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3.8 out of 5 stars706
3.8 out of 5 stars
Price:£85.78 - £204.41
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on 1 March 2016
These scales are so disappointing. Initially I loved them: the set-up was easy, they synced to my dashboard with no problems and it appeared I had lost weight within the first week. However, I was then weighed at the hospital and the results differed to what the Aria was telling me. So I went home to investigate (i.e. repeatedly stepped on and off the scale, moved the scale around the room, weighed different weights of kettlebell) I can confirm that these scales are rubbish!! They consistently give reading between 2 - 3lbs less than the matter being weighed and the body fat calculator can change by 10% after weighing myself 37 times (Yes, I think these scales have sent me a bit crazy). I can see a general trend in my weight but, for the cost of these scales, I expect more than a 'ball park' figure. The body fat % is complete nonsense! I have now went back to using my old scales which I bought for £5 about 10 years ago and give a more accurate reading than these things do.
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on 18 September 2012
I bought the Fitbit Aria to track my weight and keep my progress updated easily. It seemed like the ideal choice as I already use the wonderful Fitbit tracker.

Out of the box, the scale looks terrific. It's very attractive and has a clear display.

I followed the instructions and began to setup the scale, sadly this is where I had some problems. Using my Mac, setup repeatedly failed to complete. Fortunately, I had my phone handy and was able to complete the setup from there (as suggested in another review). Setup then completed successfully and I was all set.

At this point I hit problem number two, the results. The scale appeared to be wildly inaccurate with the displayed weight changing +/- 8lbs each time I tried it. Convinced it was faulty, I was about to give up and return it.

Then I noticed my Aria displaying a message saying it was updating, so I waited.

Over the next day or two I noticed the Aria update itself several times, so I patiently kept waiting until it was finished.

What a difference the updates made!

Now the scale is consistent, accurate (only 2lbs different than the one at slimming class, and always the same difference), and has better BMI detection.

After the updates the scale becomes a brilliant product with loads of functionality, stylish looks and is consistent and accurate, though they still need to fix the setup problems.

In summary, a 5 star product which is let down a bit by some niggles.

**UPDATE** - I have now updated my rating to five stars. Late last year FitBit significantly improved the setup procedure making it much simpler; the niggles are gone and this is now a five star product :)
It's also helped me lose 5st since purchasing it :) x
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on 20 April 2016
Amazon classes one star as "I hate it", not sure I'd go that far, but Fitbit seem to have gone out of their way to make setting up this device a highly emotional experience.

I expected to connect to the scales from my phone, tell it my WiFi details and sync to my Fitbit account... Setup requires a relatively high level of technical knowledge, and the constraints that Fitbit impose on a wireless setup are ridiculous. After the first failed attempt, I turned to the Internet for some guidance. The scales are clearly very fussy about the wireless setup, it must be an 802.11b network, the network name must meet their requirements, there is advice about moving the scales nearer the router, the scales don't support WiFi extenders (which is almost certainly my problem) and it is quite amazing to read forum posts where people have simply disabled security on their WiFi network to get it working! Seriously, people are turning off security settings for *all* their WiFi activity so their scales can send Fitbit their weight!

Amazon return was superb, refund processed within a day. I've since replaced with the Withings Smart Body Analyzer - White scales, setup was a doddle (bluetooth from my phone to the scales, pass over WiFi details, done) so I cannot recommend the Fitbit scales at all.

I was worried it wouldn't sync up with the other apps on my phone, but the Apple 'health' feature allows all me to choose the data to be shared so my weight is now available to any app I choose.
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For me and my husband having a good set of scales / body analyser was a must.
When you are lifting weights, and training hard it's very important to see when you are burning fat or destroying muscle tissue.
Although we recommend this scales to any family, regardless if they're training or not.

Fitbit Aria has proven to us to be the best set of scales we have owned.

We also use it as the family's scale and its even helping our daughter look after and maintain a healthy weight.
With her puberty change she was adding weight on non-stop, and she felt bad but did not realise it was a hormonal change… with the Fitbit Aria my daughter is more conscious of her body without an unhealthy obsession. The charts and keeping a healthy track of her progress is helping her a lot.

Instead of talking to you about how stylish it looks etc… I'm just going to go through the basic MUST KNOWS that I wish I would have known.
I really hope it helps.

-Ready to set up straight out of the box
The scale arrives with pre-installed batteries.
All you need to do is place them on a flat surface and pull the small plastic tab sticking out of the battery compartment to power on the scale.
Do this and do not touch it or anything until set up is fully completed or it will get "stuck" and you will have to re-set.

If any step of the set up goes wrong for any reason, and you need to re-set, take the batteries off for two minutes and Aria re-sets from the start of the process to a "ready to continue OK" state. Yes it has a mind of its own upon set up. ;)

-Set up on computer is also a piece of cake
I have it working on my Windows 10 All in One without any issues.
Account set up has clear steps to follow all the way through.

