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4.3 out of 5 stars1,367
4.3 out of 5 stars
Colour Name: Pebble Blue|Size: 16GB|Change
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on 1 December 2012
Owned lots of phones, this is the best by a mile. Loved the iphone for sheer simplicity however apple seem to have priced themselves too expensive. For over 120 pounds cheaper I have purchased an excellent phone. Screen display is brilliant, nice to hold and very quick.
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on 3 January 2015
I bought this phone back in September 2013 on a 2 year contract, when I was upgrading from an old Sony Ericsson I had. I have to say, I loved it! The phone itself was super fast, and fantastic, and I was just so honestly pleased.

About a year after owning this however, I started to face some very serious issues. First it was simple things like the phone lagging, however that lagging turned into the phone freezing, then turning off randomly, before even refusing to switch on unless the charger was plugged in. May I add, the freezing and turning off occurred about every 10 minutes of use. For some reason, the phone would also state that it only had about 10% charge, even if I had fully charged it. The thing is, I have never done or used anything which could even remotely put a virus on my phone. I have never used illegal streaming sites, nor have I rooted my phone.

Now my work requires me to travel around my city to venues I have never even heard of. As I use public transportation, my phone is essential for using maps and contacting my boss. So you can imagine it randomly shutting off and freezing became a very dangerous thing for me. One time I was stranded in a dangerous part of town by my self, and this phone had refused to turn on.

After researching onto it (and being a little tech saavy myself) I went ahead to try and fix it. One thing websites like Amazon will NEVER tell you, is that the Samsung Galaxy SIII is known for issues like this. The software (Android 4.3) is very buggy, and this particular model (i9300 16GB) is known to have the most issues. So I tried everything from a hard reset, to buying a new battery - none of which worked. My warranty is over too, so I couldn't send it in. Not to mention, Samsung was no help whatsoever. I am now switching to a to a budget smartphone, and praying that I never have to deal with this devil phone again.

With all of that said, this is a really good phone. The specs are amazing, colours are beautiful, and the camera (though not as good as an iPhone's) is pretty damn good. I understand that the problems I faced don't apply to everyone, and that I've just probably got some really bad luck. However, purchase this phone with caution. If you are looking at any other smartphones, I suggest looking into any issues people may have with them online. Although you will never find a flawless phone, you'd be able to avoid the ones with major issues this way. It's really just a game of Russian Roulette, so good luck.
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on 25 February 2013
The S3 is a great phone. It has a really nice, large screen, has great tech specs and is a top performer, plus it has a removable battery and a microSD card slot. The camera is better than I expected too and it's replaced my point and shoot camera, which I haven't used once since buying my S3. The phone is made of plastic, but I really don't mind that. It's very slim and light and I have dropped it a couple of times, yet there's still not a mark on it. The iPhone may be made of more premium materials, but it soon gets roughed up even in your pocket, so most iPhone users end up covering their phone in a cheap rubber case anyway.

While I have given the phone 5 stars, I'd actually rate it 4.5. There are 3 negatives IMO: -

1. I would love to see Samsung roll out updates for this phone in a more timely fashion. Android 4.2.2 is out now and the S3 is still on 4.1.2.

2. There was a copy and paste bug that affected this phone (and a couple of other Samsung phones). If you copy and pasted more than 20 times, it would cause the phone to reboot, but then using copy and paste would cause whichever app you were using to crash and the only fix was a factory reset. It took Samsung months to fix this rather crippling bug.

3. The Kies software isn't great. On my desktop machine, the phone won't connect, although it works fine on my laptop. Both my laptop and desktop are running the same OS and are basically configured in the same way, so I don't know what's going on there.

I would love to see Samsung have a go at making a Nexus device. While I don't mind TouchWiz, having a pure Android phone has advantages - no bloat to slow it down, plus you can get the latest updates direct from Google as soon as they're available.

But even with the above gripes, this is still the best smartphone I've ever used, and I've used quite a few. None are ever perfect. The S4 is rumoured to be announced in the next month or so, so I'll be interested to see what they do with that.
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on 24 October 2012
I've given the phone 5 stars because it's worth more than 4, but 5 stars suggests it's perfect and it isn't.

We all know the back is a bit flimsy and plasticky on the S3 but that's not a problem for me. I have the blue version, it has been dropped numerous times and no problem.

It is the best phone out there by a long way for the price. I've had mine for nearly 3 months now and I'm very happy with it.

I'm not technical when it comes to phones so my review comes from a non- technical stand point.
The phone is noticeably quicker than my previous Samsung Galaxy S (at least twice as fast), the battery life is as good if not better. I can get 2 days on moderate use or 24 hours on heavy use.

The camera on it is excellent, the apps that come with it are great and as it's android there are loads of free ones out there rather than having to pay.
My main reason to buy one rather than an Apple is that you have options to add extra memory cheaply and easily which is a very expensive option with Apple. You can also put a spare battery in as and when needed.

I also prefer it's looks to i-phone which looks chunky, but that's just personal taste. It's light and feels good in my hand and pocket. Some people may say it's too big if they have small hands, but the flipside is the screen which reacts brilliantly is also better and easier to look at, especially if like me you wear glasses.

My advice is to try one and see for yourself.

