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4.1 out of 5 stars145
4.1 out of 5 stars
Platform: PlayStation 3|Change
Price:£4.50 - £22.00
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on 22 September 2012
I reviewed last years PES and got totally panned for giving an honest opinion, a year on and here goes again. I bought both PES and FIFA 2012 but this year I am sticking with PES in the hope it has been improved, and I have been pleasantly suprised!

Graphics - Still lovely smooth animation, perfect player likenesses and excellent little touches to the stadiums like photographers and stadium staff wandering about in the background.

Gameplay - All the good things from last year are still there and alot of the bad has been removed. Players come looking for the ball, the AI sets up little triangles allowing flowing one-touch play to beat the defence, players make attacking runs and others move in to fill the space they've left (as good players should do). The shooting feels much more positive than in 2012, more representative of the power bar and shots go in the direction that you want them to...unlike 2012 where the ball would more often than not go totally the wrong way and with all the power of a baby's fart! The introduction of a double tap on X to do a poke tackle is a very welcome addition and once you've got the timing down gives a great sense of control to defending. You feel that if the COM player gets round you it's because you mis-timed the tackle whereas in 2012 it often felt like there was nothing you could do to stop certain players dribbling round the whole team.

OTHER GOOD STUFF - The addition of the Brazilian league and including the Copa Libertadores into the master league is a touch of genius, alot of the guff of previous years has been removed eg. the pointless things you could buy from the PES shop like a ball shaped like a sweet and backgrounds from old Konami games for the stadium creater. The number and length of the cut scenes (something I personally hated from 2012) in the master league also seems to have been reduced. Although it may seem irrelevant there is again excellent music in the menu screens that doesn't get repetitive and irritating.

Unfortunately now THE BAD - The master league still has cut scenes! Although the number and length has been reduced they still seem pointless and a waste of time and game memory that could have been dedicated to something more useful. The master league also auto-saves now everytime the date on the schedule is advanced, and not a quick save that only takes a couple of seconds but an update to the save game file and the system data which seems to take ages. The kit editing section has all the same elements from last year, this makes creating relatively accurate representations of this seasons kits difficult because all the parts are from kits of about 4 seasons ago.

While there are still elements of this game that need to be fixed they seem to be mainly outside of the gameplay. The actual football aspect of PES 2013 is fun, flowing and feels much more like you are in control compared with last years effort. If you can get past the small annoyances of the cut scenes and the lack of licences you will definately enjoy this installment of Pro Evo much more than last year's!
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on 14 December 2012
After reading so many reviews with people going on about pro evolution soccer 13 not having the licenses for kits, stadiums, player names etc. I feel i have to do this review.

First of all give credit to the makers of Pro, i havent bought Pro since 2010 because the last few have been awful (too slow, dim witted players and not good enough online play) NOW however they have got a grip of themselves, asked Cristiano Ronaldo to step in and help........ and my goodness it has worked.

Perfect example: AI control - go any team on Fifa and look at the right/left back - they dont move so you always have to go narrow and try and take on the whole opposition, or shoot from miles away which again you have very limited control of because Fifa is too automated.

Pro evo on the other hand YOU CHOOSE if you want the defender to bomb forward into the attack, you can have I.E Evra AHEAD of Ashley Young and then Evra crosses and Van Persie can be on the end of it, or lay it to the edge of the box for Paul Scholes making his late run and smashing it into the top corner, again if you miss ITS YOUR OWN FAULT!!! Either you held the shoot button too long or you aimed to far wide.

My other point - Licenses - Pro, yes dont have as much money as Fifa (cant be helped) but it is so easy to download the pack update and hey presto all kits, stadiums, player transfers are done! Type on the internet Pro Evo 13 updates and download it, put it on a pen drive, copy it over to the PS3/Xbox 1 hour later its like the real thing.

Final point - enjoyment - When i lose on Fifa i get so annoyed that i usually slam the controller on the floor and switch the PS3 off. Pro evo on the other hand if i lose i feel like i lost, it was all my fault, either my tactics where wrong or i made the wrong decisions, so i try again and carry on and try doubley hard to win.

