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4.9 out of 5 stars267
4.9 out of 5 stars
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on 22 July 2014
Another buddy-road-tripping extravaganza rolling out of the USA, but with a twist and I don't mean the supernatural element involving the brothers Sam and Dean hunting vampires, werewolves and things that go bump in the night. I also don't mean the slightly sacrilegious tone that some may find a tad offensive. The twist is that this is one the most consistently scary and yet funny programmes I have seen; a programme that manages to poke fun at itself and the whole horror genre without turning the storyline into something from Scary Movie part 6.
Seasons 1 and 6 are my personal favourites but all the seasons are good, and no one is spared the supernatural treatment including Twilight [which is really funny].
Supernatural? It's just not natural how super this is.
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on 22 December 2014
Really enjoying this series. Knew it was teen-oriented but have been pleasantly surprised by how engaging it is and especially like the little homages to the genre. It's quite X-Files like in structure I.e. a mix of one-offs and the on-going story.

EDIT: we have now finished all 8 seasons and are grieving for our loss. We loved almost every second of it (I hated the ghost facers episode but that was it out of the entire 8 seasons). We're a '30s/'40s couple who love the X-Files and Supernatural in my opinion (the male half our our duo is too loyal to the X-Files to say this) was better. The X-Files sadly lost its way a lot, due in part I've no doubt to Mr Duchovny's ego. But Supernatural has been consistently excellent. The homages to the genre continue, some subtle, some not so. The playfulness, irreverence and comic charm continued throughout. The acting is superb - the boys evidently love their work and well they might. Its intelligent plots continue. The baddy is English - is this intentional or just the typical Hollywood stereotype? But it doesn't matter. Perhaps the only thing you might expect but don't get is spookiness - I can't recall being spooked beyond season 1 - but you don't miss it at all. Perhaps Cass can erase our short term memories so we can watch this again from the start?
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on 30 September 2013
I grew up on Buffy and Charmed, so naturally when Supernatural started in 2005 I had to check it out. Even known certain episodes feel very similar to plot lines that appeared in Buffy and Charmed, I still prefer Supernatural to both tv shows.

Unlike Charmed and Buffy, Supernatural makes it realistic and you almost feel as if it is really possible for a Supernatural world to co-exsist along with the world we know.

The first season has a horror/paranormal feel and you generally can watch some episodes at night and be scared to turn off the light. As the series grows and expands the writers start to take a different direction but they do incredibly well to blend the changing storyline with the original plot line that made the first few seasons great.

I consider season 1 - 5 as one big storyline that is streatched out over five seasons. Unlike alot of other shows who do a new storyline each seaon. Season five brings the storyline to a natural end but due to the shows popularity they couldnt resist carrying it on. So from season 6 - present they have took a major turn. Some fans tolerate the change, while others have switched off but true fans like myself absoultly love the new path the writers have took the show down and the writers were hoping to give the show a true natural ending with season 10 but due to the the rise in popularity of the series once more, I believe as of 2015 that the writers are already working on a 11th season!
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on 8 November 2014
Well, if you love supernatural and have been watching it from the start, then this is a no-brainer.
It's (or was) great value and I love the show... and hence love the box set as it's value for money for fans and general buyers alike.

Also check out the new Amazon prime show "Constantine" and as a lateral move, the collected episodes of "Sapphire and Steel".
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on 13 October 2014
Another excellent series coming to us from the states. We are introduced to the Winchester brother, Sam and Dean and their lives following in their fathers (John) footsteps, hunting anything living or dead that goes bump in the night (or anytime for that matter)

Not only dose this series have the full on supernatural horror from all things evil, the witty banter and excellent sibling relationships between Sam and Dean adds an extra side to this box of goodies.

I have watched every episode of Supernatural and have now made the ultimate purchase. I love Sam and Dean Winchester and there ups and downs. I am now introducing my sister to the whole Supernatural family. We are currently on season 2 and she is hooked already.

For anyone who loves these kinds of American TV series, definitely give Supernatural a go, you wont regret it

5* Entertainment all round
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on 13 December 2013
This is a must-watch program for any teenager (or adult, not reccomended for small children) who is interested in things out of the ordinary. The show is made to feel like these kind of happenings could easily happen in a real life situation, and i believe they could! It will make you laugh, cry and filled with anger throughout all eight seasons. Fantastic actors and plor throughout. As for the delivery and condition, arrived in good time on the estimated delivery date, in good condition. Just one thing to point out though, the box it came in was too big for the product, and could easily hold two of these boxsets in. Condition was great, new as promised and the box itself is hardwearing and easily slots into any shelf.

