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on 14 November 2012
Purchased this as have virgin media and the super hub supplied is not so super. This router is great. Runs in both 2.4ghz and newer 5ghz simultaneously!!! Theoretical throughput is 300mbit on 2.4ghz and 450mbit on 5ghz. Much better wireless range than the superhub, and has numerous wired and wireless connections as well as a powerline system and switches to deal with, and it all works great. Been on since purchase about three weeks ago without a hiccup. Also, supports vpn connections which super hub struggles with. Set up was a piece of cake, just type the web address and enter the password thats on the back of the router. You can run without even doing this, just plug in the ethernet cable into the wan port, and SSID and passphrase are printed on the bottom of the router with pre configured wpa encryption. Please note, this a router only, not an ADSL gateway, so if you get your internet through your phone line, you will need to buy an adsl gateway or have a modem in between the socket and the router. Virgin customers need to put the superhub into modem mode, and plug the ethernet cable into the correct port on the superhub, and the wan port on the router.
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
The TPLink WDR4300 is currently the top of the range Wireless router from TP-Link, a company who provide a wide range of networking products who ,From my experience and other sources, are gaining a reputation for quality at good prices.

This router is a dual band router , providing 2.4GHz 300Mbps (802.11g/n standard) and 5GHz 450Mbps (802.11a/n standard) connections for 750Mbps total throughput (hence the 750 in the name), providing a lot of capacity to run a range of wireless devices and allowing you to manage your network by linking devices to the appropriate wifi network (as the two bands advertise as two different networks and are configurable seperately) according to throughput requirements (and which standard they can support). This is ideal for a house like ours where we have a lot of wireless devices that don't tend to use much capacity but also a couple used for media (such as HD movies) that impact the network if not kept seperate.

I've been using a TPLInk router for a little while TP-Link TL-WR1043ND Ultimate Wireless N Gigabit Router, as I bought one to replace a BT Home Hub 3 that simply hadn't been up to the task of supporting multiple wireless devices concurrently and was especially poor at supporting proper port forwarding, meaning that we couldn't have a couple of Xbox 360's or PS3's working with any stability online together. Since switching to that router I have been very happy, it's been stable and quick and exactly what we needed. No wireless drop-outs and no more problems with our consoles (once we set-up port triggering on the router - a simple step). It allowed us to get the best out of the Infinity link we were paying for.

The product came well packaged in adequate but not excessive packaging. The router itself isn't exactly eye catching but I consider the function much more important than the form with this kit so it's not a worry. It looks functional enough. It has a set of Blue LED's indicators on the front to give a quick visual guide to what it's doing and they're fairly self explanatory if you've played with a few routers.

Installation was very easy and exactly the same as my previous TPlink, I plugged it in, plugged my PC into via an ethernet cable and went to the management page. I initially used quick set-up. It auto detected that the Open Reach modem was PPOE and just needed the user id ( and no password. I then set the wireless settings to be the same as the my other routers so i can easily swap between them if needed.

There is also a disk that comes with this that can be used for an even easier prompted quick install if you prefer.

The disk also contains driver software that enables your PC(s) to access the TP Link printer sharing. Doing this enables you to connect a printer directly to the TP Link via USB in order to easily share it across your network without needing any PC's on for sharing.

There's also a second USB slot to allow you to connect an external hard disk drive that contains all your media. The TP link then acts as a media server for sharing across your home devices (and again saves having to have a PC on to share this).

Following this i took the opportunity to upgrade the firmware (as there are often stability and performance upgrades over time). There is an option in the management page that takes you to the TP Link site. This isn't too helpful though as you then need to search the site for the router and find the firmware. Once downloaded you extract it from the zip, point the router at it and it's done very quickly.

I also set-up port triggering for Xbox Live and PSN. This is a quick process but helps to ensure that the firewall doesn't block the ports that these gaming services need. I used triggering rather forwarding as I have two version of each console that can be online at the same time in the house. Once set-up this works without trouble.

The router management page comes with lot of options and is well worth exploring. There are Parental Control options (to lock certain devices out of internet access), Access control (to allow certain devices to only access certain services at specified times e.g. only allowing access to a games site between 7pm and 9pm) and also Bandwidth Control from which you can restrict the amount of Internet Bandwidth that devices on your network use (useful if a member of the family is proving to be bandwidth hog).

