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Customer Reviews

3.5 out of 5 stars28
3.5 out of 5 stars
Platform: PC|Change
Price:£4.75+ Free shipping
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on 29 April 2013
First off I am not a fan of military FPS games, COD just isn't for me. So why buy this? Well I was looking through cheap games to buy and this popped up, after a few utoob reviews watched I thought why not it is cheap. So I get the disc, register on Steam and download (took 15 mins). Start game not expecting to be interested after 10 mins or so. The opening scene is gruesome and depicts a world that nobody will probably ever experience but is not far from possible.
Into the action. Picked up some "buddies" on the way, "buddies" meaning they don't give a s*** about you but hey just don't get in my way and we'll be fine. They very rarely get in your way, the AI is very good. They take cover, jump, use in-world objects, their accuracy is 50/50 but you really wouldn't do it without them helping. Only on 2 occasions, I think, was I left alone to fight and I really missed them. Face animation and AI movement is fluid with some good, sometimes cliché, voice acting. Enemy AI is also good, when shot or blown up the rag doll physics are very realistic. The NPCs that are in the game are also very good, from children begging to children on swings the animation is spot on. What stood out for me was the suburban environments. They are wonderfully drawn and very detailed, it really does look like an American neighbourhood complete with shopping mall albeit quite beat up. There are cut scenes but they are not long and they set up the next mission. Sound is very good, realistic gun shots and explosions and shouting is all around you.
Why I dropped 1 star. It is short and some controls I didn't like. All controls can be remapped but flying a helicopter really was a pain. The key, default W and S, which says in the control options makes you ascend and descend also makes you move forwards and backwards but not ascend and descend like it should. To gain altitude I had to fly into hills and bounce off them. Incoming grenades are impossible to see. You get a tiny icon displayed which indicates a grenade has been thrown but where it landed and how far away it is in respect to you is unknown. I found myself thinking I was running away from a grenade when in fact I ran into one. Died a lot because of that. Enemy AI are very accurate, especially RPG troops. In fact I died the most trying to fly a helicopter, although the flying mission is short it took me at least 10 tries to get through it. The sniping mission is good and frustrating. When told to kill a target a target appears and you have to look carefully. If it says "Wait" over the target you mustn't shoot until told, the word "Wait" is quite small.
All in all and for the price it is a good buy. I can see why it kind of flopped at its launch, it was up against the 2 big daddies of Military FPS but now with that hype over and if you need to pass a few hours killing on American soil for less than the price of a trip to the movies then this is a good game to keep you busy.
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on 25 August 2013
with a single player campaign that can be completed in 3 hours and a practically dead multiplayer.

Installation went smoothly onto Steam, which now THQ is dissolved no longer appears in the Steam game search.

Graphics and sound are good, with a bit of lagging occasionally which I would put down to being a console port.

The game seems to be stable with no noticeable bugs or crashes.

The single player pretty much follows any FPS campaign, with 7 very short chapters and 4 difficulties. It is 100% a corridor shooter, you get no choice where you go and there is a lot of scripting.

The AI is terrible, both your squad and the enemy. Your squad cannot be killed and are just 'stunned' by being shot or blown up. Appallingly they can push you into the open if you are on their scripted spot and also trap you against things where you have to restart from the last checkpoint.

They provide little or no support to you and it is laughable when they yell that they 'will cover you' as they don't. If anything they are just there to get in the way and block your path.

The corridor programming forces you down the route the game is taking and also leads to 'walls' around the playing area that prevent you from flanking or taking cover apart from where you are allowed to, despite it looking like you could jump over the obstacle. You also get stuck on the environment a lot, being very annoying on guerrilla setting where you can die in 4-5 bullets.

These are only a few of the very many terrible problems with the game that are too numerous to list and make you wonder if the programmers ever play tested it.

The short play through time allows you to concentrate on getting the achievements, and ultimately this is the only reason to replay it. After this there will be little or no reason to ever play it again.

Multiplayer listed 21 servers, 20 empty. The one populated server I joined with around 30 players revealed a near instant death handkerchief sized map. I got zero warning on being hit, I just went to the respawn screen and there is no feedback on who killed you or how.

This happened around 5 times before I gave up, will not be bothering again and I would say that for all intents and purposes the multiplayer is dead and that many other populated games make it pretty much redundant, even for the achievements which I will not be attempting to get.

Anyone buying this for the multiplayer and persisting is desperate, considering some FPS are now F2P and have thousands of players versus probably less than a few hundred.

For a premium title it is poor and I can see why it was a critical failure, but at the price it can be got for now the quality issues can be forgiven and I would say there is at least 9-12 hours of play in it, even though that does mean repeating it 3-4 times.

Outside of that, a title you will unlikely ever return to.
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on 5 November 2012
had mixed reviews on this game. did the single player campaign then thought i would give multiplayer a whirl. not expecting much i was extremely suprised. not full of campers like cods, large maps and lots of fun. spent much more online time on this than any other fps played.
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on 28 February 2013
A decent enough action shooter with a story line that keeps you engaged enough to care about what is going to happen next.

