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on 17 January 2013
After spending a large amount of time researching the tablet market i decided on the Toshiba AT300 101 16gb.
At £209+£18 for a genuine toshiba leather case i took the plunge and as of yet i'm not regretting it. With its very slim design, its array of connections and an impressive hardware spec under its hood there is money to be saved over the other popular tablet manufacture models.
With its high end gorilla class screen and an average resolution, all aspects of viewing are very pleasing on the eye. This is all thanks to the well respected nVIDIA Tegra T30SL 1.3GHz processor.
Very average but like lcd/led tv's you can't expect much with such a small and slim chassis. Plug in some headphones using the 3.5mm jack plug socket and the sound improves ten fold. Using skype and listening to music becomes very good on the ear.
Where to start, you are really spoilt for choice in this department. The one nice touch Tosh have made is the full size SDHC slot, very handy when swapping cards between camera/camcorder and tablet. Have yet to use either usb and hdmi micro connections but from the reviews i have read they accomplish their intended tasks.
With a rear 5mp and a 2mp front this will tick all the right boxes when considering to purchase the AT300. For me i am not disappointed but certainly not blown away as i found the rear camera to produce grainy results. They are of facebook and email quality but certainly not to take place in the family photo album. As for the front camera this does a good job when performing video messaging tasks. The rear camera comes with a micro flash which in my opinion doesn't really help improve the end result. I always say if you want to take good quality images then use your faithful compact and not your phone or tablet.
I have found the AT300 to be very responsive when surfing the net and switching from app to app. The Android ice cream sandwich operating system so far seems very stable and with its very user friendly interface makes it very enjoyable to work with. I have been informed by Toshiba customer service that there is a Jelly bean(Androids latest OS)update coming, ETA the end of this month, so fingers crossed. The battery seems to hold its charge very well but does fall short of Toshiba's 10 hour expected battery life.

I was torn between this model and the Nexus 10 but with the current poor availability and a £110 higher price tag the AT300 was the choice for me and i could not be happier. If you are on a tight budget and want a tablet to perform internet tasks, send/receive emails, play games, play back movies or view photos then i would seriously consider the AT300 to be on your short list.

UPDATE 02/02/2013:
Jelly Bean OS is now available via your AT300 service station APP. I have downloaded and installed with no issues. I have also tested a few apps i.e BBC iPlayer which performed flawlessly. So far so good, well done Toshiba.
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on 5 September 2012
I did quite a lot of research before purchasing the Toshiba, as it was my first tablet. Ipad was not even considered as I hate itunes and the dictatorial attitude of apple. In my opinion the Toshiba beats the ipad in every way, except perhaps the screen, although you would have to be very critical indeed to complain about this, as it is crystal clear. The equivalent ipad would have cost me another 100 pounds, not justified just for the screen, and certainly not for the restrictions you get from owning an ipad. I would not deny that the ipad is a good tablet, its just way overpriced, hardly surprising it's the richest company in the world. My only complaint, as with the ipad, is the connector for the charging circuit; I would have much preferred standard charging via the micro usb port instead of these oversized connector ports.

In conclusion I'm glad I got the Toshiba, it would have got 5 stars had they opted for the standard charging port but until such time as someone sees sense and eliminates the massive charging port I consider the Toshiba AT300 to be the best available on the market bar none.

