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4 of 4 people found the following review helpful
on 7 September 2012
This screen protector is brilliant it fits so neatly to the screen you wouldn't even know it was there. Although this product came with instructions, I was a bit daunted to apply the screen protector in fear of doing it wrong and not having the option to pull it off and start again. However, there is a pretty good video on youtube that shows a step by step application process, which you can find below this review. Overall, I think that this is the best screen protector on the market, as others I have bought have not quite matched up to the layout of the vita as perfectly as this one. The only gripe I do have with this product is that if playing in direct sunlight, this protector does reduce the level of colour you can see whilst gaming. This is only a small problem for myself as I do not intend to play my vita outdoors, but for someone thinking of gaming next to the pool on holiday, this may limit the clarity and view of what is displayed on the screen. Overall, a well designed top quality product! *****

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on 16 November 2013
After purchasing a shiny Playstation Vita (which is great by the way), I started to look for a screen protector. I wanted to get a good one, something that would provide a decent barrier against scratches and prints. I did some researching on forums, and I found Hori was a brand that came with high praise. Hori are a Japanese company who have a range of officially licensed products. I saw some reviews and decided to buy this one.

Firstly, the product comes with some instructions that aren't the easiest to decipher. Like others I will recommend one of the videos on youtube that demonstrates an application of the protector. This helps a lot.

Next up, actually putting it on. You will want to make sure you are in an environment where there is as little dust as possible. A bathroom is actually a good place for this, however I did it in a kitchen with a clean work surface. You will want to make sure the screen is COMPLETELY free of any dust or other debris. The screen protector is applied in multiple stages and involves tagging it to the top of the vita as an anchor while you apply it. Just take your time.

A big positive is that the protector covers areas around the buttons and sticks, not just the screen. Once the adhesive part is fully applied, you pull the top cover off diagonally. Though the instructions can appear confusing, following them correctly left me with a perfectly applied protector. No bubbles and it was in line with everything.

Though I have not tested it personally, Hori say their protectors will stop scratches from a wire brush, amongst other things! I have found it to be more than adequate for regular use, though I keep it in a case anyway. I will say that after application there is more notable friction when you run your finger over the screen. Depending on the games you play, this may take a little while to get used to. However this is a minor issue at most.

I'm very happy with my purchase; I'd definitely recommend this product to a user who wanted a premium screen protector for their Vita. Just remember to watch that youtube video first.
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on 13 March 2013
I was a bit worried about buying this due to the number of reviews that said it was difficult to apply however having used Hori protectors before and knowing how good they are I took the leap of faith and I am glad I did as the protector is superb in not only covering the screen but the areas around the joysticks and buttons which can also get dirty.

The installation was simple and took less than 3 minutes we no air bubbles to remove or specks of trapped dust, to be honest this was the most trouble free installation of a screen protector I have ever had to do.

My only advice would be

1. Watch the video on YouTube (search for Hori Screen Protector Vita). The instructions make a bit more sense once you have watched this.

2. Clean the screen well before you apply the protector.

3. Take your time.
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
on 21 May 2013
This is by far the easiest screen protector I've applied and I've applied them to an iPod, a tablet and two phones in the past year and a half alone.
It has cutouts for the directional pad and buttons meaning it's easy to place it accurately and when you have it in place, there's a line of tape that you can press into the grooves at the top. This keeps the whole thing in place as you peel the underside off. Really painless.

The best thing about it is, unlike other Vita screen protectors it covers the majority of the front face, meaning you don't get that unpleasant "lip" around the edge of the screen. It looks a lot better because of it.

Highly recommended. There are also multiple videos on YouTube showing how to apply it which are worth a watch first.
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on 20 July 2013
These really are the very best screen protectors you can get for your Vita. They may at first seem very fiddly and difficult to apply, but they are in fact, just like the packaging says, very easy to do so long as you prepare.
The supplied instructions are terrible. Useless. Pathetically bad. They read like a Japanese to English car manual from the 80's. They make no sense whatsoever. You MUST follow an instructional video to find out how to do it properly. There are tons of these all over that big internet video site that everyone uses. Once you see how it's done, it's so easy, probably the easiest screen protector application you'll ever do. And when you see the quite innovative method of application you'll also understand why the written instructions seem so confusing because as a process it's hard to describe in writing and diagrams. I also recommend you set aside some time to do it. It took me about half an hour to do. Most of that time was taken up cleaning the console thoroughly. The cleaning cloth that comes with this is not that good. You're better off using a good quality spectacle cleaning cloth or camera lens cleaning cloth. You might even want to use the tiniest amount of pure alcohol (isopropyl) on the cloth to get a really good clean. But do ensure you're console is absolutely free from dust and lint before going ahead and applying the protector. Do it in a room that you know has the least dusty atmosphere. If you're console is not clean, you will get air bubbles (that aren't really "air bubbles" but rather dust bubbles). As long as you make sure you do all of this, you will be very satisfied with the end result. Once it's on you can barely notice it's even there. It has a very nice and natural feel to it. It does ever so slightly increase the resistance when dragging your fingers across the screen (and I do mean slightly) but you will adjust and compensate for this in no time. The screen basically looks the same as it does without any protection. There is no noticeable colour distortion. And you'll be happy knowing that your console's screen is fully protected. Get this. It is the best screen protector. But be patient when applying it.
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on 22 November 2013
This is the first time I've ever bought a screen protector for a handheld, and I doubt I'll ever find one that tops the Hori Screen Filter.