-Really easy to set up with your router.
Just make sure your router is set at 2.4 GHz frequency.
On the set up it was a little temperamental not wanting to connect to our Wi-Fi, it simply kept thinking and thinking, so at this point I took the batteries out for 2 minutes and started the Wi-Fi set up from scratch.
While off I logged out my account, the logged back in, re-entered the password and it worked straight away.

In case it helps I also have a MAC address restriction on my Wi-Fi, so only the devices I give permission to connect can use the Wi-Fi even if they have my password (to avoid cheeky neighbours from using my Wi-Fi) and I thought this would be a problem but it's not.
I took the restriction off, found the Aria Scale, noted the MAC address and then I added it to the permitted list. I have never had any issues.

-Rated top scales for accuracy
Just make sure you are placing them on a flat/hard surface as bathroom floor or wooden floors.
(So it will not work on carpets)

Aria scales have four load cells sensors to measure your weight.
Body fat information is measured through electrical impedance, which is the measure of the opposition that a circuit presents to a current when a voltage is applied. So the sensors send a signal and see how much resistance your body provides. Body fat has a different density to muscle and water so the measurement picks that up.
It finally calculates the % with the reading and based on the weight and data you have on your account.
Because the weight gets updates automatically every time you weigh yourself, the measurements are more accurate too.

The scale measures body mass using bio impedance analysis. Indium tin oxide (ITO) electrodes form a pattern on the top of scale and sends a small, safe signal through the body to measure impedance.

This sensors help the scales provide more accurate measurements.
Most of body analysers and scales simply calculate body fat with the weight, height and age without measurements from any sensors.

You can also set up the mode, so the scales are on "Regular" or "Lean".
“Lean” mode is intended for body builders and athletes with a lower body fat % compared to their muscle mass. This setting is ideal for my husband and improves the scale’s accuracy.

Each user can have their own setting.

-It will synchronise with your fitbit tracker account
I have my android app as well as my desktop version.
In one app / account if I click on my devices I can see both my Fitbit HR and my Aria scale.
When I'm looking at my Fitbit HR stats, I can see my weight and my weight goal process all in same page ;)
Both my husband and I are both very happy with it.

-Myfitnesspal friend
My Aria scales are also synchronised with myfitnesspal account so from my app I can check my macros and my weight progress.
Making my life a lot easier.

-No more pen and paper / record books
You weigh yourself and it gets automatically tracked.
It does not matter if you use it once or 10 times a day.

-Multi users
On the Aria Account, a main user/the main account can invite another 7 users.
You will need a different email for each person and they will all have to confirm the account from the invitation email and create their own account.
Weights in between users can or cannot be seen by other users of the scales.
You have the option to choose if your progress and measurements can or cannot be seen by others.
For instance at home I am the main user.
On my app I only see my weight and my weight progress, my weight goal etc, my husband sees his data and so on…
So we have our privacy ;)

But on my account on my PC, which I am set up as the main user, we have chosen to see all of our weights and all of our progress, so me and my husband sit down and share and compare our progress. He always beats me though ;)

The online account can also be set to private so no other Fitbit Aria can see any of your stats.
So even though there is an Aria community, you don’t have to be part of it, if you don’t want to.

It also says it's not good for weighing children, well… keep their socks on so body mass sensors cannot run or work on them and just "guest" weigh them ;)

Guest users are all those who have not been set up with their own accounts, as little children or my sister when she comes round and asks me to let her weigh herself.
A guest user will simply not get their body fat calculated, but the weight measurement will be stored on the main account as a "Guest" entry.

-Scales measurements
On scales: weight and body fat %. With nice blue illuminated digits.
On app: water, fat and muscle, weight loss / weight gain progress.

You can also choose from stones and lb or kg.

-Min and Max Weights
It can measure a Maximum Weight of 158 kg / 350 Lbs
Minimum weight for accurate reading 10kg / 20 lbs.

-It's smart
Walk up to the scale, go on.
It will tell you to step off and it will ask the 1st 3 digits of your name with a ?

So for an example, if you're MIKE, the scale will display MIK?
Do nothing if it recognised you OK.
Step once to tap the scale and change the user, until you reach yourself.
I find it gets it right most of the time ;)

-Very easy to store
I keep mine upright (sideways) in between two units I have in my room, every morning I put it on my wooden floor, take my measurement and again I store in a very narrow, out of the way, safe space. I have 4 children so I don’t want the scales to be in the bathroom for them to be playing around with ;)

Because I have it stored upright/ sideways when not in use, the scale goes through a calibration process every time I go to use it in the morning. Instead of weighing me once, it will simply take two consecutive weigh-ins.
This takes a few seconds and you will know that your Aria is calibrating when you see the "SENSING" message appear on the screen.

