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Far Cry 3 (Xbox 360)
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on 1 April 2013
I very rarely feel inspired to write reviews on games, but I feel compelled to with Far Cry 3 as it is simply glorious. I've been feeling incredibly disillusioned with gaming of late, having not purchased a new title since F1 2012 when it was released late last year. For a FPS to pull me out of this doldrum is really something.

Let me be clear here: I've struggled to get excited by action games lately because I feel too many developers are happy to play the easy COD/Battlefield/Gears of War linear cinematic shooter card to score easy points. Frankly, having played the aforementioned games to death, I lost my enthusiasm for scripted shooters and with it my enthusiasm for shooters in general. The last shooter I played that I found genuinely exciting was Red Dead Redemption.

My honest appraisal of FC3's gameplay is that, despite being a FPS, it is much closer to something like RDR or even Skyrim. You get given a mission with a point to go to and something to do there, but how you go about achieving it is up to you. Walk, drive, swim, boat, even zipline to get there, and then take down your enemies by run-and-gun, stealth, sniping or a mixture. Adding to this is a detailed crafting system whereby you can hunt and skin animals or collect plant life and use the spoils to create improved bags and holsters for your weapons and ammo, or syringes of natural drugs that boost your health or abilities. Add this to a levelling-up system that allows Skyrim-style selection of perks (and a small addition to your character's tattoo sleeve, which is a great touch for a tat fan like myself) and you find the gameplay has so much more depth and replay value than a generic modern shooter.

The open-world sandbox nature of the game makes one-off events much more varied and unpredictable. As an example that I experienced recently, parking up at the side of the road at the unexpected sight of some wildlife in the thick jungle off to the side, sneaking off to hunt them, and returning to find that during your absence a carload of pirates have pulled up and are checking out your abandoned car. This sort of thing is what I love to see in action games.

Graphics and sound are excellent too. A lush tropical paradise is an ideal and in some way cliche setting for a game but it's really depicted well here, from the foam forming on waves breaking on the beach, to translucent dirt outside the range of your jeep's windscreen wipers. Guns all have their own unique individual sound which varies depending on your surroundings, and the wet squelch when you run your hunting knife through an adversary's windpipe is cringeworthy in its realism. I love that you hear your own character speak frequently as well; too often nowadays the protagonist is left faceless and characterless.

I've heard the only real downside of this game is that the multiplayer isn't as excellent as the solo game. Unfortunately I can't comment on that as my Xbox isn't online anymore. To be honest I like the fact that a developer has focused more on a good single-player experience than multi as not all of us want to play deathmatches against precocious 12 year old snipers all the time (take note, Infinity Ward and Treyarch). Apparently there is a map creation tool which could be good if implemented properly but as I say, if you're more of a multiplayer gamer I'm not the one to ask.

Overall I can't recommend this game enough. I feel it has re-invigorated my love for games and offers that "just another 10 minutes before bed" factor that I haven't experienced in a long time. If you have been suffering similar reservations about games of late, I suggest you go for it.
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on 4 January 2013
I knew very little about Far Cry 3 for a long time. I've never played the first or second, and it wasn't until I saw it at number 1 of the amazon games chart I noticed it. Thank God I did because this is in my opinion, is one of the best games of 2012.

Far Cry 3 is an open world first-person shooter video game, set on a tropical island found somewhere at the intersection of the Indian and Pacific Oceans. When a member of a group of vacationers are kidnapped by a pirate lord and slave trader (Vass) escapes from the pirates, he must fight for survival, train, and attempt to save his friends before it's too late.

Let me start by saying how amazing the plot of the game is, from the minute the game opens you are hooked. The plot is dark, twisted, and gets deeper and deeper as you progress through the game. The characters, (particularly the lead Jason and main antagonist Vass) are brilliant, well developed and acted. The development of Jason is some of the best I've ever seen in a game, going from a scared young man who's never fired a weapon, to a bloodthirsty killer, becoming something he is fighting against. Vass is brilliant, he's twisted, he's sick, he's witty (particularly at the start) and is in my opinion the best villain in gaming this year.

