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Customer Reviews

4.4 out of 5 stars103
4.4 out of 5 stars
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TOP 500 REVIEWERVINE VOICEon 20 October 2012
I already use a Nostromo keypad, so I didn't think this was going to be much use to me. However some of my guild mates in Guild Wars 2 convinced me to order it and try it. I am very glad that I did, although there are a couple of drawbacks with it on the whole it works brilliantly and does exactly what it is advertised to do.

The mouse is well made, feels solid and heavy, with a smart matte black finish and a mini number pad on the left-hand edge that is designed to be worked with your thumb. It has a scroll wheel which clicks left and right, down and scrolls. And two function buttons below the scroll wheel allowing you to control DPI on the fly along with other functions.

The bank of thumb buttons on the left-hand side of the mouse gives you complete control over your character in game. You can program these buttons to do anything that there is a keystroke for, and even set new key bindings in game and program those to the G 600. Instead of the standard two mouse buttons there are three meaning that you can program the third to act as a shift mode change allowing those 12 buttons to be programmed with 24 functions.

The mouse comes with a cloth covered wire, but the downside of this is that the cord is a little unyielding and can catch the mouse as you use it. I'm sure this will ease as the mouse gets older. It is also much bigger than most gaming mice, very bulky even in my large (for a woman) hands. Just like with the Nostromo keypad it does take a little time to get used to the size of it and the extra buttons, but with practice your muscle memory will retrain itself to use the buttons instead of reaching for the keyboard all the time. It does give you more control, and as an aside I feel it's better to program your own key bindings rather than download sets because you remember what you set more easily.

I would recommend this to anyone who is looking to upgrade from a standard mouse, or even upgrading from a mouse designed for FPS. I also suggest that for people who have limited function in their non-mouse hand, this would be a good choice even for standard browsing and text entry as the default settings are useful even outside of games.

A good quality mouse with multiple uses well worth the price.
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on 28 August 2013
Although this review is being written now, ive actually had the mouse for a year. It is my first gaming and also MMO mouse and was bought for the purpose of playing Guild Wars 2. Unfortunately although GW2 was a disappointment to me, i continued to use the mouse and have moved onto other games and MMOs.

Quality & Design
Mouse feels very robust and is well constructed. Does not feel flimsy in anyway and has a bit of weight to it. The cord is covered in cloth which meant it caught a few times at the back of my pc desk but i guess a cloth sheath means it is more durable and likely to last longer.
There is not an adjustable weight system that you get with other dedicated gaming mice but i found it was not needed as the weight felt good in my hand.
The thumb buttons sit very nicely for my large/medium hand and are mostly reachable without too much of a stretch. The tumb buttons are also angled so your thumb sits naturally in one of 2 recesses which allows easy intuitive button presses of exactly what you want. i.e. less likely to press the wrong button. The last couple of rows does require a bit of thumb yoga but again, it wasnt too much for an issue with me.
The other notable thing about the design is that the mouse is much larger than most mice due to the inclusion of a third "g-shift" button that you would use with your ring finger.

I generally use a "claw" grip for all the mouse i use. I have to admit when i got this mouse i did find it fairly uncomfortable as i normally place my ring finger at the side of a normal mouse and use that along with my thumb to move the mouse around. This mouse does seem more suited for those who use a "palm" grip, but i persisted.
It took me a while of use and several grip adjustments before i felt comfortable with it. My hand now naturally still rests in a claw grip and the third mouse button is low enough for me to continue to use my ring finger to move the mouse - however with this mouse it is used in conjuntion with my pink to move the mouse around. Bare in mind this is not a control method i consciously decided to do. It is how my claw grip naturally adapted to this mouse over months of use.

I'll be honest and say that although you can adjust the dpi of the mouse it is not something i did so cant comment on how well that worked. What i do use alot is the third button as a Shift or Function modifier when needed.
Now when i play games that has alot of keybinds, i try to map as many to the mouse as i can because i am not that versatile with keyboard presses with my left hand when i am using the wasd keys.

