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I managed to try this case out with an RX100 before the release at a Sony product event.

I loved the feel of quality and it looked amazing, another thing I liked was a screw that goes through the bottom of the case into the cameras tripod receptacle, this ensured the camera was completely solid and would not fall out of the case, the screw also has a tripod receptacle at the bottom so you could still mount it on top of a tripod.

The top part of the case is held together by some poppers which is easily taken off if you wish to remove it, though you can keep it on and just flip it over so it's out of the way.

As for the strap, once again amazing quality.

The only reason why it had received four stars rather than five was purely based on the current price, Sony have it available at an eye-watering price and whilst I will be purchasing this case for my RX100 due to the fact it provides a perfect fit and is of great quality, I will be grinding my teeth whilst doing so.

Though as mentioned before, it is very high quality, so if you want one that is perfect for the RX100, then you will need to fork out that extra cash to get your hands on this premium case.

[EDIT - July 2013]

I have now tried this with the RX100M2 and can safely say it fits in perfectly, though when it comes to moving the screen it just catches the sides of the case, to get around this it's best to extend the screen out before inserting the camera into the case, though only do this when the camera is in use.

The price of this product has also gone down to a more reasonable price, to this date it's currently £40, rather than the £70 I had purchased it at the time it came out.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 31 July 2012
Update Oct 2012

After a few months of regular use the press studs at the bottom of the case to open it up have become unbelievably stiff! Its got to the point of being a real stuggle to open the case and a devil to press the stud back to close it. I had to press so hard and with so much force it caused the camera to switch on!

There's 2 studs and therefore 2 ways of opening the camera. The first stud is unusable so I've switched to the 2nd stud. Once that becomes unusable I'll have to throw the case away!

I can't see any issues with the studs - no dirt or anything else that may cause problems. Not too sure why its gone like this and perhaps its just me and my case.

Anyway knocked it down to 3 stars for this!.

------------------------- Original Review ------------------------------------------

As you'd expect this case fits the Sony RX100 perfectly.

Its lightweight and very easy to use.

I compared it to the Lowepro Santiago 20 Pouch for Camera - Black which was the one I purchased originally with the camera.

Sony case vs LowPro Santiago 20 Pouch:


Nothing in it - virtually identical weight


Again almost nothing in it - virtually identical dimensions. The Sony case is a fraction smaller - but not by anything that makes a difference in the real world.

Ease of use:

Sony is a little easier to use. Flip open the front via button underneath and away you go.

LowePro - unzip and take out camera - and away you go! The only downside is you have to hold the case - with the Sony case it just flips down but stays on the camera - so one less thing to hold.

Rather sad I know but I timed how long it took to go from the case on the desk to being open and the camera ready to switch on.
Did this a good 7 or 8 times with each.
Sony takes around 6 or so seconds to get open and in a position to switch the camera on.
LowePro Santiago 20 Pouch - around 8 or 9 seconds - sometimes a bit more fumbling getting the camera out.

So not a massive difference but the Sony case is a little quicker and easier to go from closed to camera ready for on.


LowePro around £10 on Amazon.
Sony around £60!!!!


Santiago 20 Pouch looks fine to me but I would say the Sony case is the better looking of the two. Looks more like a camera case.


Short of putting my camera in the cases and throwing it against a wall its hard to test this. My feeling is the LowePro case would provide a little more protection as it fully seals the camera in a semi rigid case. The Sony case mostly seals the camera - with some gaps and has some limited padding. If protection from harsh environments is important the LowePro case would win. LowePro case more likely to protect from rain too - though its not waterproof so only protection from a brief light shower.

Having said that probably easier to drop the camera while getting it out the LowePro case. I keep the strap on the camera and make sure I have firm hold of the strap before removing the RX100 from the LowePro case.


The Sony case is very nice - less protection but still sufficient for most situations. Slightly easier to use and nicer looking - but very, very expensive compared to the LowePro case.
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on 22 September 2013
This case has a very stylish retro look to it, but with hindsight, I think I should have gone for something else.

Firstly, it is way too expensive in the UK. I got mine posted from Hong Kong using the well known auction site for £30, but even then, I am not entirely happy with it.

The 2 part design means that there are quite large gaps on both sides that will let dust and dirt in. Also the lower part screws into the base of the camera and as a result, the battery and SD card compartment are covered. I find it a nuisance having to unscrew and remove the bottom of the case every time I want to change the battery or put the SD card into a reader - I didn't realise how frequently I did that until I got this case! Obviously this will not be a problem if you use the cable to transfer photos from the camera and charge the battery in situ because there is a gap for the cable.

I have previously used semi hard cases that fully zip up for my cameras and if I ever lost this one, I would go for a semi hard case next time as I think they give better protection.

I rate this item as 3 stars as a product, but have reduced to 2 stars because of the ridiculous price in the UK.
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on 1 June 2013
It took me a long time between buying the rx100 and buying this case because it does seem insultingly expensive for what it is. That said, despite not being leather, it is a beautifully made, and beautiful case. My only two negative comments are that I'm not sure what you're meant to do with the top portion when you have removed it to take a picture (I wouldn't leave it dangling from the lower fastener as I imagine this would eventually crease and break the lower fastener arm), and it really should not be so expensive.
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on 15 April 2013
You either like these Ever Ready type cases (ERC) or not.
I find them perfect to protect my cameras during air travel with minimum weight and bulk.
Others find them difficult to use quickly (Never Ready Case ) but I can't say that applies to me.

In this case , being so small must make manufacture quite difficult .Even so I did expect the stitching to be more even and the quality doesn't match similar cases from Fuji ,Canon or Leica.

Very much an overpriced plastic product and only of mid-range quality that feels like an Ebay Rip-off.
The camera will still sit nicely in a jacket pocket but it adds bulk and for me handling was NOT improved.
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on 14 October 2012
This is a nicely made, handy case for the DSC RX-100. The camera slots in easily and securely and the wrap-around cover keeps the camera safe while still being quick and easy to remove. Perfect case for casual tourist shooting.
The only criticism I have is the price. If it were leather that would go some way to justify the cost, but it's mostly polyurethane. It looks and feels fine, it's just not leather. The high cost loses it one star.
So a nice case, but only you can decide if it's worth the cost to you. For me it is.
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on 29 March 2013
Lovely, well made case. You can't go wrong with this case, apart from the price! The cover can be opened with either hand, and is left hanging off the base of the camera with high quality poppers. Shame there was no pouch for lense cloth or second memory card. If you have bought the cam, then you got to buy this case.
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on 26 November 2012
Fits perfectly and still allows camera to be carried in a coat pocket. Perfect. Shame it costs so much, but if it saves the camera once from wet / knock / scratched screen etc it will have been worth it.
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on 7 March 2013
I'll keep this short. The case is ok, but the tripod mount design should never have made it to production. I have had to use a pair of suppliers on several occasions to remove the tripod, as the mount spins freely within the camera housing - unless it is also screwed into the camera. If you tighten it in to the camera in order to be able to release the tripod, then you run the risk of not being able to unscrew the mount by hand thereby losing access to your camera memory and battery bays.

All of the above have happened to me on numerous occasions within the first week of ownership.
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on 18 January 2013
The RX100 is quite a slippery camera to hold and not the easiest compact to put in your back pocket either. This case takes all the worry away. It's stylish and well made, easy to open and also, most importantly it protects the RX100 from all types of knocks and drops.
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