out the house more slowly.
As it's in a bedroom I've had to run it for the last couple of hours each evening on the "low" setting as it's too noisy on "high" for relaxation. It's easy to set the timer so it switches off once I am asleep.
The warm exhaust air is helping to warm the bedroom, but I'm going to need to move the central heating thermostat away from its current location outside the bedroom door as the unit is locally increasing the temperature and downstairs is now a bit too cool.
However although the house is cooler, the fact the air is drier partly compensates for this and I believe I will be able to turn the central heating down by 1 or 2C (e.g. from 21C to 19C) without causing a mould problem.
I'm using airers for laundry rather than the radiator. There is no more effort required to dry laundry than there would be to use a tumble dryer, although it does help to rotate them after an hour as part of the drying effect is from the warm exhaust air blowing from the unit. The downside is having airers in the room but the upside is that this is cheaper than tumble drying - assuming the energy use calculations others have made are correct.
There's no over-drying of the air, as there can be with air conditioning, which tends to give me sinus problems. An unexpected bonus is I'm not getting any congestion, so what I thought was a cold may in fact have been damp. This is another reason I am drying the house out slowly, so that we can acclimatise.


This seems to work well. It's not been a "switch on and forget" machine because it is a little noisy so I don't want to run it overnight, plus I need to boost it for laundry, cleaning and decorating. But used in combination with central heating it's making home very comfortable. I'm looking forward to seeing what bills are like, I am expecting to make some savings on heating and trips to the launderette to dry bedding (when weekends are wet) to offset the cost of running the unit.


I've now run the unit for two weeks. That's an average of ten hours a day, plus two hours on "laundry" for each load dried - average eight loads a week. It's extracted 35L of water (about half of which is from drying laundry). It has finally begun to operate in "Eco" mode by dropping to low power at times, which suggests that the house is now within a healthy humidity range.

I've learned it's worthwhile opening the bathroom and kitchen windows (but with the room door shut) for a short period after showers and cooking, to let the steam out. It's also worthwhile re-spinning towels and bedding on a fast spin, and part line-drying.

Update 2:

It's coming up to a month now, I find that I only need to run the unit for six hours a day on Eco plus two hours on Laundry - to dry a load a day. When it's on Eco it boosts to High occasionally but now the house has dried out it's mainly running on Low. I'm pouring away about 1.5L a day - at least half is from laundry, I re-spin most loads now which does make a difference.
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on 7 January 2014
Not a cheap purchase this one but it was bought to sort out a damp problem in an upstairs bedroom. At the start of the autumn in 2013 I noticed we were having green mould appearing in the upstairs back bedroom. This room is above a kitchen and has 3 external walls, so it gets a lot of moisture from the kitchen, and it gets cold, hence the damp. I started leaving a couple of windows open but that didn't really do much. My father-in-law very kindly added more insulation to the attic above the bedroom which improved the problem, but didn't cure it. So I took the hit and bought this de-humidifier. I didn't have much faith in any dehumidifier to be honest, but it arrived and I plugged it in next to the damp patch in the corner of the bedroom. I set it to the automatic setting (starts off on high) and after a couple of hours the unit was nearly full of water. I emptied the tank and put it on again. This cycle happened for about 2 weeks until the unit clicked onto the lower setting, and the humidity meter that I had bought on Amazon to go with it, showed the humidity at less than 55%. I was extremely pleased with the unit as it had done its job and now the mould has disappeared. I still turn the unit on every morning for 2 hours, but that's all it needs as the attic insulation has kept the room a lot warmer, and the kitchen extractor fan is used every time we cook.
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on 30 November 2014
absolutely fantastic. Wish we had got one years ago. I used to dread the winter having to dry the condensation off the windows in the morning. That is a thing of the past now and we very rarely have to use the tumble dryer. It is such a brilliant item that my wife and I bought one for my daughter and her partner.
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on 4 February 2015
Absolutely brilliant! Cannot fault it and in the last week it as sucked out of the atmosphere and walls on average around 3 litres a day, machine on 12 hours a day various positions around our home on the recommended settings. Purchased to get rid of/prevent the mould that started to appear due to having modern homes just about air tight and insulated to the max. I imagine that in a few more weeks we wont need to use it as much but its certainly a revelation as to how much moisture is contained in our home. The air actually seems cleaner to breath as well. Wish we had purchased one of these years ago. The instructions are concise and easy to understand and as for people complaining that the machine is noisy it clearly states you can put it well out of earshot and it will work as long as you don't mind leaving doors open. Far less noisy than the extractor fan in our shower for example. I am a light sleeper at the best of times but have not been troubled by it working in the hallway not that far from our bedroom (bungalow) at night. If we notice that the dreaded mould doesn't return because of this item I will certainly repost and let people know. As far as we are concerned it as been a positive purchase .
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on 28 November 2014
My first humidifier as i was reading how much moisture was in the air in our houses, read plenty of reviews & purchased this one, well first of all its so simple to set up, just unbox & switch on, the options for use are very easy to understand & sit at the top of the humidifier, so very easy to set your preferences, the amount of moisture this little thing (its about the size of one of those small suitcases, so very easy to manouvre about) takes out the air is amazing, had it a few wks now & the air in the house is definitely a lot fresher & healthier, the good thing is it will switch off automatically once the water tray is full (2 litres), so simple to lift & empty the water tray & once put back in starts automatically again, my first humidifier so can't comment against others but thoroughly happy with this one, easy to use & does what it says on the tin.
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on 16 June 2015
Bought two. After three weeks or so, one is still working very well. The other has failed. It runs for about 10 minutes and then simply cuts out. I don't think I've ever had a consumer electronics unit fail so quickly in recent years.

The other issue, for me, is that the fans are active 24/7, which makes for constant background noise, which increases significantly when the unit is dehumidifying. Various other models I've used have sensors that turn off the fans until humidity rises. I'm sure there's an argument for fans running 24/7 but I prefer not to have a unit running unless needed...

For the reasons above, and in particularly the failure, I cannot recommend this device.
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on 2 November 2014
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