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4.0 out of 5 stars113
4.0 out of 5 stars
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on 2 November 2012
Assassin's Creed Liberation is great, classic AC gameplay with stunning graphics in the palm of your hand. The heroine makes for a very different character from the likeable-but-cocky male assassins we've met so far - I won't go into too much of Aveline's background, but she gives us the opportunity to see a fresh take on 18th Century New Orleans through multiple guises (equipped as an Assassin, or in disguise either as a lady or a slave). Each disguise/persona can use different equipment, has a different playstyle and will evoke different reactions from NPCs and targets. You can change your setup regularly at changing booths that you can unlock around the city.

The visuals aren't up to console standard, but handheld gaming has rarely looked better. Rich and varied environments are full of detail, and some of the new features of AC3 carry over to Liberation as well (we can now free-run through the trees in the Bayou swamp as you would across the rooftops of New Orleans). Lighting effects are good with better shadows than we have seen in previous Vita titles.

Controls are tight and responsive, and will be an easy transistion from the console tiles. There are some nice new elements to combat too with one technique triggering a slow-motion balletic sequence using multiple weapons to engage crowds of enemies - excellent stuff.

Sound quality is good (especially through in-ear headphones) and the voice-acting is solid and well accented.

Overall, Liberation has massively exceeded my personal expectations and if you have been waiting for a good reason to get a Vita...this is definitely it. If you already have one, then don't miss out.

N.B. There are a couple of negative reviews out on the internet with regards to framerate and sound bugs. Ubisoft issued a day-one patch that has pretty much eliminated these issues. This might account for the difference in review scores on Metacritic depending on whether the reviewers played the game pre-patch or post-patch.
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on 1 November 2012
Great great fun. Havent put it down. At first anticlimaxed by the slow start, but from whence you get into it, BOOM!!!!!!

First really fantastic contribution to ps vita since uncharted and Fifa football. Fifa 13 could not have been more disappointing, but this has raised my spirits and belief in the vita. So happy i bought it. Great fun and really gripping. Better than uncharted. Smooth gameplay and new persona(s) give a whole new feel to the franchise. WOW.
Hope this is ok :)
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on 16 October 2014
Picked this up earlier in the year as my first PS Vita game after getting the system.

Liberations is a good game, filled with the classic gameplay that we've all grown to love with the series as it's progressed. The biggest difference with this, is that you play as a Heroine for the first time in the series history. You play as Aveline, a female Assassin who offers us a different view of the 18th Century in New Orleans. I won't go into the history here, don't want to spoil things for you. As the game progresses, you need to use different skills to get further through. Be it in the form of a lady, slave or the Assassin persona (each have their own equipments and style). Each of these offer a different view of New Orleans, so experiment to see what suits best in free-roam. You can change these persona's through "changing booths" located around the city (more being unlocked as you go)

Graphically, it isn't the best looking game i've seen. But for a handheld game, it has some fine graphics indeed. Environments are rich and full of detail in and around the New Orleans area. Features of III do cross over to Liberations. You have the free-running through the trees in the Bayou Swamp and between rooftops in New Orleans

Liberations does use the Vita's dual touch screen features quite well, there are times it becomes annoying. But a reset/rebalance in-game sorts this right out. The rest of the controls are responsive, providing an an immersive game right in the palm of your hands.

Audio quality is good. More so through the brilliant Headset 2.0 (compatible with PS Vita). It opens the sounds right up, making it more immersive. But even through the standard speakers on the Vita, it is certainly very good. The voice actors/actresses are chosen well, providing great accents for the era.

Having played this from start to finish, i can certainly say it is better than some are saying. There are a few flaws, but they can be overlooked.
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on 8 April 2013
This is a nice showcase for the vita (there isn't a hope in hell that this could run on ds, 3d or otherwise), but it doesn't have much heart and doesn't draw you in. assassins creed 2 remains unmatched in my view. but on its own merits, this game is great fun; though not for the full price.
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on 13 September 2014
This game is awesome! Straight from the start you'll notice how top notch the presentation and polish is in both the graphics and audio departments. This is the first assassin's creed I've played since the original and I am pleasantly surprised how addictive and just generally fun this game is (considering that this game got a lot of 'average' review scores. I downloaded it at 5pm today and have been playing non stop until midnight. I have god of war collection, fifa football and killzone and I would say this is by far the best. You can choose to either be stealthy or go in like crazy slashing things up and the feeling of jumping from building to building is epic.

