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4.4 out of 5 stars88
4.4 out of 5 stars
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20 of 21 people found the following review helpful
on 2 October 2013
I have not given this product a perfect rating for the reason that it is quite expensive considering the kit is generally made up of off-the-shelf parts. Secondly, the Solution is definitely not enough to clean "30" Print Heads unless you use a couple of drops each time. But from my experience, you will need more than a Syringe or two to get a good thorough clean. So in the end, the kit does it's job well but doesn't last beyond say 3 cleans.

Yes, the seller does offer a £10 refund if it doesn't work, but honestly, I'm giving the actual product a rating and not his service.

Right, so the most important thing in this kit is not the Print Head Solution itself (as it's just a glorified bottle of Isopropyl Alcohol), but the Green round syringe pieces that fit directly on to the Print Head nozzles (see Product Image).

There is actually a specific way to efficiently clean Print Head nozzles. This method is also used in a couple of Third party industrial machines that are designed to flush ink cartridges for refilling later. This kit allows you to use the same flushing method on your Print Head, but sadly it's not emphasised in the instruction manual with which the kit comes with. For most people, the usual method of just using the Solution is sufficient, but I have found better results in using, what I call, the "Flush" or "Pressure Spray Method"

To achieve this, two things must be done to the Print Head nozzles;

1. They need to be rinsed in clean water, and then soaked in the Print Head Solution for at least one hour.
2. The Print Head Nozzles need to be PRESSURE SPRAYED with water to eliminate any internal blocking of clogged ink particles.

I will now take you through a proper step-by-step process to flush your Print Head (PH). This will GUARANTEE you a brand spanking new PH.

Note: If it doesn't work, it means your PH is just electronically damaged and needs replacing. If you're using a refillable ink kit like me, then it means your cartridges are over filled, or that your ink is cheap quality and unfit for use.


Remove your PH and securely place the round rubber Nozzle seals in a paper towel, so that they don't fall off and get lost during the cleaning process. If you want, take a picture of the PH with your smart phone so that you know which position to put them back in.


1. Take your PH to the sink. Open the tap on a low-medium setting, and rinse the PH for around 5 minutes until nothing but clear water drops off the nozzles. Just to be on the safe side, hold the PH in such a way so that the electronic part doesn't fall under the running water. Make sure no visible ink is left. After 5 minutes of rinsing, it should look clean.
2. Put the PH in a little flat container (Preferably 6-10" diameter)
3. Heat the PH Solution or Isopropyl Alcohol (99%). Fill the Syringe with it. Spray it all over the PH nozzles, making sure the solution goes in to the actual nozzles and comes out of the bottom nozzles. You should start to see more ink come out from underneath. If not, recycle the sprayed Solution and keep injecting it all over the nozzles. Now turn the PH upside down, and spray the Solution into the vertical exit holes too.
4. Leave the PH soaking inside the solution for around 1 hour. Don't tilt the container to one side. The nozzles need to be soaked in the actual PH solution.
5. After 1 hour, quickly re-rinse the PH under the tap. Shouldn't take more than a minute.


1. Clean and re-install the round rubber seals on the PH.
2. Fill the Syringe with hot but not boiling water. Attach the Green round piece on to the end of the Syringe. Place the Syringe + Green piece on to a nozzle. With the PH in your hands raised above your sink, hold the Green piece down firmly. Make sure it's flat and totally covering the nozzle. Now squeeze the Syringe with PRESSURE so that all of the hot water sprays through the Nozzle and comes out of the other end like a jet stream. This is one of the most important steps in the whole cleaning process!
3. Do this successfully and you will see an equally distributed jet stream come out of the exit end of the bottom nozzle. Make sure the jet stream is equally distributed otherwise you have a blocked hole and you must repeat Sequence 1B.
4. Pressure spray each Nozzle 3 times until you think they are totally unblocked from the inside.
5. Dry it. Place it on a new set of clean paper towels.


Fill the Syringe with more Solution, but this time, instead of spraying it all over the need to inject the Solution drop-by-drop in to the round Nozzle holes. Do not make a mess. Do it in such a way that you start to see the towel get wet from the bottom. This way, you'll know the Solution is cleaning and flowing through the internal ink passages of the Nozzles.

Let the PH sit overnight until it's fully dry. No need for any more water. The Solution will just dry over night.

