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on 12 December 2014
I bought this for my husband so what follows are his comments.

Firstly, a big thank you to my wife for providing this excellent bit of kit.

I use my PC mainly for photo editing and I found it hard using my previous monitor to match prints with what appeared on-screen: prints were always darker than the screen image so a fair amount of guesswork was needed. The old monitor was OK but what I call 'everyday ordinary'.

The Asus is a leap forward. It was simple to install, needing minimal set up - mainly setting the screen at the right height and angle to suit my viewing position. Vertical adjustment and back/forward tilt can be achieved with one-handed, light pressure while rotation from landscape to portrait orientation is easier using both hands (but still easy).

The screen can also be rotated around its vertical axis which would be useful to any user not able to sit directly in front of it; the support column rotates in the weighted base with degree markings etched into the base so if it is moved you can easily return the screen to its original position. Unlike cheaper monitors there's no discernible variation in colour of brightness if you change viewing angle by moving off to one side. The stand is solid and stable and the whole thing has a clean, modern design with a slim, lightly textured, black surround to the screen (and the screen doesn't feel 'spongy' when cleaned, unlike our other two monitors).

All connections are on the back of the monitor, clearly labelled and accessible. I haven't yet found a need to use the four USB3 outlets on the left side of the connection panel but one will be handy in the near future for another external HDD.

Connected using the HDMI port the monitor displays a wider colour gamut, much better than the monitor it has replaced. Menus for making various adjustments, accessed and navigated by a couple of buttons an the right hand surround are simple and intuitive. I 'played' for a while but no adjustment to the factory defaults was needed. The monitor is set for sRGB colour and calibrated in the factory, matching the settings for my cameras, editing software and printers. The documentation supplied includes a report of the tests and settings carried out.

To my eye what now comes out of the printer matches what the screen shows, making editing much easier and quicker. I'm also saving on expensive paper and ink as second attempts aren't needed now.

I have spent several hours every day in front of the Asus since it arrived and have noticed a lack of the eye-strain encountered after a couple of hours with the previous monitor (a well known, major brand). The Asus is brilliantly clear with great resolution and can be adjusted to the perfect ergonomic position.

We live in Greece so were pleased by Asus' thoughtfulness in supplying two mains leads - one with a UK plug and one with a continental fitting - along with leads for connecting to other devices.

I've been using the monitor for a couple of weeks now and am completely satisfied. Thoroughly recommended.
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on 16 October 2012
I bought this monitor, specifically for photo editing in Adobe Lightroom. For picture editing the screen colours have to be perfect, or the output, especially if printed by a third party can be very hit and miss. Only IPS monitors can really live up to this and even then, they can be very variable as to quality and of course need regular calibration. The Asus comes from the factory with a very good initial calibration, which I have not yet had to alter.

At the very high end of the monitor market are the Eizo and NEC monitors which usually run into the four figure price bracket. Among users though the Asus PA246q had a very good reputation, especially at about a third the cost, this new updated version the, PA248q, takes that monitor and improves on it. Sitting next to an Eizo, I really can't perceive any real-world difference in the image displayed once the brightness level had been set to the 120cms level.

At this price level, the Asus really has only one serious competitor the Dell U2410, but in all of the reviews the Asus just betters the Dell in each small way. I would certainly recommend this monitor for photo work. At this price it really is superb value for money.
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on 8 February 2015
After weeks of trying to decide which monitor was right I finally decided to go with two of the PA248Q's.I have had them for 8 months, use them on a daily basis and can honestly say I couldn't be happier with them. I have had no problems with the light leakage or dead pixels. I am a Graphic Designer (yes, a designer who uses PC, shock horror!) who dabbles in Photography and video editing. I'm also a PC gamer and this monitor fits the bill for all three. People say the refresh rate is too slow on them for gaming, well if it is then I've never noticed. I mostly play indie games so maybe I'm not putting them up to much of a challenge however I do play modern FPS and driving games occasionally and have never seen any delays with the response times of the monitor. Websites look great too, text and images are incredibly sharp. Pages I used to regularly visit on my old monitor suddenly sprung to life. I watch a lot of YouTube and it makes some of the 1080p and up videos look incredible! I also use them monitors for watching movies, again no problems here with light leakage. Films look amazing on Blu Ray!!

