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3.3 out of 5 stars45
3.3 out of 5 stars
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on 6 December 2012
1 star is very generous. We loved wii sports resort and wanted a wiiu equivalent, but this is not it. It's shockingly bad. Buggy, unplayable and fun free. Look elsewhere for sports fun.
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on 16 January 2013
Bought because I had played wii sports. Played golf. The golfer got stuck on the green with his knees buried under
the grass. Couldn't quit with resetting the machine.
Game play was awful.
Have since bought the wii version.
Perhaps the manufacturer will eventually update the software so that I don'f feel cheated!
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on 10 December 2012
I have only tried two games. Golf and tennis so far. I can't face anymore yet. I love Sports Resort and thought it would be similar. Golf Sports Connection is difficult to control (I got 13 in sports resort). Green grid is on I can't turn it off instructions come up constantly between shots. Very annoying.

Tennis is laboured and awkward. I gave up there. I will come back and update this as I play other games.

This is the first bad review I have ever given. Just want to stop people paying out money for this. If I could have given it no stars I would!
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on 8 January 2013
I bought this game for myself for Christmas. I (mistakenly) thought that I was buying a game similar to Wii Sports with HD graphics - how wrong I was! I played the game for a few hours with another family member and we both agreed that the game was very poor. The tennis game is glitchy, the players don't respond immediately to your swinging action with the remote which is offputting and spoils the fun. The baseball game is plain stupid, you 'throw' the ball by using the stylus on the gamepad and this doesn't match up with what replicated on the tv screen. The 'sports connection' logo flashes up on the screen all the time and serves no purpose but to annoy. The cart racing game although adequate isn't a patch on Mario Kart and the frame rate isn't good enough for a HD console. I didn't even bother with the golf game. I've already sold the game and will wait for a proper sport sim.
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With Wii Sports doing so well to show off what the Wii could do, it was only natural to expect Nintendo to come up with a sequel for the launch of the Wii U. They didn't, instead choosing to focus on Nintendo Land to do the same thing, so Ubisoft stepped in with a sports game of their own.

Sports Connection seems very familiar at first, despite the introduction of Nintendo's Gamepad screen. There are a wide range of games on offer from Tennis to Golf and even Kart Racing, but it isn't long before you realise that something important is missing.

For a start, your Mii is nowhere to be found, replaced by a generic slightly alterable character to represent you. Secondly, the games feel as if they've had most of the joy sucked out of them.

Tennis and Golf are ok, the controls aren't bad, particularly the swipe controls on Tennis using the Gamepad (you have the option to use this or the standard Wii Remote) and Golf can be pretty enjoyable at times. Baseball, though, is a bit of a faff and involves catching the ball with your Gamepad being used as a glove. The issue with this is that it's just not fast enough or easy enough to do.

(American) Football and Soccer are pretty bad, control-wise, too, which leaves Karting, which is fun with a group of friends but ultimately a shallow experience when compared to a stand alone Kart racer.

The graphics throughout are basic and sometimes a tad glitchy, too. They're not the worst I've seen but certainly not fitting for something as powerful as the Wii U.

With Wii Sports and Wii Sports Resort still working perfectly fine on the Wii U, there really isn't the need for another sports compilation that can't offer anything new and Sports Connection doesn't try hard enough to even get close to these last-gen games.
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on 4 March 2013
She has two other wii u games - Nintendo Land and Just Dance 4. She had a regular wii console before and loves to play these kind of games.

She has rated it only two stars due the poor graphics, no originality - similar but not as good as wii sports. You cannot create your own characters to play the games. On the plus side, there may be parts of the game not seen yet. I will update if she changes her mind.
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on 4 January 2013
this sports game is a step backwards the controls for the baseball are terrible and the other games are just as bad do not buy it is a complete wast of money don't go pay attention to any positive reviews this is the worst game i have ever played
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on 26 December 2014
I am not often moved to write a bad review about something, as everyone has their opinions about games but this game it has to be said is really poor! I stupidly ignored the bad reviews, but not one sport was enjoyed by any of us. Glitches, poor response, odd ideas for two players and not the option for enough players in some cases (golf caddy that seems not to be any help whatsoever just leaves the second player mistified!). Baseball where you have to try and catch the ball (good idea) but is so poorly exectuted it becomes more luck than judgement. I will stop there, but could not recommend this game on any level, and we have shelves full of Wii and Wii U games to compare it to.
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on 17 February 2013
Ok.. I bought this game, thinking that it could not be as bad, as other reviewers had written, i mean, this is UBISOFT?
- But I was wrong, or at least in some ways..

