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4.6 out of 5 stars246
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 19 March 2014
This is a review of the re-mastered version. This is truly a treat for Pistols fans. The instruments finally show some clarity and separation. Jonesy's guitar sounds even more mind-blastingly powerful. This is the best version of the album I have heard. This is how it should be. Listen with headphones and you can really feel the clarity. Finally one can really experience this hard powerful music as it should be experienced. I recommend this re-mastering wholeheartedly. Hello to all the Pistols enthusiasts out there. I hope you are all well. And if not, I hope things get better.
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VINE VOICEon 21 February 2009
There are very , very few albums that excite the listener over thirty years down the line as much as the first time you clapped ears on them. The album that does it for me is Big Fun by Big only kidding it's Never Mind The Bollocks by The Sex Pistols. A ferocious blast through the musty halls of the establishment and middle England it still sounds vital to me.
Released on the 28th October 1977 i can still remember buying the vinyl version of the album ( i was 14 years old and paid for it with my paper round money - i still have the vinyl copy i first bought) getting it home , playing it ( as opposed to making a table lamp out of it) and almost bursting with excitement as the sheer vitriolic verve and lung shredding energy of the music blasted out of the speakers. Curiously my dad poked his head round my bedroom door and enquired what it was i was playing .When i told him he remarked " It's good .....can i borrow it?".This came from a man who listened to Jim Reeves. Truly here was a band to reckon with.
Never Mind The Bollocks is still the only official album released by The Sex Pistols- the group had to all intents and purposes disbanded just a few months after it's release- and the storm created by it's release and some of the songs therein would seem astonishing now( although the Ross/Brand thing shows you can never be sure what will set the controversy meter whirling )
Having said that there is still something compulsively illicit in listening to a song like "Bodies" - gurgling bloody mess....another discharge" - one of only two songs on the album written by the poster classic Pistols line up of Cook/Jones/Rotten and Vicious , along with "Holidays In The Sun". Has there ever been a better album opener than that song? - the crunching jackboots then the static bolts of guitars ushering in Rottens gnarly vocals.
But then Never Mind The Bollocks is chock full of iconoclastic classics. "God Save The Queen" ( especially in the silver jubilee year) "Anarchy In The U.K.", "Pretty Vacant" as well as the acerbic record company riposte "E.M.I." . It is also a mire varied album than given credit for with the more studied chugging rhythmic "Submission " ( not included on the first batch release V2086) and the knotty arrangement of "New York" sitting next to flaying tempestuous tracks like "No Feelings" ( which predicted Thatcherism with it's me me me attitude) and "Liar".
The impact of this album cannot be underestimated . Rottens vocal delivery a snarling form of anti-singing , dripping with sarcasm and over enunciating particular words -"They made you a MORON" - still sounds audacious today and the way producer Chris Thomas eschewed the usual punk method a capturing a live raw sound for denser gradated layers of sound made the songs vivid impeccably musical orchestrations. How anyone can find this album tuneless or just a lot of noise is beyond me. It crackles with sardonic intensity sure ...but it also resonates with fizzing tunes. Chris Bailey of The Saints called it "loud pop music" which is fair enough really as far as I,m concerned .
It's constant high position in albums of all time polls while not an irreducible signifier of the albums quality and importance is a pretty broad hint and one i certainly wouldn't argue with .It makes my top ten no problem. A brilliant coruscating seething statement Never Mind The Bollocks still makes me want to jump up and down my bedroom like i did when i was 14 . You can argue about the relevance and motivations of the band , especially given their recent shenanigans , but you cannot doubt this albums importance in musical history or it's continuing relevance.
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on 31 March 2016
The most famous punk album of them all - their isnt really anything that evokes such feelings about the era, the actual events of the music movement that was happening and the sentiments people at the time felt when this was released !!! The ferocity and vitriol of the music/lyrics, the sentiments/views of its protagonists and the way it is conveyed is awesome - basically, its a great big "FCUK YOU" to the music industry and many other things!!


There aren't that many that come close either, perhaps "Appetite For Destruction," "Troops Of Tomorrow," "Beat The Bastards," "Leather, Bristles, Studs & Acne" & "Crash Course" are worth a mention but, they just aint like this !!!!