2 Full years of peace of mind with Fitbit quality.

Today we have had to change our router and of course once the new one was installed we have had to add all our Wi-Fi devices again.
With our MAC filter too (what a task)

As our ARIA was connected to our old Wi-Fi name with our old password, we have had to do all the set up again.
It has turned out to be a lot easier than expected.

Steps to change WIFI on Aria;
Go to;
www dot fitbit dot com slash uk slash setup slash aria
All together and properly noted of course ;)

Download the software (pink big box)
Save and Run

Choose your new Network name
Enter New Password

Take one battery off your Aria
Count 10 seconds
Put battery back on

If it doesn't take the battery off again and count to 15 ;)
Follow the steps on the set up program running…

A few clicks here and there and… Connected!
I hope this update becomes helpful.
As an overall we are really happy with this scales and after owing around 4 body analysers scales, our Aria scales are the ones that are lasting us longer and taking the most accurate readings.
I personally recommend Aria scales to any family.
review image review image review image
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on 10 February 2016
Worth the money. The way it syncs seamlessly with the app is really good.

The only drawback is that if you move it between weighings it throws the accuracy off (usually adds 3-4 lbs!). This is because, unlike many other scales where you tap it and it tares to zero before you step on, it tries to weigh you straight off. It's supposed to detect if you've moved it and recalibrate but it doesn't always do this (hardly ever does this!). This is a pain if, as it is for me, it's impractical to leave it in one place all the time.

One way around this is to weigh yourself and then stand on it again while it's syncing. Then if you get off and back on it forces it to recalibrate. I do this every time now and just delete the first reading and trust the calibrated one. You'll know if it's recalibrating because it'll ask you to step off and then say 'thinking' before it decides what you weigh!
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on 28 April 2015
The basis and most important function of a Scale is to weight accurately, This expensive scale does not deliver on that basis functionality. It does to track ones weight accurately and i am disappointed.

If i weight myself twice, i get two different readings with as much as 2kg difference. I was even more frustrating after i discovered this only after i bought another cheap scale from Tesco for £10, which was accurate.
review image review image
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on 14 May 2015
• It took a full month to get them working initially as the Fitbit website was down and this is the only way you can set them up! Support was useless - no UK phone support and every time I emailed them (6 times before I gave up) I got a 'sorry about that' but no solution.
• weight measurement is inaccurate - weighed myself 10 min apart and there was a 5lb difference!
• body fat measured me at 38% then again at 16%
• it should recognise who is on the scales but doesn't - it either thinks I'm a guest or my partner who is 60lbs lighter than me
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on 28 December 2015
The good:
+ Build quality is very good
+ Setup was fairly straightforward but could be a bit off putting for technophobes
+ Supports multiple people
+ Takes AA batteries not a watch battery

The bad:
- Your weight will change by up to 2-3lbs within 30 seconds. No lie get off the scale, wait for it to sync get back on and you'll have put on or lost 2-3lbs in those 30seconds
- BF% take with a pinch of salt, this also can change a fair bit between readings 30 seconds apart
- Can take a while to sync

The reason for 2stars is the main function of a scale is to give accurate readings this does not.
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on 14 February 2015
We already have a Withings Smart Body Analyzer but decided to order the Aria as we both now use Fitbit devices (a flex and a charge HR). Set up was easy (connected to the scale with my Android smartphone) and added my partner as a second user via email (no additional set up required and she was recognised immediately). Weight measurement is much quicker than the Withings and fat percentage pretty consistent between the two scales. Now happily sits in the bathroom as our primary scale.
review image
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on 5 July 2013
This is a beautiful bit of kit and would look great in any bathroom. It’s relatively easy to set up but please note that the process isn't a totally idiot proof. The customer support line (via email) is excellent – both helpful and friendly if you get into trouble. You’ll get there in the end if you have problems.

Be aware that the scales go through a process of calibration and software updates over a period of time before setting into a routine. That can take weeks and I can see why some users have ditched the scales early on. It didn’t bother me.

My major grip is that the scales cannot be moved after use without affecting the calibration. This means that if you stand them up or move them somewhere else when not in use they need up to 5 weigh-ins before they’re accurate again (according to the support team).

In practice for me this meant the first weighing was inaccurate – out by 5/6 lbs. I’m not referring to natural weigh differences during the day; when I put the scales on the floor after standing them upright and weighted myself 3 times in quick succession, the first one reading would be massively out.

I found this too annoying and sent the scales back. I think others tend to keep the scales in the same spot all the time and don’t have a problem or just weigh themselves twice.

I did also notice a software glitch with logging your weight (if you use stones/lbs). The support team told me they’re working to resolve that issue.
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