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3.5 out of 5 stars53
3.5 out of 5 stars
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I'm normally a fan of the teen comedies such as this and I found the story to be rather stale, predictable, and lacking very laughs.

Amanda Bynes stars as an over-obsessed fan working at a Caribbean resort for the summer. When her favourite pop star Jason Masters arrives on the island she makes it her goal to meet him. During an evening cruise during stormy weather, her idol falls into the Ocean, and she jumps into save him.

After the storm clears, they end up on an island that is seemingly deserted, and with Jason injured, Jenny doesn't have much option but to try and fend for the both of them. However it doesn't take her long to discover that they're actually on the other side of the resort island. So convinced is Jenny that her dream will come true and Jason will fall in love with her, that she decides to withold the truth from him and spend time with him roughing it on the other side of the island.

It had potential for originality, but throw in the rival girl also after the guys affections and the cookie-cutter stereotypical male best friend who's in love with Jenny, and you've got the whole thing panned out for predictability before the movie even starts.

I was disappointed with this as the trailers had pointed it as being funny and fresh. It's neither.
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on 27 November 2012
This movie is very predictable and rather cheesy. It even made my daughters, aged 12 and 13, cringe. They did watch it however but I don't think its in the favourites box
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on 11 January 2008
This is a great film, especially if you love Amanda Bynes or Jonathan Bennet (Aaron in Mean Girls) but if you don't it's still good!

Funny in places, romantic in others, it has a good message (as Amanda explains on the special features!) about not becomming too obsessed with rock stars, and remembering that your soul-mate may be right in front of your eyes!

It's set at a beautiful holiday resort that reminds you of fun in the sun on your hols, and the lovely sunshine in the movie always makes me happy on rainy winter nights!

It's not too predictable - I certainly wasn't expecting the ending! but it is a lovely ending and having watched it I wouldn't want it to end any other way!

Overall a lovely film to watch with the girls, your mum/daughter and even the boys (I made my brother watch it and he quite enjoyed it!)

Enjoy! :)
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on 21 September 2008
Lovewrecked will appeal mainly to young teenagers.If you like bright,sunny,colourful islands with lots of green palm trees in sight then this is a film worth seeing.The story however and the humour in the film are not so good and I think a little confusing at times especially when people talk too fast.I bought this film because it had chris carmack - of OC fame in it - and he was convincing as the arrogant and talentless rock star who is adored the world over - presumably for his looks.For interesting and humorous dialogue in a sunny location get the OC instead.And for a better impersonation of mary-kate and ashley and jennifer aniston buy any of the films that they star in instead of this one with amanda bynes.
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on 30 March 2016
I had assumed that this film was made on a shoestring budget, but somehow the producers managed to waste $11 million on it. It cost 3 times more to make than it took at the box office.

Why was it such a huge flop? Well for every reason that you can think of.

The script is dumb, unoriginal, and in bad taste. Two bimbo stalkers throwing themselves at a rude stupid singer. Don't expect any good songs, because they actor couldn't hold a tune. A few lines of cheese is all you get. In the background is Jenny's lifelong best freind who not so secretly holds a giant torch for her. The ending you can guess.

Sometimes good actors can my even the worst scripts enjoyable. Not this time. None of the actors are in the least bit interested, in selling the story. All the emotion content is flat. It doesn't help that Bynes clearly shot some of her stuff infront of a green screen. Bynes was an unfortunate casting choice, because she only knows how to be the centre of attention. This plot demanded a more complex role from her and she had no idea how to make her character convincing. The other acting performances were equally terrible, but she must have been getting the lion's share of the budget, as no-one else is recognisable.

The tiny location used was very artifical. About as romantic as a school sandpit. The costumes looked liked they had been picked at random from a cheap catalogue.

The censors gave the film PG-13 for bad taste, which is a pity for the distributors, because the only viewers that might possible like it, are girls under 12. The main selling point is probably the films's blandness. It is a safe, unchallenging film, in spite of the bad taste. Nothing but fake smiles to worry about, which might appeal to those who would find a much more dramatic film like Bandslam, heavy going.

No laughs, no romance, no drama and no surprises. A whole load of triesome nothingness.
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on 4 January 2015
I once had the opportunity to visit a famous kebab shop... everyone I knew said that they had been there and what an experience that was... I visited the shop and ordered their special, when the kebab came it look beautiful and well presented, I sunk my teeth into it and the taste of cinnamon, cloves and other such like exotic spices permeated my taste-buds and than the avocado and cold melted butter... eugh... after all that they had to spoilt. That's what this film like... well presented and packaged but what a disappointment, you'll get more fun watching the trailer. The only reason this gets two stars is because the film Humanity's End exists and ones got to be fair; anything's better than that load of ....
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on 24 October 2010
It's for young girls but actually delivers a pretty bad message - that a young girl should lie and cheat to get what she wants. This is a familiar theme for teenage girlie films but this movie seemed to be just too brazen about it and borders on the edge of "has the girl got mental problems?"

Script and acting all a bit cheap and cheesey
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on 4 March 2012
This film is dreadful and a waste of time. As an Amanda fan i thought this would be similar to the humor and enjoyment i got from She's The Man and Sydney White. I was wrong. It is a waste your money to buy this film as the acting is terrible and although the story-line sounds amusing it didn't make me laugh. What happened Amanda!?
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on 12 December 2014
Story line is a bit bland, take that with so-so acting skills and you have a movie you will probably watch once like I did then stick it at the back of a cupboard.
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on 27 March 2013
The last time (and the only time) I gave a one star rating someone who read it suggested they never took notice of one star ratings because the reviewer was often wrong, however on that occasion they concurred so on this occasion take note 1 star is rubbish you are warned.
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