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4.2 out of 5 stars124
4.2 out of 5 stars
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on 12 January 2011
This film is based on the original He Man cartoon and as cheesy as it is, it feels like you're part of an adventurous comic book story. What is refreshing is the lack of CGI and complete seriousness modern films now have. I saw this film as a child and it always makes me feel nostalgic. The acting in this film isn't brilliant apart from Frank Langella as Skeletor who in my opinion does a geat job, and I guess I can't really fault Courtney Cox, Robert McNeil, or James Tolkan because if it were to really happen chances are that's how a suspicious cop, and 2 confused teenagers would probably act. Even so it's just meant to be a fun action film and the acting really doesn't ruin the film. If you have never seen the cartoon series of He Man it doesn't really matter as you'll still understand the plot and story anyway.

So if you're bored of looking at CGI and bland films like Terminator 4, and you're looking for a fun retro fantasy/action film give this a go.
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on 10 April 2000
He-man's one and only outing in the film industry features Dolph Lundgren as the butch hero and later star of friends, Courtney Cox as his heroin. The film is surprisingly classy in parts and isn't at all 'cheezy' or tacky in any way. The plot is well structured and keeps you glued to the screen throughout, as well as delivering a good balence of action,adventure, romance and humour. I would reccomend this film to fans of He-man the cartoon, although it doesn't warrent its PG certificate as some of the scenes are quite graphic. The acting is genreally sound and this film stands out as one of the better aspects of the He-man franchise. All in all a very good film that is worth watching.
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on 24 July 2006
Gary Goddard's take on the classic He Man cartoon series is a cult classic, which kids, teens and younder adults will really enjoy... It would make an ideal Bank Holiday tea-time movie!

'Masters' finds HeMan and friends diving into our world and time, pursued by the evil Skeletor and his dark amy.

The brilliant cast include a young courtney cox, and the guy who played school-principal Mr. Strickland, in Back to the future.

Skeletor for me, stole the show - the make up is fantastic and it's actually very believable!

This movie rocks!!
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If it wasn't for the ultimate in sci-fi cheese-fest aka Flash Gordon in 1980, then Masters of the Universe would rightly hold the title. However, second place isn't bad. And nor is the film either.

If you're looking for Oscar-worthy performances, big-budget special effects and great character development then look elsewhere. This is NOT Avatar.

What this is is a tale loosely based on the classic eighties figures of He-man and co. On the planet of Eternia, the evil Skeletor is trying to take over the universe and it's up to He-man and his furry underwear to save the day. Of course this involves a trip to Earth to the only place in the world where no one takes any notice of large muscular men wielding swords in their Y-fronts.

It's very daft and you won't know whether to laugh or cry. But it's still enormous fun. It may not have the budget of the acting performances of Lord of the Rings, but with Lord of the Rings, you couldn't really cheer loudly for the characters as well as you can with Masters of the Universe.

This is fun for all the family (especially if you were either a young boy in the eighties - like me - or simply someone who can appreciate cheesy movies for what they are - also me). Don't take this too seriously - it was never meant to be that way. Just put your brain on hold and enjoy the silliness of the ride.

(Oh, and did I mention there's a very young Courtney Cox to see, long before the start of Friends!)
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on 3 March 2009
Masters of the universe is a classic film and anyone who is a child of the 80's will remember the cartoon this film is based on. This film shows 2 up and coming stars of now such as robert duncan mc neill for star trek voyager and courteny cok from friends fame. The film covers action and comedy and some great moments to remember. I would give this film 5 out of 5.
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on 26 May 2013
A movie that on its release was dragged through the critical mud, but has the years have gone by it has been transformed into a cult classic. Based 100% on the he-man cartoon it surrounds skeletors invasion of greyskull and subsequent quest for untold power, With only he=man played by dolph lungren to save the day and a band of humans. The movie is great fun with lots of cheesey lines and a debut performance from courtney cox,
The movie is family friendly and very 80s, skeletor is the real star of the show and makes the movie
dont expect the best movie ever but enjoy it for what it is
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A camptastic cheesy 80's scifi classic, this film based on the Masters Of The Universe toys sees He Man and friends come to Earth after their home planet Eternia is taken over by Skeletor who follows them wanting a cosmic key. Not to be taken seriously in any way though of course back in 1987 it was taken seriously by critics who slated the film which flopped but has become a cult classic since the film stars a young Dolph Lundgren as He Man with Frank Langella as Skeletor both hamming it up and a very young Courtney Cox years before Friends and Scream also stars as an Earth teenager that befriends He Man and his group of freedom fighters while her boyfriend Robert Duncan Mcneil would later go on to star in Star Trek Voyager and the film also includes James Tolkan from Back To The Future and Top Gun as a cop. Dated effects but a lot of fun to watch. Think of it as a kind of if Star Wars came to Earth.
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This was never going to be a 5-star film. How could it be? A shallow and formula-driven plotline and acting so wooden by Dolph Lundgren that he makes Arnie look like he could do Shakespeare on stage!

I was a great follower of the He-Man cartoons in my childhood, and while the film didn’t really cut it for me in the lack of over-bearing presence of He-Man, nor the fact that he only used his sword properly once - and even that didn’t seem to have any real difference on his fighting abilities, also I found Skeletor to be a different kind of villain in the film compared to the cartoon. I expected him to be more willowy and cackling, but in the film he seems more bulky and commanding. All the characters seemed a bit less… cartoonish?

And yet, it is the naff-ness of this film that makes it somehow endearing.

For anyone who hasn’t seen it before, think along the lines of Flash Gordon and you won’t be far off.

I opted for the DVD copy as opposed to spending the extra on the BluRay, for two reasons: 1) I couldn’t be certain which BluRay was the “right” one for UK players as there was some doubt over one of the ones on amazon being in Spanish, and 2) I figured a film of this level probably wouldn’t see any real benefits in being higher-resolution, so a decent DVD player such as mine should do a fair job of it - which it does.

I give this film 4 stars, because I’m feeling nostalgic.
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on 13 November 2014
This is a entertaining film. Despite its shortcomings I think the actors and productions crew do their best to bring He-Man to life. To me it like a "What If" a more competent Skeletor had won and now He-man and his team were rebels trying to save Eternia.I think Frank Langella saves the film with performance he really seems to enjoy being a bad guy really stands out in this film. I loved the speech he give before Golden Warrior Super Skeletor. Lungren is fine as He-Man who else could of played him at the time. I think it was his first lead and you can tell it was early days as he was far superior in Universal Solider All the actor are pretty charming in an old fashion way the good guys are good and the bad guy are bad simple. Even the Orko type character does come of as annoying. I just think just think budget issues hindered the film from being fully realised. I think the blue ray audio and video are ok I didn't notice anything that put me off enjoying this film. Not a lot of extra apart from the commentary and behind the scene featured I liked it more than when watched it as a kid. Like I said its a enjoyable romp that not too long like some film today that don't know when to end.
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This is a import but playes on uk bluray players the film was made in the 80s and is not that bad a film masters of the universe is about he-man and skeletor he-man must travel to earth on a mission and gets involved with two earthlings if you like this sort of film it's good I would recommend it to anybody that remembered he-man from the 80s.
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