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4.7 out of 5 stars100
4.7 out of 5 stars
Style Name: Sonos SUB|Change
Price:£596.36+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime
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on 17 February 2016
Pros: aesthetic design; space saving; great handling of all manner of music and sound tracks; easy to set up; enough power to break your windows if you wish.

Cons: although you can position the sub flat under something, not advisable as sound is seriously modified; I expected more customisation for this price; no power saving mode, an issue for all products in this range.

If you've read this far, you are probably a Sonos devotee so I won't take up time bemoaning the lack of Bluetooth or challenges playing some music services…

I have linked my sub with all of the Plays, so the following observations are based on experience with more than one system and with multiple rooms.

Out of the box, the sub is unforgiving and rather brutal with all types of music and soundtrack. It needs playing in - I noticed subtle handling of bass after about 4 days and I found I needed to re-calibrate each day so that I felt happy with the sound - I have some of the most unforgiving ears you will find. If you're familiar with great quality 'speakers - this lovely unit fits in to that category - you will be familiar with that process, so give it some days and a good airing with a variety of music.

The pairing of sub and other 'speakers in the range will depend on where you have come from in the listening world. Pairing with Play1 is an interesting combination close to enhancing a reasonable pair of bookshelf 'speakers with a sub. If you have Play3, and I wouldn't advise buying one if you don't, pairing is ok although I actually prefer the balance of the pairing with Play1 as it's more lively with a cleaner sound. Pairing with the Play5 in a medium to large size room gives an impressive sound stage for all varieties of music and I would particularly advise this if you regularly listen to acoustic/classical music where recordings aim to capture the scale of the performance as well as the music.
I don't like Trueplay as I prefer to know more about what is being modified. With this in mind, set the EQ for your Play setup while turning off the sub, then bring it in to play through calibration and subsequent adjustment of advanced settings to suit your ears and style of music. I would prefer to see greater control over sensitivity and frequency response available through the app, as advanced settings seem to focus around level and sub placement only. Wired subs often have far greater control and a smart unit should replicate this, however maddening this then makes getting set up right.

Overall: fantastic product once played in and seriously enriches the range with competent handling of lower frequencies. If you have a small to medium room and are not worried about loss of mid-range and some sound stage, Play1 and Sub are superb. If you have the bank balance, go Play5 and prepare to seriously enjoy your music.
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on 16 May 2016
Most of the reviews mentioned using this sub with a Playbar so I thought I’d write a quick review of what this is like linked to two Play 1s to play music.

I have the play 1s wall mounted in a small garden cabin. I was very impressed with these on their own as a stereo pair. However with the volume set anyway past the half way mark the depth of sound soon starts to deteriorate and also distortion sets in. It is rare I play anything at such volume so I did not consider it a big issue.

I do like my bass though so having seen people raving about the sub I thought I would give it a try (it can always be sent back to Sonos within 100 days). It is expensive so I was expecting great things.

Wow, I was blown away at the difference. Set up took 5 mins and then a blast of rock had me laughing at the sheer fun of the sound. The sub applies a Low pass filter to all the speakers in the same room and lets them get on with the mid and high notes whilst it kicks out clear punchy bass. The set up also allows you to crank the volume to full with no distortion, only falling masonry will be the worry.

At regular and low volume the effect is still fantastic. There is absolutely no way this thing is being returned. I now spend most evening rediscovering the far reaches of my Music collection just to see how it sounds with this set up.

