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4.3 out of 5 stars447
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 25 November 2012
I've always loved the Forza Motorsport games and like many I was wary of this spin-off game. Although I enjoyed the Dirt and Need For Speed series, I wasn't sure how they would fit the Forza style into that kind of open world game, and feared that it may replace the regular Forza games. Well I'm happy to say that I really enjoyed this game, plus apparently it will not be replacing the regular Forza games.
Turn 10 have created a beautiful environment that is fun to drive in, with plenty of decent events, while streamlining the usual process of car upgrading to give the gamer more time to enjoy racing. I had no real problem with how they went about things and had a ton of fun competing the events, which weren't too tough, allowed you to tailor the difficulty to your skills, and got me plenty of quite easy achievement points!
Online was always what I prefer in the usual Forza games however in Horizon I played it much less. Can't say why really, what I played was fun and again, I approved of the changes. It seemed quicker to get into a lobby (the wait always annoys me in the regular Forza games), and there was a nice variety of game types that catered to different skill levels and preferences. Although I enjoy upgrading cars and tweaking, and looking for the best set-ups, I do find that sometimes Forza can be down to whoever has the best set-up for the track and so on, which makes sense but can be frustrating if I don't have the time to endlessly tweak things myself. The different race types in Horizon bypass a lot of that and allow me to get into racing with people with similar set-ups, which I found more enjoyable.
Overall an excellent game and I totally recommend it. Although I'm looking forward to the next Forza too!
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on 26 October 2012
After playing Forza 2,3 & 4 for 50+ hours each I was really looking forward to Forza Horizon. With this game not being your 'typical' Forza I wasn't sure what to make of it but after receiving it on Tuesday and having played it now for 7 hours I am very impressed. First to start off with the gameplay:

GAMEPLAY: 9.8/10

The handling of the cars are solid and alot better than other titles in the past year e.g. Need for Speed: The Run. The variety of events, from ordinary street racing to racing aeroplanes, provide a gu fun. I am very pleased that it has focused on a large variety of events as previous Forza games have felt repetitive after a few hours. From dirt tracks to ordinary tracks the game is consistent in handling and the overall fun of each type of event. The only thing I can criticise is the limited amount of Customisation you can do to the cars. However, the racing element overshadows this.

GRAPHICS: 9.5/10

From day to night racing the graphics are beautiful with the graphics being amongst the best i've ever seen on a racing game. The dirt getting lifted from the road while you are flying down the road at top speed looks even better than it did on Dirt 3. The background detail e.g. buildings, look just as good as they do on any other modern racer and the cockpit looks fantastic. While you are in cockpit view the environment looks beatiful and it looked that good I almost crashed on my first race taking in the scenery.

SOUND: 10/10

Voice-overs are very clear and the sat nav is nice and easy to hear as it turns the radio down while it is on.
The soundtrack to Forza Horizon is the best I have ever heard on a game, it varies from dance to rock to cater for every kind of player. The soundtrack also includes songs that are currently in the Top 40 chart e.g. Porter Robinson - Language showing just how great a set of songs this game involves.

SOUND: 10.0

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on 23 April 2013
I've lost interest in shooter games and I've got more interested in other types of games like racing as I played the demo I got very addicted. I've completed the game though I didn't rush through it. It has great graphics and great racing mechanics. Love that you can customize it though I only played with it once as I like original looking cars. It would of been better if there were more cinematic scenes with the lady who is like a leader of Horizon race festival? Or something. She was kinda hot and there also saying if he won maybe a romance would happen. All Im saying is 2-3 more cut scenes chatting with her and a Kiss at the end. Don't want those Forza die-hard fans moaning that I want to turn this game into a RPG. (LaughOutLoud)
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on 5 November 2012
good points
-different environments
-sound (though should have more differences when in different views)

bad points
-limited vehicles compared to Forza 4 (should have the same or more)
-small map only approximately 10 X 10 miles
-slow loading screens
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on 25 March 2013
recently purchased a new xbox 360 and Forza Horizon was included as part of the bundle and all I can say is wow.
this game does not disappoint, I have spent many hours unlocking various parts of the game and cars.
I have seen on other sites some people say the game is quick to complete.

Unsure what they mean, they must be playing it on extremely easy and just completing certain parts of the game.