Highly recommended!
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 22 January 2014
This game is Assassin's Creed Jr. for the Vita. It has most of the features of its big brothers, but on a smaller screen. The big question is how an Assassin's Creed game can hold up on a handheld system. The answer, surprisingly is pretty well. Assassin's Creed has had to make a few compromises to adapt itself to the Vita's less powerful hardware and smaller screen. Texture maps are far more limited and incapable of standing up to close scrutiny. The look of hair and grass/leaves is particularly false looking. Grass is just a series of 2D images lined up perpendicular to each other while hair just looks like oddly-colored lumps. This is particularly obvious in the case of Aveline's stepmother, whose beehive hairstyle is often seen in closeup and looks atrocious. Also taking away slightly from the feel of the game is the fact that you can watch the populace appear from nothing as you get closer.

Given these limitations it is impressive what the game CAN manage to achieve. The city of New Orleans itself is rendered entirely, and looks as good as anything from the other games (apart from the problems already noted). The running and climbing animations are perfect as well, and the character design is well done since the city is populated by a whole series of different looking characters. In fact, in almost every detail this feels exactly like the portable Assassin's Creed game you hoped for but didn't really expect.

Some of the other compromises made for the portable market are a bit more annoying. Instead of the long cutscenes using in-game graphics, Liberation relies on shorter scenes that don't go into as much detail. I actually didn't mind this at first because I got sick of the overdrawn cutscenes in the main games, but after a while I noticed that this meant it was giving out much less plot as well. Throughout the entire game you are told to do things with no explanation given as to why, except occasionally for those times when they explain a lot very fast talking at you as if you know why you're there. Let's give an example: at one point you show up in the bayou with no explanation given and then you follow the arrows to get to somebody who tells you you have to kill somebody. Apparently that is because the target is a bad guy or something? They talk about this as if you already know why you're here and what this guy did. There's some guy there you apparently know, don't ask how because they won't tell you. Then it turns out that your mentor, or perhaps friend, or perhaps temporary partner (without having introduced him the game is unclear) has betrayed you? Somehow. The bad guy says something that is apparently contrary to what that guy claimed. Or something. Oh, and apparently there's someone hacking the game to show you what's really happening. Because there's nothing that makes a game better than having to do bonus quests to have the plot explained to you. Then it's back in New Orleans. Oh, and it's under Spanish rule now. Apparently that's why you were there. Is this important?

I understand why they're doing this. People playing a portable system often have less time to devote to it, meaning that missions have to be shorter and simpler and exposition less in depth. Instead of making shorter exposition however (and it tended to the longwinded already) they've written it at normal length and simply cut random chunks out. I don't know what's going on, except that I have to obey the computer in my head and follow the little markers. The compromises made for the portable market are extremely bad for the game.

On the other hand, from a strictly gameplay focus this works fine. If you're playing the game on the bus on the way to work or during lunch or whatever, this is probably exactly what you want. The miniquests are fun, and the loss of a complex overarching story is less noticeable. The gameplay is exactly like that of AC3, with the exception that some things that were done by the back bumpers are now done by the rear touchpads, and the L3 and R3 buttons have now been moved. The touchscreen, which I always thought of as gimmicky, is now vitally important in providing the extra control inputs that there is no room for on the Vita. The controls are pretty easy and the entire thing flows naturally, even if the analog sticks aren't as responsive as a PS3's. The only complaint I have is that the combat difficulty has been drastically lowered, making it far too simple to kill people.

A nice new mechanic has been added allowing Aveline to switch between three different personas: her assassin guise, her slave guise, and her noblewoman guise. Being notorious in one guise won't affect the others, but you can go around in any guise reducing your overall notoriety. This adds a new level to the game as each guise is treated differently by the populace. As a noblewoman you can go pretty much everywhere you want without anyone stopping you, and can even seduce guards into following you. On the other hand you can't run, jump, or swim, so if you can't charm your way in there there isn't much you can fall back on. The slave guise means that people usually ignore you, which makes it easier to investigate or climb things. The assassin's outfit is basically like the slave's, only all your skills work better. The game takes advantage of this new system quite a lot, and for the first time in a while I actually did feel like a sneaky git while playing.

As I mentioned before the story is nothing special. Admittedly, I don't really like the story in most Assassin's Creed games (the contemporary stuff is boring while the historical stuff is often cheesy or forced) so I shouldn't be complaining about it now. However, I really do need a bit more motivation than 'here is your assignment, do it.' It's nice that they toned down the present day material, but in adapting it to the short timescale of a portable system they have removed the motivations. And that is a real problem.