My biggest gripe is with the controls, I use a Xbox game pad and at times I felt I was fighting the controller more than the enemy, there was one occasion when I was lost as what to do because the buttons didn't react when pressed - and it's not the fault of my game pad, this doesn't happen on any other game?

All in all not a bad game, decent enough fun and action with only the gripe with the controls to spoil the party. It's certainly no COD etc. but if you can pick it up cheap it will keep you entertained as long as you don't expect too much.
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on 7 July 2013
I've owned this game for around a year now, over this time I have experienced all the game has to offer and let me tell you - that's definitely worth paying for. I picked the game up on sale (I know it is late but new games don't seem to offer such a great storyline, Call of Duty has now become a repetitive franchise that does not appeal to me anymore - this however, does.)

After spending a fair amount of time on the Campaign, I found that it was a bit short but extremely immersive. I found myself playing from morning to afternoon after receiving it in the post!
Exploring the Multiplayer features, I found that the gameplay was a lot like BF3 for some reason and I felt right at home and began playing right away. The game is easy to pick up as controls are similar to other games but I would recommend this game over BF3 for example as the Multiplayer system is much better, you can choose servers and I very much dislike BF3's server selection which entails having ranked and unranked servers on Origin pages.

The game still has a fairly good Multiplayer community and plenty of active players and servers online. I would recommend you join a server that is heavily populated even if the latency is 100-200 as latency in game isn't a real issue as the engine deals with the latency of different players from different regions fine.

I love this game, and despite a few forgivable flaws Homefront is easily one of the most immersive and emotional campaigns that come to mind in my 30 years of gaming. Sure, the campaign is short. Deal with it. With that ending there is either going to be a sequel or some killer DLC. Meanwhile, you can reap the rewards and satisfaction of some of the best multiplayer combat I've seen so far.
I can't wait for Homefront 2 or even the possibility of some new DLC after Crytek's purchase of the Homefront title.

Buy this game if you want to really get ready for the upcoming Homefront 2!
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on 17 August 2012
When you start this game you really feel like a resistance fighter in an occupied country. The atmosphere of the game is beutifully crafted to give a realistic feel and clearly a lot of thought has gone into creating the game's war ravaged enviroments.
However beyond the enviroments this game is an extremely bogstandard and fairly dull first person shooter, bringing nothing new or distinctive to the genre. The story, once you get past the premise is very weak and predictable. However the AI is by far the worst problem. While the enemy AI is fairly smart the AI of your companions isn't. All they do is get in the way when you're trying to get to cover. Whenever you are in a firefight they fire the weapons but don't actually hit anything making them more hiderance than help.
If you're looking for a budget first person shooter I'd buy bulletstorm instead as thats better in so many ways.
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on 28 September 2012
firstly this game is short i mean very!i completed it in less than 3 hours,single player is good but its strong point is the muli player game,its fantastic...however there are a lot of cheats and i have say very few people play it online,around 300 on fri ,sat, sun.If your thinking about buying this you should also consider that you have to lvl up in muli player and will have a hard time till you get to lvl 35...but it will be worth it,then it becomes the best muli game ive played i would say better than any call of duty game even the mighty battlefield 3 is second.Reset your keyboard layout before you play its horrible,also a strange thing in single player is you have to press a key to climb a ladder...but in multi you can run and jump on to them then climb up them dont know why.Get some friends together make your own server {easy to do in the game}and enjoy the best muliplayer game out there.
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on 25 June 2012
Well I love this game. I have completed it several times on regular and Guerilla modes on PS3 and Xbox 360. So I decided now that I have built my gaming rig I would give it a go. Well I was not disappointed. The graphics are a lot better as you would expect from a PC game. And it just seems to feel more fluid.

The multiplayer is probably my favourite part of this game. Level 75 on both PS3 and Xbox I'm now working my way on the PC. Again I would say that the PC version is a lot better graphically and gameplay wise. You have your Drones, Remote Control Helicopters, Scout Helicopter, Tanks, Jeeps and my personal favourite The Apache. As well as calling in air strikes and UAVs. As you play a game you earn Battle Points for kills etc which add up to you unlocking these extra vehicles and killstreaks. The more pionts the bigger the vehicle or killstreak. Simples!

As for the story mode. It is a great fun story. I don't often complete story modes as I lose interest quickly but this one kept me playing and not just once, several times. Just don't expect some massive life changing monumental epic movie style gameplay. It is what it is. Regulated to a set path but fun. Lots of action with some nice cut scenes in the middle which don't leave you sitting there shouting at your screen "COME ON COME ON COME ON!!!". It is a very interesting and believable story. Which is in a way a bit scary.

So In my opinion I would buy this game, OH Wait I have!! Its cheap enough nowadays to give it a go. Just step off the COD train for 10 minutes and open your eyes to a different style of FPS. (No offence to COD cos I play those too lol)

Well I hope that helps.
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on 4 December 2012
but only for a day, finished. but very good value, good graphics, i enjoyed it is worth the money
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on 27 May 2015
I now have a PlayStation 4 and and am awaiting for the sequel homefront revolution , probably being released in 016 . I loved this on x box 360 and PS3 and will be getting a gaming laptop powerful enough to play this great game this summer .Highly under rated and to me this is much better than modern warfare and advanced warfare .
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