TIPS: (i) Do not scrub, rub, or wash the electronic part of the PH (ii) Do not scrub, rub or even touch the round PH nozzles. You may damage the tiny pours. You're only supposed to let water and the Solution seep in to them. (iii) Allow PH to dry completely before placing back in to the Printer.
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5 of 5 people found the following review helpful
on 5 October 2013
My canon MP610 all in one photo printer, which I have had for some time and does everything I need to a good quality, but obviously didn't use enought to keep the heads in good condition blocked up on all the clours. No amount of deep cleaning made any difference. I was perusing the costs of replacement all in one printers and found an equivalent machine would be £150plus. Of particular annoyance was I had a lot of spare cartridges in the drawer from a recent bulk deal which would also be wasted.

I then came across this product and thought it worth a try, partcularly with the money back gaurantee refund of £10 if it doesn't work.

It took 3 attempts following the instructions, each time leaving it longer to soak when suddely it all worked perfectly after the 3rd cleaning session. It is a little messy to do and you need to make sure you work in bowl or similar to contain the expelled cleaning product, but worth the try.

I now have a fully operational printer again and I will ensure I do a print at least weekly to keep the heads clear in the future.

Personal service was excellant with even a follow up e-mail inquiring if the product had done the job, or if I wanted the refund.

My only suggestion for future improvement of the kit would be to supply more blotting paper as there is enough cleaner left to do this again in the future, but the paper is all used up.
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3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
on 12 January 2014
I have a Canon MP640 printer which used to do lovely prints

used the kit (purchased through Amazon) in accordance with the instruction contained in the kit, a total of 3 times and then also the 'trouble shooting' method over 2 days at 12hour intervals. The supplier provided advice on heating the cleaning fluid and has agreed to refund £10 which will go towards a new print head. I have scored 3 star because of the companys fast delivery and offer to refund. Although it didnt work for my printer it was worth a go compared with immediately buying a new printhead at £65 plus.

so be aware-wont always work - but based on reviews here it seemed worth a try
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
on 29 October 2013
This is the email I sent to the company that supplied the cleaning kit after they sent me a nice little email asking me if everything was OK (which I have also included in this review after my reply)..................

Hi, the cleaning kit worked a treat. I had not used my Canon i9950 for about
4 years (I started doing A3 photo prints but got bored and bought a HP AiO
A4 printer for normal, everyday use) but decided to start using it again for
A3 prints. It was, of course totally blocked but after running the cleaner
fluid through the print heads several times and letting it soak for a couple
of hours it worked perfectly on the first test print. I thought it might
need a printhead clean but decided to print a test page first and it was
perfect, a nice surprise as I thought it would need more work or even the
printhead replacing. Thanks, saved me money on a new printhead.


..........I just wanted to check that the kit fixed your printer as I'll offer a
£10.00 refund if it didn't.

You can also claim 500ml of free cleaning solution if you write an Amazon
product review from your order history screen including your printer model
number. You'll need to message me after posting them as I'm not notified

If you had any problems or have any suggestions then let me know: we're a
small business so can (and do) make changes.

All the best

Andrew Nightingale
Printhead Hospital
08448 708365
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
on 22 September 2013
I have a Canon Pixma MG5250 printer. The blue ink wouldn't work unless I "deep cleaned" three times in succession - you can imagine how much ink that went through. And after three pages it was just as bad as before.
I took out the cartridges and cling-filmed them. I took out the print head block, put it in the zip top plastic bag that came with my kit and poured in some solution, making sure it soaked the disk that touches the blue cartridge pad.
I left it for over 24 hours.
Then I washed it off under the cold tap and dabbed it dry with kitchen roll. I was VERY CAREFUL not to touch or soak the chip other print plate itself.
I let it stand to dry for another hour just to be sure.
Put it all back together, switched my printer on, it did it's usual routine and it all worked perfectly.
So little mess, such little fuss. Why did I worry and not do this sooner? I would have saved heaps of ink and time!!
Thank you very much Print Hospital!
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on 1 October 2015
Bought in an attempt to fix the print head on my aging (7 year old) Canon MP610. Printer used mainly for B&W printing and worked fine in B&W but all the colour jets started to clog up. To begin with a quick maintenance clean worked but later it needed a deep clean to clear the colour heads. Then the built in maintenance routines no longer cleared the colour ink jets on the print head.

The product is professionally presented, contains all you need to unblock a print head and is easy to use with clear instructions. You should be aware that not all print heads are salvageable especially if they are getting older but if it is blocked jets causing your issue then this kit IMHO is as good as any and better than most to get the job done and you up and running again. The Print Head Hospital kit comes with a £10 refund guarantee if having used the kit (and followed the instructions) your print head no longer works, a unique selling point.

