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Customer Reviews

4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
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Price:£84.05 - £114.99
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on 5 November 2012
I bought the Sony Walkman to replace a Philips Songbird which I carelessly lost in Romania. The Songbird wasn't bad, but I thought the loss gave me opportunity to get something better. I chose the Sony rather than iPod because I just don't like iTunes, they really irritate me. Windows Media and Winamp, plus AVS Audio Converter, are far better for uploading and file conversion. Another reason for the choice was that Fiio supply a docking lead for the Walkman, so that you can use one of their portable head-amps for on the move. I had read complaints here that the Walkman doesn't have enough output: but this is only true for the pathetically inadequate earbuds supplied with the product: in the event, I found amplification completely unnecessary. I am using Etymotic 6i in-ear phones, and the combination seems to be absolutely ideal. The output is more than enough; I don't even have to use full volume always. The 6i's are a little bright, and their base roll-off is perfectly compensated by the base boost given out by the Walkman. The result is extraordinarily exciting sound, perhaps not exactly accurate, but more than adequate when you're on the move. The navigation is very quick and easy: the one snag is that I haven't yet discovered how to stop it moving onto the next playlist when one is finished. I would readily recommend this product to any one interested in buying a good quality handy little MP3 at a reasonable price. The only snag is you need to buy decent headphones to go with it.

Update 03/06/2014. Glad to see so many people have found my review useful. Since reviewing, I have tried other devices playing FLAC files,but haven't found the sound any better, and the facilities much inferior. The Etymotic ER-6i's lost a channel, after 7 years' use, so I replaced them with ER-4PT's, and find this an even better combination. The EU Nanny-Cap never comes down on me, despite generous volume. Still impressed by the good sound, the battery life, the file capacity and the easy navigation. The one niggle I find is the sensitivity of the touch controls: slip it into your pocket and you may find you have activated the start button and it's been silently running the battery down! A good buy still nevertheless.
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on 7 August 2012
To go against a lot of opions, I have never got on with the I pod.
I do not really like the sound quality, and find the software, a lot of trouble.
The sound quality on the Sony Walkman for me is great,to transfer music files you have two options.
You can just drag and drop folders and files, as in windows, which is a lot faster, or use the software, that comes with it.
If you like good sound, have a listen to the walkman, before spending money.
The only problem is, that it is only 8GB.
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on 29 September 2012
I recently bought some quality headphones, and discovered the sound quality of my ipod classic and nano was really very poor. So I was looking for an alternative to apple, but that would work with my existing music collection in itunes. I was tempted by some of the Cowon mp3 players as they have a good reputation for sound quality, but as they're not compatible with AAC files I couldn't face starting again wiith converting all my CDs. This Sony player therefore seemed to the best, affordable option. I wanted to pay for a music player, not a multi function device with apps, games etc that I don't need - I've got an iphone for that!

Having decided on the Sony, the sound quality is really very good, with easily adjustable equaliser and sound settings. There's so many possible combinations, I haven't been able to try them all yet. The bass thumping if you want it, but can be toned down to suit your preference or music genre. The supplied headphones are also good, but are open-backed, so possibly not the best if you don't want to disturb your fellow passengers.

I have found Sony's Media Go software very easy to use, and dragging files directly from itunes onto the walkman surprisingly simple. Transfer time seemed a little slow, but that may be down to my USB connection.

The walkman also looks and feels lovely, small, slim and made of the same sort of aluminium as ipods. Only the patterned fascia around the screen is plastic I think. Having used apple touch screen products for a while now, I've found it quite a nice change to use actual buttons - adjusting the volume or skipping tracks without having to look at the screen is a definate plus. It's also more discreet whilst out and about, no need to have expensive kit on show as it can stay in your pocket.

The only downside to this product might be that it's only 8gb. If only Sony made it in different memory sizes - I'd definately buy a 16 or 32gb version!
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on 29 September 2012
Based on an earlier review of this product on Amazon, I decided to take a punt and purchase one of these players. Sadly, contrary to what the customer writes, the little contraption features a volume setting which is capped, and it absolutley is not loud enough, even if he insists it is. I'm 33 and have no known hearing problems. I'd probably say it's a little louder than previous Sony players I've had, but this may only be because it comes with a set of those nasty right-in-the-ear headset thingies that help to block out noise around you. Otherwise, many tracks, even at 'full blast,' are just too damn quiet. I formated it, placed it back into the box and returned it.

Otherwise, it seems a decent enough player (hence the 3 stars); it's small, light and is also pretty easy to navigate around and download tracks to. As to whether the 8g storage is enough for you all depends, and I'd certainly agree that the sound itself is very clear. Personally, however, I'd strongly advise you spend a bit more and have one imported from outside the EU (what I did before) where this ridiculous volume cap thingy is not installed, as there appears to be no way whatsoever to override it.
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on 15 October 2012
This is the second sony I've had & I have to say, it's just as good as my first one.
The media go software is easy to use, especially if you want load your own cd's on it.
Sound quality good & very easy to use menu.Sony NWZE474 8GB MP3 Walkman Player - Black
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on 3 August 2012
I bought this from Amazon just after it was introduced; there was no detailed product description nor any reviews so it was a bit of a leap of faith.
I've only used iPods before so was unfamiliar with the Sony Walkman.
Of course, being a man, I neglected to read the on line manual and dived straight into it...bit of a mistake, but I managed to transfer songs OK. However, I'm a bit stuck now re Playlists and such, so will have to open the Help manual. (I hate those on-line Helps because, if you can't open two screens, you have to flip backwards and forwards)
I have a number of tracks on Windows Music which will not download for some reason.