The big draw here is Aveline, Assassin's Creed's first female protagonist. And she works pretty well. She's not go much personality because of the limited plot, but what little she displays is charming and entertaining. She's a vast improvement over bland-as-muck Conner, who also shows up here in an unnecessary cameo. Other characters are rather limited. I enjoyed her father and respected her somewhat complicated stepmother, but generally speaking they don't go in much for characterizations. I guess something had to be cut. Too bad it was that.

This game is clearly running at the limits of the Vita's capabilities. The game runs well most of the time with only very brief loading times, but I've never had a game more prone to freezing than this one. It's a good thing the game autosaves constantly because otherwise I'd have been screwed. Particularly glitchy are the popup screens telling you how to use the next new function. For some reason if you don't hit X fast enough the game can freeze forcing you to exit to the Vita menu and close the app. It can be very irritating because these are exactly the moments when you want to spend time reading carefully. None of this is bad enough to make the game unplayable, but it is definitely present in a big way.

Assassin's Creed is one of those franchises that probably has no business on a portable system. On the other hand, this is about as good an attempt as can be made to do so. I realize that this is an ambivalent review, and that reflects my feelings pretty accurately. It does have a lot of good game mechanics, but it also has some limitations that are detrimental to the game. The addition of a female protagonist is interesting and adds a lot to the story, but there is precious little story to provide support. The plot is complicated and impossible to follow since they cut large chunks out. The costume-switching aspect is clever, and allows for a more varied way of making assassinations. I did enjoy this game, but at the same time I wished for more. It is as good as a portable Assassin's Creed can get, and I did enjoy it more than 3, so if you're a fan of the games and own a Vita give this a try.

As for other Assassin's Creed games, Assassin's Creed is the first and is set during the Third Crusade. I liked it a lot (not least for its little-seen locations including Jerusalem, Damascus, and Acre), but it wasn't as good as Assassin's Creed II, which made a number of gameplay improvements making the combat system far less broken and introducing the best character in the series: Ezio Auditore di Firenze. This game is set in Renaissance Italy and takes you to Florence, Forli, and Venice. Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood is a direct sequel to the second one and features the return of Ezio. This one takes place entirely in Rome, but the map is so big it doesn't matter. It was probably the best of the games. Certainly it was better than Assassin's Creed: Revelations, which was set in Istanbul but never had as much of a personal touch. Assassin's Creed III takes place in the American Revolution. I'm not a big fan, despite the impressive wilderness locations. I just think that the 1700s are too late to set a game like this in, although Liberation did a fairly good job with it. Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag is set slightly before the third game and tells the tale of a pirate captain, emphasizing and improving upon the ship-to-ship combat that was so fun in number three. There was also a PSP game called Assassin's Creed: Bloodlines, which is far inferior to any of the other games. The Vita is the first portable system capable of providing an entertaining Assassin experience, and the compromises the PSP game had to make just meant it wasn't worth anyone's time.
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on 31 January 2015
I was first a bit half hearted about ordering this game and spending £15 , however it's not as bad as some reviews have made it out too be. As a long assassins creed fan I have felt disappointed with the recent releases of the game and believe no character will be the love we had for Ezio. However this game is not bad. It's got all the ingredients of an AC game , from the crawling up buildings , to being randomly mugged by thiefs. It is graphically good aswell. A real must need for the vita.
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on 26 January 2016
Aveline is an excellent protagonist, far more interesting as a person than Connor of Assasins Creed 3 fame. The graphics, sound and gameplay are all excellent for the vita, arguably the best looking game I have so far seen on this console. It has good options of collectables with really nice unlockable costumes and excellent weapon selection.
Storyline is a little vague and actually getting into the game is a little slow as the mechanics are explored but it is well worth it for the mature gamer. Free running, pick pocketing, chain kills and cargo trading are all here. Hopefully other developers will follow Ubisoft and produce games of this calibre.
Overall - I felt a better game than assassins creed 3, more engrossing, the story and characters are certainly immersive, minus a few bugs and badly executed ideas this is a must have for anyone crazy about either the series or platformers.
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on 23 February 2014
I found this game bland, unimaginative and not enjoyable at all. It was a slog to get through to the end.

The characters weren't believable or interesting and the gameplay and graphics were massively stripped down from what I had grown accustomed to in the AC series. Big disappointment.
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on 1 November 2012
Not being a fan of AC games i bought this to justify having my Vita, I have to say that i havnt stopped playing it.

Graphics a very good and game play is smooth. Like another reviewer the game starts slowly but as you progress it gets better and better.

One of the main things for me is that combat so far has been really simple which makes the game a bit more believable for me and keeps the game and story going at a great pace.

Im now going to buy this for PS3 once finished as you there are linkable features.

Overall 10 times better than expected and one of the best games on Vita so far.
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