The graphics and setting are also fantastic, the island is literally alive. The pirates are always actively hunting you down, searching for you on foot and in vehicles. The same can be said about wildlife, which are fantastic additions to the game. I'll never forget viewing a tiger chasing deer on the other side of a river where a crocodile was to attack me. Brilliant.

Vehicles are also a plus, differing from jeeps, to boats, to hand gliders, all of which are fun to use.
The game has a number of side missions, all of which are diverse and extremely fun to play. These include killing antagonists for rewards, delivering items in set times, hunting down animals for crafting, reclaiming radio towers to unlock numerous features, infiltrating and taking over pirate bases. All of this on top of a lengthy campaign adds up to hours of game play.

The multi-player is also pretty good, particularly the co-op maps. There are the classics such as deathmatch and some interesting original additions. I can't really say much about the multi-player because it doesn't really appeal to me. I came to the game for an incredible story and that is what I got.

In conclusion, this game is excellent, and is amongst my top 5 games of 2012. Its well-worth the price, providing and excellent story and open world experience. A fantastic game throughout.

Final Verdict:
Gameplay: 10/10
Graphics: 10/10
Open-World Setting: 10/10
Story: 10/10
Multiplayer: 7/10
Action: 10/10
OVERALL: 9.5/10 (5 Stars)
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on 27 December 2012
This game just ate my day. I've been waiting for this game for what seems like an age so when I got my lovely Amazon parcel on my doorstep today excited was not a big enough exclamation. I can say with all authority that this game didn't let me down at all. In fact i can only find two problems with the game at all and I've been playing for 8 hours solid.

The first issue is the map i love the fact that you can only fast travel to certain locations and can only do that once you have taken over an outpost, however for some reason i find it hard to actually put the cursor onto the fast travel spots. The cursor jumps to it when its close enough but if you hold it a bit too long it jumps on the goes over it very annoying but not really much of an issue.

Second issue is the giant killer birds that seem to kill me more often than tigers, leopards and any other species you care to mention, they do say that the jungle is a dangerous place though so I think I can let that slide.

OK so I'm fairly certain that my five star rating will convince everyone I like this game but I would just like to say a few things that make it better than the second far cry.

1. Faster cars, every car has been ramped up with extra speed and cooler handling got to be a good thing.
2. Modifiable weapons, most weapons come with a variety of different upgrades that be purchased at any safe house.
3. Saving, you can now save at any time and don't have too travel miles and miles and miles to a safe house to save.
4. Aquatic creatures and more underwater features such as ship wrecks.
5. More detail on the map, its not like in the second far cry there wasn't any detail it just happened to be all in little chunks with loads of nothing in between. This map has loads of detail even in places you wouldn't expect.
6. It's easier to get money and unlock weapons, far cry 2 was based on you finding diamonds in briefcases all over the map or completing missions, where this is currency based which you can find almost anywhere including searching bodies, finding boxes and gambling mini games.

These are things i didn't like with far cry 2 but have been fixed in far cry 3. Don't be put off if you didn't like far cry 2 this game has changed a lot and feels much more friendly to players, however if you loved far cry 2 then you will still love this because even after they changed all this it still feels far cry!!
happy hunting
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on 19 December 2012
No need for me to go on and on about what this game offers in terms of storyline and what the game actually is as you can found this just by reading the breakdown on Amazon.

If you are familiar with Far Cry 2 then this is similar in play to that except instead of Africa it is a massive, and I mean MASSIVE, open world Tropical Island setting. There are nice added features though with the crafting, hunting (brilliant fun to creep up on a tiger with hunting bow in hand and deliver head shot!) and use of weapons which just enhances this game from Far Cry 2 (which was brilliant in itself anyway). Thankfully the minor bad points in 2 are addressed for example the vehicles are more durable in 3 and there are more safe houses that can automatically be jumped to without the long mission of driving/running to specific point in the map.