I decided the charging port was to much of an issue for me, so it was returned. I needed this for portability because I work away from home quite a bit. Its not that hard to misplace a lead, and if this were to happen with this, it would be a disaster as leads are expensive and hard to get. Pity because I really liked this Toshiba tablet, and would certainly consider it again in the future, if they ever get around to using a standard usb charging method.
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on 28 January 2013
The Toshiba AT300 is a sensible choice for anyone wanting an easy to use and credible alternative to the ubiquitous iPad.
It is much faster, when booting up, than most laptops and the on screen keyboard is much easier to use than I thought, having used the fiddly one on most smart phones!
The unit is reasonably light and well balanced, but the in-built gyroscope is vey slow to respond to changes in orientation.
Battery life, on average, is approximately 7 hours, with mixed use and wi-fi connectivity is excellent. The screen resolution is not quite as good as the iPad, but more than adequate for all everyday applications.
One slight issue is the availability of connecting cables for usb and HDMI. I have tried most of the high street retailers and a few on line, but getting exactly the right cable is proving difficult!
Expanding the 16Gb internal memory is easy via the full size SD card slot. More and more tablet manufacturers are either providing a micro SD slot, or in some cases, not bothering with one at all. Being able to quickly transfer data from a digital camera is a bonus, avoiding messing about with the tiny micro cards!
Overall performance is impressive and it represents very good value for money. I hadn't thought of Toshiba, in relation to tablets before, but as a great alternative to the usual choices, try this one - you won't be disappointed!
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on 21 December 2012
This is the best value tablet around right now - at £250 for the 32GB version. A 10 inch screen is a minimum really if you want to comfortably use it for watching media. We bought as a family living room computer - in part to introduce our toddler to computers, because there are so many games available free on Google play (built in to the Toshiba's Android system) - so no need to keep buying small electronic toys. Touch screens are the easiest way for a toddler to learn and this also doubles up as a video player for him in the car. You can transfer video from your TV hard-disk recorder via your PC (loading the Toshiba's SD card slot or micro USB cable). Comes with a decent media player for music, video etc - but you can also download "VLC" for a fully flexible media player (again on Google Play).

Only negative is that there are not so many cases available for this tablet - in the end we bought a "Bobj Case" on Amazon for £20 (little expensive but robust). Bobj Heavy Duty Case for Toshiba Excite 10 AT305 AT300 - Bobj protective cover - Batfish Blue

Would also recommend downloading "Dolphin" web browser on Google Play, as it's faster and works well within the touch screen environment. It has 'add-ons' which easily allow you to watch video on sites like the BBC.
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on 29 December 2012
I had a look at all the notebooks I could find and decided that I wanted to follow the same browser format that I use at present. The Toshiba seemed the most versatile, having an HDMI, USB & SD card input/output. As it has the Google browser all my browsing bookmarks are ready to hand, so you can access anything that you have bookmarked using Google.
When you turn the Toshiba on, there is some light "bleed" around the edge of the screen, but this is not apparent except for the initial start up. In normal use the screen is crisp & clear with very good HD reproduction. The Microsoft office package translates very well into the inbuilt system and I have been able to view all my Word, Excel & PowerPoint information through a USB flash Drive. You will need a readily available conversion lead from micro to USB 2.
Battery lasts 6/7 hours continuous use, obviously much longer if you put it in standby mode as soon as you have finished with it.
Overall I am completely satisfied with the purchase, does everything I hoped for & more. Really glad I followed my instincts & went for the android system & didn't follow the crowd & get an ipad.
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on 6 January 2013
Well, I was one of the lucky ones who got a 32GB version for £250 before Amazon sold out. I flogged my Nexus7 to buy this as I also have a Galaxy Note, and the Nexus7's 7" screen was rather too similar to the Notes 5.3".

Downside is that its still on Android 4.0.3 (ICS) rather than JellyBean (4.1). Jelly bean has, however started to roll out - but not to UK-bought devices as yet.

I replaced the stock shell with 'Nova Launcher', and the stock keyboard with 'Thumb Keyboard 4'.

Built wise, I was pleasantly surprised. I had heard stories of the screen lifting, and backlight leaks. I have not noticed either of these on my device. I'll list the +ve/-ve points below:


- Price
- Full sized SD card slot that will take 64GB cards (FAT32 only unfortunately, which limits you to 4GB files)
- Above slot is accessible without removing the back etc!
- Micro HDMI port
- Fast 1.3GHz, runs the likes of Need For Speed very well
- Lightweight
- I quite like the textured alu back panel - it does not collect finger prints
- Front camera works well for skype
- Comes with Thinkfree office
- Micro USB Port does USB-OTG for using memory sticks etc
- Feels fairly sturdy (not ipad sturdy), and its not going to be as nice feeling as Nex7 due to larger screen. Comparable to Samsung Galaxy 10.1's tho
- Big screen great for browsing/photo viewing in comparison to my Nex7
- I have found battery life to be fairly good. Certainly I don't find it worse than my Nex7