If you want to continue sticking with Fifa by all means, il go play a real football game and enjoy myself day in day out.
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on 8 October 2012
I bought FIFA and after a week i had to buy pes. The gameplay in pes is just better, more enjoyable and rewarding. You can play the game how you want. If you want to dominate possession or play on the counter you can, on FIFA it feels like you can only play on the counter if you want to win.
Pes this year has more teams then it ever has and more official stadiums, the great thing about its stadiums is that for example when you play in the bernabeau you actually feel like your playing in the bernabeau. It has no official epl teams except man utd but to me that's ok because the gameplay is so good.
I regret buying FIFA first as if I'd bought pes before I would of saved myself £40. I've given this game 4 stars and not 5 just because it doesn't have all the licenses and Konami haven't bothered updating the squads to count for all the summers transfers.
In summary if your interested in gameplay and a more rewarding experience get pes, if your interested in licences get FIFA.
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on 23 January 2013
In any review of Pro Evo or FIFA, there inevitably comes a comparison with the alternative product because ultimately, if you are in the market for a football game, you will either go for FIFA or Pro Evo (or both). It has been this way since time in memoriam. Having purchased both games and played them quite extensively, I have come to the opinion that Pro Evo is the overall better option. Here are the reasons why:

Online issues
For me, Pro Evo bosses FIFA in this increasingly important aspect of the game. Since it has become possible to play football games online, this has been my sole focus. I love being able to just turn the game on at any time and play another person. However, FIFA this year has been plagued by online difficulties. Constant crashes, lags and a general lack of care meant it was just not that fun to play online. Pro Evo, on the other hand, does not suffer nearly as much with these faults. Admittedly, there are times when the play can lag a bit, but compared to FIFA where it was nearly every game, these are few and far between. Pro Evo also does not let you just quit a game (stopping short of turning off your console) at any time, only at half-time. While this may be a small difference, it is incredibly frustrating to be 2- or 3-0 up having played 65-70mins of a game only for the other person to just quit. It ruins the experience. For every game you manage to finish on FIFA you don't finish 4 or 5. On Pro Evo I've only NOT been able to finish an online game a handful of times. They also have a handy AI which detects when a player is deliberately trying to ruin a game (you know the type - 4-0 down with 60 mins gone, they'll pass it back to the GK and then run it into their own net continuously) and finishes the game in your favour.

A lot more fluid than FIFA. While this may upset some purists, games don't tend to descend into turgid slogs like they do in FIFA. The passing is a lot more accurate (i.e. passes don't just go out of play for no reason) and it means the games you do have tend to be a bit more open and exciting. Don't get me wrong, you do get some decent open games playing FIFA, but if you are playing a player of a high level (and you yourself are of a high level) then quite often the ball is lost and regained quite quickly and it can get quite frustrating (particularly given the first-touches of some players on FIFA). Pro Evo, on the other hand, while it may be judged 'too easy' by some, the control of the players is sharp, their short-passing accurate, and the turns neat and tidy. This all means that you can attack with more accuracy and pace. However, while these aspects may be true, there are some grievances with the gameplay.
Underhit through balls
This can get very frustrating. Chipped through balls are a feature on both FIFA and Pro Evo, and while playing FIFA there is a tendency for players to overhit them, the power of a chipped through ball is very much dependent on how much you fill the meter. Pro Evo, on the other hand, baffles me to this day with some of the chipped through balls. You can fill up the passing meter to the very highest and the ball will still drop some way short of its intended target, or the trajectory will allow a defender an easy interception.
Again, this is a problem Pro Evo has had for a very long time. Goalkeepers seem to be very stupid, for want of a better word. A massive frustration for me is when you bring them out. When holding triangle, a GK will come running out of goal, but will quite often not do anything to prevent a shot going over his head when the ball is well within his reach. Similarly, when the ball has been deflected and is going out for a corner, quite often GK's will let the ball trickle out, despite the fact they have enough time to out their hat over it!

While these frustrations with aspects of the gameplay do need to be sorted out, the game as a whole certainly compares favourably with FIFA. As you can probably tell from my review, I approach football games from quite a narrow viewpoint. I don't tend to have the time or the patience for things like 'Career mode' or the 'Master League' (mainly because I prefer the Football Manager sims for a more detailed footballing experience). When playing a football game, I look to the one-on-one matches against another person as a barometer of the game's success. And, if playing another person, I always tend to enjoy Pro Evo 13 games, hence the positive review. Certainly, it is a lot more enjoyable in this respect than FIFA 13.
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on 18 October 2012
PES has taken a huge leap forward to what was on offer last year!

The gameplay is lightyears from where it was in the last edition!