In hindsight I wish I had bought the 23" model because two 24" monitors is a bit too wide but hey, it's only a small gripe. One other negative I have found is that the colours vary ever so slightly between the two. Now this might not be an issue for all, (especially if you only plan to buy one) but if you're working with colours on a very precise level it sort of defeats the object of the monitors design. My left monitor has a stronger cast of yellow where my right is more red. I have tried everything to reduce this and get them to match but nothing I can do seems to fix it. I noticed it a lot for the first month, dragging images between them I could tell the difference instantly. Now more time has past and I've got used to it and don't notice it as much. I have found that I prefer editing and designing on the right monitor and using the left for internet browsing and reading documents. I was pretty annoyed as I had paid so much for these monitors but I couldn't be bothered to go through all the postage and customer service bs.

All in all I would definitely recommend this monitor to anyone who works in the digital creative world. Although the monitor is marketed towards photographers and video editors it is also extremely precise when using Adobe Illustrator and Indesign. Both monitors can display my work and games with precise clarity and that's why I bought them. I have given the monitor 4 out of 5, it would have got 5 had the colours matched properly between the two monitors.
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on 20 July 2013
I was looking for an affordable monitor that was good for photo editing. I was replacing an Asus I had had for about 5 years and this one seem to fit the bill. After setting it up and looking at my photos with it I never realised how much unnecessary editing I had been doing. I took some fresh photos and needed to do very little editing and had them printed to see if what I was getting on screen was what I could expect from the printed version. The difference was amazing, I no longer need to sit at the computer messing with colours and exposures now as this monitor shows the photos pretty much as they were shot. I always wondered why my top end camera wasn't getting everything quite right.
I will point out that I didn't use the colour profile set on the monitor out of the box, I used a Spider 2 screen calibrator. I use it on any monitor I have, even my laptop. Anyone doing any serious photo editing should calibrate their monitor every 3 months or so.
The other plus of this screen is the viewing angle. You can look at this screen from almost any angle, left, right, up and down and the image stays pretty much the same.
A great monitor for the price and I would really recommend it.
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on 2 January 2014
I could not decide which monitor to buy for photo editing as there are that many credible options, after reading reviews on amazon and from other sources as well I am really glad I choose this Asus model.

The calibration straight out of the factory is excellent and I have just turned down the brightness setting to make it to my eyes better to view.
A 16:10 screen ratio instead of the more common 16:9 makes for an excellent working screen. I have no interest in using the monitor for viewing films so 16:9 was of no real interest to me.
There is a quick start user guide within the packaging that does leave a fair bit to be desired but it was as simple as connect the power and the suitable connecting lead and it was straight to work. The onscreen display is easy and well thought out.

The screen appears to be well made and solid and comes already mounted to the stand in a portrait position (which alters very very easily to landscape) so straight out of the box there is no screw driver required. I know that some people might find over £300 for a monitor a little too much but after using the monitor I would say it was money well spent, it has been bought to replace a Samsung 19inch lcd. And is night and day different in quality.

If your reading this review no doubt you've checked out similar models from other suppliers, I would say that this is the first Asus product I have owned and I'm very pleased to say I would have no qualms about buying others.
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on 4 April 2013
Did a lot of research into comparable monitors at the same size. I use the screen as an illustrator and so I wanted the calibration to be as close as possible to the printed outcome. Through practice it is very close if not perfect in that respect. Being an IPS panel, and with a quite aggresive anti-glare coating I feel that the greys flicker sometimes and that the contrast is lost if not directly in front of the screen.

I bought an IPS panel as I was told of the awesomne contrast and viewing angles, however, I feel that this is lost if you aren't sitting directly in front. The colours are vivid and sharp but it does seem to all blend into a bluey grey once you move 30 degrees in any direction from in front. I also had to replace the screen as I suffered bad back light bleeding from the top right and bottom left. The replacement model suffered none of this and after some research it seems that it is hit and miss as to whether your screen will be affected.

To conclude, the issues suffered by the screen are made up for by extremely good connectivity and adjustment options. It also does as it says on the box as a brilliantly colour calibrated screen in terms of print. The price is a guide of what you are going to get - performance that rivals this is probably going to cost double. If you are anything like me, then you pour over hours of reviews and opinions before you decide and then sepnd a week after the purchase searching for faults. Perfection will not be achieved at this price, but you will get a great product for what you pay for.
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on 12 December 2014
I bought this monitor for photo editing in July 2012. Since then it has performed flawlessly and has rendered colours brilliantly. I do a monthly (or thereabouts) calibration with Spyder Elite 4 and, although it drifts a wee bit in that time, it's never a huge amount.

Strong recommendation to all photographers looking for a decent monitor which is damn near NEC/EIZO class for a fraction of the cost.

The USB3 ports on the side are an added bonus.
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on 10 October 2014
Really happy with this screen, definitely one of the best I've had! (and no dead pixels at all!)