Thre are four wired ethernet ports on here, all gigabit ethernet capable and ideal for fast throughout and heavy loads. There's also a WAN port. This router is design to work with VDSL modems (such as BT Infinity and Sky Fibre) and doesn't have any modem capability built in.

The router also comes with a WPS button (Wi-Fi Protected Set-up) for easily connecting support wireless devices (though there have been reports that for maximum security this is best kept disabled).

This combination of features and services adds up to an excellent, feature packed and highly capable router. If you're having issues with wifi contention, speed problems, drop-out problems and would like a solution at a fair price that's well featured and has some useful extras then this is worth your consideration. An excellent router.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 7 September 2013
This router is really excellent for the price.
I bought this in order to by-pass Sky's horrible Sky Hub. Having to flash DD-WRT on it, I really loved unlocking the full potential of this router.
It does dual band 2.4ghz and 5ghz with ease. It is extremely reliable. No drop-outs for over 2 months - as one would expect.
The only problem with this router, and why I gave it 4/5 is because of its range. My mother's PC is around 15m away, and has two walls in-between.
As much as I know it won't get full bars over there, I was at LEAST expecting 5GHZ to be achievable there. 5GHZ, due to its different waveform penetrates walls a lot worse than 2.4GHZ does. Due to this, my mother's PC, which has a TP-LINK wireless card that has 5GHZ capabilities, can't pick up the signal.
I had to buy 3x TP-LINK antenna's (for the wireless card) in order to get a good 5/5 signal on 2.4GHZ, as before that it was on 4/5 signal.

Furthermore, my PC, that has clear line of sight to the router (literally 2m away) - has only got 4/5 bars on 5GHZ. One would have thought that it would at least be on 5/5 signal the whole time, being ONLY 2m away.
I could go wired and utilise the 1GBPS ports, but I chose to stay on wireless, just for the sake of not having a wire running across my room.

Overall, this router does what it says on the tin, but its range is a little disappointing, especially in the 5GHZ range.
I expected a little more from TP-LINK, after my great experience with their other products (wireless cards, and antennas), but this router, where they should really shine, makes me think about my next router purchase.
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on 25 April 2013
I ordered this router on the strength of the reviews on the website, to resolve the wireless signal issues encountered with the Virgin Media "SuperHub" that we have.I'm so glad that I choose to ignore the reviews of 3 stars and under.
Our new WDR4300 N750 arrived from Kikatek within 3 days, I opted for standard delivery, thanks Kikatek. Good and prompt, dispatch and delivery stages were well communicated.
The installation / configuration, from opening the box and booting the PC took approximately 20 minutes,the Quick Installation Guide was clear and easy to follow. I work in IT and have configured a few routers in my time, but this is one of the easiest ones I have ever configured... Absolute childs play.
Once you have been through the initigal config; there are plenty of options available to tune the router to your exact requirements and wring out every last bit of performance.
Once config and tuning is complete; the first thing that I tested was wireless signal range and strength. WOW!!! I now have a wireless signal all the way through the house and its possible to pick up wireless signal outside the house, (small / medium sized 4 bedroom).
The Gigabit ethernet connections do exactly what they are supposed to also.
If you are currently suffering with very poor signal strength, range and connection loss with Virgin Media's not so-SuperHub; this router can put an end to your woes.
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on 11 September 2012
I bought this unit to replace an ASUS RT-N56U which I'd been having problems with. This is TP-links top of the range router and I was expecting great things. Indeed, throughput is excellent both on wired and wireless at close range (quicker than the ASUS with the same hardware). Gigabit speeds are around 110MB/s burst and 50MB/s continuous and wireless from a 1x2 laptop are 12MB/s Tx and 18MB/s Rx. It should be noted that this is being used as a router and a Sky Modem/router is being used to provide an internet connection through the TP-Links WAN port.

However despite the impressive external antenna, the wireless range is less than that of the Asus with its internal antenna (on both bands). I now struggle for signal in certain parts of my house when using my tablet, and am unable to stream HD video to an ATV2 less than 12 feet away.

