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Customer Reviews

4.5 out of 5 stars129
4.5 out of 5 stars
Platform: PlayStation Vita|Edition: Standard Edition|Change
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on 2 November 2012
I have been playing this game for a while now, and have struggled to put it down. It captures the element of 'just 1 more lap' perfectly. Be it to shave that key second off your lap time to beat your mates best score, or to unlock your next car mod.

For those wondering, this is identical to the xbox 360 and Ps3 version, except the traffic density is less (this can sometimes lead to the city feeling a bit desolate, but at the speeds you end up driving, less traffic is good!) and the graphics have been toned down slightly (the most noticeable is other cars headlights, for some reason appear very pixilated, there were similar issues with explosions/fire in uncharted, so I am guessing some of the vita hardware struggles with lighting).

The other change is there are less cars in a race, in multiplayer you are limited to 4, while on larger consoles you can have 8. This is purely a hardware problem, after all the vita is a portable device.

The core game is very fun and addicting. I was just doing a fast track where the goal was to average at least 120mph and it started with a huge jump, straight through a billboard in the middle of an archway. Landing on a bridge accross the park. 5 attempts in and my personal best is 119.9mph (how irritatingly close is that!) I would be playing right now if I could!

I could ask for nothing more from a handheld game. It connects with Autolog perfectly. Telling me every time I pass a speed camera if a friend has passed it faster, or if I break a billboard if my mate jumped further. This element of competativeness is throughout and can lead to an endlessly fun amount of activities to do.

This is one of my favorite vita games yet, and certainly my favorite racing game!
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on 21 November 2013
This has got to be the best VITA game I have played to date and I have played quite a few. First off the Open world is true open world, albeit the graphics aren't the greatest but that is probably down to it being a port. But every car is in the game, every security camera and every billboard is there for you to smash through.
Cars are customization and the multi-player is somewhat quite fun, have had trouble getting into many games but that might be down to my timing.

All in all have a very few problems with the game, although sometimes things may suddenly appear and the smaller screen you will need to get used to that. But I would suggest anyone who owns a VITA to buy this game, because it is probably in the top 5 of VITA titles
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on 16 April 2014
Criterion are to be commended for making this game at all. Everyone else was ditching the Vita left and right, but they stood up and declared that not only would Need for Speed come to Vita, it would be a complete port of the critically acclaimed 'Most Wanted' title. And complete it is! Every inch of map, every car, stunt, challenge, race, song and engine sound is here and correct. For a game coming to a weaker system from consoles reaching the end of their lifespan this is a damn near miracle.

Gameplay is great, a big open world to zip around in, tons of cars to unlock, auto log and a lag free multiplayer mode (down to four racers only, but you'll barely notice). The cars are silky smooth on the controls just like the best of the burnout franchise, and the sense of speed is incredible. The soundtrack is very hit and miss, but the cars sound great, and you'll block it out after a while.

So now to the elephant in the room, the graphics. Some people out there will want to see the Xbox 360 game on their Vita, and sadly it just can't manage it. No fault of the hardware or the developers mind. The fact is the Vita just isn't powerful enough to render to the same level. Not to mention that Most Wanted was already one of the best looking titles on home consoles. Few people realize but games looking better towards the end of consoles lifespan is often because better ways are developed to hide the flaws. The Vita hasn't had enough time to properly develop those, and lacks the horsepower to run the original ones. It's very noticeable the first times you boot it up with heavily pixilated lighting, jagged edges and bland textures. Eventually that will stop mattering as you play, but don't go into this expecting a gorgeous game. When it comes to the graphics it's sadly the case that a game built for the vita from the ground up would have been superior.

