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4.0 out of 5 stars275
4.0 out of 5 stars
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67 of 69 people found the following review helpful
A group of American tourists in Bangkok are convinced to visit the isolated Rook Islands, a beautiful tropical paradise off the normal tourist track. Unfortunately the islands are also in a state of civil war, with the native Rakyat tribe battling pirates and drug-runners who have taken over the area. The Americans are taken prisoner by the pirates, but Jason Brody manages to escape and find sanctuary amongst the Rakyat. He is trained in the ways of war, but as he seeks out his friends and tries to take down the pirate leader, Vaas, he risks losing his soul as the violence and conflict intensifies.

Far Cry 3 is the third title in the Far Cry franchise, though it is not a true sequel. It does not share any story or character elements with its two predecessors and can be played fully independently of them. What it does share is the same ethos: a dedication to providing a story-driven single-player experience within a sandbox environment, giving the player immense freedom in deciding how to proceed.

Far Cry 2 was heavily criticised for featuring a similar approach, but not doing enough with it. The game's annoyances - almost non-existent characterisation and of course the frequent road checkpoints with near-instantly respawning enemies which made travel across the map excruciatingly frustrating - overwhelmed the game's conceptual strong points, such as its 'buddy' NPC system and rich atmosphere. The designers of Far Cry 3 seem to have borne the previous title's problems in mind and provided a counter for every one of them whilst reinforcing those elements that did work. In short, Far Cry 3 finally fulfils the potential its predecessor squandered, and redeems the franchise.

The game employs a number of different systems which work in tandem to make it more engrossing for the player. There's a campaign story which you can follow, in which Brody rescues his friends one-by-one before trying to kill Vaas and his ally, the drug-runner Hoyt. However, at the start of the game Brody is a nobody with no combat training and no ability to carry lots of guns around. To improve your chances of survival, you can undertake training missions for the Rakyat or go hunting animals to improve your aim. Skinning these animals also allows you to craft holders, bandoliers and backpacks, allowing you to carry more ammo and gear. However, your map at the start of the game is almost devoid of any useful information: to open up more map information, you have to ascend radio towers and download information from them. Travelling around the islands is also hazardous due to enemy checkpoints and strongholds. To reduce the number of enemies roaming the islands, taking out these outposts is essential. Unlike Far Cry 2's instantly-respawning bases, however, the outposts in Far Cry 3 stay cleared once cleared. In fact, Rakyat forces soon show up and these outposts become havens for resupply and re-equipping between missions. Outposts also generate their own missions, with side-quests, further hunting challenges and assassination assignments becoming available.

In short, there is rarely a lack of something to do in Far Cry 3. It's up to you whether you pursue the single-player storyline to the exclusion of everything else, or put it on hold whilst clearing up all the side-quests first, or (more satisfyingly) mix and match as you proceed. There are whiffs of the Elder Scrolls and GTA series in the game's freeform structure, with the same potential for unintentional dark comedy: laying down a minefield to trap unwary enemies only for the mines to be detonated by a wayward crocodile, or standing triumphant at the entrance to a freshly-liberated outpost only to be run over by a jeep carrying your over-exuberant allies. The game's addition of upgradeable skills and experience points continues the franchise's evolution into a pseudo-RPG, whilst it is a huge improvement over both its predecessors due to its much stronger characters. I can't remember the name of a single NPC from Far Cry 2, but the likes of Vaas, Hoyt and Citra definitely rank amongst the more memorable characters from recent first-person shooters.

Graphically, the game is lush and even beautiful. Whilst not quite the equal of the still-astonishing Crysis in its depiction of a jungle environment, it is still a remarkable graphical environment. Combat is much more satisfying than its predecessor, with a pleasing mix of long-range sniper and close-up assault options. The 'magic binoculars' from Far Cry (and missing from FC2) return, allowing you to 'tag' enemies and keep track of them even through walls. Whilst still being completely nonsensical, they are nevertheless a vital and welcome tool to help plan attacks.