All I really need to say is this is quite simply one of the best games I have ever played; hours roll by when playing, I can immerse myself into a session quite easily which I can't with other games and not even realise 2 or 3 hours has gone by! I can't see how anyone could possibly be disappointed with this game if the purchase it, graphics-amazing, gameplay-long, interesting, easy to figure out and overall extremely fun which surely is the main reason for playing a game in the first place?!

18 Feb 2013 update:

Well it's been a few months and I'm still playing it! Only just onto the second island with the privateers and seems like it will be better than the first so in for treat. The value for money on this game is incredible. Haven't tried multiplayer and not likely to so unable to comment on this.
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on 21 June 2013
I completed the main storyline missions last night, so I'm in a good position to give an impartial review of the game as a whole.

One thing is for sure, I'll certainly miss exploring the island paradise. The graphics are fantastic, so good in fact even my girlfriend enjoyed watching me explore the island. So much detail has been given to rendering the environment, such as WWII bunkers, old rusted weaponry, little micro islands and villages, that you really feel you are walking in 'Jason's' shoes (he's the main character you play).

The main storyline engages you with a colourful mix of characters that are helpful and deceitful in equal measure. Not is all as it seems at times, with some missions and scenes having an almost hallucinogenic feel to them.

Much like Red Dead Redemption, the main strength of the storyline is the way you can complete missions in an order you choose - not just following a linear storyline. This really makes it feel like you are controlling the character's destiny.

You have to earn 'loot' through-out the game by finding hidden cash around the island, collecting artifacts and objects, robbing pirates, and then selling the items in stores. In return you can build up an arsenal of weaponry, so it pays to collect as much loot as you can. A personal favourite of mine is the 'Bull' customised shotgun - devastating in close proximity!

You can tailor your weaponry to suit your style of fighting. You could sneak around laying C4 mines, then lure a group of Pirates into your 'kill zone'. Then boom! Or customise a sniper rifle by adding a silencer and high magnification scope, and take pots shots at a pirate base from a nearby hillside.

All in all, after 3 months of play I'm still not bored of roaming the island, and even though I have completed the main storyline I'll continue to play and enjoy taking on a base full of Pirates, then walking down to beachside to enjoy the view.
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on 12 February 2014
I just love this game so much. It is different in feel and gameplay to Far Cry 2, it is far more playable. Having said that, if you don't get on board with the crafting early on you cold be in for a rough ride.
I love the hunting aspect, the graphics are amazing. I love the bright sunshine, the beautiful island. The characters are fine, yes the frat boy element is a little annoying but I don't really care about that, I'm not Jason; I'm the one who's sneaking up on a pirate base only to get attacked by a bear or one of those crazy birds. Fantastic game.
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on 7 January 2013
As you can tell by the title of my review i do really like this game. To judge this game for yourself just see how many 5star reviews there are and make sure to read the 1star reviews as they are quite funny and if thats the best that trolls can come up with then its obvious the game is great. Its an open world fps so be prepared there is a lot of travelling around a desert island so if that isnt your thing then look elsewhere. There are lots of side quests to do so again if that isnt your thing then try something else. But if like me you like a fantastic story with deep characters and involving well designed island scenery you will love this game. This is easily my number 1 title on the xbox360 and ps3 i own both consoles and have played pretty much the best each have to offer. The only game im missing is dishonored which i have been told is pretty amazing also. For now though this is my stand alone best title available. The only very slight negative i can think of is the vehicles could handle better but that is a very small part of the game and means nothing to the overall enjoyment.
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on 16 November 2013
My love of farcry came from the first game when the predator expansion came out, it was truly one of a kind, but i was a little disappointed with farcry 2 as although the layout was amazing it seemed very limited and once the story was over there wasnt much to the game so i was easily bored.. As a result i was a little sceptical of getting the third untill i saw the trailors and gameplay videos which actually made me excited to get the game :L and it was not misplaced as the story line is illusive and mind blowing, truly worthy of being called insane, along with the cutting edge graphics and stunning visuals! It is definately a must have must play, and even now that i have finished the experience has made me want to play the story all over again just to see the explosive, independant role you play as the main character! There is far too much to do in this game to get bored. Well done ubisoft! Although the passport thing is a huge disappointment, why you have felt the need to limit the possibilities even a little is beyond me.
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on 1 July 2013
I didn't play the first two games but as this got many good/great reviews I thought I'd give it a go and I just finished it last night.

