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Customer Reviews

4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
Platform: PlayStation3|Edition: Standard|Change
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on 24 December 2012
This has to be one of the best open world FPS games ever made (GTA, Just Cause etc are TPS).

The environment that they have created is exceptional - the flora and fauna really turn it into an engaging and believable tropical island. Considering the amount of vegetation being drawn at any one moment, the draw distance and frame rate are superb for a PS3 game. I can't think of an openworld game on PS3 that runs better, considering how much is on screen.

The AI of both the pirates and the animals is also very good, clearing a pirate outpost with stealth alone is a real challenge. Completing everything the game has to offer could easily swallow up 100 hours of your time. Collecting memory cards, relics, WW2 letters, Rakyat missions, vehicle time trials, bird shooting, poker, knife throwing, main missions, radio towers etc - the amount of content is huge. The RPG elements such as building your skills via a tatoo and creafting syringes (powerups) and bags (ammo and loot) really gives an FPS a bit of depth. The main missions, 38 in total offer up some interesting story and character elements and also unlock your skills - although they are a little bit too drug induced for my liking. You'll also love the first time you get pounced on by a tiger, shark or croc - I nearly jumped out of my skin !!

It's not perfect - I would have liked to have seen a greater variety of vehicles, maybe planes, tanks and helicopters to add to the hang gliders. Also, a return of the mortar from AC2 - or even air strikes or artillery would have added a bit to the game.

Overall though, it's easily one of the best openworld games out there. As for the comments below - the only time that you are restricted or on rails is during a main mission - the rest of the time you are free to roam and hunt as you please.
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on 15 February 2013
I was apprehensive to get this, I'd never got FC before. Honestly I'm so glad I did though, it's completely captivated me. It's without a doubt the best open world FPS out there and in my top 5 games ever!

Graphics are nice, but limited by current console hardware. The world is only rendered within a 1/2 mile radius of your character, the rest and the background is blurry.

Other than that, it's just stunning. There's simply SO much to do!
- The story is brilliant so far and I've never played such a large single player game that remains so addictive! (Unlike GTA which gets boring after a while)

- hunting and gathering in different areas for different things (pigs one area, komodo dragons another)around the island to create different items (e.g. Larger ammo or gun holster) is simply genius, creating so many of your own mini quests to go and get 3 boar hides or 2 shark skins to get that extra gun slot you want.

- then there's all the small side quests throughout the island. E.g. Races, supply drops, mercenary hitman missions etc etc.

- The map is HUGE and is revealed by climbing and activating radio towers dotted around the map. Similar to Assassin Creed's eagle viewpoints.

- the most fun for me so far is the pirate bases. These are enemy base camps that vary in size and population. You stake them out and plan your attack. You can do it stealthy and challenge yourself not to alert anyone, or go in guns blazing, explosions everywhere!
Each camp has an alarm that can be activated by the pirates if the s*** hits the fan, then more pirates will arrive. I personally LOVE the challenge of planning a stealthy attack. And each camp is designed uniquely with this gameplay in mind.
Once you take a base, it be becomes your base to buy guns from, fast track to etc..
A LOT of fun, and there are over 30 of them!

Even after all of that there's still co-op and multiplayer to explore. Not to mention the awesome map editor, allowing your own imagination to go wild and create whatever you want.

Truly amazing game, the environment is just awesome, with so many hilarious adventures to have. A must buy for anyone looking for an open, content rich game with hundreds hours gameplay. The hours literally fly by in no time while playing, there's simply so much fun to be had! Buy it!

P.s. I got my copy for only £16 off eBay 2nd hand! There's lots of cheap copy's going from people that have finished the game. However, make sure you buy one with an online code that has NOT been activated. Otherwise you will have to buy a new code if you wish to access online multiplayer or co-op. (unless SP is all you're interested in)
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on 2 January 2013
I bought this on the recommendation of a friend and was not disappointed.

It is a very good, fun game with plenty of challenges and side quests outside the main mission and a huge area to explore. The graphics and details are brilliant and the wildlife around the islands will keep you on your toes...lookout for the bears! :| Other reviewers have commented on the lack of variety of guns/vehicles but I feel that there are enough of each for the game to be believable - too wide a variety would feel less realistic.

And just a note on why the game got 4 stars and not 5, if you start a mission and then fail it will reset to the start of the mission - I'd inadvertently started a mission, gone to explore a different area and then the mission "failed" and reset my progress to the start of the mission. I then had to complete the mission before being allowed to carry on exploring. Very annoying.