I have the bass set to mid-point, you can go to extremes if you are a real bass junkie and you can also dial it out for those evening when you want a more subtle sound.
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on 24 August 2012
Having gradually updated my HiFi which started with a Play 5 for the kitchen and then included the Sonos pre-amp to run my very large Tannoy D700's in the lounge. I then decided I wanted more sound in the kitchen and went for the Sonos amp to run B&W M1's plus a Cambridge Audio sub. I then got a call from my local HiFi shop to inform me that I should come and listen to the new Sonos Sub. Always bad news as it usually costs a lot of money!
So went and had a look and listen and was blown away. Needles to say I have now replaced the kitchen set-up with 2 x Play 3's and the Sub (which at the moment is sitting on the worktop (and looks great). This set-up is much, much, much better than the B&W/Sonos/Cambridge Audio as it is all designed to work together with less wires and more flexibility. The sound quality as superb playing anything at any level and can go very, very loud indeed. The sub does not distort, but everything in the kitchen rattles.
If comparing to my Tannoy D700's, the Sonos is nearly as good. The Tannoys deliver a warmer richer sound whilst the Sonos set-up is more crisp and clean. I am sorely tempted to now go for 2 x Play 5's and a Sonos Sub to replace the Tannoy set-up but it's a tough one.
Money wise, it will cost around £1,100 for the 2 x Play 3's and Sub. Expensive yes, but it is a full music centre and you can start with 1 x Play 3, add another when the budget is there (and make them into a stereo pair) and then finally add the Sub to give the extra oomph. Yes, it is little pricey at £600 but beautifully made/looks great and works really well. In addition, you can tune it to the environment in which you are sighting it and change the base level to suit your own taste. Lastly unlike some other subs, it isn't just boom, boom, boom. It does an excellent job of playing musically (if you know what I mean!)
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on 26 January 2013
I was happy, more than happy with my Play 5 in the living room. I went to buy another Play 5 for the kitchen and they demoed the Sub. I ended up with both another Play 5 and the Sub and an uneasy feeling I'd spent too much . I was annoyed because I swore I'd never spend that much on the sub.

A few hours of listening and I can say I have no regrets. The Sub is subtle. It's not a boom box. It fills out the bottom frequencies linearly. You get bass that is warm and sweet. Even at low volumes the sub is doing a great job of filling things out. Trouble is, non sub rooms now sound terribly thin.

One thing to note if you have young kids or cats is the speakers are not grilled so placement to avoid curiosity leading to damage is something to consider.

It's a lot of money, but I think it's a worthwhile investment to take a system to an altogether new level.

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on 4 March 2015
Having redeveloped my Kitchen I added 3 Plays threes then after 6 months splashed out on a sub. Wow I created a nightclub in my Kitchen. I even managed to set my car alarms off when I turned it up loud. Go buy one!
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on 1 January 2014
Been putting off sonos for a while. But lots of different bluetooth devices driving me mad especially when devices change.

The play 1 got me interested. Bought one and loved it. Read the reviews of the sub (as i love bass !) and took the plung with a sub and another play 1 - wow ! Its expensive but is truly exceptional. Balanced and makes the play 1's come alive !

The system is so versatile cn easily split speakers back to other rooms for the kids, decouple the sub or allocate to one play 1 only which stil sounds great. All our iphones and ipads have the controller on and just signed uo to spotify as its integrated so well
The sub is so well made and excellent quality. Sonos never misses a beat and is heads and shoulders above airplay and bluetooth. You wont stop playing with it !

The sub is Exceptional. Its a lot of money but brilliant quality and sound and you just want to keep adding ! Brings your whole system to life !
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on 2 January 2013
Yes its expensive but so are a decent pair of speakers.
Easy to set up and you will really hear the difference!
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on 30 May 2014
This really is the perfect upgrade to the Sonos TV speaker. It adds depth and gravity without the thumbing boom associated with cheaper subs. Just add in a couple of Play 1s as a rear pair and you have a wireless 5.1 system. This was the only way my wife would let me get away with it - she is a 'wire free' gal.
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on 18 October 2014
OK, I was a bit nervous about spending so much on a sub but felt the Playbar and surround Play:1s were lacking a bit of bass. The reviews convinced me, and have to say I'm quite amazed by the difference. The existing speakers just sound better, and the whole soundstage is enhanced.
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on 8 July 2015
Have two play 3s in my lounge, smuggled the sub into the house today and shes sitting pretty behind the sofa. Have gone through the usual hi-fi shop tracks and very impressed (spin spin sugar, money for nothing, doors etc). All in time for the bbq this weekend. Problems though, the sofa rumbles and i swear that the missus will work it neighbour has already sent me an email asking if i have a new stereo...hes coming to the bbq too and loves his tunes. Great addition to the household, problem is im going to have to get a soundbar and another play 5...

We gotta install microwave ovens
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