At first i thought the mouse was pretty expensive and at the time i was considering getting the Razor Naga. In the end im glad i went for this mouse. The modifier button literally doubles the keys on the thumbpad and with the way the buttons are angled, it is easy to know which keys you are pressing without having to look or re-center your thumb which i am sure is a problem i would have had with the Razor Naga.
All in all, it is a great mouse, highly recommended and i would say this mouse is one of my better purchases when it comes to pc gaming. In fact if it ever broke i would not hesitate in getting another one.
The mouse size and third mouse button may not suit everyone and althought it didnt suit me to begin with, i now find it comfortable and dont give it a second thought.
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on 5 February 2013
I spent an hour trying to decide which mouse to get at pc world, Naga, gs600 or gs700, The gs600 was wired, had the most buttons and fitted my hand like a glove, It took a day to figure out how to program the keys, i use about 7 buttons. Mainly for wow.

If it fits your hand and you play complex mmos, or have highly repetative computer work this mouse is pure awesome.
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Colour Name: white|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
This large Logitech mouse is specifically designed for MMO (massively multiplayer on-line) games. These on-line internet games are capable of supporting hundreds or thousands of players simultaneously, and typical examples are Guild wars, Champions on-line, Star Treck On-line, War Hammer, and World of Warcraft. My 16 year old son's main MMO game at the moment is the pay-monthly 'Tera' game, and he wanted to try this Logitech mouse with that. He already had Logitech Quickpoint loaded but this mouse also needed 50Mb of Logitech gaming Software, easily downloaded from Logitech. Once installed you can customise all your mouse buttons, and set the mouse button illumination to a variety of colours. For 'Tera' my son set the mouse right click to 'C' and customised all 12 left hand buttons to specific fighting moves for the game.

He says this Logitech G600 mouse is great, and he now always uses it for MMO games of this sort. You can cycle through three inbuilt MMO configurations or create your own and store them. Sensitivity by default can be set to 3200, 2000, 1200, or 400 dpi - with more (200 - 8200 dpi) available if saved with the game profile. The 12 G-keys on the left work with 'most popular MMO games', and you can use the Logitech gaming software to reassign keystrokes, create complex macros, and assign lighting colours and effects (shifting and pulsing) to each mode. The mouse is powered via a long 6.5ft (2m) USB2 lead and it only works with Windows Vista, Windows 7, or Windows 8 PCs. The chunky mouse is 133g, and 11.8 cm x 7.5 cm x 4.1 cm. My son chose this white version as it matched his white Tritton AX 720 7.1 Headset.

So a great mouse for teenager and young adults who love MMO games. That said, my son finds the mouse too chunky to use for normal PC chores and all his other standard RPG/FPS games like Borderlands 2, Saints Row, Supreme Commander, BigFish, and even League of Legends (as it only needs four combat buttons). So for general PC use and all his non-MMO games he sticks to his sleek USB2 'Razer Deathadder Re-Spawn' Gaming Mouse, that only has two reprogrammable buttons on the left side and one colour illumination (blue). It's easy to swap between the two mice - you just move the Logitech G600 out of the way when not using it, where it looks like a cool ornament lit up in the background. So this Logitech gaming mouse is only used relatively infrequently compared to his main Razer PC mouse, which makes it rather a luxury item for dedicated gamers. I did buy the black version of this G600 mouse but I didn't get on with it as I don't play MMO games enough and being over 50 I found I lacked the youthful dexterity required for the chunky mouse design and I started to get RSI like pain. So I soon returned to my smaller Logitech Performance MX mouse & keyboard keys instead, that's fine for Starcraft II, Thief: Deadly Shadows and the like. But if you have the cash, and spend hours a week playing MMO games, you may well find this mouse a worthwhile investment to enhance your MMO gameplay speed. My son did, so he voted it 5* (for use with MMO games).

Using it for a few years now, he has added that he loves the two buttons behind the mouse wheel, but wishes there were only 4 or 5 buttons on the left cluster as 12 buttons are a bit trickier to use and it's not often you need that many - if there were fewer he says it would make the mouse more suitable for general use as well. But he still recommends the mouse. Ideally try one out in store to ensure it is comfortable to use, although we couldn't find one locally. This G600 mouse seems well made, and has a 3 year guarantee.
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Colour Name: white|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I previously had one of the lower end logitech gaming mice, and it came complete with eight buttons - the usual left, right and middle, two at the thumb, and three clustered above and below the middle button. It was excellent, although I did find myself wishing for more buttons in more than a few games.