People go on about the downfall of not having proper kits etc but this is easily fixed! Log onto the PES Fan website download an option file and install in to you PS3, load up PES 2013 and you will have all the propers team names, kits etc!

Once you have this there is no comparison between it and FIFA, gameplay PES wins hands down!

the Become a Legend mode is better than ever, the AI has been improved and teamates spot your runs and allow you to play alot easier!

ML is the same as before and one of the best game modes ever invented

There is more teams in it this year with the entire Brazilian league in the game, and is now part of the Master League mode. In Become a Legend you can sign for a Brazilian team and play in the copa libertadores or move back to a euro team to take part in the Champions League!

Had this game since it was released and enjoyed every minute of playing it so far! Get this over FIFA everytime!
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on 23 November 2012
A nice improvement of AI and general gameplay by Konami in this PES 2013.
Playing with friends became more fun as the defenders and GK aren't so dumb as the PES 2012 ones.
Well, the problem is I don't play that much offline... for me the "juice" of PES is on Master League Online and in here all the problems start:

1) At some point is very very easy to get a fantastic team. All you need is time on your hands.
2) Surprisingly Few competitions and the money they generate is very little. They screwed one of the best things in '11 or '12.
3) No divisions, so you even if you want a quick match with players your own level that won't happen (most likely playing against Ronaldo's and stuff or in the other extreme with default teams).
4) Goals are always (80%) the same... Triangle passes from deep and your defenders sometimes stop (even if deep lying defence with no pressure)
5) Last but not the least - actually this one bothers me the most - the incredible number of cheaters... Sometimes the only games you finish are the ones you end up losing. This is the worst flaw and Konami doesn't even bother to answer e-mails.
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on 29 September 2012
First of all and in the interest of fairness I have to say that it's not a sin to enjoy FIFA as well as PES, and those people longing to play pes on the ps 2 should stop remeniscing and just do it. I suspect that if the early editions were re played they would seem completely antiquated by todays game standards.
Secondly, and before I begin the review, those people awarding FIFA one star because the game did not arrive on time have way too much time on their hands and are doing a diservice to the game because their gripe is with amazon, the review should surely focus on the product, or is it just me!!
Now, to business, I am a PES fan. It has provided me with many hours of fantastic enjoymemt because historically it captured (albeit mainly on ps 2) the essence and unpredictability of football. True lovers of the game need the frustrations and the small margins that are involved. Lovers of FIFA need kits and glitz and up to date squads and that in the past compensated for the lack of gameplay realism. Many FIFA players online become very good at playing the game. In other words they learn the FIFA script and exploit it. The trouble is, in the last three installments, especially 2012, FIFA evolved into a very good game indeed, which put pes in the shade. Another factor is that most of us Brits live for the premier league, championship and below. This is always going to be a significant factor in what people buy because who wants to spend time editing, paying more for patches or playing "west midlands village v potteries". I happen to like la liga and pes this year have thrown a lot of effort into capturing that particular atmosphere with accurate stadiums and fan chants which give it a great feel. If that is your niche, or enough for you, then pes is your game bacuse the crowd on FIFA this year is at times a screaming rabble.
I have read the reviews on FIFA and agree that it's a great package, although very much the same as last year with some improvements to the gameplay in terms of touch unpredictability and realism. The game feels a little faster and more frantic and there are some great moments. It just lacks soul, and that certain extra that is hard to define. The certain extra that pes used to have, and has now started to recapture. I should add that in the last seven days, seduced by the improved reviews, I've bought pes 13, then traded it for FIFA, then re bought PES again after much internal agonizing. The game feels unpredictable again, there are great moves and goals to be created and i think that investing time in learning the controls will surely pay off. It's not a simple thing to turn from fifa to pes and not find yourself pressing the wrong buttons or re mastering the skill moves. The bottom line is that on pes this year the games are challenging and goals feel created and deserved. There are injustices and little rebounds and misfortune which is what football is all about. The game is not perfect by any means, the computer AI on higher levels feels as though you make it angry by scoring and then it's out to get you. The master league is a bit slow with too many cut scenes and on line there is nothing like as many options or experiences as FIFA provides (their season mode is superb). Despite this, in terms of a game of football, this year's pes is as good and in some respects better than FIFA in terms of gameplay and even though it lacks the hollywood factor it's the best actual football sim out there. Hence my final decision. For the first time in years, I'm back with PES. I really wish though that Konami could pay just a little more attention to the actual players that participate.The squads were hopelessly out of date with some players not even featuring in the game (eg Michael Owen).
If pes build on this they will recapture the football crown, though I suspect there are many FIFA fans who will never be converted because like many pes fans, they are too biased to be objective and fair.
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on 25 April 2013
PES 2013

I have always been a massive pro evo fan, however have been frustrated in recent years with the game play not being as fluid and last years addition was just terrible in respect of the master league having so many cut scene's which ruined the experience. After all we just want to get to the action and play football!!!