Every song on here is brilliant (IMHO). This remaster version is a little clearer but, whether or not its worth investing in when compared to the difference from the original CD release is debatable - it is clearer around the edges of certain instruments - slightly sharper but not massively; maybe that's a good thing in a way because overproducing something can (in certain cases) detract from it. I personally like it for that reason; that fact that its not overdone and/or, hasn't been sent into stupid over-the-top loudness mode.

If you can get it S/H on here for a cheap enough price I'd recommend it but, just because its been remastered, don't expect ridiculous over the top clarity. 1. It doesn't need it, and 2. What has been done is enough that it doesn't ruin it !!!
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on 26 October 2015
Unlike many of you out there I'm very open minded when it comes to my musical tastes and consequently I'm a huge fan of both heavy metal and punk rock (fact.). If you were to have a flick through my extensive collection (137 CDs/tapes and counting!) you'd come across the likes of Iron Maiden, Tokyo Blade, Deaf Leppard, Poison (metal) and Green Day, Blink 182, Bowling For Soup, Boomtown Rats (punk). You'd also happen upon Never Mind The 'Bollards' - sorry guys, I'm not a fan of foul language. For my money (and I'm more than comfortable financially speaking) this album is where punk rock and heavy metal meet head on in a wondrous collision of spikes, spit and spunk (meaning 'energy'). Let me explain, dear reader ... first of all you have the highly annoying but unique wail of John Rotten, a classic metal voice in every sense, you could slot him into Megadeath (who coincidentally covered the Pistols), Anthrax or the even Quireboys with nary a raised eyebrow from the listener. Secondly, you have the gritty punk edge by which I mean the ramshackle, can't-play-for-toffee approach of the rhythm section. Yes, I'm looking at you Sid Vicious! I know you shouldn't speak ill of the dead but blimey the guy was beyond useless on guitar, however this shoddy approach adds a certain working-class charm to the proceedings. Where heavy metal musicians are skilled artistes cable of playing intricate song structures, punk rockers are essentially unskilled, unemployed, uncultured yobs but it's encouraging to hear them get off their backsides (pardon me!) and try and make something of themselves, unlike today's youth who are content with mucking around with their Playstations and DS consoles. I digress. Onto the songs, shall we? Well, while I don't agree with the rather naive sentiment, 'Anarchy in the UK' is one hot rocker as is 'Submission' which is an impassioned tribute to the submariners of WWII. 'Holidays in the Sun' is jolly fun and I have a soft spot for 'New York' as my uncle once visited the iconic state in 1984 (around the time this album was released). The rest is dog mess of course, badly played glam rock at best. However, open your mind and treat yourself to this often overlooked punk/metal classic.
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on 24 January 2008
Ah, punk rock. One of the only pure forms of music to come along in the past forty years, and one of the most misunderstood. Today's Generation Y (I'm one of 'em) look-up to bands like Greenday as being punk, and that's why today's Generation Y will be the laughing stock of all generations to come. Green Day are part of the bollocks.

Never mind the bollocks.

I bought this record on a whim, on a hint. Someone, somewhere had told me the Sex Pistols were good, I was in need of pure British rock and I picked this one because the title made me laugh. And thank God, thank God I did.

I won't get into the track-listing and explain each one. I won't explain how "God Save the Queen" has more punk, snarl, anger in it than most punk bands' discography today (punk being the corporate idea of what punk is, anyways). I'll stick to the opening "Holidays in the Sun." No, you know what? The opening LYRIC: "I want a cheap holiday in other people's misery!"

A snarl, a shiver, a rotten, purely rotten voice. Punk. Pure punk.

Just think about that opening lyric. Yeah.

The entire record - sadly the ONLY Sex Pistols record - is filled with songs that range from topics like abortion to the famous anarchy, and is downright pumped with guitar hooks. Very catchy, very luring, and very good.

