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4.6 out of 5 stars157
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 21 May 2012
When Slash released his debut solo album in 2010 it featured a wide and diverse selection of artists from the like of Ozzy to Fergie, Lemmy to Adam Levine as well as spots for Nicole Scherzinger, it was an album that worked well and featured a standout track in "By The Sword" sung by Andrew Stockdale of Wolfmother. The album also featured two songs by Alter Bridge frontman Myles Kennedy who would also go on to front Slash's group for his world tour during which he would sing songs from Slash's former bands as well as tracks from the album, so every night Kennedy would be filling the shoes of Axl Rose, Scott Weiland, Andrew Stockdale, Ian Astbury and Chris Cornell it was a job that he performed admiringly as his voice handled all the different ranges. So for Slash's second album Kennedy performs all the tracks, it seems like a natural progression and a working relationship has been built up by the two men.

The album itself "Apocalyptic Love" is a rock fuelled funk filled adrenaline rush of old school rock and roll and it's clear from the outset that the album has one intention and that's to rock, it's an album full of great riffs such as the opening song the title track "Apocalyptic Love" with its funk driven riff that has Myles Kennedy using his full vocal range to drive the song on and features a great sing along chorus. "One Last Thrill" starts out with a scream in the background before Kennedy delivers the lyrics at 100 miles rate; it's a great piece of punk rock. It shows Kennedy has many different styles of vocals. It's also topped off by a trademark Slash solo. There's some great drumming and bass playing from Brent Fitz and Todd kerns on the song "Standing In The Sun", both Fitz and Kerns are part of slash's live band.

The song "Anastasia" starts out with a gentle flamenco style acoustic guitar (think end of double talkin' jive) before kicking into a "Sweet Child O' Mine" riff and changes again and features a great solo from slash as well as Kennedy going from low to high with his vocal. "Bad Rain" has a pure rock swagger about it with its pounding drums and a grooving riff. The first single "You're A Lie" is a good indication of the album with its killer chorus and sleek guitar playing, it shows how much the Slash and Myles Kennedy partnership has grown.

Just like Slash's debut solo album "Apocalyptic Love" comes as a special collector's edition packed along with a special edition of Classic Rock magazine, it contains a pin badge, poster and interviews with all band members, more importantly it comes with two bonus tracks including the Aerosmithesque "Carolina" as well as "Crazy Life".

Slash seems to have found his perfect frontman foil in Myles Kennedy and "Apocalyptic Love" is an unashamedly full blown rock album, one that owes much to Slash's 70's rock influences. It will be interesting to see where they go from here as the they continue to gel even more, Slash has stated in recent interviews that making the album was the most fun he's had in a long time and listening to the album its clear to hear the chemistry that they have.
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on 22 May 2012
I knew the collaboration of Slash with Myles Kennedy would result in an incredible album (just listen to 'Back from Cali' and 'Starlight' from Slash's last CD) But the end result is so far beyond expectations.
The riffs, the huge chorus's, beautiful lyrics and that voice of Myles's serve up one hell of a listening experience.
All the incredients for the perfect album are present. The rythmn section in Brent Fitz and Todd Kerns provide the perfect backbone.
Slash's guitar genius was made for Myles's vocal beauty.

This isn't just for Slash / Alter Bridge fans, its for fans of great rock music.

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on 26 May 2012
Others have rightly been comparing and contrasting this record to the previous Slash and Friends which was, of course, an entertaining collaboration with many of Slash's heroes, all of whom brought something of themselves to the mix, and the result was a kaleidoscope of hard rock melodies and lyrical styles.

On the other hand, this one sticks to a tried and tested formula and is one axe wielding, gun toting, mean hombre of a record. It's how 21st century rock'n'roll should sound: it doesn't need any further reinventions thanks. Derivative in places? Of course. Why not? I hear Guns'n'Roses, Aerosmith and The Cult in these songs. Slash has always been the sort of artist who makes no bones about his influences, especially his personal guitar heroes. And yet, when I listen to the sheer variety of riffs on this record, there are still new twists and turns that you simply don't hear much from Slash's peers in the hard rock metal sphere.

And Myles Kennedy sounds like he means it here. His voice is punkier and it's got a snarl with attitude behind it, quite different from his Alterbridge material which often has a much more earnest and reflective post grunge vibe about it. But then hanging around with Slash on the road for three years would do that to a man.

There are very few fillers on the album, though the ballads are, in my view, probably the weakest tracks. Nonetheless, there are potential classics galore which will no doubt feature in Slash's live set for years: the title track, "One Last Thrill" (if you like Velvet Revolver's albums you'll love this), "Anastasia" (it stomps like mid 80s Aerosmith and the guitar solo is a speed trip), "We Will Roam" (probably the strongest chorus on the album), "Bad Rain" (you can tell Slash listens to AC/DC) and "Shots Fired" (a rock'n'roll metal gallop).

