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3.9 out of 5 stars65
3.9 out of 5 stars
Platform: PC|Edition: Hunter|Change
Price:£19.99+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime
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on 8 April 2013
Yes it looks good, mostly, but the designers left out one major part of the software and that's gameplay.
This is mind numbingly tedious. Most of the combat is close quarters in low visibility areas with fast moving targets so there's no time to set up strategies.
I am SO sick of Ceph appearing from nowhere in long grass. Progress it 100% linear: just follow the virtual lines and there's NO relief from any of this. It takes
itself SO seriously but not with any foundation.
If you want to see the same graphics engine employed to great effect with real gamplay then buy FarCry 3. That game has space to move, light and shade, night and day, interest, humour and excitement. This is just a boring 3D Space Invaders simulation with none of the class.
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on 11 March 2013
I am relatively new to gaming and I have been playing this game for ten days now. I also own Crysis 2. In terms of graphics performance, Crysis 3 is a worthy descendant of Crysis 2. The graphics are good on HDD but if you really want to see the graphics shine and have better/smoother gameplay, then you really do need an SSD (I have all advanced gfx on ultra-high settings). With my Western Digital caviar black 2TB HDD (and with 1.2TB of available storage space), I found the graphics especially background scenery to be somewhat pixelated, coupled with frequent lack of fluidity whilst gaming. I figured that the data read rate from the HDD was too slow for the game. I recently purchased a Samsung 840 250GB SSD (read rate 550 mb/s). All installed and WOW, graphics are absolutely crystal clear and without equal. Gameplay is now very smooth.

I only have a couple of gripes. Firstly, just like its' predecessor, the Crysis 3 storyline is just way too short. There are also no DLC's (just like Crysis 2), which for me is a major let down because I want extra missions and a deeper storyline. This is where games like Mass Effect 2 and 3 come on top.

For the last three days, I have also been experiencing game freezes and crashes. I intially assumed this was the result of the slow data read rate of the standard HDD. However, I have just experienced my first game freeze and crash with my brand, spanking new Samsung SSD. I have read a few other Amazon reviews and I have noticed that other people have experienced the same problem. Clearly Origin really needs to improve it's servers and storage facilities (as data transfer and stability is not reliable).

There are also small, niggling issues with the game which others have mentioned (such as the hunter bow which I love but it has a maximum capacity of only nine standard arrows and three each of the special tip super thermite, electrical and cluster ammo).

All in all, the graphics are absolutely stunning (and without equal) but it is let down by the above issues.

My system specs -

AMD FX-8350
Arctic Cooling A30 cpu cooler
Crosshair V formula Z motherboard
16GB Kingston Predator Hyper-X RAM @ 2400MHz
Gainward Phantom 680GTX gfx card
Samsung 840 250GB SSD
3xWD 2TB caviar black HDD's
Creative Z soundblaster card.
Coolermaster 1200W silent pro Gold psu
Coolermaster storm trooper atx case.
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on 4 April 2013
i've been waiting a long time for this to come out, and it hasn't disappointed me.
single player game play is grate the new nanosuit is a joy and the weaponry gets the job done .
try doing the game with just the hunters bow you will have hours of enjoyment
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on 9 March 2013
Fun game 5/5 on graphics but game play is the same as 2 along with that the campaign stops working after the mastermind
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on 5 April 2013
I'm enjoying this game so much that I am taking my time and slowly playing through it, exploring everywhere I can and basically ogling the scenery. It can be frustrating playing on the highest difficulty but well worth the effort of getting it.
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on 15 March 2013
I received my game a day early which I am rather chuffed about, though unfortunately it would seem that my game had either been opened or wasn't packaged properly as there was no wrapping to be found on the actual game case.

This has raised some concern as the product was advertised as brand new. I've also discovered scratch marks on Disc 1 which further proposes that this product had not been prepared properly. Disc one also looks like it has been put through some use as it has scratches all around the inner ring.

So in a nut shell:

Installation disk damaged
Installation disk looks used (Scratches on inner circle)
Product did not arrive in original packaging (No cellophane rap)

DLC is attached to the initial game installation code, no extra cards are supplied. Every thing else works fine, just the lack of packaging and the damaged disc. (still works)

As long as this doesn't happen again, I'd recommend purchasing from this seller for their fast delivery.
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on 10 March 2013
Having enjoyed the first Crysis, then Warhead and Crysis 2 which was, erm, still okay, I was quite prepared to give Crysis 3 a sporting chance.

The first downside is of course EA Origin DRM/copy protection, but having already installed it to play Mass Effect 3 (another EA game which promised so much but failed to deliver), thought, "what the heck". Installation took a while and had to be kickstarted a second time after the Origin update.

Sadly it's a far cry (no pun intended) from the original Crysis. From what I've seen of the story so far there's no real depth or involvement or any sort of empathy with your character or others in the game. Aside form the Nanosuit, Prophet might be any G.I. Joe running around in COD or NoH. In fact thats how Crysis 3 comes across other than the SciFi element. The much vaunted new Hunter Bow is all very well until you realise you can only carry a tiny amount of ammo. This is a game which otherwise allows you to carry around about 300lb of weaponry on your back, but only 9 arrows and 3 of each Special! Gameplay is tedious as, while you can stealth through the levels, the suit can still lose charge at an inconvenient moment. Even behind cover the enemy can "see" you and promptly spams your position with EMP and Frag grenades - another cheap trick out of the COD playbook. Still could be well and good, but Crysis 3 utilises the - wait for it - COD checkpoint system, no more quick saving your position. So if you've spent the last 20 minutes methodically sniping, stealthing and just out and out gunning the opposition but die 10 metres from the next checkpoint, well tough love buddy you get to do it all again. Even on the second easiest level the enemies are quite intelligent and aggressive, as already noted.

But worst of all is how buggy the code is. I have alredy had three or four lock ups and this evening it wouldn't start at all, launching to a black screen. Some beta testing there, then. Another "fail" for EA then, with the current Sim City debacle the publisher needs to get its stuff together if it wants to stay in business.
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on 8 March 2013
I'm impressed in terms of laptop performance on a GT555m, it's similar to crysis 2 performance wise. C3 seems very well optimised.

You have more flexibility to alter the graphics and turn off fxaa so it's a sharper image then C2 which you coundnt adjust the aa in the in game menu. In C3 you have various Anti A however I found 2x SMAA to be best in terms of results and performance.

Performance will also improve when Nvidia release newer optimised drivers and patches are available.

Regards the game - there's more free roaming, better story, and yes the graphics are better then c2 especially once you enter New York. Also the sound 'sounds good, more real then c2.

Settings are mixture of medium, high and very high, with 27 frame rate.

Additional laptop info:
2760qm 3.5
Dell xps 17 702x 3D
Gt555m 192 bus version.

4 Stars overall as not as long as Crysis 1 or 2, seems similar to Crysis Warhead in terms of time to complete.
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on 6 January 2014
What you can expect from the CryEngine. Very good graphics and physics engine. However, it does not live up to it's predecessors and lacks the endless replayability that Crysis 1 or 2 had. Sturdy multiplayer mode and solid gameplay mechanics.
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on 6 March 2013
I love the Crysis franchise. Was a little disappointed with the 2nd feeling it was more geared up for simplistic consoles compared with the power of the PC. Crysis 3 has remedied that by greatly improving the graphics and gameplay. Has increased the size and detail of the maps like the original was back in its day. The scripted bits are fantastic with Psycho. New weapons are brilliant especially the bow. They even managed to put a half decent flying level in it where in the original it was just a pain that you had to get through.

In short great effort but needs to be longer like the original.
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