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3.9 out of 5 stars110
3.9 out of 5 stars
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on 16 February 2014
I struggled to find many reviews of trail camera traps online and it took a while to narrow down my choice to this one, a Bushnell and a Spypoint. Because I am a professional film-maker, the video tech spec was important but I wasn't clear how much I would use it professionally, so I also had to consider the price.

At this price (I paid about £130, I think) it was a safe bet. And until I get an assignment that justifies another camera or better spec, it will be a fun past-time and a useful addition to my kit.

When the camera arrived I was delighted. It has the 'dark' infra-red, which was not in the spec of the camera as advertised, so that was a bonus. I thought I could manage without a built-in LCD but now realise its value when setting up the positioning.

The GSM module that will communicate with a mobile phone would be nice to have at some stage, but it's a luxury I can live without for now.

Daytime video is good quality but I do get a few empty clips where the animal has moved straight through the detection range without stopping. Black and white night-time clips are OK but the range of the IR light is a bit shorter than I'd like.

I tested the camera in my garden and got several visits of the fox between 2am and 4am. The camera is now out in some nearby woodland and I am experimenting with various types of bait/feed in the detection area.

I would recommend this camera trap to a hobbyist or first-time user and even expect to get pro-spec footage after a bit more familiarisation and the right kind of paying project.
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on 30 March 2013
First; well built but do not follow the included instructions at all, just insert your batteries and ONLY set the camera up via its own built in menu that can be accessed when you open the bottom camera cover flap to reveal the setup screen and camera setup buttons. Take care with the battery cover; one cover has to be pressed down to release and pressed down to close and is a very tight fit. We fitted an optional extra 32 Gb SD card purchased separately; but you can use any size SD card upto 32Gb; dependant upon how long you want to shoot. You can take stills day and night or take stills and video both day and night; also take only videos; it's up to you dependant upon how you set the camera up only via its built in setup buttons; DO NOT FOLLOW SET UP INSTRUCTIONS IN THE MANUAL apart from how to install batteries; that's all.

Would I buy another one; yes indeed; excellent value; easy to set up if you follow my above instructions and it can be used in any weather. Small plastic pins are supplied; these just push into the rear of the camera to allow for more grip; I use a bit of hard sorbo or really any firm rubber as a backing about the same size as the camera's width and height to fit; say on a tree trunk and then press the camera onto it; the pins then stick in the rubber as the rubber contour fits the irregular surface of the tree and for me; also avoids damaging or scraping the back of the camers especially if the bark is large and risks touching the camera body. The rubber also acts like a contour gripping back that eliminates any wobbling of the camera; I use the provided heavy duty web strap around the tree; works well and will most probably buy at least another one soon.
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on 12 July 2015
This is my 1st stand alone camera. Great way to find out what is going on in your garden at night (wildlife) - and the day-time. Day photos excellent at 12mps (not possible with CCTV), night not great. Video at night best at 1440x1080. 4Gb SD card plenty if checked daily - format these in the camera. Best results - photo+video (15secs) & 0 secs between. Put a piece of firm rubber on the back of the camera just a bit thicker than the bottom access flap and not covering it, which allows access when the camera is in place and won't put stress on the hinge. Be gentle with the catch. The rubber also helps stabilise the camera on trees, posts etc. Don't open the flap if the camera is wet. Change the country to UK for UK date format (see Manual re MMS Auto setting P30). Place the camera just below knee height, set IR at Low & Sensitivity at Normal - it focuses about 6 feet away. Face it away from sun & other IR sources like security cameras. Enloop & Energizer batteries good - see the Manual for putting these in. Do visit Enjoy!
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on 31 May 2015
I have no problem with the camera as a unit and over the past year have captured some good photos, time lapses and video. However the connection between the unit and the small screen has corroded leaving it practically useless as I can no longer set or review captures.
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on 22 November 2012
We love wildlife and our garden backs on to open fields so decided it would be great to see what 'goes on' when we are in bed.
This camera seemed to be exactly what we needed; very robust, waterproof and easy to use with plenty of features .

We have it set up on a tripod and the first day we had footage of fox and hedgehog, since then fox most nights, more hedgehog, badger and muntjac.

The camera, once set up can be left unattended for a period of time.We check the SD card weekly; it's always exciding downloading the night time shots on to the PC.
We have it set it to take stills and video and it also records sound which means we can hear the animals too!

I'd definately recommend this camera.
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on 20 October 2014
We love our trail camera, and the first night we captured video of both foxes and a badger in our garden.

It's great when it works, but sometimes the timer doesn't seem to work right, capturing nothing during the night yet videoing us an hour after the times is supposed to expire when we go to pick it up. I have double and triple checked the settings for the clock and timer, but most of the time it does work ok.

The only other negatives I have are:

(a) Each SD card seems to number from 1 upwards, so if you rotate 2 or more you need to store the images in separate folders. After a few months I have found that the best way of storing the videos on my pc is to create a separate folder for each day, so that it's easier to catalog them and this also avoids duplicate numbering in the same folder if you use multiple SD cards.