Classic metal release of the year so far!
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on 6 October 2012
Imagine if Guns N' Roses had continued in its original form: this album is essentially that. Myles Kennedy is a very capable if more refined alternative to Axl Rose. It's almost impossible to avoid making reference to or comparison with Guns N' Roses album Appetite for Destruction because this seems to be such a natural successor, and for hard rock fans at least, surely praise does not come much higher than that. It may not quite have the raw 'wow' factor but it is a more developed and polished product. There is no doubt that Slash is on absolutely top form here - you only have to listen to 'Anastasia' to see that - what an amazing performance! Only time will tell if this becomes one of the great rock albums. It certainly deserves success.
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I have to admit that I haven't been the biggest fan of Slash since he departed from Guns 'n' Roses. His talent is indisputable, but the vehicles for it (Slash's Snakepit, Velvet Revolver) haven't been anything other than merely above average at best. His collaborations album was hit and miss, but showed a lot of promise, so I gave this new album a go. Quite simply, I believe that Apocalyptic Love is the best thing that Slash has put his name to since departing from Guns 'n' Roses nearly two decades ago. Having a superb singer like Alter Bridge's Myles Kennedy on board is a massive bonus as Slash has someone who can really give his work the vocal power it deserves. My favourite track, by far, is Anastasia. It's a real show stopper which, even on the first preview of the album, demands your immediate attention and appreciation. Other highlights include No More Heroes, We Will Roam and Far and Away, but the sum of this album is greater than its individual parts - it's quite simply a top class, good old-fashioned rock album. Nothing more, nothing less. Enjoy it for what it is.
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on 23 May 2012
I must agree totally with the previous reviewers, this is a Fantastic album from Slash; who I have followed since his Guns`N`Roses days. Who can forget that Awesome intro to "Sweet Child O Mine"?

Apocalyptic Love delivers a wide range of tracks from Old Skool "Proper" Rock; taking inspiration from the well known rock groups from the 80`s & 90`s, to classic Rock Love songs, such as "November Rain".

Many of the tracks have a feel that they are follow-up songs to previous tracks in Slash`s past; "Anastasia" for example has a slight feel to me of "My Michelle" and other tracks give off the same aura; which as far as I`m concerned is no bad thing.

There are also quite a few Guitar Solo sections from Slash for the "Slash" purists amonst us. Although that said, Myles Kennedy & Co do a fantastic job of adding the vocal side to Slash`s genius.

I`m glad I opted for the FanPack as it has a great magazine which features fantastic glossy pictures and in-depth interviews with Slash & Myles Kennedy, although how long before I lose the pin-badge is anyones guess.

If I have any quibbles with this album it is that on some tracks the words are very quiet and you need to re-crank the volume knob up a notch. Also when I uploaded it onto my computer there were no Track Listings & Album Info and I had to type them in myself(I know I have a hard-life!!).

Okay back to Crankin up and Rockin` with my Air Guitar!!!
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on 7 June 2012
Don't get me wrong this is good music,but from a Man of Slash's calibre I expect something else.
I cannot quite put my finger on what is missing,The guitar playing is spectacular as you would expect the singing is great but it just does not go together for some reason.
The songs lack identity and it seems more of a showcase for individual performances than as a Masterpiece of an album that it should have been.
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on 1 September 2012
This is a very good album that finds Slash and Myles Kennedy in good form. The album screams "classic rock" with every song. The guitar playing is excellent as you would expect from Slash and Myles gives the vocals the direction that was somehow missing from Slash's last album. However, drummer and bass player deserve a mention as they seem to hold everything together like glue. Highlights for me are One Last Thrill, No More Heroes and Not For Me. Styles vary from ACDC to Nirvana but is still very much a Slash album. Money well spent!
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on 23 May 2012
Having been hugely impressed with Slash's first solo album, and most especially by his collaboration with Myles Kennedy from Alter Bridge, I was waiting with baited breath when I found out the second album from our Top Hatted Guitar Hero would be a full on Slash/Kennedy rock fest! I was even more excited having seen and heard the "Made In Stoke" DVD & CD, which for me is one of the best live performances to grace my dvd player for a very long time.

To say I was not disappointed by the new album would be a massive understatement, it is simply breathtaking, full of superb riffs which only the magnificent Slash could conjure up, coupled with the awesome vocal histrionics of Myles Kennedy. These two guys, together with a brilliant rhythm section in Todd "Dammit" Kerns, and Brent Fitz, just put down a marker for what I can only describe as 100% Rock! Light and shade, soft and loud, not one filler in sight, AWESOME. It will be a while before I bring myself to tear this out of the cd player.

Buy this album, turn up the stereo to max, and ENJOY!! Axl Who....??
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on 23 May 2012
I've only listened through twice so far, first impression (in my opinion).
A nice follow up to an amazing debut solo album.
Not quite as good as the debut as it doesn't seem as diverse, although Myles dose a great job, as always on the vocals. Still a 5 start album.

Anastasia seems to stand out as a top tune on first listen.

The Limited Edition, Classic Rock Fan Pack is well worth the extra money as there is hours of reading in the supplement magazine, plus two extra bonus tracks. Get your hands on this before it sells out.
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