On the negative side, the game is tonally disjointed. The main storyline features a thematic element in which your character's evolution from urban city-dweller to mystical jungle warrior (complete with magical tattoos) is commented on, with a sideline in musings on the corrosive effects of violence on the soul. Whilst it remains interesting that a game which features shooting people in the head actually takes time out to dwell on the consequences of such violence, it's also the case that this element is not particularly developed very far. Also, every violent game of recent note has done this, leading to the suspicion that such an element is being thrown in as a sop to justify its violence rather than a genuine attempt at commentary. Less philosophically, the game sometimes feels like a bit of a mish-mash between a linear, story-driven adventure and an open-world free-for-all, with the two sides of the game not meshing as well as they good.

Ultimately, Far Cry 3 (****½) is a ridiculous amount of fun. As a pure first-person shooter, it's the finest example the genre has thrown up in several years. It's a careful and successful refinement of the best elements of its predecessors, with the negative factors mostly removed. Whilst not as broodingly atmospheric as the recent Dishonored, in terms of a game being a sheer joy to play, it's a triumphant success and one of the best games of the year.
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on 13 January 2013
I was going to give this game 4 stars, but it would be wrong to, the title of this review actually happened in the game... In the depths of a jungle, I found a photo of a dwarf in a crate in a pond. No game that ass-backwards random gets any less than a five.

Any great, big, complicated, stuffed to the gunnels game is going to have problems, bugs, glitches, etc. are par for the course, then there are gameplay elements ported in from the console versions, QTE being a real bad example, having to mash a key repeatedly while under stress isn't fun... Its a job... Far Cry 3 makes a big mistake in QTEs which is to throw in a number of different keys so, say you get attacked by an animal, you will find yourself having to switch from the 'WADS' for movement to rapidly mashing 'c' or space randomly, its not great. And then there is the god awful checkpoint system... These two miserable aspects of play don't tarnish Far Cry badly enough to lose a star...

Now we have the soup out of the way lets move on to steak... The game itself, if your an old gamer, you might remember Hunter on the Amiga with some degree of love, the joy of the freedom of that game echos strongly in Far Cry, its a pure sandbox.
From the opening a strong story emerges that is reminiscent of The Beach and a bit of Lost, its a story that will suck you in, then you are left to run about one of the most incredible game worlds and you are gone... So is your life, time has no meaning, there is always a 'whats over that hill' or 'just one more outpost' before you pass out from sleep deprivation. The games island has a feeling of a living past, from ancient temples, Japanese base in WW2 to modern pirates and drug dealers the remnants of those who lived on the island are scattered everywhere, this game rewards explorers, not just with stories, but in game benefits from weapons to skills.
Skills are a big part of the game, hunting plays a massive part and the game urges you to become an 'anti Moses' killing 2 of every damn animal you find, and there are a lot of them, the vast range of wildlife you destroy is then utilized to expand your carrying capacity with stylish leather wear.
If your a little squeamish the game can go a little far with hacking chunks off animals... But its nothing to player healing... Which I'm not going to spoil.
That I think is one of the most interesting aspects of Far Cry 3 no review can 'spoil' or cover all the things that are in this game, there is so much to do, see, loot, and so many vehicles to be TWOK'd (Taken without the owners consent) that you are just going to have to go and see for yourself, go on! This is one show absolutely worth the price of admission.
Without doubt Far Cry 3 is one of those rare games that will be sitting in the much loved camp of my shelf with Fallout 3, Oblivion, Skyrim and Dishonored... Five stars.
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5 of 5 people found the following review helpful
on 26 February 2013
Fantastic, fantastic, fantastic!!!

Yes, that good. Really! I can't stop playing it even though I've completed the games story/plot line. It lets you carry on even when the story is complete!

Having been let down by so many 'Top' games over the past couple of years it really is a relief to find Far Cry 3 has renewed my faith in FPS games.

The story is like a film script/screen play. The animation is superb and the character acting excellent, especially the Vass character. You meet a lot of different 'interesting' characters as you progress, all well acted and animated.

Though there is a story and mass of missions to complete you can still roam the island and go hunting, both game and pirates. So you are relatively free to do as you want. Plus you get to amass many different weapons, skills and money.

