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4.0 out of 5 stars74
4.0 out of 5 stars
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on 1 October 2012
I am an unashamed fan of PES, as many people reading this review will also be. What you may be asking yourself is "have Konami actually done anything we wanted them to do to improve PES this time around??" - and the simple answer is "yes".

I have to say I was taken by surprise, given Konami's history in giving with one hand and taking away with the other. All too often we have witnessed some improvements in certain game play aspects, whilst others have been left to languish or have been tweaked for the worse. Here is a brief review of the core game aspects:

Aspects which were already ok:
Graphics - players seem a bit more solid - animations tweaked for the better. Larger number of nicely detailed Stadia.
Passing - great range of passing, through balls nicer, though defence splitting passes need good skill and good timing
Gameplay - still the best - and with the tactical systems unchanged form last year it still plays very well when setting up for a 4-5-1 quick counter away from home (hint). The tempo is also very good, offering some good option to either build up play slowly or go for a rapid attack down the wings.
R1 control is good.

Aspects which needed improving:
Shooting - great variety of shooting, and this year your shots aim for where they were intended. Chips/lobs are better to look at but still tricky to pull off. Controlled finishes are still useful when appropriate.
Goalkeeping - more saves are parried out for corners rather than directly in front of forwards
Tackling - 2 simple but effective additions are the "shadow" function to track back in front of the attacker, and the double tap function which turns the "pressure" button into a tackle - sorely needed and fun to use. Timing is still critical but you are rewarded with more tackles won, compared with giving fouls away over the years (though sliding in still risks a booking).
ML Training - we are taken back to the concept of allocating focus points against training types. I personally prefer this. There is also the addition of a "shop" where you can use XP to buy "upgrades". It sounds a bit iffy - but I think it freshens things up a bit in Master League, with either a training boost to one of your players stats, or the addition of new boots for better pace, shooting etc.
Music (sorry) is better, with the annoying techno bleeps now an optional addition from the system menu!
MOMENTUM - amazingly it seems harder for defenders to tag on and rip the ball away, but it's also harder (in general) to dribble past them. Challenges and barges seem to be more fairly doled out.

Other bits.
The menus are fine, the commentary is fine, and the Master League environment is also fine. Player signings are well played out and the daft cut scenes and coach comments are retained.

Finally! Thank you Konami. The peripheral components are almost irrelevant to the argument now (who cares about strip editing or name editing) - and the reason for this is that the core game is simply the best that there has ever been. It still has the atmosphere and the ability to thrill and frustrate, but the key to success in PES is getting the tactics right, and now there is better shooting, tackling and graphics to boot. It feels more of an entertaining and rewarding experience, but with the best on pitch action to date.

NB apologies to anybody who lacks the attention span to read all of this review. I designed the title with you in mind.
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on 3 December 2012
There's no doubt that this instalment of PES is much improved over previous releases in terms of gameplay mechanics and player animations.

Pros of gameplay:
- More, slicker looking tricks have been added including sombrero and run-around which are very fun to pull out during a match.
- You now have the ability to pass into space enabling the player to adopt a Barcelona-like playstyle if they wish.
- The effects of the tactics I implement have more of a visible impact.
- The little trips in PES 12 that would go unpunished are now noticed by the referee
- Individual player animations look great.
- Shooting is a lot more responsive and accurate
- Auto-sliding can be turned off (there were a few times in PES 12 where my defenders would concede penalties and free kicks because defenders I wasn't in control off would slide in)

Cons of gameplay:
- Refereeing decisions are at times stupid. E.g. My defender (one that I was NOT in control of) bumped (I would describe it more as brushed) into an opposition player off the ball and gave away a free kick.
- Some of the yellow cards given out are pretty harsh
- Goal keepers react horribly slow to the 2nd ball

Pros of master league:
- You now get to see a percentage telling you what the chances are of you signing a player your looking at.
- You can now buy equipment such as training gear to improve players stats and boots (which also do the same)

Cons of master league:
- ML is pretty much the same as PES 12 but with LESS. They took out quite a few of the features such as player interaction, which for me was a huge disappointment, not that it wasn't there again but that it wasn't improved upon.
- No depth. This really does grate on me because essentially ML is now a game mode where you play 50 odd matches then buy and sell players. THAT'S IT. There's nothing else to it, nothing that changes, nothing that keeps it fresh. For instance FIFA13 has media alerts, in-depth transfer negotiations, certain decisions you make can cause a stir in the press, players talk to you. All of these things create a more believable game mode, I feel that ML is stagnant and outdated.
- International matches during the season are ALWAYS played before you have a game, which obviously results in your players being fatigued for that match. I don't know who at PES came up with that but it's ridiculous.
- Suspect transfers. Messi moving to inter, Xavi moving to Real madrid - and that's when transfer activity is set to normal! You have to set it to low in order to counter these outlandish deals but then the market doesn't behave as it would in real life.

Pros of become a legend:
- Again, you can buy training equipment to improve player stats and different boots

Cons of become a legend:
- Much like ML this game mode seems to be stagnant. You play X amount of matches and move clubs when you want and that's it. There's no interaction what so ever with the manager or clubs. This game mode has been crying out for that for quite some time. The ability to complain when your not getting enough game time, when you want to see your contract improved due to your recent performances etc.
- The manager telling you what you've done right or wrong has been removed, team talks have been removed reducing manager interaction down to a rating bar (the one in PES 12 which told you where you were in the pecking order)
- Money. Your earn a huge fat wage which basically just piles up, you can't do anything with it at all.