Apart from that though the game is great.
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on 2 January 2013
I bought this game after not enyoing the 2nd installment of the series. I am VERY impressed with this one...

Plus points:
Island looks incredible - is vast with so much to do
Main missions and story are brilliant and well varied
Animals and how you make medicine and kit to carry more weapons etc is also fun
Lots of incentives to make you do the side missions
Loads of guns
Good character acting

The shooting does take some getting used to, but is on the whole, excellent.

I would definitley recommend this game.
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on 9 January 2013
Brilliant game.
The acting is top notch, really believable. Graphics are stunning. Multiplayer great fun. Great single player.
I really have nothing bad to say about this game but i will focus on the title for now as everything else is pretty much covered.

The story mode is downright awesome. But aside from this here is a list of things that keep you wanting to play afterwards.

Items to collect:
there are many things to collect on your journeys, relics, memory cards and information. You have a handbook that updates wildlife everytime you hunt one of them and there is a huge list for animals to discover, im still finding some now.

things to do:
There are also checkpoints, if you've played San Andreas it works in a similar way. Area's are patrolled by the enemy or you/allies. To conquer a checkpoint you must kill everyone inside. You can do this in a number of ways. Taking out the alarms first then go in guns blazing/ go in guns blazing trip the alarms and fight off reinforcements who may arrive with machine gun mounted vehicles/ kill everyone stealhily/ take out alarms stealth kill some shoot the rest etc.
Max out your skills/Tattau/Tattoo. You have a tattoo on your arm that gives you skills to unlock every time you level up. A new section of a tattoo will give you different skills of your choosing such as takedowns, hunting, gathering, and many more.
Radio towers: By disabling radio towers you unscramble your map allowing you to see everything around the tower on your map, it also unlocks weapons to be bought for free at the store. but this is something you do during the main story just because missions will take you nearby and you get sidetracked to reveal the map.

Really enjoyable, being able to humiliate or praise your enemy is an awesome touch, unlockables a plenty this mode is sure to entertain for hours and hours.
I havent spent too much time here though as the main campaign has kept me more than entertained, i've only played the multiplayer when i've been short on time and fancied a quick match.

I reckon i will play this more than i did skyrim, which i thouroughy enjoyed.
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on 31 May 2013
Having played Far Cry 2 to death.Far Cry 2 - Platinum Edition (PS3) I expected to master this quite easily, how wrong I was. You travel around the island for ages and then you die and go back to the start, which is quite frustrating. The vehicles are a mixed bag too, the hang glider is now much easier to fly as are the various water craft,but the cars, quads and trucks can be tricky at first especially on some of the smaller roads. The addition of the wild life is a huge improvement with crocodiles,snakes tigers,sharks and others, too many to mention,but they can be a nuisance especially when you have fought for an age to make progress only to be sent to your doom by a sneak attack by some crafty critter.It's not all bad though because they attack the bad guys too which can be a huge help if you get your strategy right when attacking enemy bases and the like. It's early doors yet and hopefully I'll learn how to master it but up to now I am on the verge of throwing the PS3 through the window.
O.k. three weeks have now past and forget what I said earlier......I am loving this game.I can't put it down, the wifes going postal cause she can't watch corrie in the living room because I'm running round (a virtual world)trying to beat a very tricky very,large and absorbing game. The weaponry available to me and the fact that I've now sussed out how to tackle each event has made this a fantastic game.This is one you are going to be playing for ages due to the way the story develops, plus all the other sub games which emerge the more you play. My advice, activate those control towers as quickly as possible and master the crafting of syringes if you want to progress in this game, you are in for a treat.
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on 4 January 2013
You will think Farcry 3 is not gonna tick all the boxes but it does! Playing Farcry 3 is like a distillation of Fallout, Call of Duty and Assassins Creed into one really addictive FPSRPG with plenty of Action.

It has the expansive feel of a living world like Fallout.

The fluid FPS feel of a COD game.

And the sense of adventure I found playing Assassins Creed.

Like every game ever made it has its flaws but are too minor to warrant much of a mention. All in all its the addictive nature of Farcry 3 that will keep you loading it up long after most games have worn you out with the same old formula!

Finally if a game if still on your mind an hour after you finished playing it then you know its a good one!
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on 1 October 2014
Far Cry 3 has a lot to commend it. Gorgeous visuals, a decent plot and a wonderful sandbox in which to kill lots and lots of things. There is plenty of variety in the weapons you use, and fire continues to be useful as a strategic tool. For those of you that like trophies, there's a lot to be had. Some in quite inventive ways. Vehicles are freely available, road, sky or waves are all yours.