Some of the games like Soccer, is fun when playing with a friend, but still way to simplistic..
Kart Racing is where the most fun will be found, as you got 11 different tracks to compete in. But care in mind, that the framerate in this particular minigame is horrible..

Only buy this, if you're gonna play it with your friends, else just walk slowly away..

- Greetings from Denmark!
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VINE VOICEon 26 July 2013
First of all, I would like to say, I got my copy included in a Bundle deal with my Wii U...
and I can see why it is part of a bundle, because there is no way someone would purposely go out to buy this (no offense to those thinking it is a Wii Sports U style game, we have all been had)

First of all let me talk you through how well it uses the Wii U system...
Well Wii U is double + the power of the original Wii, and with the new game pad this game utilizes NONE of the features.

I only played 2 of the games on this disc, those two are the only ones that interested me, and I am sorry if you want to know more (I may update review once I tried the other games)


The tennis game, uses the Wii Motion Plus controller, does it? because when I played it reminded me of the original Wii Sports Tennis.. you start off playing as if you where there (as Wii Motion Plus tries to emulate) only to find that the racket doesn't respond to your every move, but instead to basic gestures, just like the original Wii remote without plus installed... so you can sit on your sofa and just gently tap the controller when the ball comes towards you and still win without any problems what so ever!

What does the GamePad do during all this.. well simply just display a blank screen, I would have thought it would be able to show like a Umpires point of view, or at least something.. nope just a blank screen, so Tennis doesn't really utilize the GamePad.. oh unless you use the gamepad to play the game instead, but that is even worse! you swipe your shot on the touch screen! We all know how well those sort of games work (if you played on the DS you know what I mean)


Wooooo yeah! Racing around in go karts is always fun! I am sure that this must take full use of the controls, so many potential for the extra screen, maybe the course map can be put on the bottom screen with your opponents position while you are racing.. oh yeah this will be awesome.......
Or it could just be, you race a bog standard kart around some tracks, where you don't get to see the full layout, and have a choice when using the gamepad wether or not to display the game on the main TV screen or the gamepad itself...
Ok lets select the TV screen (as default) what does the gamepad show? The race map? The rearview mirror? The positions in the race?, or how about.. some basic white text scrolling on the bottom saying "Please look at the TV screen" so what about when you swap screens. oh you get the same thing but saying "Please look at the gamepad"

That isn't the worse thing, the worse is the graphics aren't all that, I doubt the GameCube will have a problem producing those graphics, on Karting I done a race where I went through puddles at first they looked really cool reflecting the tree's (ooooh nothing new these days) and then when you get into the middle it just goes blue.. I mean come on! surely it can do better than that?

When you play this game in single player, it really makes you feel like a loner, when you win a race for example, its just you there cheering on the podium, not even the 2nd or 3rd place A.I there cheering on too, I haven't tried this in multiplayer, I dare not let my friends into this game, Most of them are Wii U haters (thinking it is just the same thing with a new control pad)

So my final verdict:

Graphics: 1/10
the graphics of this game won't even make the original Wii sweat, they are just.. well I suppose.. Meh.

Sound: 3/10
the game features good sound effects and music playing in the background so it isn't all bad.

Controls: 1/10
The motion controls are a joke, seems like they were thrown in last minute, most of the time I play the game with the analogue sticks or dpad etc..

Features: 1/10
The game just doesn't utilize any of the features of the Wii U, the fact that all controls default to select Wii Motion Plus controller, it just feels like a Wii game, and a very poor Wii game at that.

Final Score -2/10

I know I gave it a -2, its just writing the final verdict scores and saying this will be a poor game for the Wii let alone the Wii U, just made me realize that this game is just poor all over, if you get it for free included in a bundle, give it a go, but I will say, don't waste your money.. Now the hard part, to find a place to trade it in, or find a poor sap to buy my copy (don't worry I wont sell it on amazon so your all safe!)
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