Sorry to harp on about the visuals for so long, but they are the first thing you will notice in game. Other than that it's a perfect port of one of the best racers available, and consequently the best racing game on the Vita. Get purchasing everyone!
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on 30 October 2013
I must say, I wasn't expecting much because it was a handheld. this was my first game for the ps vita and what surprised me the most was the graphics. the colours are crisp and the detail of the car and your surroundings is excellent. You have total freedom, you do races and escape the cops at your own leisure for money which you need to race and take down the most wanted drivers. The drawback is that there is no rain, this is in the home console version, this ps vita version also lacks an airport, but there is still an old and abandoned airfield
overall this game is a must play, if you don't you miss out on this great game
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on 15 December 2013
Good game for a blast around in any car you fancy, good graphics, playability and plenty of races to compete in.
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on 1 July 2013
I don't know what the developers of this game were smoking when they decided on certain aspects to it but whatever it was sure wasn't helping them.

This game is very fun to play. I have been at it probably 10 or more hours now. It is one of the first games I've played in years that I've actually wanted to fully complete the game to 100% simply because it is so much fun. The controls of this game are sublime. Your cars feel heavy and hunker down on the road when at high speed. Get twitchy under breaking and are easy to spin if you are not careful. The game is designed around the idea of drifting. You can easily drift in this game by planting your foot into the accelerator and then tapping the break while turning. This steps the back out and you can drift/powerslide around most corners. The process is easy once you get the hang of it but is a little bit of a pain at first.

The map on this game is pretty awesome. I was scared that the map would be a piddly little village of a city, where you have seen everything there is to see in an hour. Well you will probably have seen most of it in two hours but it isn't half bad. It is varied and has plenty of buildings which consist mainly of parking garages and warehouses but drifting up a spiral ramp and then driving full speed off of the roof through a billboard is great fun.

Speaking of billboards, there are a number of challenges in this game that can be completed as you go along. The main one is finding all of the jackspots for cars. Then you have the billboard challenge which is similar to the insane jumps challenge from GTA except they put boards on them for you to destroy. The idea was that you go around your city and make these jumps and log your jump distance. Then on your friends list if someone beats your jump, their gamer picture will appear on your board. The challenge is to keep beating your friends jump distance. But if you play solo the idea is to find all of the jumps and successfully land the jump. There are also a number of security gates, the idea is simple, find them all and drive through them, you get some wanted score when you do. All of these coupled with completing all races for each car leads on to give your 100% completion rating. Best of all though it adds a much needed variety to the gameplay.

This game is plagued with issues though unfortunately. The reason I've given this game a five start is because these issues are niggly at best, some aren't but some are and none of them really detach this game from the fun of playing it overall and that is what matters in a game overall in my opinion.

The first things I will say about this game is it is mental. The idea of racing for money and then buying a car and adding parts to it are over. You don't race for money, you race for a wanted score. The score increases based on taking out fellow racers and police cars, breaking through police blocks etc etc. The idea is you race until you have enough points to warrant a race with a rival. There are ten of them in total, and each requires a subsequent number of points which you get by winning races. But the strangeness comes in when finding cars because that is exactly what you do, you just find them. These cars are supposedly yours but there are about 120 different spots all over the map with these cars just sat there. And you simply drive up, press triangle to get in and drive off.

When starting a race you get these little cut scenes but they are so lunatic it is hard to understand what the point of them is. You are starting a circuit race and the cut scene before it is, a bunch of cars flying through the air, then your car comes in Back to the Future Part II style, lands on the road and the race starts. In another type of race where you have to outrun police in a set time has a cut scene where your car is driving along and police cars start falling out of the sky, then you are given control and you are off. Ludicrous.

Now the graphics in this game are pretty awesome. Not PS3 quality by any stretch of the imagination (or not as it happens to be) but very good. A noticeable problem is head lights and shadows. Headlights and tail lights are terrible, just a mass of pixels in front of you. And shadows are so jagged around the edges I often wonder if I could do better myself. I doubt it, but they are that bad.