Overall the gameplay mechanics are fantastic, I thoroughly enjoy them. However, the two things I play to death in PES (master league and become a legend) in my opinion have gone backwards, no progression has been pumped into either game mode, and as a result they have become so stale and outdated which is a real shame.
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on 20 January 2013
This is a wonderfully crafted game. Defending is no longer a roll of the dice, this time its about timing your tackle with a double tap of "A" button or standing off the attacker to block a potential shot. Again offside trap works well when activated, in other words the defensive line moves up by your command, not for 1 second then fall back like in the other game.
Manual passing is not new but the ball really end s up where you intended...not heading for the touchline as in the other (scripted) game by EA.
The ball ricochete`s in all sorts of random directions and manual shooting is a new feature that adds to frustrating off target attempts.
Prensentation is sharp, and the in game menu music is now modern, but Konami have still held on to their beloved "frogger" and "contra" soundtracks, which for a gamer from the eighties is most welcome.
Yes, the license still evades Konami, but if your attention span in this game is greater than 30 minutes you may learn that this game is a gem.
Tonight i`m going manual against Wondengine Town...who are ya///who are ya!!!
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on 24 September 2012
The PES series has been making steady progress since the serious dip in quality of PES 2008, 2009, 2010. With PES 2013, Konami has finally pulled off the excellent game it's been threatening to release for the last couple of years. I'm very pleased to feel like PES is finally coming into its own again, it has very much found its feet and PES 2013 is a joy to play.

This year's instalment gives you a much more responsive, consistent and productive range of controls too. Passes along the ground are fast and accurate, there are driven and floated aerial passes, and a good first touch is down to a timely stab of the right trigger, injecting a bit of skill into receiving the ball. You can do much more with the ball, too, and Konami has slowed the game down to emphasise this. You can put your foot on it and perform quick and easy little rollovers to keep control in tight spaces, you can flick it up and distribute it or knock it over a defender's head if he's right behind you, and you can experiment with fully manual passes and shots. A new controlled shot and driven 'Knuckle' shot gives you more attacking options as well.

The game play really has improved and PES 2013 plays a very satisfying game of football.
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on 12 September 2014
I have been playing Fifa these last few years as Pes hasn't been able to deliver on next gen (ps3/360) but i did some searching on Pes forums & saw this one rated really highly by fans. A lot were saying its the best one made since Pes 6 & i agree. After playing pes 8, 9, 10 i gave up. I hear 11,12 & 14 are improvements but this one seems to stand out so I had to give it a go and i haven't stopped giving it a go for a year now. The game play holds up well keeps me playing again after every game finishes. Versus is very fun as well with my brother. Best of all downloadable patches are available for this meaning official kits, names & stadiums are all there for you! Currently playing this as much as possible before the impressive looking Pes 15 comes out.
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on 25 December 2014
Nostalgic PES fan coming from someone who completed the Master League on five stars with numerous heroes like Baumjohann and Rachmane Barry, nurturing them from 17 year olds into world class goal scoring monsters. Good times. I'll often cry to myself to sleep with those joyful memories. Then switched to Fifa. Liked Fifa. Heard the usual talk that PES was getting better. Bought this on a whim. Ugh. It's so dated now, and the Master League cutscenes were really lame. Literally there is no other word to better describe this game, than lame. It is lame. Lame, lame, lame. All I could think while I was playing it for that half hour of my life I'll never get back is 'I wish this was Fifa.'
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on 31 May 2014
I got this as I was fed up with Fifa 13 and Fifa 14 is terrible. I wasn't expecting much but a couple of minutes into my first match I was shouting "best game in the world ever!".

The game has little glitches here and there as every game does but they do not spoil the experience. I love the fast paced gameplay and return to normal pass and move football. The tricks are there if you can be bothered of course. One extra bonus is the fact that classic teams are available from the start without having to unlock them.

Overall I am well pleased with this game and would definitely recommend it to people who want to enjoy football games again.
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on 28 March 2013
I have been lost in the world of FIFA for a few years now.played the odd pro evo along the way.but this one is by far the best in years.players are realistic and if you can look past the fake names like man blue,this game has some real depth.editing side is friend has joined a site where people have created files with all proper teams,strips and players badges for me with these option files available it really does rub shoulders with FIFA
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on 22 September 2012
This installment is another incremental step rather than a giant leap in PES's efforts to regain its position as both a credible alternative to FIFA, and credible football game in its own right. After several disastrous efforts, mainly it seems because of the developers difficulties, or tardiness in adapting the series to the current "next gen consoles" PES 2011 started their attempts to get the series back on track. There is nothing dramatically different in gameplay, presentation or graphics, to 2012 but everything has been tweaked to make the game an overall improvement on last years efforts and a big step up from where the game was a few years ago. In its former glory days on the PS2 it gripped you in a way that had you always wanting to play one more game, and I must admit that since starting to play it yesteday morning, I've felt that compelling urge to always want to play another game. So overall if your familiar with the last couple of installments, you wont be disappointed, and if your looking for an alternative to the fifa series, though not as slick and technically sophisticated as fifa, it is once again a credible alternative.Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 (Xbox 360)
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on 19 February 2013
I bought this to play when my friends come round to the house and it is ideal. We play matches against each other and we have a great laugh. It is very accessible and easy to master but there are countless tricks/ways to beat your opponents so you don't get bored. It may lack the authenticity/realism of FIFA but we think it is a lot more enjoyable to play. Best served with beer and pizza!
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