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4.0 out of 5 stars
4.0 out of 5 stars
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on 18 July 2012
I bought this DVD from curiosity and was very surprised to recognise the theme tune... either recalled from a '60s compilation or possibly even a memory from the dark recess of my childhood....
As has been remarked the quality of these recordings is suspect in places with a combination of film marking and video tape damage; certainly in the first show (from which Hattie Jacques is absent) there are reminders of how dodgy TV reception could be in 1960 (There was a reason all the "holds" and adjustments being accessable from the front of TVs then!) - however as also remarked the wonder is that we can see this stuff at all.... from the days when most TV comedy has vanished into the aether we get the sole remaining trio from 39 shows.
The comedy does seem forced and stagey, but this is acceptable for the chance to see Charles Hawtrey in full character flow in the earliest show.... and in the other two shows it is a treat to see skilled comic performances from people one tends to recall as older, in much later comedies.
As an aside, doesn't Roy Hudd look YOUNG in a bit part in the second show?

How would I describe this stuff? Interesting from a historical viewpoint, not always on target from a hysterical viewpoint, well worth looking at at least once....

but too "talky" for the under 20's I suspect. Mind you, if what I gather about them is true... since they won't even watch B/W non CGI material they won't be bothered by this anyway.

I liked it, and I don't regret spending the money.
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on 18 July 2012
This is a fascinating forgotten gem from the archives. The quality of the source tapes is pretty poor and the show itself very average but if you are a Charlie Hawtrey fan this is a must-have. His work in the first episode is astonishing and eclipses anything he did in the Carry On films. The man was a comedy god. The other two episodes also feature Hattie Jacques. Sigh.
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on 30 December 2014
This is definitely old school comedy. So if you don't like black and white entertainment I'd give it a miss folks. I say this as some don't like things that are B&W which is their choice and I respect that. As for myself. I love all manner of shows and movies. From the black and white era right into the colour era. It's all good for me.

The first episode had one or two moments where it looks like the tape is damaged (like you'd see on an old VHS). Lines all over the screen, etc. It only happens for a mere second or two at most each time. Twice I think it was in episode one. But since this is around 53 years old and has been stuck in an archive all this time. It's easily forgivable. I am not a viewer that watches nothing but the best of picture quality. If they stopped producing DVD and Blu-ray and went back to VHS. I wouldn't moan. A lot of folks would haha but I'm easy going. As long as it is watchable and the audio is at least decent enough to hear. It's all good for me.

It says this show was written by the guy who wrote the early Carry On movies. You can see this. The usual slapstick and barrage of one-liners from Rothwell's cannon is absent from the fray. But that's okay. I like the early Carry On movies. Cabby, Regardless, etc. Some good moments. Even if Rothy's era is my personal favourite from the series. A lot of the first episode is what some might consider heavy dialogue driven and not much mad antics going on. Comedy dialogue not slapstick comedy scenes. This, again, might put some viewers off if they are used to the later movies in the Carry On series.

This is best viewed at night with the lights out. Or during the day if you must if you need a nice morale boost. I find most of the old school sitcoms and comedy movies come alive better onscreen at night. Maybe it's just personal preference on that one. Either way you can't go wrong which ever time of the day or night you choose to view this.

The three surviving episodes are on this DVD. I wish we had it all (or more at least). Still 3 out of 39 ain't too bad haha better than none. Which is what some of the earlier shows from this era have left. None. Gone. Wiped from history. Never to be seen again. It angers me a little when I think of the vast amount of quality entertainment we could have now. But they wiped the tapes etc after transmission and re-used them to film more. So I read anyway.

If you are a fan of the Carry On movies or just love black and white comedy material. Buy this.

Our House 5/5.
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on 20 August 2012
This is a comedy series 0f the 50's/60's, featuring many stars of the carry on's' only the last few shows that where left in the archives are aviable here so make the most of them, I was not born when this show came out' but glad to see it on dvd to enjoy. carry on fans will love it i am sure,
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I was lucky enough to see the last episode in the set at a special showing by the BFI at the South Bank, so I was especially happy to find two other episodes being available. For me the glass was definitely half full with this disc.