The biggest problem with this game though is the resolution. For anyone who doesn't know what resolution is, it is the number of pixels that make up the image on the screen. If you have heard of resolution before you will have heard it in terms of TVs since 1920 x 1080, HD in other words which is a common thing these days. What that means is there are 1920 pixels on the longest dimension of the TV and 1080 on the shorter. Which on a very large TV is a good thing for quality. But if you try and cram that many pixels into a smaller screen what happens is you make everything really tiny. This is what is wrong with this game, it isn't 1080, it is less but being a five inch screen it becomes a problem very quickly. It means the text is very small. For someone with dodgy eye sight this will be a massive head ache. It also has the horrible effect of making distant obstacles like cars and walls (which you are supposed to avoid if driving) really hard to see, and going at 200mph in a supercar means they come up very quickly. Sometimes so quickly it is almost impossible to avoid. Sometimes it is bad enough on tight circuits that the only way to avoid them is to memorise where they are and hope you miss them. Couple this with the blurry headlights and driving on the wrong side of the road is damn right impossible.

This game has been described as Burnout with the Need for Speed title. It is far from this. Burnout is an over the top, heavy impact game where a simply collision can turn into a full blown explosion mid race. It is very fun. This game isn't that, there is a collision system, where if you hit a wall flat out your car will do some flips and get beat up a bit and will stop. Then you will re-spawn and get right back into it. But the collision detection is bad, to the point where I would call it down right broken sometimes. You can hit barriers on the motorway at full speed and depending on what phase of the moon is out will depend on whether that constitutes a crash or not. Other times you can clip a barrier or simply hit a obstacle that isn't really there and total. You can hit a police car head on and just keep racing straight through them like they weren't there but do that to a pedestrian and you will total straight away. No consistency, and rage inducing when it happens a hundred yards from the finish line.

Also this game has a very strange way of awarding your effort to pull of drifts or slipstreams. If you are going around a corner, even if the car ahead is pulling away and you pull a drift, on the same line they were going on, you will catch up to them. It almost looks like they are blatantly slowing down the car ahead to make the drift necessary. Same with slip streaming. Your speed largely stays the same when in someone's slip steam, yet after a couple of seconds slip steaming you will gain ground on the car ahead. Like somehow your presence behind them is putting resistance on them and slowing them down or something.

But having said all of that, this game is strange, doesn't feel like particularly heavy amounts of attention went into its development sometimes but overall it is very very fun to play. It flatters you when you pull off a 400 yard drift missing cars and police stingers as you go along. It is well worth a play.
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on 10 July 2013
I love my driving games on all formats and this falls into what I call the frequent crash category, you fly along at a fair old speed and that's where my only negative comes in, with it being street racing you get little warning that a wall is ahead, in the time it takes to check the mini map you've normally ploughed into a wall. Other than that its good for some adrenaline pumping police evading action.
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on 12 December 2012
How Criterion crammed this much of the console experience into the portable Vita version is an achievement in itself...
I've owned the game for around a month now and have loved it (it hasn't been taken out of my Vita since I got it!) I've played the console version since and I simply wouldn't advise you do the same because you look at the Vita version differently! the PS3 version (as expected) really makes this look a watered down version.
I'm hearing of the PS3 and Xbox versions getting DLC but have yet to see any listed for the Vita version so that's also something to look out for if you're deciding between the two!

Also another annoying thing (which isn't the games fault) is that not many people have the Vita yet so chances are that most of your friends will be playing it on PS3 (as mine are) so some of the achievements with friends will be alot harder to get!

Aside from that, this is an amazing game for the Vita and the best racer to date on the system.
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on 28 November 2013
Good fast paced game, can change cars and colours etc. Great graphics. 12 year old son loving it. Good buy
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on 26 November 2012
I used to own the old NFS MS back in the early PSP days and fell in love with the game.
Unfortunately since then the NFS series has got worse in my eyes, not the game it used to be, especially on a portable device. It's fantastic to see what Criterion have done with this port, it's a fantastic example of what the VITA can actually do! The graphics are toned down from the PS3 version and the streets don't have many CPU cars floating around but these are the only negatives I can say. The game is fast with plentiful options to improve and mod your car. The graphics are still very good and the gameplay is pretty awesome. I've owned many games on the VITA and this is up there, a fine example of the games the VITA should have been getting from the start. This is by no means the finished article, I still think they can do better for the VITA, but this is a gigantic step in the right direction. This game comes highly recommended.
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