I can't comment on whether it's better than its predecessors, or what the differences are but this has been covered in other reviews on here anyway so I'll just let you know my impressions.


- Big open world with plenty to do to keep you busy for much longer than the story lasts.
- This is a game where some really unexpected things can happen - sneaking up on a guard only to be attacked by a tiger doesn't usually happen in games!
- Decent choice of weapons
- Driving is great fun. Not too realistic, not too gamey. Just great fun.
- Decent choice of gameplay options. You're never forced to be stealthy but it is encouraged. I played half stealth, half guns blazing. There are also lots of side missions and challenges to do that involve hunting, driving, killing enemies with a given weapon, or killing a specific enemy.
- Hunting is good fun and reasonably challenging to start with. I really enjoyed tracking deer and tigers trying not to be seen and picking them off with the bow.
- Engaging story, if a little OTT and cheesy at times.
- Really nice looking environment and good graphics. Facial animations are really good.


- Generally quite easy, even on hard. Everything from treasure to items and animals to hunt is shown on the map! This takes a lot of the challenge out of it, though I suppose you could try not to look at it!
- After a while, even though the map is big, it does get a bit repetitive as there are a limited number of enemies and most of their camps are very similar.
- Hunting is good but after a little while there's really no point to keep doing it as it doesn't take long to craft all the ammo pouches, wallets etc and after that there's no need to hunt.
- Similar could be said for currency in the game. You unlock all the weapons eventually anyway so there's not much need to buy any of them, and there isn't much else to buy! I didn't even bother with most of the weapons as the 4 star ones were all easily good enough to take out the enemies who generally are not too tough and you can `takedown' all of them anyway if you're sneaky. All I ever bought was ammo.
- Without spoiling the story I would just say that it was pretty good but a bit immature at times and seemed to be aimed at teens, however some of the content in the game (taking drugs, talking about slavery and sex with prostitutes) was aimed at the over 18 market. So I think they could have chosen who they were really aiming for a bit better.
- The skills were ok but not a huge incentive to unlock them all as they did help but I was managing fine without most of them.
- Not enough landmarks on the map so although it looks great, it's quite samey and I wouldn't know one part from any other even after completing the game!
- Menus are quite poorly designed IMO. I was constantly going in and out of it to change the syringes I had on me and craft new ones and it became a chore.

I did enjoy the game and was taking my time at first until I realised that a lot of the game was quite samey and not that hard, at which point I just blasted through the rest of the story. It even seemed to let me off a few times where I would reach a checkpoint but at the same time whichever companion was with me at the time would die. In most games I would expect to have to do it again but not here, they just let you carry on from the new checkpoint which seemed rather generous!

I really think this game could have been a classic if they added a bit more depth and difficulty. Like being able to craft a syringe that makes an animal follow you for a while and attack enemies. Or putting the weapons you can unlock in enemy camps so you actually have a reason to go and take all of the outposts other than just another box of $14 and traffic cone! Or skills that have some positive effects and some negative to give you a bit of a choice to make rather than just taking all of them because you can. And why they put all of the loot and animals on the map for you to easily find I really don't know.

In summary, if you play this game you will definitely have fun, it's got a lot to offer and the story alone takes about 12 hours or so to finish. I didn't do everything but you could probably put in around 30-40 hours to do everything, and even just driving about doing not much is pretty good fun.
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Far Cry 3 is a great game that will having you wanting for more once you finish the game. This game is very similar to the Grand Theft Auto games. The game is an open world game that is set in the jungle. The game has tons of different missions and none of the missions feel repetitive in nature. The game mechanics are good and there are some good Role Playing Game (RPG) elements to the game which makes you want to upgrade your character. You can easily get about 50 hours of gameplay out of this game. The game does not have any dead spots and is definitely not boring. I enjoyed this game and would definitely recommend it.

Thank you for reading my review, if you have any questions feel free to email me, I would be happy to help you with any questions you have.
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