The 2013 edition is a massive step forward in my opinion. The gameplay is back to it's best, with the passing and movement of the players being so slick and intelligent. You basically have full control of all aspects of the team and individual players with loads of amazing and cool skills and tricks which can be pulled of. I have noticed that many reviews have commented on the difficulty of the shooting in PES 2013. I have to agree that when you play the game for the first few times it can be a little frustrating. In previous additions the shooting accuracy was automated, however PES 2013 is designed to give the player full control of all aspects of the game including it's shooting. After playing the game now for a couple of days, I am thoroughly enjoying the new shooting system. It does take practice to get used to it, but once you've mastered it there is no better feeling once the goals start flying in!! It does make the game more challenging which I feel makes the game more rewarding when you win! Not like Fifa when you can pretty much score during every attack... where's the realism or challenge in that????

Don't get me wrong PES 2013 is not perfect, but in respect of it's game play and matches it is as perfect as it has been in a long time. And at the end of the day it's the game play experience that is the most important thing.


Now I know that many people buy Fifa because it has all the licensed strips and player names etc. I do find this frustrating about PES, however this can be solved easily by purchasing an option file for a couple of pounds on ebay. Once you have uploaded the files to your PS3, Pro Evo will have all the correct team names, strips, sponsors, competition and stadium names. It just makes the game complete and makes the experience amazing the way it should be. Why spend hundreds of hours editing all these things yourself when you can spend £3 or £4 for someone else to do all the work for you!!! It can take around one hour to copy the files across to your PES, but believe me it's well worth it.


The format of the master league this year is much improved. As stated above, there is much less cut scene's involved, so you can get to the next match quicker and keeps the flow of the experience going. Konami have integrated the Copa Santander Liberadores (south American version of champions league) as well as the Champions League into the master league this year which is a really nice touch.

The format and interface of the master league is really user friendly and the layout is nicely presented with it being easy to understand. Much improved than last year.

I love that you get the option to include classic players (which can be turned on or off) which you can sign for your team. I went Juventus and signed Roberto Baggio. There are hundreds to choose from!!


1. In master league I would like to see you given a contract as per your manager roll and given objectives at the start of the season. The higher the quality of club (from rankings the more difficult the objectives will become). The club rankings change depending on how successful or un-successful they perform each season.
2. I would like to see other teams offering you a contract in the following circumstances. At the end of season depending on how successful you have been.
If you have been sacked due to bankrupting the club, relegation or not meeting certain objectives. In this event a team with a lower ranking may offer you a contract. Or a better team with you have exceeded your teams expectations etc.
3. Having the opportunity to change to different clubs through contract offers would give the game and experience a much longer life span for players and would keep it fresh with new challenges and new clubs.
4. Each team in master league would have a manager listed in there information. However depending on how well teams do, managers would also change to different clubs (manager transfers, like player transfers) opening the door for a new manager posts or jobs.

5. In player transfers / negotiations, I would like to see you have the option to use your team players as a part exchange for a new transfer deal.

6. Bring back the option just to play regular league's against com or friends (not talking about master league). Why has this option disappeared?? Now there are only cup competitions you can play and no league's unless selecting master league. You should be given the option to customise your own league / cup competitions for playing com or friends. You should also be given option to include International teams into league and cup competitions as per previous additions of PES.

7. Would like to see the option of a 3rd strip for all club teams. Most teams these days have a 3rd strip.

8. Improved camera types for watching back goals.

9. Option to increase game speed further.

10. Improved stadium and crowd graphics /animations

11. More crowd chants and singing. (Include flares in certain matches.. ex. Italian league etc) More intense crowd shouting and specific action points during match to add to the excitement. More chanting and noise when goals are scored.

12. More licenses as described above.

With the release of the PS4 this year I'm sure we will start to see some of these improvements over time. However if Konami were to integrate these improvements with their amazing total control game play we will have the best footie game EVER!!! Like I said the game play is the most important thing but I hope we can have it ALL some day... soon!!!

