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on 15 July 2014
I bought this for my new Olympus OM-D E-M1 after reading all the reviews, especially after seeing the comments about after care, and direct responses to other buyers comments from Expert Shield. Anyway, I fitted my first one to my brand new camera after taking off the shipping protector, hoping to get a clean deployment. Sod's law I got one spec of stubborn dust which wouldn't shift and eventually after clearing it, the corner of the protector wouldn't "bond" to the screen properly.

So I put Expert Shield to the test with their guarantee by contacting them direct in the UK (with the card that comes with it) and true to their word I had a no quibble replacement in my hand less than 24 hours later. I fitted it this time in the bathroom with some steam in the air and it fitted perfectly, and on taking off the top protector sheet it's as clear as anything. So I'm well pleased and good to see that the guarantee works for the price of a phone call!
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on 28 July 2014
I don’t know why but I seem to be pathologically unable to apply screen protectors correctly. I follow the instructions minutely but, although they line up with the screen at the start, they invariably don’t by the time I remove the final layer. And it goes without saying that there are always air bubbles, however small!

Having said this, Expert Shield do their best to make them idiot proof. The instructions are concise, unambiguous and even light-hearted! They do make every endeavour to make the process painless.

The protectors are clearly top quality but a lifetime guarantee is provided just in case. And this is honoured, as I just discovered. The one I had used for over 18 months recently came detached at one corner and would not re-attach. It was replaced without problems following a friendly email exchange.

Why aren’t all companies like this?
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on 27 October 2015
I bought two of these by accident. It turned out to be lucky, for I messed the first up with many air bubbles, which resisted all efforts, as well as time. I had to throw it out.
The problem is that when you start at one edge, it's difficult to judge whether it will end up being exactly place in the other end. So I have tended to try to lay them flat, but that makes the airbubbles.

I thought up a solution: I pulled back a centimeter of the cover plastic, placed the Shield as well as I could at the end edge, AND THEN PRESSED DOWN THE SHIELD WITHOUT PULLING OUT THE REST OF THE PROTECTION PLASTIC. This told me if I had it right, and when I did (all the time having held onto the starting edge), I could proceed as normal. It is a very good idea to use *this* time to prevent air bubbles. As you pull out the protective plastic slowly, press down (for example with the cloth around a credid card) right behind. This gave me for the first time ever an installation which was virtually air bubble free from the start.

The company (and others) can feel free to include my idea for checking placement without commitment, in their manuals.
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on 28 February 2014
I bought my Oly EM1 on its first day of availability. Its in daily use. Within a month it was blown over with the tripod in a hurricane (110mph gusts). The touch screen fractured from the bottom left corner. £280 later and a little bit wiser, I bought 'The Screen Protector'. Straight forward to fit if you follow the instructions explicitly. No dust issues at all, good alignment first time. It is very clear, does not in any manner compromise the touch screen, in fact it is hard to tell its in place. Would it have saved me £280 repair - I don't know, but for price of bottle of supermarket wine, why on earth would anyone not fit one? I've fitted protectors to other cameras before- this one is more flexible and its easier to apply than other brands I've previously use. It came within 24 hours and I live in wilderness - NW of Scotland, packaging was good. No issues at all, I recommend it. After sales courtesy customer care has been attentive, when it would have been easier to ignore me.
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on 17 April 2014
Not the easiest job to do because dust is an ever present problem. However, if a small air bubble proves impossible to squeeze out, with a plastic card, then try washing the Expert Shield. The instructions are here: [...] A slightly wet Expert Shield seems to go on easier and, once installed properly, it is almost invisible.
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on 21 January 2014
OK - so first clean your bathroom. Then "steam" it - by running the shower on hot for a few minutes. Get your lint free cloth and your lenspen and clean all dust from your OM D..... read instructions on product packet.

Even after all this, my house appeared to STILL be full of dust (seriously - the stuff was everywhere!!) and on the first attempt I had a couple of dust-filled bubbles and a fine dirty line of dust along the bottom edge of the screen. Following the instructions, I didn't panic (even though I know just how horrendous this job can be to get right once it has gone wrong), but used the sellotape trick recommended to lift and dab, lift and dab, lift and dab. A finger is recommended for this process, but I ended up wrapping a strip around a small bubble smoother card from another manufacturer that came with the screen protector for my phone. This worked a treat - and I now have the best looking screen I've had since getting my OM D (hence the 5 stars). Definitely worth the effort and not the most expensive screen protector I've bought in the last 5 years.