Ubisoft has learned from the endlessly respawning checkpoints of Far Cry 2 and managed to introduce something that they ultimately gave up on before, the addition of carnivorous animals. Killing and skinning is an integral part of building your character, whether you like it or not. And if the idea of it bothers you, rest assured that It's is a lot easier to skin a gameworld tiger if it's trying to eat you while you're creeping up on a gang of mercenaries.

The biggest problem that this game has is the protagonist, and the majority of his friends come across as spoilt teenagers; almost sterotypically loud, brash, ignorant, arrogant Americans. The word "Douche" pretty much sums it up for me, and that is a pity. It certainly doesn't reflect the majority of my own experience with Americans on holiday, any more than any other nationality.

As far as the other supporting characters go, there's a certain Doctor who is a great laugh, a tattooed German mercenary and a walking, talking pastiche of a undercover CIA agent that I just wanted to shoot repeatedly every time he spoke. But the antagonists are the best things here; a great pirate in Vaas who is quite simply nuts, his leader and ultimate big-bad, a south eeefrican slaver and the best of all, an Australian named Buck who, despite being unspeakably foul, has some great lines and the best voice acting. Oh, and the most unexpected mission of all - involving a flamethrower and some fields. A wonderful touch!

In summary, Far Cry 3 is a great buy for those of you yet to. I am looking forward to Far Cry 4, out soon. 8/10.
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on 27 April 2013
I give 5 stars because the game IS fun, but it's far from perfect. The main gameplay can be perfectly described as Just Cause 2 as a FPS. It also has the same main defect: it is quite repetitive.
The second game that comes to mind is Skyrim, because of some RPG action and the stealth vs brute force approach, but it's nowhere near the vastity and storytelling of the Bethesda game.
Finally, the main story, which is great in its development and didn't disappoint me.
The impression I got from the game is that they tried to put together too many different game types creating a geat game overall, but without finishing to polish it, so none of the aspects get deep enough. Even if I enjoyed the game very much I kept asking myself: why they didn't do this better? Why the caves aren't bigger so that they become. A sort of dungeon, each with its own story like in Skyrim? Why are the mini games always the same, go there and kill the guy with a knife? Why the herbs are so clearly indicated on the map? Why go hunting if after 2/3 kills I have every skin I'll ever need in the game?
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on 10 February 2014
I bought this as it was cheap and had good reviews....and I'm so glad I did! It's brilliant! I got about the same amount of joy playing this as I did Red Dead Redemption.

The amount of free roaming is amazing...there appears to be very few places you can't go! You can traverse the islands on foot or by car/quad/buggy but my favourite mode of transport was the hang glider. These were dotted about the islands, up on the hills and mountains (for obvious reasons). They got you where you wanted to go (most of the time...sometimes they faceplanted you into a cliff), in the least amount of time and gave you a chance to take stock of your circumstances, whilst checking out your cool tatt and your arm hair blowing gently in the breeze. Later on, you get the added bonus of a wingsuit/parachute to get you out of trouble when you accidentally let go of the hang glider.

You can either buy weapons, or get them for 'free' by deactivating radio towers. Once I'd got the sniper rifles, I pretty much stuck with them for the rest of the game, as trying to hit anything with any degree of accuracy with a machine gun has never been my forte (I pretty much just spray the surrounding area with bullets and hope at least one hits the target before I run out of ammo). With a good sniper rifle in hand, I just settled in a bush up on a hill and took the enemy out from a distance....which worked well until they spotted me and got the helicopters in! Ho hum!

There's plenty of opportunity to go 'off plot' and do your own thing for a while...go all 'hunter/gatherer' and shoot/pick stuff. There's certainly enough wildlife to shoot, although I did wonder how Cassowaries, leopards, tigers, brown bears and komodo dragons all happened to get onto the same island! Probably the same way the polar bear got onto the island in Lost, I suppose!? There are also other challenges you can do to help the local population, such as beating the cr@p out of a cheating husband. Picking herbs allows you to brew concoctions into an injection. Once you've 'jacked up', your senses are enhanced and you are able to hunt/kill/swim better for a short period of time. I had my favourites and didn't bother with the rest as it was time consuming collecting the right herbs.

It's not easy getting money to upgrade your weapon holsters etc. but you get there in the end, and it makes the game more of a challenge, in my opinion!

There are 2 different endings, based on your final choice. As I didn't save it prior to the end sequence, I'd have had to play quite a bit of it again to play the alternative ending. I watched someone else do it on UTube instead!

I think the only con I had with the game was the controls. L3 to run was annoying.
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