One thing I was worried about were the many comments about other Walkman's which complained that the volume did not go high enough. Well, I'm quite aged and my hearing is not what it was but with the volume slightly over half way it is easily loud enough for me.
I'll probably not use the photos or podcast features but, no doubt, others will find them useful.
I'm happy with the quality of this product and with the various features (which I'm still exploring)

Forgot to mention that the headphones supplied are also excellent.

UPDATE: Can anyone tell me how/is it possible, to shuffle songs in a playlist? I've created several playlists but don't want it played to me in Artists order. I want to have them play randomly. Thanks.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 18 September 2013
I absolutely agree that these units should be small, but it causes me problems because I can't see the writing unless I'm wearing glasses and my clumsy fingers occasionally make the wrong selection because of the close bunching of the controls. The sound quality is excellent, albeit it ruined in terms of volume (lack of) because of the usual EU directive nonsense. There might be a firmware download to rectify that but having bricked a Sansa in the past with a simple firmware change, I'm reluctant to attempt it. That's the nitpicking over.

Sound quality of the included earbuds is perfectly good for me, and I'm normally picky over that. What I like most about this unit is that it is just dead simple and intuitive to use. The list of functions is not massive, but perfectly adequate. You will not need to waste time reading a manual because from the moment you switch it on it is instantly obvious what all the icons are for.

I use this unit for storing and playing backing tracks for my wife's singing via a PA system. Making an ordered playlist of the songs for a show is quick and simple.
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on 22 November 2012
I listen to audio books & this player gives a good clear sound, easy to use & holds a lot of data
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on 10 December 2012
I used to have a Sony NWZA818 - which I had had for years was absolutely brilliant - huge battery life, and virtually bomb-proof (it took a LOT of abuse). Unfortunately it got a soaking one day (fell into water) and that was that.
I have an iPod touch, but when it comes to pure audio the Walkman is far far better (IMO) so ordered this as a replacement that day.

Positive points: Just like the NWZA818 it has excellent battery life - I use it a LOT and only need to charge maybe once a week - even then it rarely gets to the 'battery low' state. The case is mostly metal - so it is very sturdy. It is compact, slightly larger than the NWZA818, but only slightly. And best of all no need to mess about with proprietary software (like iTunes [YUK]), you can just plug it in to anything and copy files across.

Negative points.. I have noticed that from time to time it will turn itself off after you turn it on. Only happens every now and then, and never looses data (it just stops, reboots and you are back at the main menu), but can be frustrating if you were in the middle of a long audio book file when it does; so I hope that there will be a firmware upgrade to fix this at some point. Also like its predecessor you cannot playback whilst charging (not a big deal as it need charging so infrequently).

Would I recommend it - yes.
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on 29 October 2012
I lost my iPod recently. Balls. And can't abide public transport without the necessary ability to omit noise from other (annoying, loud) people.

My primary concern with trying a new product was how good the sound quality would be. I had good (£20) Sony headphones before and loved them. These earphones are brilliant :D Really pleased, not disappointed at all.

The hardware feels lighter than I expected but not cheap. It is easy to navigate and the more you go into each icon and play around, the better. No problems yet and I'm listening to it as I type. One song I played went quiet and loud when I had the volume quite high but I think this is a sort of safety thing where it wouldn't allow the crap quality song to go above a certain level in case it damaged the earphones or my hearing - I would guess.

You can make playlists with the software on your laptop which is pretty straightforward. I imported my MP3s from my hard drive which took almost 3 hours and made the laptop go very slow but once I whacked some tunes on it I was dying for a listen.

There's a wee feature to customise your own 'sound' in the equaliser - it already has heavy, pop, jazz, unique and you can customise 2 of your own depending on the types of music you're listening to. Really good. Tiny complaints are if you go into the (basic) games you can't continue listening to music but you're only likely to use this if you have nothing better to do. And when you're listening to music and going in and out of the menus the sound cuts out ever so slightly when you click the buttons, sometimes. The tuning on the radio is absolutely perfect with no fuzzy or static sounds and it picks up every possible station.

I have an iPod docking station alarm clock, the laptop USB-iPod + cable and because of this I really was 50-50 about whether to get another iPod instead. I'll probably buy an adaptor so I can charge it in my docking station alarm clock and still use it to wake up my music :) Argos messed me about advertising the 4Gb one for £44.99 and every store I visited said it is discontinued after, at one stage, saying there were 2 in stock in a different town, then 4 hours later saying the product doesn't exist. You can't seem to skip in very far in a oner like you can with an iPod (just comparing cos I used one for years). You have to hold in the forward button so it can take time. But I'm glad I persevered. I'm really not disappointed. I hope it turns out to be a durable, reliable wee music player so I can continue to ignore strangers on the bus :)
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