A good router, with decent throughput on both bands, but extremely poor range and I will be returning it.
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on 19 December 2012
This item only gets three stars for one reason it came with a European two pin plug and according to the TPlink technical desk it is only supplied with a two pin PSU.
Luckily I did have another UK Spec PSU (12V 1.5A) to use. The main unit itself comes in a nice recyclable cardboard box and has a quick start guide, three antennas, a network cable,an installation CD and the PSU. Once I had found a suitable PSU the unit was up and running in seconds and configured for my network. I didn't use the Installation CD as the web administration page was just as easy. Plugged the printer into one USB port and a memory stick into the other. I had a couple of problems with the instructions and installation of the file sharing and the printer sharing.
First the file sharing - I couldn't get the Samba shares to work using the instructions given (\\ but I managed to do using the router's IP adress plus the Samba port 445 (i.e. \\
Secondly the Print client utility included on the disk would not install (system not supported!) so downloaded the version from TPlinks web site. This worked and I was printing as well.

The wireless range is greater that the last wireless router and so far seems stable. The Media server seems to work, the printer works, file sharing works.
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on 20 January 2014
Wow! What can I say? I got this router to replace a Linksys that was limited to 24mps download speed. I am now downloading at 37mps. It was incredibly easy to set up and has really speeded up my wifi DNLA connection to the TV. At this price for a router with four 1gb LAN sockets it is very good value. I would very much recommend this router.
One note of caution: this is a router, not a router/modem. So it is best suited to fibre connections or Sky/Virgin as you will also need a separate modem. Openreach gave me the modem when they installed the fibre connection and you just connect the modem to the router with a LAN cable, run the router CD and enter the username and password and you're up and running.
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on 13 February 2014
This router generally works just fine. I bought this some time ago and as the time passed I had noticed that the internet connection dropped for about 30 seconds twice a day which overtime got annoying. I have updated the firmware and tweaked most of its settings and nothing worked so far. I have found no solutions on forums either.

I cannot replace this router as the return policy expired so I'll have to continue looking for a solution, or probably I'll install DDWRT on it, if nothing works I'll trash it!

My recommendation is that if you decide to buy this unit, test it for a week and if it performs poorly, send it back. don't do the same mistakes I did.
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on 9 April 2014
This router seems powerful, quick and seems to work well. It's also on DD-WRT compatibility list. Those are the four stars. There would be five.

The problem that I'm having is that it shipped with a continental European style power adapter. Which would be fine if the shopping site wasn't in United Kingdom, if the destination address wasn't in Ireland and if the source address for the package wasn't in the United Kingdom.

While I did bring a couple of converters and extenders when I was moving to Ireland, various packages from Amazon have arrived with a continental European power adapter way too often for me to have enough of them to go around.

So the router will probably stay mostly unused until I figure out how to get it plugged in in the place where its services are needed -- next to ISP's modem -- as opposed to in my room.
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on 14 March 2013
I too bought this to replace a virgin media SuperHub... I was having issues with my wireless dropping out and even when it did work, trying to stream a movie from my PC to my iPad for example was just about the most frustrating experience you could imagine.

I also wanted something which would run both a 5ghz network (for my newer capable devices) but also a 2.4ghz network (for the old laptops, wireless printers etc) at the same time. Something you would imagine is really simple... but so many routers make you choose either one or the other!

It's not that 5ghz is any 'quicker'... it's just less congested where I live. All my neighbors have 2.4ghz wireless plus we have microwaves, house phones and a doorbell all using that frequency. Now my phone and tablet which have 5ghz connect to the internet on a hassle-free wireless network and can share files with my PC no trouble. But I can keep all of my older devices connected at the same time... no more having to switch.

I've only had one problem, which is that I set up both a 2.4ghz and a 5ghz network. I then tried to use the WPS button too, which I didn't realise at first, but replaced / overrode my configured 2.4 ghz network with a WPS network. Not a massive problem, I just re-set everything and had to connect the WPS capable device with a password instead of it working automatically, so not a major problem but worth knowing if you have lots of WPS devices you want to use at the same time as both a 2.4ghz and a 5ghz network.

Anyhow, the router was easy to set up. Switching the SuperHub into modem mode and letting this take over all routing and wireless was a breeze. This like auto-port-forwarding which supposedly do work on the SuperHub, do actually work on this unit! Finally I can change my DNS settings to bypass virgin and to use Open DNS, meaning I can block out certain types of sites at router level, rather than device level.

Just a good priced, easy to use router which once you've set up, just keeps on working.
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