I followed the 'quick clean' method. On checking injecting some cleaning fluid under pressure all the nozzles including the colour appeared to be clear but I wasn't 100% happy with the spray pattern, almost even but not quite. Went into the thorough (troubleshooting) mode and did an overnight clean. When forcing fluid through the nozzles under pressure the next morning all traces of blockage had gone and there was a nice even 'fan' spray coming from each of the 5 nozzles. The nozzles were definitely clear along their entire length. I let the Nozzles dry and re-assembled the printer with good cartridges. Re-initialised the print head and ran two maintenance cleaning routines. Alas no improvement with the colours.

Got in touch with The Printhead Hospital looking for a magic bullet but we concluded that there was nothing more to be done and the likelihood was that the print head itself had given up the ghost and it was now time to replace the printer. Andrew at the PHH, without me asking, offered to refund £10 under his guarantee even though his product wasn't deficient in any way. The response time for both by enquiries of the PHH were within an hour and I even received an email from Amazon confirming the refund within 3 hours. This is amazing service of the highest order so thank you Andrew Nightingale (owner of the PHH).

As a little post script: Being ever the optimist and never wanting to be beaten I gave it one more whirl only to find that the printer gasped out the infamous U052 error code which has been the subject of a legal class action against Canon in the USA. Canon lost but the class action referred only to the litigious USA The U052 code has nothing to do with cleaning the print head either.
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on 3 July 2013
This product really works great, I was having problems with my canon printer. I was getting blank paper with the odd patch of faint black ink here and there. This was on a Saturday night, needed a document for mid to end of week. Anyway looked on the internet for ideas on how to sort out the problem, came across PRINTHEAD HOSPITAL watched videos from youtube, thought I'll give it a go, so put in my order, came on Tuesday morning so was very fast delivery, so off I set about cleaning the head, followed he instructions, heated up the solution loaded up the the syringe as per instruction, NOTE as well as blotting paper also have a good supple of kitchen paper handy, saves the MRS getting on to you. Injected the solution into nozzles, well blotting paper was black with old dry ink from trying to sort out problem, i.e. from head clean passes, before settling on cleaning kit. Anyway put head back the next day did a test run on the printer, looked great so went ahead and printed document, printed as good as the day the printer was bought new, I really had not noticed that items I had been printing had gradually got worse in quality when comparing
item I had printed a couple of months earlier. This product is easy to use and for £12.50 a real bargain because if I had not used this I was thinking I would have to spend about £70 to £80 on a new head or buy another printer at a cost of about £150. But now I don't have because my old printer which is a Canon ip3500 is printing as good as the day when I first bought it.
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
on 12 February 2014
I had a Canon printer which was completely non-functional. As a last resort before replacing it, I tried to clean the printhead.

Unfortunately, even a thorough overnight clean had no effect.

However, the support I got from Printhead Hospital was second to none - they contacted me a few days after the product was delivered to check on my success. When I reported the situation, I got a £10 refund instantly.

The rating I have given for this product is on the basis of this after-sales service - it really is superb.
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on 20 May 2014
Had an error message on canon printer MP640 ( pixma) B200 looked on line to see what it meant some of the help things weren't, but the more helpful ones were either anew print head or cleaning seen the Print head hospital demo on cleaning the Print head seemed simple enough orderd one up arrived within 2 days which to the Isle of Man is good used it that same day simple to use bit messy but that was probably down to me only used it once instructions do say it might take more than one cleaning well cleaned printer head allowed it to dry refitted switched on printer bingo no error message did a print head alignment and print test works just like new now I could of gone for a new head at around £70 but with my luck probably wouldn't have worked or a new Printer mines only 4 years old so for the outlay of around a tenner worth trying first plus if it doesn't work you can contact them and they will try to help solve your problem which in this day it's great know you can actually talk to someone fortunately I didn't have to do this
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on 20 June 2015
I had tried everything I could to clean my HP 5510 printer and nothing worked until I tried this product which worked first time. My printer had suddenly stopped printing black and as the black cartridge was nearly empty, I replaced it. The new one didn't work so I thought that one must be faulty and bought another one. When the printer still wouldn't print in black, I then started trying all sorts of remedies to clean the head, but none of them worked, including removing the print head and cleaning with Isopropyl alcohol which is not straight-forward on this model. I then tried this product from the print head hospital and it worked first time and so I can thoroughly recommend it. I had almost given up hope and almost resigned myself to having to buy another printer and throw away all the ink cartridges and spares that I have. The instructions for this were very clear, though to make sure, I went on YouTube where they have a very helpful video showing you exactly what to do.
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