The addition of so many living creatures on the islands really affects how the game plays, especially the predatory creatures. As well as looking out for pirates and mercenaries you have to constantly be aware of what is roaming around nearby e.g. tigers, bears, wild dogs and many more. You can be perched on a ridge overlooking a pirate camp planning your attack when suddenly you hear a roar or growl very close and realise you're in danger. So first priority is to remove the predator threat then get back to the mission in hand.

This all adds to the atmosphere of the game.

You can also drive different land vehicles, fly using a hang glider, parachute from the ski or later in the game use your flyin suit. Also boats, jet skis and more.

The story keeps you interested and never becomes dull with many objectives to complete and friends to be saved. And all along your character (Jason) starts to change as he is affected by the things he has to do and endure. Excellent!

I could go on and on as I can't emphasise how good this game is. Received it on release date and I'm still playing it.

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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
on 4 January 2013
Overall I enjoyed Far Cry 3 - it recaptured enough of what made Far Cry excellent, and avoided enough of what made Far Cry 2 'nexcellent' - and so, if you enjoy reasonably open & non-ish linear game play set in a lovely jungle/island sand pit, then this is the game for you.

The hang-gliders are back and working well, so are the boats, and the zip-lines prove mildly amusing. The 'rewards/experience/skills' system works pretty well - new weapons get opened as you progress, and you'll need to progress along most game-paths (story-line, side stories, and 'other things') to reap all rewards. Similarly experience points bring new skills (to choose). Weapons can be upgraded albeit in quite a limited way - normally silencers, scopes, extended magazines and paint jobs.

The need to gather plants/animal skins is really not a big thing in the game, so I am suprised to read so much opprobrium vented on these areas. Whereas being attacked out of the blue by a tiger as you try to sneak up on a distracted guard is... erm... distracting... but then watching the guard post get overrun by said tiger is wildly amusing.

The first island is a hoot - and sets you up nicley for the second island, expecting much... and waiting... and expecting... and waiting... and... oh... it's finished... oh...... In fact the second island actually had me thinking that the Trigens really needed to make a re-appearance to liven things up a tad, as on the second island you are ignored by the mercenaries and it feels a little like all the best ideas have been used up by the time you get there - shame to say!

Overall I was left a bit disappointed - don't get me wrong this is a good game - 4.5 stars for the first island, 2.5 for the second - but in single player mode it's not a game to reward repeated play in the way Far Cry did, with its ability to replay specific maps/areas.

Is it a good game, yes! Is it a great game... well... very nearly. So it's back to STALKER for me...
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29 of 33 people found the following review helpful
on 11 December 2012
I'll try my best to stay clear of any spoilers during this review.

So, Far Cry 3.

The game I found to be extremely fun to play, through till the very end.

The good points:

- Stealth, the game allows you to sneak around as much as you want undetected. I loved this addition to the game, it brought me much pleasure stealthily moving through a camp eliminating targets one by one.

- Vaas, as many of you are probably aware, Vaas is one of the games main antagonists. He's a brilliantly sculptured character who's complex and terrifying.

- The Jungle. The wildlife in the game adds another dimension to it, which is rarely featured in most games. Using the elements around you really immerses you into the game. Using the animals to upgrade your gear really makes you go out of your way to hunt and feel at one with the jungle.

- The Story Line - I found the majority of the characters, mostly the islands inhabitants, to be riviting. They're all believable and some leave you feeling honestly spooked by them. I'll explain more later.

- The Graphics. Many people really won't bother too much about this, however, as a PC Gamer I believe it's great to see games trying to make them as visually stunning as possible.

The bad points:

- The Graphics, I'm sure some people won't be able to run it on their PC therefore potentially a problem, although if this is the case buy it for the Xbox or Playstation. (Sort of a Moo point)

- The Story Line. Without giving anything away it's hard to say why. However, I found the game to be slightly rushed towards the end. Which is a shame as the game could have really blown your mind, but it failed to deliver. This doesn't deter me from the overall success of the game though.