- With the SD card installed, it is not covered. My card is an Micro SD in an adapter so I have sticky taped the microsd into the adapter to avoid loosing it
- To install the SD card, one removes the 'dummy' SD card from the device and stashes it somewhere
- Volume is not loud enough. Fine through headphones though
- Charging only poss through dock connector, and cable/connector unwieldldy for travel
- Screen is not bright enough to use in a brightly lit room
- A few bugs (screen glitch, and keyboard/task bar moves 1 pixel up/down occasionally). Hopefully fixed in jellybean update
- Back camera quality awful. Does not focus very well when LED flash used

If i'd paid more like the original £350-400 for this then it would loose one star. It has some issues, but for £250, and with Jelly Bean on the way, I am happy with my purchase.
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on 29 November 2012
I'm writing this on the at300 using Swype. The soft keyboard is really good on this machine, particularly Swype which I've found hard to use on smartphones. The keys are large in landscape orientation and input is buffered so you can type away even though the machine is seemingly ignoring you.
The screen is also good. I have not had any problems with the screen coming away from the casing.
The machine is usually quite quick though Chrome performs quite poorly. A recent update to Chrome fixed the blank pages problem but it's still Kathy. I find dolphin a better and more reliable browser on this machine (the stock browser also exhibits the same symptoms as Chrome).
Bluetooth and wifi are good. Wifi range is not as good as a laptop but performs better than my smartphone.
Hardwired connectivity is good too. I found the sdcard slot to be easy to use, no lag, though you should format the card on windows as exFAT before putting it in the AT300 as this allows Android to read AND write to it (Toshiba don't employ the read/write hack on Android so a standard sdcard appears as /mnt/sdcard2 and everything I'd read only to non-Toshiba apps). HDMI is ok but I've been unable to fit the entirety of the screen on a sony or Panasonic LCD TV; annoying rather than fatal. USB...fine; it's a shame it can't be charged via USB as the power connector is a behemoth but a the AT300 tends to live in my house this is also not too bad. The battery lasts many hours so it's portable between home charges.
Problems:- for the last week or so it's gone a little crazy; screen glitches, phantom screen presses, lockups, etc. Only solution is turn off / turn on. sometimes it simply refuses to turn on, I guess this is the most worrying part as there's no recovery without some response to the power button. Toshiba suggest a factory reset...which would be fine except that as it can't be rooted there's no way to back up the data stored within the apps (titanium etc. won't run) so I'll lose everything. Toshiba also won't service the machine as it was bought in the US, the warranty seems to be geographically limited.

So it's a good, relatively cheap machine but failure after only 2 months is unacceptable...2 stars only.
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on 15 December 2012
Excellent tablet, grossly underrated in the gadget journals, some great,features like the SD card reader, a huge advantage over the iPad and I'd have thought essential for photographers, really useful for those using cards for sound,recording, Does everything you'd,expect at a great price, and seriously scores over the iPad and the trendy 7 inch Androids.
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on 8 December 2012
Toshiba AT300
The tablet is well built pleasant to hold and use. Setting up date, time and wi-fi was easy. I’ve downloaded Chrome which seems faster and easier to use than the built in browser. Battery life is good with about three hours use a day plus four or five on standby, requiring a five or six hour charge about every three days. My only real complaint is the almost complete lack of any “how to” information. The installed User Guide is of little help and seems to deal only with the hardware side of things with nothing much on how the operating system works. I’ve been involved with PC’s since the early 80’s using from using the old IBM DOS through the various Windows incarnations but Android is such a different animal I cannot be the only user to want a better manual. I thought I’d buy one of the books available on the Android OS but reading the reviews they seem either to be biased towards the phones or of little value.
To sum up - a nice piece of kit that would be even better if I knew how to use it properly.
I would recommend it to a friend
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on 7 November 2012
A great tablet with full size sd reader and micro USB
Very fast with great graphics
Works with hdmi television well
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