A must watch overall!
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on 14 August 2015
Ok here goes. This is a review in progress because I have just finished season 6 so I have 3 more seasons to go. I originally bought this because of a review I had read that said if you like Buffy or charmed then this is for you. While I am a huge charmed, buffy and Angel fan, I am an even bigger X files fan and despite the creator of this series saying that he wanted each episode to be like a mini horror film, I still think that it is very much like the X files even the writing for the names on the title screen. This is not a problem for me as I love the X files, where I have a problem with this series is the two main characters, neither of which I have warmed to over the past 6 seasons. This is not to say that they are not good actors, but I just don't care enough about them as characters. I also find it very repetitive the constant dying of one or other of the brothers, always going to hell and then being saved. Once was enough so to have another season with the other brother dying and being brought back, well lets just say Season 4 has to be the worse season so far and one that I ended up skipping or fast forwarding through the episodes. I also think this whole angels and demons has gone on too long ( 2 seasons now). Where it had it strong points was in the different stories that the brothers tackled each week, so Season 1 was good. Now as they are obviously trying to continue a story line, it is getting very repetitive. I am also not a fan of the whole brother partnership. The reason why the X files was so good was that you had a man woman dynamic and I think that if they could have included a female to join the brothers it would have been better. I mean how stupid are the women who keep sleeping with them and having one night stands. Also the Ghost facers are some of my favourite episodes, could they not make more of them in the future episodes? The episodes that have been interesting have been when they are working with a female hunter or counter part. The gag reels are great and actually made me like the male actors alittle bit more, but with the looming death of Bobby to come, there will be even less characters to care about. I have given this series 3 stars for the cameo appearances of other actors, some from the X files, stargate atlantis, Buffy , CSI new york and many others , one star for the stories and one star for the special effects. It loses two stars for the main characters and constant dying of these main characters. I will update this review when I have finished the last three seasons, for now I am giving myself a break from it and going back to Helix.
Update 23rd of August 2015
Well it is official, I am giving up with Supernatural. Only one decent episode on Season 7 and have just snoozed my way through Season 8, I haven't got the strength or the interest to watch Season 9. How many times can the brothers die, be possessed or fall out, and the Angel and Demons thing has gone on far too long. I think this series must be for the teen age group, because I don't get the appeal. Season 8 did have one redeeming feature, the amazing Amanda Tapping. Thanks to her brilliant acting, I am donating Supernatural to the charity shop and rewatching, the under appreciated and too short series Sanctuary.
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on 28 March 2014
A real treat for any Supernatural fan, should keep you occupied for many months. Very nice deluxe box, with many central characters used for the art. Fair price too, although the blu ray version is a bit more pricey. The first few seasons have a very 'monster of the week' vibe. Some stories can also be seen as spins on old Buffy and X-Files tales. But it is still very enjoyable, with some good scares and occasional action. It is stronger in later seasons. Jared and Jensen are great as Sam and Dean. Two brothers who hunt all forms of evil forces. You find out about their childhoods, their father, their relationship, and what drives them throughout the episodes. Contains some great humour too, mostly from Dean. Rock music fans may enjoy the show too, since their car radio ofter plays Black Sabbath, AC/DC, and Metallica. A top show for horror lovers that may not win awards for originality. But it is entertaining and has good extras in the collection too.
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on 30 April 2014
The Winchester boys in 8 seasons of supernatural on DVD!!! Of course it's got 5 stars.
My daughter got me into this show. I'm not a fan of horror at all and have avoided anything scary for years. The first 2-3 seasons of the show are quite creepy and scary at times. Having finished the box set there are still a few episodes from the earlier seasons that freak me out. But as the show goes on it becomes less scary and more about the gorgeous men who star in it.
The characters are believable and make you feel for them and care about them. They will make you laugh, cry, get mad and sometimes totally disagree with everything they do. But you will love them, maybe even fall in love with them. You will watch back to back episodes and be desperate for more!
I love this show, and I didn't expect to even like it.
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on 20 February 2015
What can I say Supernatural is a fantastic show and it's even better on Blu-Ray with 1080p HD picture and excellent sound quality my advice is if you're a fan of Sam and Dean buy this Boxset you won't be disappointed
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