The colours are nicely produced and rich in depth and clarity, the blacks are very dark but there is a slight bleed from the backlight that leaks through at the corners - it is more obvious if at a slight angle to the screen - nothing too bad though compared to other brands.
The tilt/raise function is fluid and very easy to operate and the wiring does not get in the way at all - it works really well.

The menus are clear with some nice functions that are fully customizable, however it would have been better if the screen auto-rotated as the physical screen was rotated which unfortunately is not possible with this monitor without going into the menu - or setting a monitor mounted shortcut key. The little thumb joystick is a joy to use and is very easy to operate.

Would I but this monitor again? YES, definitely would without a doubt!
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on 11 September 2013
I will keep this short and sweet...

This monitor is very, very nice. I am really happy with it.
My main concern, like everyone else, was that it would have terrible back-light bleed.

Well I got the monitor, set it up straight away and could not see any backlight bleed at all. The image was really lush. The work I do isn't colour critical, as I have to mix colours in a physical medium, but still wanted decent colour and image reproduction from the monitor. I can't comment on the accuracy of the colours on this monitor, but the image is really nice. I just love this monitor.

Later on that night though... when the sun went down I saw fairly drastic bleed coming from the corners. I was gutted. I tested the bleed with some dark images and watched a dark film. The bleed was noticeable and I found I kept focusing on it as I watched the film. I noticed flat, dark colours would shift in value across the screen towards the corner. I thought I would have to send the monitor back.

Next day, in daylight, it looked perfect again. So I decided the monitor only has problems in a dark room, which is useless for me. However, after a few days (3-4) the backlight bleed seemed to disappear! It seems that the bleed diminishes fairly quickly as others have reported the same.

So to summarize, the monitor I got did have pretty bad backlight bleed. But it has all but gone now and is not a problem at all. If you are looking at the monitor but worried about the backlight bleed I would recommend trying it out. And even if the unit you get does have some bleed, give it a couple of days and you may find it has gone.

I use the monitor for CAD, films, games, reading, etc and I am very happy with it.
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on 14 March 2013
I've had my trusty CRT (19" Iiyama Vision Master Pro 454) for 10 years and have been convincing myself for the last 4 or 5 years that it couldn't be bettered by an LCD. The main reason for buying the ASUS PA248Q was the larger screen size as well as for cosmetic reasons (anything's better than an old beige lump?).

I'll get to the point: The reason it's 4 stars is because of white bleed at all 4 corners on black/dark images. I don't have enough experience to compare it to other IPS LCD's but it is worse than I was expecting, even after reading a few reviews. However, I only notice it on the BIOS boot screens (because they're black), at no other point has it caught my eye, yet. I don't watch films on my PC and I don't play any dark looking games, I mainly surf, use office programs, look through photos and general Windows stuff.
A few other minor negatives are that the blacks aren't that black but they'll do, the cables aren't routed through the stand so when pivoting from Landscape to Portrait the cables twist and pull (not very neat), and being used to modern mobile phones it just doesn't feel right when swivelling the screen to then have to change the Landscape/Portrait settings in Windows instead of it auto-rotating.

If you're going to be using it for very dark things it may affect you, otherwise everything else is good: the colour reproduction and definition is excellent, the anti-glare coating is also very acceptable and much better than I had expected, it's only noticeable on dark screens but still better than a reflection. It's big! Bright, no set-up required and I haven't noticed any ghosting from fast moving images. It's reassuring to know there are lots of settings and options for colours, brightness, contrast etc but I can't see me ever using them as it's factory calibrated.

I compared it side by side with my CRT on the same photo and there's a massive difference, the definition is very surprisingly far far better on the ASUS, the CRT is very soft and quite blurry in comparison at similar resolutions, not something I was expecting. The colours were way off as well on the CRT which I didn't expect but it was never professionally calibrated so that's fair enough, but when I tried to match the colour on the CRT with the calibrated reference of the ASUS I couldn't get anywhere near, I had to change the graphics card settings in conjunction with the monitor settings and only managed a close approximation at best. I'd been thinking for 10 years that my CRT was just about as good a screen as I could realistically buy, but how wrong I was, modern LCD's are definitely up to scratch.
I am somewhat inclined to believe that the CRT was old and past it's best, along with a few house moves that could have knocked it out of kilter but either way, the bottom line is I'm very pleased with the ASUS monitor and recommend it to anyone who doesn't want to look at black screens all day!

NB: I was also considering the Dell U2412M, there doesn't sound like much difference between them except the price and the ASUS is already calibrated which gives piece of mind and saves buying a calibrator. The ASUS also has USB3 and 1:1 pixel mapping which may be useful for some. I've never seen the Dell in the flesh so I couldn't compare the screen quality / user experience of the two.
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