Highly recommended for Forza Fans or just those who enjoy street racing games. There is some Rally parts to the game which gives that slight blend between street racing and rally which is enjoyable.
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on 31 October 2012
My title of the review says it all. People should take Forza Horizon for what its ment to be... FUN!
It really is like a nice day off work, after a hard shift at (WORK) on Forza 4, between trying to knock 100th of a second off a lap time, or changing a setup on a car because the rebound on your rear suspension is too stiff, that coupled with the attack setting on the rear diff, its nice to play a racing game and not have to think too much or too hard and just relax. Forza Horizon (THE DAY OFF WORK) does just that....
Fair enough some people might think the career is easy, turn the setting to insane and all driver aids off, see how easy it is now.
People say "Its too arcadey"... it aint meant to be a like for like simulation. If it was it would just be Forza 4.5 or 5.
People say its a "Dirt Clone" or a "Burnout Clone", does that not make every "Non simulation racing" game a clone of something? Or games in general just clones of something.
Its rewarding, easy enough to get the hang of, but difficult to master. And most of all its gorgeously good looking fun to play, solo or online.
My only stipulation is the music is abit chedder'ish. In saying that none of the music i would listen to anyway, but for all intents and purposes, it provides atmosphere and energy to an already high energy game.
If you love cars, driving them fast, the idea of doing a 10 mile sprint down a motorway/highway in a Ferrari F50 or something similar or not as the case may be, the Forza Brand, but want a little something something like Forza 4 that doesnt take itself too serious. Forza Horizon could be the very thing for you.
It aint perfect, nothing is, but for all the charm and fun to be seen and had, you'll forget about that and just enjoy the ride!
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on 30 March 2016
Possible the best game ever! The graphics for the time were amazing! and oh my the cut scene's they of course were just a video but they were spectacular! The game is still fresh today with the amazing multi player. The story/campaign was brilliant, the first mission with the VW Corrado was good showing off the graphics,cars and the festival! It slowly edged you into the massive world with a couple of qualifiers with low class cars which really helped you get a feel for the game and how the ai worked. After the qualifiers it is all up too you. You could just cruse the map or start entering races and going up the wristbands and when you do finally finish the story you get a big check for you to buy and customize cars! Talking of customizing the game has a lot to offer with every car available for upgrades. However I recommend not doing auto up grades and going through each part upgrading as your car will get higher spec. There is also allot DLC content. I mean ALLOT ranging from Transits to Lambo's, Hummers to Jag's luckily I purchased the season pass and got everything and had allot of fun.

Talking of fun the multiplayer. It could of course do normal street races and point to point but the two most popular game modes were by far infected and free roam. Infected was a large area where all 11 people would set out and try not to get touched by the one infected car. If you were touched you stayed infected and went around with the other infected's and try to get everyone till 1 was left being crowned the winner. The lobby chats were certainly lively and I had allot of fun playing this with friends! Now free roam, where do I start. It was the most fun I have ever had! The lobby's are normally filled with youtubers recording cruse's or dragsters trying to see who has the fastest car. This was always fun and never got boring for me and even when it did you just drove round with your friends! The cars were transported from singleplayer so had all your customization even the the custom paint jobs but there was one downside. If you had some DLC and someone else saw your car it just came up as a fully blacked out BMW. There was also a radio in both game modes which was amazing played some bangers! There was actually 3 radio station's one for rock, one for pop and one amazing station for house/edm/dubstep. Some of the tunes they played were the tune to my summer!

To sum this all up a amazing game combining music culture and car culture with an amazing out come! I am very sad that I now own a PlayStation 4 and didn't get the chance to play Horizon 2 or replay 1! But have slight hope as apparently the next Forza (Horizon 3) is on PC!
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on 27 February 2015
I have thrown a lot of time at this game because more than the regular Forza games it manages to imbue a festival atmosphere into it and you progress from relatively slow cars to S class cars - but they're all fun. The regular Forza game feels a bit haphazard but Horizon you feel as if you are climbing up the (not so) greasy pole of the festival rankings.


1. Graphics are top notch. It feels like GTA 5 with driving dynamics. I just loved the backdrops and some of the vistas - top notch presentation in all the menus and graphics as well.
2. The 'one more race' thing. I just kept on racing just felt good to get that extra badge and to get that extra wristband and to win that extra car. Sure, you could buy it (I think I have about 5m at the moment! The money you earn is too much, you should have to grind a bit...) Winning races is about winning cars and thats fun.
3. The atmosphere. As I have already said, there is a feeling of a meetup, of a happening and it somehow solidifies during the game. Some of the in-game characters are total stereotypes but they somehow work.


1. Destructibility. This is an open world driving game...but...some road signs are destructible and some are not. You can hit a picket fence and destroy it...but you hit a bush and you stop dead. It starts to become really, really annoying because is not consistent. You wanna win a race and you want to use every inch of the road - you may go off road or wide and that is obviously bad for the cleanliness of your line, but a bush, really?
2. Weirdities in car equivalencies. Okay, I know this is a computer game...but a Maseratic GT-R with weight reduction will beat a Mini Cooper every day of the week. 500bhp vs half that is just might over matter...but sometimes you lose a race to a slower car and you cannot work out why. It drives me crazy.

All this being said this is a great driving game...but it needs a serious patch,
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on 13 June 2014
I'm a big Forza fan and a racing enthusiast. The idea of Horizon really appealed to me with the festival theme and music. I was hearing some bad reviews however when the game was released so I never got around to buying it. Now that we have seen light of Horizon 2 knowing it will be coming to the 360, I decided to buy the original and I am so happy I bought it. You still have those elements of Forza 4 with that awesome off track feel. Can't wait for the second game!
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on 21 September 2013
What a fantastic game this is, Forza have really out done themselves here. The graphics are amazing, the cars sound real and the handling (which from Forza you would expect to be rubbish) is brilliant and much more realistic. The only complaint I would have is that once you have completed the game you can either go on free roam or multiplayer, if you could do the story again and again it would be a lot better in my view.
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