(b) It's not easy to see what the camera is pointed at when you mount it, unless you have it where you can put it in test mode and have the screen down. It's a bit sad when you get a rare visitor and the camera is angled too high or too low.

(c) The camera doesn't always seem to function, even though I power it on and the lights flash. With all the food put out for the foxes gone, we know there has been activity, but no videos taken. It seems that if I power the camera on in test mode, wait a few seconds, power off and then back on into normal mode, it will function ok.

(d) Biggest gripe of all is with the solar charger that I just bought, since 70 1 minute videos a night chews through even 12 batteries. With the 6210MC model the socket for an external power source is located too close to the tripod mount, so if you have the camera on a tripod, or in my case a clip with tripod mount attached, you can't plug it in. I have yet to find another way of mounting the camera and think I will need to build a cradle for it.

Having said that though, a 12MP camera at this price that captures full 1080 video can't be beat.
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on 7 October 2014
I read all the reviews of this camera and decided this was the one for recording the animals that visit my garden at night.
I've had it in use for a week, and thus far, am not disappointed. I agree with other comments about set-up instructions. The enclosed manual is confusing and most of it is redundant (for this model). Using the camera's own set up menu is easy once you realize which buttons do what (though the buttons themselves are a little fiddly). The useful range of the IR is about 4 meters only, much less than the product details claim. The best videos I get are when the animals trigger the security lights (which then give a much more uniform illumination and don't actually scare the animals). Animals which approach (at night) nearer than about 1.5 meters are over-exposed and appear slightly out of focus. This is not a professional quality camera, but it is a lot of fun. It has been fascinating to find that the many times my security lights trigger at night are not due to the neighborhood cats as I thought (none at all filmed in the first week), but actually multiple nightly visits by the local foxes and badgers (sometimes both together). It's also interesting to see the range of food that each will eat. I didn't realize that both foxes and badgers will patiently scour the lawn to pick up scattered sunflower seeds and peanuts. They are also, though wary of human movement, not at all concerned by cars passing on the road. I download the clips via the USB onto my laptop... a not difficult or inconvenient process if you are simply using the camera in your garden. I use a simple clip strap to secure it to the stand of my bird-table from which it can be removed in seconds for security during the day.
The night video quality is probably not good enough to grace a TV wildlife documentary, but it is adequate to enjoy observing the behaviour of the animals, and to recognize the distinguishing marks of individuals.
The locking catch for the base of the camera (to access the card or USB socket) looks a little flimsy and I wonder how well this will stand up to repeated use. Overall, no problems so far.
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on 4 July 2014
Excellent bit of kit. Best price anywhere. A genuine LTL Acorn camera. Delivered quickly. The recommended batteries are expensive but last the longest and produce the best results. Only used it in 720p and the day time pictures are clear as a bell. Night time pictures are better than expected, the invisible IRs do a remarkable job. I own a CCTV installation company and this camera is a welcome addition to my equipment. Now considering buying the version wIith MMS facility.
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on 11 November 2015
I purchased this some 3 months ago and it has been left in its box waiting for me to get around to "setting up". I had a bit of spare time yesterday so got it out and loaded 12 AA batteries into it. I started to format the camera as per the instructions I had found online. All seemed to be going fine. This morning, on recomencing set up and not getting very far, I checked online again. My camera won't work with Apple and needs a windows based operating system to work. I want to return the camera but Amazon won't let me as its outside the time for return. I have read through the description for the camera and it does not state that it is only 'windows' compatible anywhere. Out of pocket and VERY UNIPRESSED.
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on 2 August 2014
My camera was faulty from the first switch-on, though I didn't realise it at the time. I tried to configure the settings using the USB lead plugged into my PC, ie take video & 3 stills between 2200 & 0400. The target was badgers, who invade our garden every night, who have developed a talent for climbing the fences. After checking the SD card the following day, the 32gb card was full of files taken in an almost continuous stream from 2034, and on checking the camera settings found they had not been changed. After changing the settings on the Menu display ( & checking them thereafter), another attempt was made to capture the Badger Climbing Team, the result was the same, the SD card was full of files of nothing at all. The camera by this time didn't switch on normally, insertion of the SD card resulted in the display flickering with none of the control buttons functioning.
The seller "eshow" who surprisingly was not Amazon UK, but some outfit from China, responded promptly to my email, but requested a copy of the settings and other irrelevancies, after another explanatory email "eshow" directed me to return the camera, at my own expense to China. I have done this and am waiting to see whether I get a refund or a message stating that it was all my fault. I feel cheated by Amazon by the fact that this camera is advertised as being "dispatched from and sold by Amazon". There is no suggestion that this item comes from China or that faulty items are dealt with by people whose first language is not English. Amazon are not careful with the facts on their online selling pages, and may be deliberately misleading us, the public. If it had been apparent that the camera was sold from China, and that faults & queries would be handled from China, I would not have purchased it, much preferring to buy from a UK stockist thus retaining all the rights of the UK Sale of Goods Act. As it is, I am parted from my money and the camera, with no confidence in seeing a satisfactory resolution.
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