By the way 23 months into a contract on my old galaxy S, I had a problem with the phone. Orange said to inform Samsung as they had a 24 month no quibble fix it policy. It was away less than a week, fixed, updated with the latest software and Samsung paid for everything including postage. That's the service you want from a company.

If you are a bit of a technophobe and like things really simple, never want to add more memory or change your battery and don't mind paying over the odds and feeding a corporate giant buy the i-phone. For everyone else get this phone.
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on 11 October 2013
I purchased the phone from "MOBILE TECHS" , the first one was locked, not thinking much of it I requested a replacement, which I got. 6 Month later same problem, to the vodafone shop who stated phone is locked due to being illegally obtained. Seller ignores all contact, Amazon not helping. What ever you do, do never buy a phone from these guys.
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on 12 February 2015
I bought my fist mobile phone in 1999; it was a nokia. I kept buying Nokias until 2012 when i finally decided to jump into smartphones - unfortunately nokia missed the smartphone 'train' and what a shame, i wold have been a lifetime customer. My first smartphone was a Samsung s3. Brilliant, brilliant phone. I cant speak highly enough about this phone; reliable-YES (never had the slightest problem with it), easy of use-YES, android-YES, fast-YES, good looking-yes. 2 years down the line, its time to upgrade as this phone is now getting 'old' in terms of speed, ageing OS, lack of 4G etc. I bought a basic case and tempered screen protector since day one; the phone was run over for 2 hours on a garage forecourt (after it fell out of my pocket) and worked as nothing had happened! I am not an apple person, so will stick with android (better the devil you know). Next phone? - Samsung note 4. If Samsung keeps up the 'good work' i will stick with them.

Suggested improvements:
Samsung keyboard
Kies - Samsung take note of user's comments as it needs lots of improvement!
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on 1 October 2014
Was not happy when i recieved it at all,
All in great condition appearance wise but wouldn't charge properly. When I took it to a phone shop they though it might have been the battery but left it to charge and still had no battery life also couldn't use the phone when it was 'charging'. I went back and they said the only other thing it could be was the charging port, got the port fixed for £35 is working fine now but when I order a NEW phone i expect it to be in fully working order in the first place especially after paying the £200 and something for it!
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on 27 September 2012
I have had so many phones..yes I have been lucky, all with different operating systems and manufacturers. I have to say that this phone is simply the best I have ever owned. It is simply awesome and I would give it one hundred stars if that was an option. I do not belive in putting down other phone companies because everyone lokes their phones for many different reasons. However I would say that if you are in the process of thinking about getting a new phone, then you reallt should give this much consideration,

Also on a separate note...I must say a huge thank you to amazon...the service was amazing!!! Put in my order and 2 days later it was at my door. I even recieved emails telling me on the day exactly what time (within the hour) my item was going to arrive..excellent work! So no staying in stressing and pacing about worrying about delivery..knock at the door and there it was. I guess you can tell I am happy..with both the phone and the service offered by amazon.Samsung Galaxy SIII UK Sim Free Unlocked Smartphone - 16GB - Pebble Blue
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on 14 October 2012
Finally retired my faithful ancient Nokia brick and gone for a smartphone....As I already had an amazing sim only deal I went for buying outright rather than a plan and this worked out as good value divided by 24months!
Very pleased with the S3. I like - turning it over to instantly mute, how it looks, large screen, good colour and sound. The case is gorgeous but almost too smooth - I constantly worried about it slipping out of my hands, so I put a gel case on.The screen blanks when you put it to your ear which baffled me how to finish a call till I discovered that if you look at it the buttons come back.
Reasonably intuitive controls even for grandma like me - did resort to the online handbook for a few things.
Battery life seems really good - admitedly I'm not downloading music videos or playing games or whatever but that was one of the things that put me off getting a smartphone was seeing people having to keep charging them.
It came unlocked and my Sim worked straight away though I had to replace my ordinary sim with a 'mini'? sim.
Still taking some getting used to a different way of connecting with a phone - most things currently take me longer than on my old one! - especially texting but I accept that I have to practice and I'm loving being able to get online when I'm out. I'm sure I'm not using it to it's fullest yet and still a bit nervous with it but getting there. I've tried using a little stylus thingy on it that came with the case - very good.
It picks up wifi indoors and network out and about without a glitch. So yes - 5* for the Galaxy S3- loving it!
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on 12 September 2014
The S3 may now be a bit outdated with the S4 and S5 already out, but it is still a great smartphone for anyone looking for quality on the cheap.

This was the phone really propelled Samsung to the heights which they are at today as phone manufacturers and for good reason: the screen is HD clear with the AMOLED technology and very responsive, the 8 megapixel back camera allows for high quality pictures and videos along with the 1.9 megapixel front camera for video chat.

The only slight downsides are the battery life and RAM size. The battery will last you for a day (give or take), which isn't great, but is pretty standard for most smart phones; a battery saver app can help extend this or if you use it intensively then get a portable charger with it. The RAM is sufficient most of the time at 1gb, but you may need to clear the memory at times when it feels a bit sluggish; if this a big deal then the S3 LTE or S4 both have 2gb RAM that will suffice for almost anything.

All in all a great phone, especially when considering the price.
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