- Multiplayer. Not really an issue with me personally as I never would have expected myself to play Far Cry for it's online capabilities, however not surprisingly I found the online game play boring. The loading times between matches are slow and take too long to keep me interested in it. To be fair though, I've played it very little therefore slightly not fair to judge completely.


I'd give the game 9/10.

It implemented some really great features into the game and the characters were truly unique. My biggest critique would be that the second half of the game, although remaining fun to play, doesn't compare to the first half of the game.

If I've not managed to persuade you to buy the game, be patient. Steam will no doubt reduce the price during the Xmas sale, then you have no choice.

I hope this helps you make up your mind. Thanks for reading!
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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
on 29 December 2012
Graphics are amazing, the island is beautiful, all the guns are fun to use, all the vehicles are fun. People are saying the story is weak but I loved it! The side quests are fun and usually a challenge (hunting a "man eater" shark with a bow and arrow). The stealth is the best I've ever played. I just loved sneaking around the outposts killing everyone with my machete and chaining my kills together. I only saw one glitch where I went through a mountain whilst using the wing suit. the only real complaint I have is there are so many vehicles that can't be used. there are old motorbikes in scrap piles, helicopters and planes on airstrips that we can't use. Even an armored vehicle that the bad guys use.
Best game I've ever played.
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VINE VOICEon 26 March 2014
A group of american tourists visit a beautiful and unknown place called Rook island, little do they know what lays in wait, capture, kidnap, slavery. Your separated from your friends and know nothing of the place you find yourself except for that its unsafe, and under pirate law. So go on, start killing or they'll kill you...

Once I jumped into FarCry 3 the first thing that hit me was the graphics, and they really did hit like a tone of bricks. I often found myself just wandering around the island looking on at the lovely mountain views in awe of them. You don't need a beast of a PC to play it. I managed 60+ FPS on a £130 GPU on Max settings. Anyway, about the game.

The game mechanics are smooth and well rounded. Allowing you to peak over cover and slide to get behind walls without taking away any of the realism. The weapons at well balanced and don't seem overpowered, in my opinion one of the worst sins of a video game is over the top guns. The levelling up system really encourages you to play for that little bit longer each time you jump in and gives you one hell of a reward when you do upgrade. giving you new abilities and strengths. Dotted around you will find enimy outposts, they are a fun addition and a great idea I want to see in FarCry 4 as well, they allow you to lay traps, lay in wait, outsmart the guards...or to just blow things up and caused mayhem... They also can make a nice break from the story if you want some time off.

The story, whilst sometimes no more than an excuse to blow things up and mindlessly kill people, was more than entertaining enough to keep me interested. But at times did seem a little far fetched, but we don't play games to be in real life now do we? Finding each of your friends one by one gives enough missions to make a long and fun story, and watching your character evolve from a bit of a wimp into a ruthless phycopath bent on island domination is fascinating to watch and play. The other characters are very rich, none of them seem shallow or added on. Each one has a good reason to be there and plenty of convincing back story. Vas, the happy chap sitting on the front of the box, is one of the best vilans in gaming since GLAdOS herself. Such a lot of character with good voice acting. A pure evil phycopath, yet somehow likable.

The multiplayer is quite a let down though, I think the game could have easily done without it, it gets a little dull after a few games and unless you play with friends is a grind-fest of a time, the servers for it are mostly dead by now anyway so just forget about it.

The map editor can be a few hours fun, allowing you to easily create your own maps with minimal practice, but ultimately they get a little dull as well. However on the part of Ubisoft I am impressed on how simple an well made it is,

Overall FarCry 3 is one hell of a game that will offer MANY hours of explosions, killing, story, superb graphics and a lot of flying lead. For the current price its a must have for any gamer on any platform. And the replay value is good, you can change up your tactics and have a hole new game to play. Only place it falls down is the multiplayer, but you can just forget it exists and go blow something up quite happily...

