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on 1 July 2012
Im struggling to comprehend why a few people have given these only one star.I have put screen protectors on psps,nds,various phones etc.I found these are the best I have used so far.You only get air bubbles that you carnt smooth out if there is a spec of dust or a tiny amount of grease from finger on phone.The best way of applying these.
Buy some quick evapourating screen cleaner(spray).Use with a microfibre cloth to clean screen (wait till dry and buff with clean microfibre cloth.).Take off protective plastic on side 1 and discard.Line up the protector with the home button..Use a piece of cardboard smooth the protector down.Dont remove side 2 till you have got rid of bubbles.Any bubbles that you carnt remove lift up the protector with tab. use cloth to remove spec of dust on phone.Dont touch the bare side 1, with cloth or finger.When fitted .. carefully pull side 2 tab down, peeling off protective side 2 film,discard. (dont yank it or itll break off the tab).smooth down with microfibre cloth and your done.
Ive done two SS3 no probs and no faults.
It is a screen protector(covers the entire screen and about 2mm of the border plus around sensors and buttons.) and is not designed to cover the entire phone!!!!!.It doesnt come off at all.PS i have nothing to do with company,I get fed up with people moaning when they obviously have made a mistake then blame the product.See the many other good reviews.
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Simply the BEST Screen Protectors on the market, ever made for Samsung Galaxy S3.

They go on easy and come of easy, when you want them to come of that is without a mess.

I must say I have tried most of the Screen Protectors on Amazon and for value for money, 'these come out tops'.

Yes! its true they leave a 1mm border around the edge of the screen, and I prefer this than the Screen Protectors that are spot on or have a 1mm over which you then have to cut.

You need the lea-way these Screen Protectors give so you can put them on quickly without fuss. and no mess.

There is a 'different brand' that costs £8 for 2 Screen Protectors, they are very good, but people cannot afford £8 ON 2 Screen Protectors.

These 'Mofred' Protectors are also *Excellent*, and they are untouchable by any other brand on value, for the asking price for a 12 Pack!.

Mofred make it easy to apply, and remove any bubbles with the included soft wipe.

Also makes your finger's glide smoothly over the screen much, much, easier than before.

Thanks for reading. (PS). New* Mofred* Protectors are also a much better fit.

I must say, there is no loss of clarity, 'Diamond clear', and the current Price is an absolute Bargain.! "Try Em' & See"...
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on 1 July 2012
These are perfect and very very easy to put on. As long as your screen is cleaned with the cloth provided you will have NO bubbles. For the price, bargain!
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on 1 October 2012
Giving just 3 stars for these when they do the job and are so cheap may seem a little mean but, having only just fitted the screen protector, I'd make the following observations:

- It was quite easy to fit without getting dust etc under it. Where I did get a couple of specs of dust, I was able to use the clear cover that you peel of the screen protector to lift the screen protector itself back off the phone, used a bit of the packaging to remove the dust spec and then reapplied. It took me a few goes, but I'm pleased with the final result.
- Lining the cover up from top to bottom was tricky - again, it took a few goes. Patience is key!
-Quality is ok, but the these don't quite cover to the side of the phone, and the home button is not 'cut out' but, instead, the cover wraps half way down past it (but nit underneath it. The result is that the screen cover is more visible than I'd like it, and I am bothered by the relatively large gap around the screen. It's certainly not 'edge to edge'.
- Finally, the edge at the side of the phone is not adhering properly. This may be due to reapplying a few times (and I've only used one of the ten), but I'm worried it will start lifting in the near future. This is in comparison to the 'official' screen protector on my Galaxy S2 which is still in place after 18 months.

I'm guessing I may well be replacing this in the near future - the fact that you're provided with ten in itself suggests to me that the supplier doesn't expect the protector to last.
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on 4 July 2012
Fits my new s3 exactly. I'm posting this with the skin on , no problem. Very cheap for 10 skins
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on 21 June 2012
This is probably the best screen protector I have tried. It is very easy to apply and takes about 3-4 mins max. The feel is as close to the naked glass as I think is possible with a screen protector. Initially it doesn't feel smooth but if you give it a good thorough wipe with a cloth once applied then it soon becomes like glass.

The only downside is it could perhaps do with being 3-4mm wider as it covers just the screen area and doesn't really extend past it at the sides but then that is all you need really... just being picky

I rate it so highly I just bought another pack for other people's S3's :D

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on 11 May 2013
Reading about having to "do it" in the bathroom with a steaming shower on the go made me very nervous. Given that these screen protectors are so cheap I decided to do it the easiest way for me and not to be too fussy.

I used my kitchen worktop with the extractor fan on. Switched off the phone. First cleaned the mucky screen (hand cream and hot flushes) with a J-cloth dampened with tap water, then dried it with a clean towel, then rubbed it over with the little cloth supplied in the kit. It looked pretty clean and dust-free at that stage.

