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on 22 January 2013
Having had two Gaggia Brera's die in 3 months in my jump from a 5 year affair with Nespresso,i decided to spend a bit extra. Admittedly this is a lot extra, i did consider the Melitta machines bit could find no reviews. A friend said buy Miele you will never look back.

It is massively superior to the Gaggia. The build quality, the operation, the size of the water and bean reservoir and drip tray, just well thought out and designed - the opposite of the Gaggia.

Then there is the coffee. It is just awesome. It is very adjustable to your taste. The ease of producing a double espresso or a tall drip type coffee really is the press of a button. Even the milk is completely programable to personal taste, quantity, temperature and consistency.

The coffee is the top priority and this has hot the mark where others failed. Now we need to see if it is worth the grand it cost. That will be determined by longevity and consistency of performance
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on 10 October 2013
I've wanted to get a bean to cup machine for a while now. I used to have a manual grinder and separate espresso machine which I could use to pull great shots and make wonderful drinks with but it became too much faff for my morning routine so we replaced it with a Nespresso system. Immediately I missed the choice of coffee and have been hankering for a super automatic for a while. This machine does not disappoint.

First Impressions
This is a sizeable machine. It fits under a wall unit with room to spare, but is very deep and looks enormous in our reasonably large kitchen. It's easily the largest looking appliance on our counter. The build quality seems very good, the buttons have a firm click to them and I can quite believe that this machine will last 20 years as Miele claim.

The machine is very straightforward to set up, and both the manual and on screen display are very clear. The machine is fully assembled and is ready to plug in and go! A water testing strip is included and instructions are provided on how to set the water hardness level based on this. The menu is easy to navigate and allow many things to be changed, including pre-brew (on|off), cup warmer (on|off), coffee amount (mild|normal|strong), and temperature (low|normal|high) set separately for espresso and coffee. There is a physical dial for the coarseness of the coffee which is under the bean hopper compartment.

You can set the volume of coffee and espresso that is dispensed using the menu, or you can programme this by holding the button, then pressing 'Ok' when the required amount of coffee has been dispensed.

We haven't changed any of the settings (other than cup size) as the first run gave excellent coffee. I'm confident that given any beans we could get an excellent cup from this machine.

The machine is very easy to use. It will pre-rinse when you turn it on and off, ensuring the pipes are warmed and the machine stays clean. There are separate buttons for espresso and coffee. Pressing once will dispense one dose, pressing twice will dispense two doses. This can be used for a large cup or if you have two small cups placed side by side.

The part that dispenses the coffee moves up and down to accommodate plenty of sizes of cup and to ensure that the coffee doesn't have to travel very far to get to the cup (cooling on the way). We have some tall latte glasses which do not fit under this though, so be careful. Clearance for the coffee is 13cm as it's highest position. The milk dispenser is lower, but can be rotated to the side giving much more room.

The coffee I have had from this machine (I have been buzzing in the days since taking delivery) has been outstanding. The crema has been thick and beautifully coloured and the machine has performed admirably. For those who aren't familiar with how to get a great shot of espresso, Miele have a section in the manual that explains what settings to change based on the look of the coffee produced. Very handy!

The coffee that is dispensed is plenty hot enough (I have it set to normal), but the milk might leave some users who are familiar with Starbucks' scalded offerings disappointed. It's hot enough for me, but I don't have a mouth lined with asbestos.

Many online videos of this machine show a stainless steel, insulated milk jug that is connected to the machine with a hose. This is only available in the US and Canadian models, and not the UK model. With this machine you get a long, thin plastic hose that you simple put any any container you like. This will go in any normal milk bottle as long as it's reasonably full and saves having to guess how much milk you'll need, as well as having to wash another jug!

Cleaning & Maintenance
Miele provide a useful guide as to what needs cleaned and when. The machine will automatically rinse the internal pipework every time it's turned on and off (although you can turn this off in settings) so the drip tray does fill up. Emptying and rinsing this daily, along with the grounds container is a sensible step.

If you use the milk dispenser the easiest way to clean this is to put the hose in a cup of hot water and turn the steam on. This will draw the hot water through the system and rinse everything out. The manual recommends taking this apart daily to clean, but when I've taken it apart it's been spotless.

The machine will ask to be descaled and thoroughly cleaned every so often and will not allow it to be used until this has been completed. It comes with two descaling tablets and ten cleaning tablets. Descaling frequency will depend on the water hardness level, but isn't listed in the manual. Cleaning is required every 200 cups. Instructions for doing this seem straightforward although I haven't attempted this yet.

It's too early in the life of the machine to make any definite remarks, but so far I'm delighted with the machine and happy to be back to freshly ground coffee. It's very easy to use, looks wonderful and is well built. I had the chance to see this machine alongside some of the high-end De'Longhi models in John Lewis and the better build quality in the Miele is apparent. If my opinion changes on this machine I'll update the review.