4 Stars, Ubisoft has done well with this and I can't wait for another instalment of it.
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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
on 1 April 2013
A much awaited game, 1st, key code not accepted, so had to go through `e`mail conversation to get it fixed, Not a good start!
2nd, have to go online to start playing the game before you can play off line & I have`nt the quickest B/band speed,
3rd. game freezing/ blanking out mid game & having to quit out & start the session over again, this is really annoying & frustrating.
4th. NO quick save feature.
A good game when & while its working.
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
on 7 February 2013
From the outset the game looked promising, nice scenario to explore, bad guys to shoot and missions to solve. Unfortunately after playing through the games the extra missions and collecting tasks become a bit pointless after a while as you rapidly increase in skill anyway so don't need to complete all sub missions. The game has taken some normal facets which people have come to expect and expanded these out into annoying elements. For example at the start you can only carry one weapon until you craft extra holsters and you can only carry limited numbers of syringes. It certainly does have its good points though the trials missions are good fun, the explosions great and some of the later weapons nice and meaty. It certainly is no skyrim in that you can't interact with any character even though there are hundreds of them across the game and the cash rewards for loot are pretty low. Although after awhile you only need cash for ammo if you can't be bothered to loot dead bodies. So overall a fair game.
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6 of 7 people found the following review helpful
on 11 January 2013
First off, you don't need a Quad. Maybe it's nice, but you don't need it. This game seems to run really well on my Core 2 Duo E7500 2.9Ghz with 4GB Ram and Nvidia GTX 260 card. I even turned the graphics up from the optimal settings to high and it still looks and runs fine. In fact it runs better than Crysis, a six year old game. It looks nothing like Crysis though, it looks like Far Cry 2 with the colour turned on. It's how Far Cry 2 'should' have looked.

Before running download the 26MB 3_1.04 patch. Cos' if you don't you will go mad and have to be admitted to the asylum.

Now slog through the first mission where you have to do things the 'ubisoft way'. It's a bit like being told to take your football outside and have some fun, but only after you've agreed to a few arbitary rules to 'control the fun.' Here are a few tips to avoid having to re-boot your PC mucho times.

First, when in mission 1 you are forced to collect the plants and the skin of two boars, go for the blue plant first. It's in the water. If the arbitary crocodile gets you, you'll have to play from the beginning of the mission, so to save time - get eaten early. The third or fourth time you play the mssion the crocodile won't be there.

Then get ALL the other plants, then shoot the boars. Do this even if the game tells you you can try the translocating to another point on the map trick, BEFORE you've got all the plants. This is because after this you will have another encounter from Reuben the journalist from Far Cry 2, who has changed his name (it's him alright)to Dennis. He will anoyingly want you to learn skills associated with the stupid tattoo's - a word he can't pronounce properly. He will force you to craft 2 syringes out of leaves - for goodness sake. If you have failed to collect the requisite number of plants (I missed a green one), the game will then hang at the 'craft menu'. There is no option to defer, or go round this. When you've gone back, replayed the mission, eventually dodging the crocodile and collecting ALL the plants (all the plants soldier!), you will be dumped into the mispronounced 'tattoo' skills menu. You would normally be rebooting your PC fifteen minutes later, (as I did), unless you work out - by telepathy - that in order to get out of the skills screen, you should double click each open icon in the different categories. Intuitive or what?
I'd say 'or what' to be honest.

Next you have to go to a village - again no choice - and kill all the pirates. You've only got a pistol. don't waste your time on this one trying to use 'stealth'. As soon as you fire the pistol they'sll be down on you like a swarm of wasps. Get extra ammo off the dead pirate by the road, hide in the first building and come out blazing away. You'll get killed the first couple of times, or one of your idiotic conferderates will, but don't worry about that. If you try the recommended stealthy approach you'll get killed every time.

Here's the really good news. Once this is over you're free of the mission structure. You can grab an AK47 off a dead pirate and go anywhere, and there are loads of places to go.

I think it is basically, 'half-finished', but it's still brilliant. If you've played Crysis, Crysis Warhead and Just Cause 2 there is nothing else out there that's comparable. To play it is most like Just Cause 2. It is not like the grim Stalker and Fallout Series, or the frankly sick Bioshock and Doom - which I thought left a nasty dark brown taste in the mouth. (Yes, I know they were big hits - just not with me).
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