Thanks Konami for a really great and fun game this year. Keep improving and listen to your fans!
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on 20 March 2013
Listen this game isn't FIFA with its eyecandy shine and "NOW that what I call football" soundtrack...nor is it glitchy and a pocket botherer at £20. This game s the nuts, i was doing the whole (heads) FIFA (tails) PES thing for a while, and heard Dan Dawkins on PSM3 podcast constantly waxing lyrical about it and Tweeting regularly about the excellence of it .So i figured i would take a punt...why? as every yr EA roll out the same for another £40 maybe little change but i heard PES had some big changes after a couple f woeful efforts. Sure you dot get the licenses (Kits, faces, stadiums!) ...but you do, a little patch t download pts paid to hat and Bale looks as apish n Rooney as ...erm.. Rooney as FIFA or anything seen on a Saturday afternoon. This game relies on a tactical eye - not a kick n run stle, on FIFA i remember amateur too easy ...semi pro too hard !!! I with this i found myself head in hands at half time being 3-0 down to (the mighty) Fulham, a few tinkles found me 3-3 at full time or the 1-1 Champs league game that found me night a last KICK winner from flick on corner... i swear a punched the air in elation and put my shirt over my head 40 i should know better. This game wont change your life, and if you like to sit next to the uber hottie in the boozer but that has nothing to say then FIFA is your choice, if you like something just as pretty but worth giving time to and that (might) give you reward you for the love and time (albeit in the last minute!) this is highly recommended.
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on 3 February 2013
I bought this game after playing FIFA 13 very briefly in a store. If you want more teams than you would ever want, all with the correct player names, buy FIFA.

If you actually want to play a decent football game, buy Pro Evo 13 on the PS3. Having been a long-term devotee of Pro Evo 6 on the PS2, it has taken several years for me to be convinced by a football game on a current generation console, that would be better and worth playing. Gameplay will always trump every other consideration, even graphics. Pro Evo 6 on the PS2 just 'felt right'; sometimes a shot would go flying into the top corner, sometimes it would fly over the bar, sometimes the 'keeper would get a hand on it and it would still go in, just like real football. Admittedly, I have not played all of the subsequent iterations on Pro Evo on the PS3, but having now played over 100 games on Pro Evo 2013, I can say that it means I won't need to be playing Pro Evo 6 again in anger.
I was VERY frustrated during the first lot of games I played on Pro Evo 13, with the keeper seemingly saving everything and players being caught on the ball, and this was only on 'regular' difficulty. However, having played more and more games, then eventually having set up a Master League and so been able to buy better players, I have been able to appreciate the finer intricacies of the game. I'm now playing on 'Professional' level, with two more notches of difficulty to go, which I may use given that I'm now leading the Premier League (and won 5-0 away at Old Trafford), having finished 3rd and 4th in my first two seasons as Tottenham.
I like being able to customize aspects of the game such as player names (there are plenty of downloads online which will give you the correct player/team names & kits/emblems if needed, which does sort of nullify the fully licensed aspect to FIFA), and even names of stadiums. Every stadium in the world does not exist in Pro Evo 13, but I think the really clever compromise is that you can name certain stadium types, and so that the name of a particular stadium, say Goodison Park, or Loftus Road, will only display when the respective team is playing at home. As long as the overall stadium type is relatively similar to the real thing, it does create the illusion that the stadium is the real one. Having said that, Old Trafford, The San Siro, and all the Spanish La Liga stadiums among several others do exist in their own right in the game.
I also like being able to create players (Thierry Henry does not exist in the game, but I added him in by basically copying the stats from Pro Evo 6 - the hardest thing though is manually altering the face so it vaguely looks like the person it is meant to be, but ultimately it is not too difficult to do this). Once you've created a player, he will actually show up in the Master League on player searches and thus be able to buy, and being able to add up to 160 means that players like Raul, Roberto Carlos, and Lev Yashin will now be appearing in my game when otherwise they would not.
FIFA may be all about licenses (as opposed to any really quality of game, i.e. style and hype over substance), but even it does not have the licenses for the Champions League, Europa League, and Copa Literadores, which Pro Evo now does.
In short, playing Pro Evo 2013 is the closest you'll ever get (so far) to the game of football unless your name is Lionel Messi.
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