I can't vouch for the longevity, or the lifetime guarantee - but my camera comes everywhere with me, so if this product is any good I'll know soon enough. ....

19 September 2014 This screen protector is still on my screen - still unscratched in spite of the fact that the camera comes every where with me - not lifting at the corners. IN SHORT VERY VERY HAPPY with this product (which is not something I feel often about stuff that I buy from anywhere).
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on 5 September 2013
This the first time I have used a product from Expert Shield and so far I have been impressed. For me, the main requirements of a screen protector are:
- stays in place without curling at edges
- provides protection against scuffs and scratches
- crystal clear view (you wouldn't know it was there)
- touch screen functions unimpaired

Most of my photography is done during walking expeditions with the camera hanging around my neck ready for action. This is where the screen can be vunerable to friction against clothing and equipment so I feel happier if I know some sort of protection is in place. The protector fulfils the requirements listed above.

There is a clever method of attaching the screen which is fully explained in the instructions. The key to success is making sure the screen protector is properly aligned and no dust is trapped on the screen surface itself. I didn't have problems with dust as I left the original protective film in place on the camera until I was ready to attach the Expert Shield Protector. You can peel off the protector and try again (and again) if the alignment is not correct. The protector screen is an exact fit, so it is worth taking the time get it right!

There is also an anti-glare version of this screen protector available. I couldn't decide which one to go for, so I mentally tossed a coin and opted for this one. I would be interested to know how people get on with the anti-glare version which is slightly more expensive.
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on 14 July 2014
These are the clearest of all screen protectors that I've tried, but 1 protector for £7.00 is extortionate. They also have a problem that I've experienced twice now where a mark is left on the protector from the "pull me" tabs used to apply - Not as perfect as the marketing leads you to believe. I received an email saying that I was "one of the first to buy for an EM1 so please leave feedback" however, there are a lot of reviews on here already for em1s. After more emails asking me to let them know how it went, I replied with constructive criticism. I've not heard back yet. I'm posting this so others can benefit from my experience. If Expert Shield included 2 or 3 protectors like other companies so a 2nd or 3rd attempt can be made if you have dust or marks on the first, £7.00 would be more reasonable. The mark up on these must be several hundred percent or more.

I've noticed some round indentations on the screen of my EM5ii Expert Shield that were not there when I first applied it. It's also got a small nick in it's surface - good job it was on then - but so much for lasting a lifetime! - I'm beginning to wonder whether there's an issue with the slightly "soft" surface on the articulating screen of the EM5ii and if it's somehow reacting with the pull of the gel on the Expert shield. All the other screens I've put them on have been a harder surface and there has been none of the pockmarks or indentations that I've noticed.
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on 6 February 2014
Excellent product, very clear, and strong enough to stand major scratches. In any case, better than what I used before. The problem with any screen protector is dust when you apply it, and this product is no exception. I managed to apply it on my Olympus OMD E-M1 without any problem, but, for some reason, I had a lot more dust with the E-M5 (same place, same day, following the instructions). I would recommend this product to anybody who can read and follow the instructions. But an industrial "clean room" would help a lot :-)
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on 27 June 2014
I recently bought an OM-D E-M10 (from a local camera shop that I am keen to support). Unfortunately they did not stock screen protectors, and to protect it straight away I bought an own brand pack of protectors from a branch of a national photo store chain. Big mistake! I guess selling them in a pack of 3 should have told me something. Lots of bubbles that would not go and ill-fitting. I tried all 3 in the pack but couldn't get a good result.
I found the ES on Amazon and bought it because of the good reviews, good price and it was clear that others had bought it with the OM-D range before. I thought twice because it is labelled as suitable for the E-M1 and E-M5, but not the E-M10, but the screen is the same size.
The ES is in good packaging, and includes a quality cleaning cloth to prepare the screen. I worried about fitting and getting it wrong, but actually it was very easy. Perhaps the poor protector I had already fitted helped to clean the screen, but the ES went on without a single bubble, is now virtually invisible, has no effect on the touch screen controls, and fits the screen size perfectly. I would recommend the ES to anyone with an OM-D, and will check out their range whenever I need different sizes of screen protectors in the future.
This is the first review I have written on Amazon - I am so pleased with the result after my previous disaster.
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