The G600 resolves that by providing an array of TWELVE buttons at the thumb, along with a switch button giving you a total of twenty four buttons at your thumb. In terms of flexibility for gameplay, it is truly exceptional. The precision of the mouse is top notch, and the software that it uses gives you tremendous control. It is by every measure an excellent gaming mouse.


The provision of twelve buttons at the thumb is, for me, too much of a good thing. It's difficult to precisely activate a number of the buttons, and for my hand (which is, I think, reasonably well formed as far as hands go) I can either comfortably reach the buttons at the top or the buttons at the bottom - I can't position my hand in such a way that both are easily available. This can make for a somewhat frustrating experience if you have mapped all of the buttons onto commands. For me, there are just too many buttons at the thumb for it to be a perfect gaming mouse. Don't get me wrong - it is very, very, very good. It's just not perfect, because the sheer mass of buttons makes it difficult to be precise.
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on 31 December 2014
this wasn't my first MMO mouse - I had the Razer Naga (2013 ed) previsouly - both mice are well built and quality is there.

Logitech did a stunning job with that one - it feels much more comfortable than my old Naga ; the side buttons are better laid out, easier to access and textured in a way that makes you know which button you're pressing . on my old Naga, i often pressed 7,8 when trying to reach for 10,11 - I don't have that problem with the G600 - the side buttons are laid out in a way that makes it much more comfortable to reach with your thumb and more precise
you'll know which button you're pressing 99% of the time. very pleased with that

it fits nicely in your hand. bulkier than the Naga, and therefore more comfortable. cheaper as well

the G button adds up extra shortcuts if you want them and I find that very easy to get used to and very easy to use.

this mouse beats its rivals hands down in my opinion. doesn't look as "bling bling" as some of the competitors, I must admit, but I was going for brains and not looks. a bit like my wife, sadly
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on 3 February 2013
I think this mouse is brilliant and so far I have found the build quality to be more than satisfying. The 12 macro keys on the side are easy to reach and even better with the G-Shift then it is basically 24 keys! Although with this awesome feature there comes a problem (not a big one mind) which is the fact it actually has this G-Shift button. It takes quite a while to get used to is as before now I have only used a mouse with two main buttons (Mouse 1 and Mouse 2) and having a third one there makes it feel awkward. It takes a while to get used to but in the end it pays its weight in gold (metaphorically =P). Another point to make is the size of the mouse. It is somewhat larger than most and for people with smaller hands this may not be a wise decision. For me, it was great. I have overly large hands and my small Razer Abyssus was not really that comfortable. It is also relatively heavy which for me is also a plus side. I would highly recommend this mouse for anyone who plays MMO games or even normal FPS games.
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on 6 June 2013
I will start by saying all reviews are correct when they say that this is a big mouse but for me this hasn't been.
The first time I held the mouse it felt a little weird due to the "g" button down the right and side which switches the function of the key pad. So to make sure I wasn't going to press this button whilst gaming I decided to unmap this button, which was really easy using the logitech program which comes with the mouse.
From here on in the mouse has performed brilliantly, I just now have to try and remember which of the 12 buttons on the keypad I have assigned to which function.
You can customise the colour of the LEDS to any colour in the spectrum using the same logitech program. I have set mine up to red, the same colour setting as I have my logitech g110 gaming keyboard. They look awesome together
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on 29 April 2016
I'm writing this review based off of just under 3 years of use, as I have just now - unfortunately - retired it.
This was the first 'gaming' mouse that I had purchased, and I used it primarily for World of Warcraft to help with keybinds.
I'll get into why I retired it in a moment, but I'll tell you what I loved about it first.

For quite a large mouse, the weight was light. A very nice build quality; didn't feel cheap or too plasticy. The side button placement was just right for me, along with the buttons themselves having a very nice feel. They weren't too easy to press in either, in a good way so as to not accidentally press when resting your hand over. Each side button was very easy to distinguish from the next without looking, which was a very nice addition, again reducing the risk of hitting two buttons at once or accidentally hitting the wrong one.
The 'G-shift' button was also a major advantage, something I was really pleased with and used effectively with the side buttons.
It's not a major factor, but having full RGB lighting is always a great addition, and I used it on a solid white to match my keyboard backlighting.