Just hope that Amazon don't deliver your machine until 20:30 or, like me, you'll be up all night!
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on 9 May 2013
i read one negative comment about this machine not being as good as jura , but took a chance and very pleased with it, the coffee once you set the temp and strength and grinder is as good as jura and an improvement on the creme top forming on the top of the black coffee before milk or cream is added,
i use formula one coffee its great in this machine,
my main reason after having 2 jura machines that gave me good service till the brew units needs replacing total larger service cost of over £400 for this , this miele machine boasts east replacement like a cassette so providing nothing else goes wrong a simple ordering of a whole new brew unit can do myself, time will tell if its reliable as my other machines
amazon was at the best price i could find a real bargain and delivered quickly,
thank you
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on 12 September 2013
This is fiercely priced but how much do you value your morning coffee? I did use a Dualit burr grinder and manual espresso maker for a few years but after another Italian holiday standing at the counter for a morning shot of fantastic espresso/macchiato coffee I just thought it didn't quite cut the dash anymore.
When trying to pick a make/machine I thought how pleased I was with the design, build quality and operation of my Miele vacuum cleaner and thought these people know what they are doing so ordered one.
It delivers a fantastic espresso or coffee, is pretty easy to use after the initial extensive preference selection, not quite up to Italian standards but it's probably the surroundings/ambiance that makes the difference. The machine tells you when it wants more water / coffee beans / to empty the drip tray /or when the coffee grout container needs to be emptied and it's no trouble. It rinses itself when switching on or off so all in all I'm mega delighted.
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on 11 March 2014
I bought this machine a year ago (march 2013) everything was fine until it was 11 months old.
For some reason the grinder started running for no reason.
I called Miele In Madrid Spain, they was great they sent an Engineer to look at it within days.
But Two weeks waiting for the parts. He put in New electronics and a new Grinder.
10 Days Later it blew again.
I called the Engineer again, This time it took 2 weeks for the Engineer to come and look at it.
I was told by the engineer, he had to replace the Electronics again... grinder again... the pump and Maybe the heater.
It would take another 2 weeks or so for the parts to come from Germany again.
As you can imagine I was getting fed up with a one year old £800 machine, that's only good as a paperweight.
Knowing it was going to take so long and losing all confidence in Miele. I looked on Amazon
Amazon had a great deal on a De'Longhi Magnifica ESAM4200 15-Bar Bean to Cup Espresso/Cappuccino Maker only £200.
So thanks to my De'Longhi Magnifica I can still have a decent cup of coffee. while I wait for the paperweight to be repaired yet again.
So Would I recommend this machine.... It makes a great cup of coffee
service is very good.

But its a lot of money and you can buy 4 De'Longhi Magnifica ESAM4200 for the same money.
So No I would not recommend this machine. for a change its not buy cheap buy twice. Its buy Miele and second as back up.
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on 4 October 2013
It's easy to set up and adjust to your preference. Coffee is hot and has a good crema. Delicious!
I don't understand why other reviewers were complaining about emptying the drip tray? I can make plenty of cups before doing this. And surely it's more hygienic to empty frequently.
Tip... you need to try the coffee to make sure the settings are ok! So buy decaf beans to use when you are setting up, or you could end up with a caffeine overload!
Well worth the 650 cost (which is a very good price)
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on 21 November 2013
We chose this item on the brand reputation. However, we are very impressed with the quality of the coffee delivered. It was slightly bigger than expected, but we had no real expectation. The CM5100 produces a variety of drinks and uses beans or ground coffee. Very pleased with a great product.
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on 23 February 2014
I bought this on Amazon warehouse deals. Had to clean the machine cause someone made one coffee before and had residues all over. Also someone fiddled with the cappucinatore and i had to see the manual to correct the connections cause it wasn't doing any milk froth.Tried to descale it went mad for a bit saying "empty tray" probably coffee was stuck close to a sensor, i vacuumed cleaned the interior and its fine now. Descaling this you notice a huge difference how this machine works! Overall great product though lets see if it lasts 20 yrs as miele says..Being a previous user of Saeco, Bosch all automatic i think it might work as much..
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on 12 April 2013
The best tasting coffee from beans to mug at the press of a button, literally!
I have a caffeine and a lactose intolerance and paradoxically I love a good latte. The only way to have one is to make it at home. However the machines we had bought in the past would clog up after only a few cycles of milk frothing. This machine has self-rinsing settings that really work. Hurrah! Miele has never let us down before and the delicious coffee this machine makes is no exception. If balking at the price, think that at £2.50 per day at any well-known coffee chain, you pay for it in under 450 cups (in my case about one year's supply). It does take a bit of patience to set it up (and you must follow the instructions as it is not intuitive), but it is well worth it. We started with their default and recommended settings and have had to do only minor adjustments to suit our taste buds to the max. Now we wonder how we ever lived without it.

PS. Six weeks after first use. I have had to de-scale the machine for the first time yesterday. It was easy. The first tablets are provided. You follow the instructions, mostly on the display, and that's it. Including the waiting time while the machine does its thing and washing all the parts thoroughly afterwards to remove the de-scaler, it took 30 minutes. The down side is that once the machine decides it needs de-scaling, it will not make another cup. The up side is that it counts down for you from cup 49, so you can be well prepared for the event. NB. Our water is quite hard --3 out of 4 on the Miele scale when setting up.

PS2. Ten weeks after first use. Without any warning the display said to run the degrease program. This was easy enough as it only took 10 minutes and it did not require anything beyond filling the water container, dropping the cleaning tablet into the machine and collecting the water coming out the coffee spouts at regular intervals. But it would not make further coffees until done.
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on 7 October 2013
After owning an espresso machine and separate bean grinder for a number of years, I finally got fed up of the mess and hassle of trying to make a perfect cappuccino for the other half and a cafe latte for myself every morning along with the accompanying clean up. So when this came along at about half normal price, it was a no brainer!, best purchase I've ever made from Amazon.
Excellent coffee's, latte's, espressos,cappuccino's and all at the press of a button! with no mess, just a quick rinse of the drip tray and milk frother and an empty of the used coffee grounds into the waste bin.
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