As many other reviewers have said, the instructions that come with it are a bit confusing but after you've watched a Youtube video on how to apply it you appreciate just how ingeniously it has been designed. The sticky tab at the top allows you to get the positioning exactly right before you take the plunge and stick it down. It fits beautifully as well.

Once it's on, you'd only see it if you got up close and looked for it. The touchscreen sensitivity and image quality isn't affected in the slightest - in fact I found it marginally improves the touch controls because it has a slightly tackier texture on the fingers than just a bare screen.

The only issue I had - and this was more bad luck rather than any fault of the screen protector - was that a small piece of dust had snuck onto the screen just as I was applying it, which caused a bubble. If this happens to you, fear not. You only need to get a small piece of sticky tape to gently peel up the protector, then use another piece of tape to remove the offending bit of dirt. Then you can reapply the protector as if nothing happened.

5/5, brilliant bit of kit, worth every penny.
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on 15 May 2014
I got this for my Vita as Hori products are very good and are officially licensed by Sony.

I like how the protective film covers a lot of the top surface including around the buttons and thumb sticks (unlike some other brands that just cover the screen itself.)

Some reviewers have commented that the fitment is bad and dust gets under the film, all I can say is something is not being done correctly as I found that by taking my time, reading the instructions, being delicate and having some patience I have installed the protective film without any dust or rubbish being caught between the film and the screen.

The product itself is well made with clean sharp edges and a lot of thought has gone into the process of applying the film. The instructions walk you through each step and with any luck the end result should be a perfect finish and you can barely notice the film when its in place.

I suggest giving the top of the Vita a good clean before applying the film (a cloth is included) to get rid of any finger prints or grease and do it in a dust free area.

Nice product Hori :)
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on 25 September 2015
I was surprised at the clarity of this screen protector. You really have to put your face right up against it to notice any blurring, color degradation or tell-tale signs of ANY kind. At a quick glance observers don't even notice a protector is applied unless they look specifically for it.

As an added bonus the protector has a rougher, higher traction surface than the Vita's naked screen. This allows you to have a little more confidence pulling off touch-gestures on the Vita's infamously fickle touchscreen.

It's a real challenge getting the screen well and truly clear of dust and dirt before applying the screen protector (expect it to take anyway up to an hour or more before going into it). I'd recommend using online guides to apply the protector (of which there are many) as the steps are anything but intuitive.

Still Hori's application method, fiddly and time-consuming as it may be, is unfortunately the most fool-proof way to evenly apply a screen protector - and knowing that might make the fiddly, time-consuming process that bit less maddening. probably won't though.
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
on 14 December 2013
Read the instructions carefully and you wont go far wrong with this excellent protector. I always apply screen protectors after leaving hot shower on for a few minutes to create a steamy room as the steam pulls the dust to the floor after a few minutes. Wipe clean and apply as instructed. I have no bubbles and you cant even tell its on unless you look very closely.Great Product when done properly.
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on 29 December 2013
At this price, I was expecting a protector of equal quality to the Expert Shield protectors I use on all of my phones. I wish I had realized before I ordered that ES make protectors for the Vita for the same price, I would have bought one of those instead!

Applying the protector was going smoothly until I got a small dust particle underneath. As I have done many times before with ES protectors (and as recommended in this protectors manual), I used a piece of clear tape to lift the protector from the screen. Big mistake! Whatever material this thing is made of hates tape - most of the sticky residue was left behind and took considerable elbow grease and screen cleaner to remove.

In use the protector is very disappointing. Dark scenes become a cloudy grey mess as you can actually see the protector on top of the screen - shoddy.

The one good thing I will say about this is that it covers 99% of the front of the Vita, very little is left exposed.

All in all, I'd expect this quality from a cheap "3 for £1" pack of screen protectors, but not one priced £6+
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