So for those reasons - I would've loved to have given this 5 stars, so why 4?
About 5-6 months ago, the mouse developed a double click on the left mouse button. It started out very rare, but over time got worse and worse, until almost every left click was a double click - despite both software and hardware changes to prevent this. Along with that, the mouse would act as if the 'G-Shift' was constantly pressed down on an also frequent occasion - this meant that, until manually changing profiles through the software (or a pc restart if that didn't work), everything I pressed on mouse or keyboard would act as if having a CTRL modifier. Very annoying. Especially when gaming and trying to use an ability that wasn't used with a modifier.

I'm aware that this will not be the case with every mouse, friends of mine also use the G600 and have never encountered any issues from equal years of use, and so for that I will recommend buying this mouse.
I decided against buying a replacement G600 and used this as an opportunity to try out the Corsair Scimitar, which I've used for a few days now. I won't go back to a non side button mouse as I've gotten so used to it over the years, the only downside is now having to learn how to play without a Gshift button.

Apologies for the long-winded review, but I think it's best to try and cover as much as possible!

It's a great mouse, unless you have the rare occasion of it being faulty.
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on 29 July 2015
I got it from PC World in the end, it was around half the price of everywhere else. The mouse is pretty good, it has some pros and cons. The the cons are quite annoying though. The thing I dislike the most is that it doesn't have the free scroll ability that my last two Logitech mice had. My last mouse was a G500 which I loved but it broke and I couldn't find it anywhere for sale anymore except one place where it was a stupid price. I used the free scroll thing all the time and I didn't know this mouse didn't have it. I probably would have bought something else had I known. For normal usage it doesn't really matter because I have bound PG UP and PG DOWN as well as arrow keys to the various buttons, so I can navigate web pages easily. But in a lot of games there is a lot of scrolling to be done, for example in Witcher 3, every time I use the map I whizzed the wheel to scroll all the way out to get a better look of the world. And every time I crafted an item I could whiz the wheel to scroll up and down the list. I can't do this with the G600 and it really annoys me! It is a feature I really miss.

The other con is that the mouse is pretty heavy. It isn't a problem most of the time but occasionally you will you move the mouse to the end of the mouse mat and then need to lift the mouse up to move it back to the middle. This is a pain because it used to be a quick tap to sort of chuck it back in place, but now I have to actually grab hold of it and lift it across which is a bit of a pain. The last con is that thumb buttons are a bit stiff to press. I think for most adults it might not matter too much, you can get used to it, but it does take a bit of hand strength to press them. I think for young people or anyone with weaker hands though, this just wouldn't be very good. Again, my previous mouse did this far better.

So that's the negatives out the way. The good parts are the obvious stuff. Having all those buttons by your thumb is just great. I use it all the time. I never intended to use all 12 and I probably never will, but the top 6 are great and I use them all the time. I play MOBA games and these buttons correspond with the layout of the hotkeys in the game, so it works perfectly. I also have them set to do things in various other games too. It is ideal for an MMORPG. Also one of the main reasons I bought the mouse is because of the width. The third button I don't really like so I have just set that to not do anything, and since I've had the mouse I haven't used it once or felt the need to use it. But my hand tends to feel a bit like I am getting cramp sometimes, and I always wanted a wider mouse. This works great for me. I use my first two fingers as normal, on button 1 and 2, but my third finger (ring finger) basically has a little rest of its own so it can just lay there comfortably. And then my little finger goes to the side. My hand feels much more comfortable like this because the fingers are spread out and it feels great for me.

Also, although the scroll wheel doesn't free scroll (sigh...), it does have a very nice feel to it. It is rubber so it feels good, and the clicks each time you scroll it are solid feeling without any wobble. Also the left and right click feels more solid than my previous Logitech mice. Like I said I don't use the third button but I have this left and right tilt of the wheel set to do various things, and I use that all the time. And it feels better on this mouse than any I've tried before.

So overall it is a great mouse. The 12 buttons by the thumb is not a gimmick and it works well and the whole thing feels well made. The downsides are annoying to me but might not matter to some people. If I had to get another mouse I would maybe get the G7something instead because I really miss that free scroll thing, although I would probably then really miss the extra width of this mouse. I take a weird medication which gives me weird cramps in my hands and it feels so much more comfortable with this mouse. Can't really put a price on that.
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