The only reason that I won't give this five stars, instead of four, is that ... well, watch the young Johnny and the new Johnny. If you compare them - kinda feels like the new Johnny is just trying so hard to be punk, but he hasn't got any outrageousness left in him. Kinda kills the glamour. Oh well. Otherwise, high praise.
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on 8 December 2014
Why do they keep meddling with our childhood favourites? What next, The Wurzels? These two bands (polar opposites it would seem, but in reality two sides of the same coin) are surely the most important of their era. The Wurzels' "Give Me England" - recorded and released in '77, like the Pistols' "Anarchy" - exudes a maleaphonic vibrancy, entirely missing from anything more recent. Katy Perry is one such artist. One Direction another. And Smiley Virus yet another. Artists who promise much ("My next CD is literally going to blow your pants off!") but deliver very little (rarely has a CD LITERALLY blown anybody's pants off) This record - which they are making out of vinyl again, after years of being made out of CD - is a classic of our times. Angry. Vitriolic. Yet strangely humble; and certainly not for trendies. Glen Matlock went on to star on television in America, and Steve Jones is a disc jockey who can be heard playing his own stuff. (-also in America) At least The Wurzels stayed! Humble is not the word for Johnny Rotten, though. Or for Paul Cook, who was not very nice to my ladyfriend and I when we bumped into him in Camberwell recently. Not very nice at all! Nevermind. Buy this record now. Records might not exist again in the future. Just like they almost didn't in the past. CDs are smaller, but not as nice to hold and look at.
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on 27 May 2000
What can be said about an album of this calibre? Simply the best punk album ever laid down. Every track is a classic, recognised the world over. From the stunningly aggresive opening of Holidays In The Sun, right through to the bitter swipe at their first label in E.M.I. this album never fails to deliver. This record brought Punk into the mainstream, and made instant anti-hero superstars of the band. The music is simply breathtaking, a real snapshot of Britain in the late 70's: every word is screamed with real feeling and the music is belted out so hard you can imagine the spit flying through the air! Just try listening to this awesome collection of hate-filled anthems without jumping around your room. I dare you. Music (and Britain)were never the same again.....
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on 19 August 2000
This CD came out when I was a bemused 12 year old who looked on with disdain as people pierced their noses with safety pins and died their hair bright orange crimson or even a shocking pink. Had I been a little older I think I would now be living in Brighton!
This CD was for those who lived on the run down housing estates of the time.
Only the Pistols could take cynical shots at abortion (Bodies) the Royalty (God Save The Queen), Nazism (Holidays In The Sun) and the record industry (EMI) with the subtlety of a political bomber of the time and write themselves into history in the process. Bill Grundy would not like to have been reminded - the man who provoked the Pistols into swearing live on the primetime Today evening news programme.
I think the Pistols should play in Hyde Park as near to Buckingham Palace as possible, even better have it on the lawn of the beloved Buckingham Palace - invite the Queen , EMI , A@M , Virgin a few hundred thousand unsuspecting pensioners and have the loudest party in History -Wonder what Sid would make of it all!
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on 13 March 2006
I am writing this review only because the two previous reviews I have read suggest a very limited view on this album and the band.This band,their attitude and some truly original song writing carved the way for the future. What was being listened at the time of "the sex pistols" historic appearence on TV was complete up your back side muso pap, even Rick Wakeman has confessed on many occasion what a load of old tosh the bands at the time were churning out. As for comparing the sex pistols to the Ramones it is quite ironic that the song New York is a bit of a dig at "the Ramones". I have played in bands for over 27 years and was fortunate enough to have played with Paul Fox from the Ruts, this original 70's punk music & this particular album" Never Mind the Bollocks" is potentially the most innovative sound and style created since Elvis first hit the scene. If you do not appreciate this album then that is your choice but I do not know of any true fan of punk music that doesn't agree that this is the epitome of every thing that punk stood for and the music and songs are fucking superb (mind the french)! Grunge,death metal,skate doom kill murder hate, indie, mayhem mass carnage and what ever else comes along would not exist if punk and the pistols had never happened. If you love raw music with real meaning then you will love this album.
Darren (born a rocker die a rocker).
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on 11 July 2001
This is punk at it's best, when it was still a strong force of change, before it became acceptable. This album is less than forty minutes long but yet contains enough energy to have you pogoing around your room. Johnny Rottens snarl defined the disgust the youth generation of the seventies felt with their surroundings and the buzzsaw guitars (sorry for that cliché) let loose the anger that was brimming underneath. This is punk before it became fashionable. Songs like Anarchy In The Uk, the controversial God Save The Queen and Pretty Vacant are only the tip of the filthy rotten iceberg. If you are a punk fan then simply ignore all the pale imitations. The only other album I've heard that comes close to the fury of the Sex Pistols only release (while still together) is the self titled album from the Clash. Nevermind the bollocks and just buy this album (sorry, couldn't resist that one).
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