Peeled off the appropriate sheet and sort-of lined up the protector just above the surface of the glass to get my bearings, then started applying the protector from the bottom of the screen upwards, using a credit card all the way. I had to restart completely once and to peel back a bit a few times along the way, as I saw bubbles appear. I've ended up with a *tiny* bubble about one-third of the way up the screen and a slim tear-drop-shaped one in the top right corner. "Sod it" I said, "that'll do". Now the ice is broken I won't sweat over doing it again when necessary, they're cheap enough.

I swear I can't see a single flaw when the screen is on, and the screen is just as responsive as when naked.

I am so pleased, now I don't have to use a flip-cover or sleeve, I'm using a £4 Belkin TPU case that fits the back and sides only and the screen is immediately accessible without obstacles.

5 stars have been awarded because any lack of total perfection in these screen protectors is made up for by the relative ease of application and the price.
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on 1 October 2012
Purchased these for my new S3 a few days ago after reading various reviews and recommendations. However for me, upon applying the first screen protector in a clean environment I noticed that the protector itself had come with a couple of very tiny dust particles sandwiched in-between one of the outer protective layers and the protector itself, which to me seems like these may of not been packed/manufactured in a very clean environment (It might seem I'm being picky here, but this sort of thing should be eliminated during the manufacturing process and shouldn't of happened) and therefore, the first protector was instantly discarded.

The second one however was fine and was totally free of any particles and applied it onto the phone fine. These protectors do feel a lot better and have a nice feel on fingers when comparing to other cheap protectors. The sensor, lower button & camera cuttings on these are spot on. One other slight issue with these protectors is that even after careful laying of the protector and using the plastic supplied to properly layer it in and eradicate any open air spaces & holes, the outer edge of the protector is still not sealed down by about 1mm on the left & right sides and about 2mm on the bottom - but this is probably mainly down to the the fact that the S3's screen is very slightly curved along the edges and with the old cheap protector I had on before this was the case too so this is not an issue with the protector itself.

Down to how durable the protector is, they are not 100% scratch proof. I have had mine applied for about 3 days now and already it has accumulated around 3 or 4 small minor scratches, and bear in mind that I do not keep the phone in any places where it would be prone to scratching or any pockets with other items in. The only explanation to this is properly down to my finger nails. However, I would say that these are definitely more durable when compared to my old cheap protector - which accumulated 10+ long and deep scratches after a week of use.

Due to the fact that these are clearly better than my original old cheap protector, and because of how good these are for the money I'm awarding these 4 out of 5 and would recommend again, and I certainly would not take a gamble of these £10+ expensive protectors.
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First of all, I would like to say that I got these sent to review.

I found the screen protector, after several weeks of use, to be still in great condition, and withstand scratches very well, by that I mean, it doesn't get scratched easily, unlike my old screen protector, where after several weeks of use, say playing on Temple Run, or Swyping, I would find the screen protector having scratch marks being left, where I was using the phone the most (lower half usually).

As for the finger prints on the screen, I found the MOFRED screen protector, in having a slight tendency of picking up finger prints relatively easily. That said, I haven't really had any troubles wiping them off with one single stroke with my T-Shirt, and haven't had another screen protector be truly anti-fingerprint worthy.

Thus overall, the screen protector does a good job in protecting the screen, and yet not leaving marks, after having it used, unlike other screen protectors that I have had in the past. For the very cheap price, I feel that these are well worth the purchase. If anything I doubt anyone will get through the 10-12 packs in over 2 years of use - yes I do deem them that good.

For those that doubt screen protectors; For me, I've always had one on. It costs next to nothing to have one on, doesn't decrease the touch sensitivity of the screen, and more so protects your device from small scratches. As I always say: I rather be safe than sorry: £3.50 or so, to protect a £500 phone? Well worth it, if you ask me, but be your own judge in that respect.

5/5 all round, and the company, MOFRED were very quick in dispatching the protectors to me.
review image review image review image review image review image review image review image
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on 27 July 2012
From what others have said I fully understand where they're coming from, the protectors are very small, but that's because they only cover the part of the screen where you actually look at the display, the border around the edge of the screen doesn't get covered.

The good points of it though is realistically, that IS the only part of the screen which needs covering, so in that respect it's fine, obviously being a little larger would have been better, but for something so cheap you don't really expect it. Application was extremely easy, I did it with my first screen proector, no bubbles, no nothing. So the other 9 are being kept as spares. Another great thing about it is that I had a tiny scratch on my screen, and since applying the screen protector, the scratch is invisible (This is coming from someone who's very picky about screens being pristine with no dead pixels, no discolouration and no scratches), you can imagine how devastated I was when I noticed it had a really feint scratch on it, but this how made it vanish so I am very happy with the purchase.

Overall I give it 4 stars, easy application, works as intended and made the scratch on my screen vanish, it would have been 5 if the screen protector was a little larger and covered the whole front face of the phone, but it still covers where it needs to which is all that really matters.
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