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on 12 March 2013
I have had this Kodak 1.2 printer for four months, it drinks the ink I have used far more cartridges then the old HP500 that I had before. Kodak tell you that it will print 670 pages of text Ha! Ha! Ha! from each XL cartridge - clearly that is 600 more than is my experience.

My advice to anyone thinking of buying this very very slow printer is don't do it! Pay just a little more and lets hope that Kodak go back to what they did best making films and colour slides - printers are not their strong point. You have been warned!
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on 14 April 2013
Printer worked ok for 6 months ( but very noisy ). It suddenly started printing thick horizontal lines when printing from the screen as well as directly from the printer.
I went to the Kodak trouble shooting page online to no avail - same problem.
Kodak have a phone number to ring, but only man the phones in normal office hours ( mon - Friday 9.00am - 5.00pm ).They insist that you sit by the printer when you call them. This means that you either take time off work to call them or bring your printer to work and plug it in ! They obviously put their staff convenience before their customers.
After going through every step that I had already tried online with their call centre they eventually agreed to replace the printer.
It came with specific instructions on how to install the new printer head but NO REPACEMENT PRINTER HEAD OR INK !
I rang to inform them of their mistake only to be informed that they only promised me a replacement printer ( without the malfunctioning head ) !! The replacement they sent me was older than my own printer and could have been picked up for next to nothing as a repair or parts item on ebay.
They then asked if I would like to spend more time and waste more ink going through the whole trouble shooting process again with someone else. I informed them that they could stick the printer where the sun don't shine !
In reality this experience has been very costly in terms of time, ink, paper and frustration.
I must conclude that Amazon have been very helpful and understanding and are refunding the cost of the printer.
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on 21 April 2013
Had this printer seven months and everything is very good except it is not compatable with an ipad.
It is slightly noisier than other copiers but it works well, it copies and scans fine and the ink is cheap. Not had any reliability problems nor found it too heavy on ink. Easy to set up printing from Windows devices.
The reason for only three stars is that Kodak have not got a way of printing from an ipad although this is as much Apple's fault as ipads are not compatable with many devices.
The only way to print from an ipad is to email the printer. Printing an email is simple, just forward it to the printer's email address which you can set up with Kodak (bit of a pain but it works). To print anything else it has to be attached to an email. To print a web page you have to set up a mechanism for saving the page as a pdf. The method I found involves creating a bookmark in javascript that saves the web page as a pdf. Then open the pdf in ibooks and email it to the printer where it prints put each page in pdf as a half page on A4. If you're still with me, you might have the patience to bother. If you want to print from an ipad, try another printer. If you're looking for a tablet, try something other than an Apple product.
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on 13 June 2013
I have had this printer for nearly a year. I bought it as all the adverts told me the ink was cheaper than that of other models. Well it is cheaper but it uses more so in the end it's not costing any less than any other printer and it may even be costing me more because it drinks like an alcoholic! To connect when I first set it up was a nightmare! It took about 2 hours to load the software and get it to work with one laptop! I then had another two to connect, which was equally irritating! When it works it prints quite well, but it quite often has an off day and just refuses to work normally. Some time ago it started refusing to print photographs giving the message that the paper was the wrong size. I checked everything and reset everything including the paper size and it still doesn't work whatever I do. Today it still refuses to print my photos!!! I have wasted so much of my VALUABLE time messing around with this machine that it would have been cheaper to buy a machine that costs £400 and just works!!! It is also NOT compatible with my iPhone or any other Apple product which is another pain and inconvenience. I will certainly not buy anything from Kodak again. Life's too short to waste on such a temperamental piece of hardware.
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on 18 January 2013
I give this product only a 4 star rating, picky I know, but that is because the lead that connects the computer to the printer was not included in the package, I had to buy this separately after I had received the Printer .
Other than that, the printer does everything it says on the tin, so no complaints there and set up, once I had the required lead, was a doddle,
The entire operation of this piece of kit is 10 times better than my previous printer, I am well pleases, plus the ink is a lot cheaper too,
This product is deserving of 5 stars just for performance alone, just that one little niggle, the lead, so 4 stars it is
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on 18 December 2012
I bought a Kodak ESP 7 but I've never been that impressed with it. Its handy to have an all-in-one and the scanner is far better than I expected and it can produce some good prints.

But I seemed to spend all of my time cleaning the print-head or running the maintenance routines to clean the nozzles and align the print-head - which burns through the ink very quickly. Every other photo I printed was of a good quality (though all of my black and white prints were pretty poor) then I would have to run the maintenance routines all over again.

Advertisements say this is the cheapest printer to run in terms of ink replacements, but I have spent a fortune on inks. The phrase that springs to mind is "false economy". If you are printing work which is mostly plain text, this is economical and not a bad printer to use, but if you are printing graphics or photographs; then I've seen far better.

My dad bought a cheapish Canon printer and not only do the inks seem to last longer, the prints are universally of a better quality.

Next printer I buy, I'm buying a Canon.
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on 13 February 2013
Having had a frustrating time with my last four or five printers, I thought I would try this printer and I was particularly drawn by the claims of the cheapest ink cartridges. The printer works ok with acceptable quality but the rapid rate at which it consumes ink cartridges is appalling.

There is a good reason why the cartridges are cheaper - they last less than half as long! I haven't kept accurate figures to establish how many pages each cartridge produces but it is clear the consumption of the cartridges is ludicrous. I last bought the 30XL black cartridge in the hope it would extend the number of pages printed but, even with this cartridge, the pages printed per cartridge number in the tens and nowhere near the hundreds claimed.

The difference between the claims and the actual costs are so ridiculous as to be near fraudulent. Don't buy this printer expecting to save money on ink!

My search for a printer that is reliable and good value for money continues...
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on 16 February 2014
I am a "silver surfer" and do not print much. Bought the Kodak asp1.2 as KODAK adds make much of cheaper inks. I have found that about 12 - 15 A4 pages of b/w text, and maybe 5 - 6 A4 pages of mixed text/colour to be the TOTAL OUTPUT per cartridge. When I complained many times to KODAK I got a robotic answer to print more often. So in order to get "value" I have to print rubbish and then throw it away. This is a complete con by Kodak as the cartridges show " Low INK" even if not used at all.
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on 15 January 2013
What do you think of when you think of the brand 'Kodak'? Excellent quality print-outs perhaps? Well forget it. I ended up taking this printer straight back to the well known high street shop I bought it from feeling very disappointed. The quality of my photos were 10 mega pixels, so it certainly wasn't my photos to blame. The printer printed them out grainy and with lines through, Absolutely appalling, especially for Kodak. The only reason why I gave this review 2 stars instead of 1 is because when you do black and white printer outs off Microsoft Word, it printed it quite quickly for a cheap printer. I have since bought the Epson XP-405 which I am a lot happier with. Sure the genuine ink cartridges are more expensive, but you can buy the compatable cartridges for cheaper, and it prints my photos perfectly.
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on 22 March 2014
This piece of crud on the desk is the worst electronic item I have ever had the misfortune to waste my hardearned cash on.

It claims it is a "Printer", yet all it barely manages is a smudge of ink.

Replaced the ink cartridges (AGAIN AT COST TO MYSELF!), it still has issues.

I was told to replace the printhead, as this is what is causing lines not to print. Upon re-installing, a flimsy piece of plastic to the right breaks off, the whole thing is now rendered useless!

An absolute disgrace and SHAME ON KODAK for releasing such a shoddy, poorly tested item.

Never buy a printer from Kodak!!!
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