Obviously there are only three episodes of this series so your only going to get a brief glimpse of what it was all about, also the quality is not great due to the scarcity of source material available. This means lines flashes and at one point even a rolling picure and buzzing. That is all part of the authenticity and age, embrace it!

You do however get some good episodes, and for fans of any of the cast to see anything new is a treat in itself.

Its also gives an interesting insight into TV back when, with nothing hidden, peoples hands moving ad break cards, countdowns, etc, its all there.
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on 13 July 2012
"A disparate group of individuals are poor individually, but pool their money to buy a large house, and become forever entangled in each other's business".

Carry On screenwriter Norman Hudis created this show while working on the early Carry On films, with which the series shares many themes and cast members. What to expect? A weak episode of Hancock's Half Hour meets a TV version of Carry On Regardless. I think that would be the best way to sum up these episodes.

While there are great performances from all the familiar faces, there were many fluffed lines or rushed scenes. Moreover, they occasionally fail to pull off the slapstick elements, with 'accidental' falls, for example, looking painfully deliberate. Production values aren't always high either, with wobbly and basic sets. All of this suggests a programme made quickly and economically.

The main pleasure to be here is simply the chance to see these rare episodes. This is a glimpse into a vintage era of television comedy, when the 'sitcom' began to take shape. Of the 39 episodes(two series)which were made, only 3 survive to this day (all from Series 1). All the episodes are included on this dvd and very few people will have ever seen them.

A small note of warning - the picture quality is not always great. These episodes would have benefited greatly from digital restoration and show quite a lot of small scuffs and breaks. On occasion, I thought that there must be something wrong with my video player's tracking, only to remember that this is 2012 and I'm watching a dvd on a 3D blu ray player.

Anyone hoping to see Carry On regular Bernard Bresslaw may also be disappointed. He joined the cast for the second series, a series which no longer survives.
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on 7 April 2013
The very best TV comedies survive (even if prodcued decades ago) because the comedy writing and acting is so good, you can forget the dated feel. 'Are You Being Served?' (a BBC sitcom of the 1970s) is so dated but because of the fantastic lines and terrific characters it doesn't matter - and will be fondly remembered for years to come.

'Our House' isn't in the same category I'm sorry to say. Made in the early 1960s it suffers from the comedy writing of the times which is no longer as funny as it would have been at the time. The ensemble of characters is OK but it's all a bit predictable.

I bought this because it has Charles Hawtrey in it. I enjoy the Carry On films and like to see the other work of the stars of those films - and there's very little on Mr Hawtrey. In the first episode on this disc he gets top billing and features heavily in the episode, playing three or maybe four members of his extended family. He does really well but the story is a bit tame and some of the set-ups are weak. Interestingly, the show improved immeasurably by the second show on the disc when Hattie Jacques joined the cast - and took top billing. There's something about Hattie's performance that even in a dated piece like 'Our House' her talent still shines through like a huge beacon in a black and white world.

If you enjoy TV comedy series then this is worth a look but don't build up your hopes too high!
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on 4 March 2015
This DVD is not to everyone's taist it is some of the carry on cast like the late great Hattie Jakes and Joan Simms both of which I always enjoy watchinsg. The Dvd is black and white which adds a bit more atmosphere to it.
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on 25 July 2014
This is interesting to watch if you liked the Carry On films, it is interesting to watch a sitcom that runs something like 45 minutes an episode, it is interesting to watch British television from the early 60's and it is interesting to watch since the three episodes on this disc are the only surviving episodes of this show.
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on 20 March 2015
The only three known surviving episodes are presented here complete with the original ABC opening and closing idents, and original ad bumpers. Well worth the price for this piece of British ITV sitcom history, and although the chances seem slim, we can only hope the one day more episodes may turn up somewhere.
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